How to make GTA 5 full screen

FIX GTA V On Full Screen In PC | How To Solve GTA 5 Small Screen Problem | MAKE GTA 5 FULL SCREEN

Disable unnecessary programs

Every program that runs in the OS occupies a certain percentage of RAM and loads the processor. This is easy to see, just open Task Manager with CtrlAltDel shortcut:

make, full, screen

If your computer does not have a powerful processor and you have less than 8-16GB of RAM, unnecessary programs need to be disabled before you can run GTA 5. For example, Skype, Discord, Telegram, Google Chrome, and so on.

The easiest and most effective way to run GTA 5 full screen. After starting GTA 5 in windowed mode, press Alt ENTER, and the game will go to full screen mode.

Monitor screen resolution

Format nameNumber of dots displayed on the monitorImage size
WXVGA 1200 × 600 720 kpix
HDV 720p (HD ready) 1280 × 720 921.6 kpix
WXGA 1280 × 768 983.04 kpix
SXGA 1280 × 1024 1.31 Mpix

To do this you just need to press the AltEnter key on your keyboard simultaneously. After that, full-screen mode will change to window mode or vice versa. Note: This key combination works with all versions of Windows, but not with all programs and games.

  • How to solve the problem of full screen games for Windows 10.
  • Start the game in windowed mode.
  • Solution 2. Set the display scale to 100%
  • Solution 3. Change your home screen
  • Solution 4. Change Nvidia Control Panel settings.
  • Solution 5. Disable Teamviewer.
  • Solution 6
  • Solution 7.

Adjusting the game settings

Controller settings and display parameters can be changed during the game. To do so, press the PS button on the wireless controller and select [Controller settings] or [Other settings] on the screen.

Assign the controller again

You can assign a different controller number or change the controller port. If necessary, assign the controller number or controller port specified in the software.

Controller port [2-D] cannot be assigned on the PS3 system.


You can check the controller’s assigned settings by pressing the PS button on the controller.

Switch analog mode

You can change the controller mode. Select the mode supported by the software. When using some software, the desired mode is selected automatically.

Vibration function

You can enable or disable the vibration feature. This setting is only applicable when a wireless controller that supports the vibration function is used with a PS3 system.


  • The setting applies to all connected controllers that support the vibration function.
  • If [Off] is selected, the controller will not vibrate even if the game has enabled vibration.

Screen Mode

Switch the screen mode. Screen mode can be set only when 1080p, 1080i, or 720p resolution is selected in the video output settings of the PS3 system


Full screen

When selected, the image is scaled to fit the screen without changing the aspect ratio.
When you select this option, the image takes up the entire screen by stretching out the width and height of the screen and changing the aspect ratio.


This option is not displayed if [PS Upscaler] in (Settings) (Game Settings) is set to [Off].


Used to adjust the picture quality for Playstation or Playstation software formats



The antialiasing function is turned off.
Excessive image sharpness is eliminated by using the antialiasing function.


With some types of software, the antialiasing effect may not appear, or if the antialiasing function is set to [On], there can be a decrease in image quality. In this case, set to [Off].

All modern games are set to the highest resolution supported by your monitor the first time they are played. However, it is not uncommon for a game application to malfunction. This is especially common when trying to run an old game that was created 10-20 years ago. At the time monitors had a very low resolution by modern standards. And all the software was written for the hardware and software which was relevant at the time. If you want to play the first few titles like Doom, Mortal Kombat, Need for Speed or any other legendary game, you will find that 90% of the time you will be stuck in a windowed mode that cannot be expanded. Solutions to this problem are many, and they vary from case to case. Here are the most popular ways to make the game full screen.

Try in the graphics settings to set a lower resolution and select “Full Screen” at the same time. If the game refuses to run at all, then set the resolution of the screen in the operating system. Right click on any area of your desktop and select “Screen Settings”.

  • Key “Windows” on your keyboard And without releasing it press the “Arrow Up” button
  • The combination “Windows” “Arrow Up” to go to full screen mode.
  • The “Windows” “Down Arrow” combination to exit full screen mode

How to make GTA 5 from windowed mode to full screen

The principle of how to close the full screen mode in the browser is always almost the same and boils down to pressing a certain key on the keyboard or browser button, which is responsible for returning to normal mode.

Keyboard key

What happens most often is that a user accidentally starts a full screen mode by pressing one of the keyboard keys, and now they can’t go back. To do this, simply press the F11 key on your keyboard. This is the button which is responsible for both enabling and disabling the full screen version of any web browser.

Button in the browser

Absolutely all browsers provide the ability to quickly return to normal mode. Let’s look at how this is done in different popular browsers.

Hover your mouse cursor over the very top of the screen, and you will see a cross in the central part. Click on it to go back to standard mode.

Move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen so that the address bar pops up, combined with other buttons. Go to the menu and click on the arrows to return to normal browser mode.

The instructions are exactly the same as before. pointing up, bring up the menu and click on the icon with two arrows.

Opera has a slightly different way of doing this. right-click on the empty space and select “Exit full screen mode”.

In Vivaldi, it works the same way as with Opera. just click on the blank space with your mouse and select “Normal Mode.

There are two identical buttons. Move the cursor to the top of the screen and click on the arrow button, either the one next to “Close” or the one on the menu.

To make GTA 5 full screen

Check the installation of the game for errors and fix them. Also try checking the game’s cache to fix the error in the data.

Run the game at minimum settings, but do not save them

Use automatic settings

Use the DirectX 10 suite of components.0

Use a DirectX version 10 component set.1

Use the DirectX 11 suite of components.0

Updates are downloaded one at a time, not in chunks

Display individual framerate scores from the performance test

Specify the number of iterations for the performance test

Specify the particular scene to perform the performance test and which test to perform

Disable sound processing for the performance test

Switch to multiplayer mode when starting up

Start the game automatically in unrestricted online mode

Set the level of density of objects in the city (0.0-1.0)

Specify the language used in the game. Languages supported: american, french, german, italian, spanish, portuguese, polish, russian, korean, chinese, japanese, mexican.

Set regional keyboard layout

Run the game in full screen mode

Remove the frame when playing in window mode

Disable possibility to change window size

No counting logical cores for physical ones when creating tasks

Don’t reset the settings if you use another graphics card

Set the degree of soft shadows: linear, rpdb, box 4×4 or soft 16

Allow loading high resolution textures in flight

Set the anisotropic filtration quality level (0-16)

Turn on volumetric lighting effects in foggy weather

Set the distance to change the level of detail (0).0-1.0f)

Set the distance to change the level of detail of pedestrians (0.0-1.0f)

Set the post-processing quality level (0-3)

Set the reflection quality level (0-3)

Set the shader quality level (0-2)

Turn on rendering shadows at sunset and sunrise

Set the level of texture quality (0-2)

Set the distance to change the level of transport details (0.0-1.0f)

Convert streaming rendering to 16-bit format

Do not use quaternionic transformations for placed objects

How to make the game full screen: a few ways

Good day to all!

I quite often get “sent” questions on all sorts of games (which is interesting: they often include relatively old hits. which suggests that my game notes are read not only by young people. ).

Among them, we can distinguish a group of questions about the size of the picture on the screen: for example, not all games run in full screen mode, on the sides there may be black bars, not all games have graphics settings, etc.д., and t.п. #x1f622;

In fact, in this post I have decided to put together this group, and give some options on how to make the startup of the game max. Comfortable, so that the image stretches over the entire screen area (of course, this is the most problematic when trying to launch an old game on a new PC/laptop with a 4K display).

Try in the graphics settings to set the resolution lower and select “Full Screen” at the same time. If the game refuses to start at all, then set the screen resolution in the operating system itself. To do this, right-click on any area of the desktop and select “Screen Settings”.

Solution. if GTA 5 runs in a window, try disabling Teamviewer, it is possible that GTA has a conflict with it. If you don’t have it on your PC, go to the Graphics setting in the game menu and change it to full screen. The easiest way to expand the game to full screen is the Alt Enter key combination.