How to make instagram like on an iPhone

How to enable the dark theme in Instagram on Android

On smartphones running Android, you can make Instagram black in different ways, it all depends on the user’s preferences, as well as the newness of the device.

It is possible that not all methods will work for different phone models, so we advise you to try each and choose the most relevant method for yourself.

How to change the theme to dark in the Instagram app on Android

The latest versions of the Instagram app for Android devices have implemented the function to change the design theme directly in the settings of the program.

To check whether this feature is available and activate the dark (night) mode, you need:

  • Go to the profile page (click on the avatar in the bottom right corner);
  • Press the three horizontal bars;
  • Select “Settings” ;
  • Find the item “Theme” ;
  • Check the box “Dark” or “Light” ;

There is no possibility to set the automatic change of design in Instagram application, it can be done only through the global settings of the smartphone.

Change the theme in the Android settings

Since the Android 9 version, smartphones have had the function to change the design theme from light to dark. Such setting helps to use the device comfortably at night, as well as saves battery power.

To activate the night mode of your smartphone, and along with it automatically enable the black theme in Instagram, you need to do the following:

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  • Open “Settings” ;
  • Find the item “Screen” ;
  • Go to “Dark Mode” (this item is missing on Android 10);
  • Move the switch to the desired position;

Note that here you can also set up a scheduled change of appearance. Specifying the desired time of switching to night mode.

Theme changer app

If your device does not support the black theme in Instagram application and your smartphone runs on Android below version 9, you can change the display with the help of special applications which can be downloaded and installed from Google Play

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Dark Mode For Instagram. this application is designed specifically to change the design themes in the official Instagram application. You can change the default colors to any color shade.

Disadvantages of this application: a lot of advertising, lack of Russian language and not immediately understandable interface.

The application allows you to not just put a dark theme in Instagram, but to make a full customization of the colors, by imposing filters on top of the main image.

Black Instagram via color inversion

Another way to simulate a dark theme in the Instagram app is to enable color inversion in the smartphone settings. The mode will allow you to swap colors t.е. Turn Black into White and White into Black.

To enable color inversion on your Android phone you need:

  • Open “Settings” ;
  • Go to “Advanced Settings” ;
  • Open “Special. features” ;
  • In the “Screen” section ” toggle the switch to the “Color Inversion” mode.

During color inversion not only black and white colors are inverted, but also all other colors, and the photos and videos look incorrect. Color inversion mode will be convenient in the case of reading and is not suitable for viewing graphic content.

Updates for the iOS operating system are released regularly. Each new version is better than the previous one, as it takes into account all the bugs and errors of the previous one. Because of this, it can be difficult or impossible to install any new update on an older version.

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The black background on the iPhone is set in two clicks

For your information! By now, users of the iPhone 6 S, SE, XR and 12 versions can put the dark mode. The dark theme of iOS 13 software and all subsequent ones are supported.

How to know what version of the operating system is on your phone? There are two ways. The first is using the phone. You need to perform the following actions:

Here is all the information about the phone, including the current version of the iOS software.

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The second way. using a computer. To do this you need to:

  • Connect the device to the computer through the USB-adapter.
  • Open iTunes.
  • Select the connected device and click “Browse”.

As well as in previous case, information about your device will be opened, where the version of operating system will also be showed.

Make Instagram black directly in the settings of the application itself is not possible. But any user can get the desired result, if he has an iPhone with version iOS 13 or newer, and has updated Instagram application to the latest version. Now you will understand why it is important and simply necessary.

The dark mode of the popular Instagram service is tied to the iOS system theme. Therefore, in order for the app to work on a black background, you need to activate it in the iPhone settings. And you can do it in 3 ways.

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To make a dark theme in Instagram you don’t need to have special skills and know super secrets, but you need to have a modern device that officially supports changing the design mode to Dark mode.

In this article we will tell you how to change the theme in Instagram from light to dark, using official methods and how to do it on older smartphones, where the setting is not available by default, applying some tricks and tips.

Features of a dark Instagram theme on iOS

Here are the reasons that prompted the developers to put a black design:

  • improve the perception of the content, which is achieved by stylization. As you make a dark theme on Instagram, the experience of monitoring the entries posted by participants will change on the iPhone. Unusual content display effect adds to the solidity of published snapshots;
  • Reducing the eye strain associated with the duration of use of mobile devices. After all, when a person “hangs out” with a smartphone for an extended period of time, the Focus of the eye organs “dries up” and blurs;
  • The battery life savings obtained by researching. LEDs embedded in AMOLED displays require no additional lighting. And white is the most resource-consuming color for the battery.

A recommendation relevant to all types of gadgets. reduce brightness in order to save battery life. Because Instagram practices the use of light colors, and regular seing can quickly drain your phone.

The counterargument raised by opponents of the black cover is the appearance of ripples in the eyes. However, experience it firsthand before you jump to conclusions. a bunch of users don’t go back to the white coloring of the interface.

How to turn on the dark theme in Instagram iPhone

How to make a dark theme in Instagram on iPhone, if not installed update? The feature works on iOS devices no earlier than version 13. Color inversion is implemented in smartphones:

  • from 7 specs;
  • since version 10 has added support only in the software and selected sections;
  • version 12 pleased fans of apple devices with the introduction of Smart.

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Instructions for changing the background by inverting:

  • run the configuration of the handheld device;
  • tap the Main line;
  • tap Universal access;
  • select the Display Adaptation command;
  • put the Color Inversion slider in the active position and tap it;
  • Turn on the type of inverted design.

The browser version of the messenger changes thanks to the Night Mode for Instagram app:

  • open the web browser;
  • launch settings;
  • Select the advanced tools section;
  • Go to the online store;
  • type the name of the plugin in the search bar;
  • click Get and wait for the software to install;
  • to make the photo hosting turn dark, open the profile and click the Night Mode for Instagram icon.
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How to remove the black theme in Instagram

Before disconnecting, you should take into account one point. If the corresponding background was previously set in the settings, the entire design of the program will become black. To return to white, you will have to disable night mode on your mobile device. There is no separate button to control the color inside the Instagram account, neither on Android, nor on iPhone.

If the android OS is updated to version 10, you need to:

  • To launch the settings by clicking the icon, in the form of a gear in the menu of the smartphone;
  • Select the screen;
  • press the black mode switch.

After these actions, the status bar, system settings, alerts, will become white again.

As for the iPhone, OS version 13 devices will be required:

If the next time you need to restore the default settings, in the design menu check the light background.

How to save a live stream to Instagram on your iPhone?

Many bloggers save the record and then share it with their subscribers. This allows people who didn’t manage to get to the broadcast to watch it. And for those who have seen it, to review it again.

Live Video can be shared for 24 hours. It will be located in the window with stories. Clicking on it, the user will be asked what he wants to see: the story or the broadcast.

How you can save it? It is enough to press the “Save” button when the recording is over. It is located in the upper right corner of the gadget screen. The recording will be saved in the device’s gallery.

The Instagram application on Android and the same application on iOS differ only externally, and only slightly. There’s no functional difference between the two versions.

On both platforms, the program allows you to:

  • View and publish photos and videos;
  • Process photos with filters;
  • comment and like posts;
  • share stories, communicate via direct, etc.д.

It makes no practical sense to access the social network from Android using the iPhone app.

But if you really like the design of Instagram on iOS, then there is one trick, thanks to which you can make an iPhone-style interface on Android. use the emulator.