How to make iPhone does not turn off

Causes iPhone to automatically restart after upgrading to iOS 15

In fact, there are quite a few reasons why after updating the operating system to iOS 15 iPhone shuts down and turns on by itself. However, there are five major factors that most often cause a device to reboot automatically.

iphone, does, turn
  • Installing the iOS update failed or was interrupted in the middle of the process.
  • There is not enough free space on the device to download and install the new version and iOS.
  • Hardware problem.
  • The action of viruses, particularly if you jailbreak your iPhone and subsequently download unverified third-party apps.
  • Phone battery is out of date.

iPhone shuts down on its own when talking. What to do?

Many Apple smartphone owners would like to know why the mobile device stops working during a conversation. Most often this happens due to system crashes or malfunctions of some applications. It is possible that moisture got inside the case or there was a strong shock, you dropped the phone. The cause of frequent disconnection may be a failure of the processor or the battery. Talking in the cold? We advise you to go to a warm room or limit the conversation to a few minutes. Since in a strong cold, even charged and fully working Apple devices spontaneously turn off.

  • Go to “Settings” (from the home screen).
  • Next, go to “Screen and Brightness.
  • Choose “Auto Lock”.
  • In the menu you need to select: “Never” (or whatever time you think is convenient for you).
  • Go to the settings of your smartphone.
  • Look for the section “Screen” (in different versions of the mobile OS it may also be called “Display”, “Screen and brightness”, etc.)
  • Find the option “Screen timeout” and select the time after which the phone screen should turn off when idle.
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Hover your cursor over an empty spot on your desktop and right click, then click “Personalize” in the window that appears. 2. In the “Personalization” window, click on the “Screensaver” icon. Next, go to disable the monitor shutdown after a long standstill of the computer.

How to increase or decrease Xiaomi screen backlight time in MIUI 10

  • Enter Settings:
  • Now scroll down a bit to the System and Device section.
  • Select Lock & Protect:
  • In the Lock Screen section, tap on the Sleep Mode item:
  • Select the time after which the screen will turn off:

iPhones are set to automatically adjust brightness by default based on where the owner is. For example, your screen gets brighter when you’re outdoors, and gets darker indoors. This is done to save battery consumption and user convenience.

The main cause of iPhone‘s unstable performance in the cold is the lithium-ion battery. If the operating temperature is below a few degrees of heat, it quickly loses its maximum capacity. The smartphone starts rebooting, doesn’t respond to user touches, or freezes. The iPhone eventually runs out of power and shuts down.

Go to Menu: Settings → Basic → Autolock. By default, you lock the iPhone screen after 2 minutes, which is enough time to enjoy comfortable interaction with the phone. You can choose any interval from half a minute to five minutes or cancel it altogether.

  • Go to the desktop settings.
  • Open the “Screensaver” tab. Screensaver tab in Windows XP.
  • Click on “Power”.
  • In the properties window, select the “Sleep mode” section.
  • We check the “Allow use of sleep mode. Here you can see how much disk space is needed to create the file.
  • Click on “Apply”.
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How to increase iPhone battery life by changing just one setting

What drains our iPhones the most? Well, it’s hard to give a definite answer to this question. After all, smartphone usage scenarios can vary quite dramatically from person to person. So what drains the battery for some may have no effect on battery life for others. Some people spend their time on social networks, constantly staring at the screen of their smartphone, while others just listen to music or podcasts. Naturally, in both cases the power consumption will be different. But there is one setting that can boost your iPhone‘s battery life on almost nothing.

It is enough to change just one setting for the iPhone to hold its charge better

Perhaps the most resource-consuming component of our iPhones is the display. The more active it is, the less the smartphone itself runs on a charge. It takes a lot of power to maintain a screen matrix, and the iPhone doesn’t have much of that, even for the newest models.

iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi, but it won’t load anything

Not so long ago I was selling my 1st generation iPhone SE. The device was reset to factory settings. The woman who was going to buy it had wifi on her iPhone, but it wouldn’t activate my SE. She complained that the communication module in my SE just failed, probably wanted to drive down the price. We unplugged the iPhone SE from her network and plugged it into mine everything worked. Turns out that in this part of town she simply had one LTE division, which was not enough to activate her iPhone.

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Sometimes switching to 3G helps the iPhone in modem mode without shutting down

My iPhone XS, XS Max, Or XR Won’t Turn Off. Here’s The Fix!

Pay attention to the signal if the LTE signal is bad, it is easier to switch to 3G. Practice shows that the 3G signal is still better than LTE.

Black screen on iPhone 13/12/11 but it works, what to do ?

One of the most frequently asked questions is “My iPhone works, even rings, but it has a black screen. What to do?”. This often happens when you drop your device. In the simplest cases you just need to reset your smartphone. But sometimes it happens even with the care of the device, and the standard advice does not always help. The root of the problem may be in a beta update or in a contradiction between third-party apps. Then you need to consult a specialist, but note that there is no single hundred percent solution, there are variants. So.

iphone, does, turn