How to make slow motion video on iPhone

On which devices can you view slow motion video taken on your iPhone

Full HD video recorded at 240 fps can be viewed on any device that is compatible with iOS 11 or macOS High Sierra 10.13 or newer, although modern iPhone or Mac models (iPhone 6 or newer, iPad Air 2, Mac models released since mid-2015) may be required for quality playback.

Slow motion video can be viewed on the iPhone just like any other video. All iPhone models starting from iPhone 4s have a 60 Hz screen, so any video with a high frame rate can be played back without losing quality. For quality playback on desktop computers (macOS or Windows), you’ll need a device with a 6th-generation Intel Core processor or lower.

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But the best way to watch video is on the iPad Pro. All Apple professional tablets from 2017 onwards support Apple’s ProMotion technology, which provides a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. When playing 1080p/240 fps video on an iPad Pro that supports this technology, the screen refresh rate will automatically increase to 120Hz for smoother, clearer playback.

How to record slow motion video on iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

Apple first added the ability to record slow motion video to iPhone 5s back in 2013. Now the feature is available even on the cheapest smartphones, but then it was a big deal. Over the years, Apple has not stopped improving its technology.

Surprisingly few people know how to record slow motion video on iPhone. At first glance it seems very simple, but in fact when recording slow motion video you need to take into account a few nuances. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to remember them.

If you have an iPhone 6, iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 and don’t know how to record slow motion video, read on.

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How to do slow motion on iPhone

Scroll through all the modes until you find “Slow motion

Once the mode is turned on, start shooting.

That’s how you can slow down on iPhone without any trickery. It will shoot at the quality set in the settings. You can only change the quality on the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone SE.

How to take slow selfies (sloofies) on iPhone and which models are supported

We don’t know if the term “slofy” can really become popular. It is likely that this phenomenon will remain fashionable for a short time. But nothing prevents such a feature from being considered a modern hit. Taking slo-mo selfies isn’t a sensation in the smartphone world, but it was a novelty for the iPhone, first appearing in the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max series.

  • Log in to the Camera app.
  • At the bottom of the screen there is a menu of modes that you can switch (for example, switch from “photo” to “video”) by swiping right, left. Select “Time Lapse” from this menu.
  • Press the round “Rec” button to record slo-mo.

After recording a video, you can view the result of your shooting in slow motion in the Photos app in the “Video” subsection.

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How to shoot slow motion video on iPhone 5

The new iSight camera on the flagship iPhone 5S can shoot slow motion video at 120 frames per second, but users of last year’s iPhone 5 can also record slow motion with the appropriate SlowCam app.

Slow Motion Video On An iPhone | Filmmaking Tips

The advantages of slow motion are obvious. this mode allows to capture the scene more accurately, which is very useful for modern fans of active lifestyles, or those who are fond of video shooting in the field. In this case, the iPhone 5S allows you to select the appropriate mode directly in the application Camera, but the iPhone 5 users will have to install third-party software. However, after the installation of SlowCam, the use of the mode will also become simple and convenient. The application from Lucky Clan allows you to switch to Slow motion mode right during the shooting. In this case the camera will continue to capture what is happening, but at 60 or 120 frames per second, which when playing back at the standard speed of 30 fps. create a slow motion effect. To see the results of the application, please watch the video provided by the developers. It is also worth noting that the SlowCam app, only works on the latest smartphones from Apple iPhone 5 and above, and requires iOS 7.

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Pinnacle Studio Pro

Professional video slow motion software that is available for download only after payment (about 15). Speed change is one of the many tools featured in the interface. The application is suitable for regular users, as well as journalists and novice filmmakers. Pinnacle Studio Pro lets you create a full-length movie directly on your mobile device!

The app works with any type of file: photo, video, audio. The content can be stored in the device memory or in the cloud storage. Navigation of the project is intuitive and will not cause problems. Displayable timeline enables precise video editing and smooth transitions.

Also add acceleration or deceleration effects, titles, layered animation. Each tool has fine-tuning options.

How to speed up video on iPhone

We’ll tell and show you how you can speed up your iPhone video from the simplest way to the most unusual. There are several proven ways to accelerate video on iPhone.

Built-in function to record video in accelerated mode. Timelapse

Footage is instantly converted into an accelerated version, saving users the trouble of speeding it up manually.

When selecting a mode, you can adjust the shooting speed. The disadvantage is the long shooting time, which cannot be done without special equipment: tripod or tripod. The timing itself during and after taking a photo cannot be divided into separately accelerated parts. You need to use a third-party app.

The “Interval” feature was released on iOS 8, and with the release of iOS 11, the name was changed to “Timelapse”

Instructions for capturing video with “Timelapse”:

Open the Camera app on your iPhone 2. Select Timelapse mode 3. Press the red video recording button 4. Repeatedly pressing the red button to stop the video to save it.

Software ways to speed up video on iPhone

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of video editing, editing, and processing apps in the AppStore.

iMovie For your convenience, Apple offers an in-house IMovie app running on iOS operating system. With it, you can easily edit, add effects, apply filters, backgrounds, titles, and more. Video acceleration is included in the app’s functionality.

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Other apps:

advanced iPhone users, including amateurs and professionals, use a number of other programs for quality video acceleration.

Among all the variety of 5 popular and functional in our opinion:

Adobe Premier Rush A versatile application not only for creating, but also for editing existing videos with a huge set of tools. Allows you to set the start and end acceleration point, with the possibility of layering additional effects.

VideoLeap Great for more creative users. It has such interesting features as layer-by-layer editing and video speed calibration with the addition of static images.

Movavi Clips Previously only available on PC, now on iPhone, Movavi Clips can surprise you with frame-by-frame editing and the ability to create transitions between video acceleration effects.

make, slow, motion, video

Splice A convenient and powerful editor, the characteristic feature of which is the ability to accelerate videos to super speeds, as well as adjusting the duration of the effect and the speed of transition between them.

VivaVideo One of the best apps in its segment with many useful tutorial videos. The timeline combined with acceleration effects allows you to create the most extraordinary videos.

So, we’ve looked with you at effective ways and tools to speed up video on your phones so that you can easily make your video look interesting and highlight highlights.

How to speed up video playback on iPhone: 3 effective and proven ways

When shooting video on the iPhone you have the ability to choose the output speed from interval, slow motion and normal speed on the iPhone camera. Despite this, because it’s just a default iPhone camera feature, you can’t change the output speed. But what if you want to speed up your video? For example, you prefer to look only at your video, even a downloaded video, rather than watch it closely, or you want to speed up your viewing so you can skip the less necessary part of the video. Speeding up video isn’t as easy as you might think. Well, that’s not a problem anymore. Here at FoneLab, we’ll tell you how to speed up video playback on your iPhone.