How to make your iPhone flash when you make a call

How to enable flash on call on iPhone for all models?

Your iPhone flash will flash three times on and off during incoming calls and text messages. The backlight will also turn on when new messages and social media notifications appear. If the indicator light does not turn on, you must reset the device by pressing the Power button on top of the smartphone to confirm the settings.

Blinking will only turn on if the phone’s screen has been locked with the top off button and the device has been put to sleep. You can see such a light signaling if the smartphone is lying with the screen down. If the screen is lit, a notification will be displayed for incoming calls instead of the flashlight pulsing. This is done to save battery power. The visual indicator can be turned on simultaneously with the vibration and sound.

Such an alarm has been saved from the first iPhones to the present time, but not all users know how to use it. It first appeared in the fourth model. This way of signaling is very convenient in cases when you do not want to use an audible alarm.

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This alarm will be triggered for calls, SMS messages or for messages from various apps installed on your gadget.

How to turn on the flash for silent mode

To turn on the flash on the call, you need to do the following steps:

  • You need to open the settings.
  • Next, select the section “Basic”.
  • Go to universal access.
  • Next, you need to pay attention to the “Hearing” block.
  • Next, click on the “Flash alert” line.
  • The next step is to move the slider to the right. This will activate the light alarm on the call. If you want the flash to go off when you turn off the buzzer, you must activate “Silent Mode”.

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The flash will now flash three times during an incoming call or when receiving an SMS. This is especially useful in places where there is loud noise. You can easily skip the beep in these situations.

make, your, iphone, flash, call

This video explains how to use the flash to alert you to incoming calls and SMS

make, your, iphone, flash, call

On an iPhone with iOS 10 on board, open the Settings app. Find the Basic section, open it and find the Universal Access option. Go a little lower and find the Hearing section, it has the Alert Flash option. Press!

How to enable flash blinking on incoming call on MIUI (6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

  • Open “Calls”
  • Select Incoming Calls
  • And here turn on the “Flash Alert” option
  • Now the flash will trigger when you make an incoming call, almost like on apple:) I think that’s it.
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The flash on your iPhone can stop working for various reasons. You may have updated the iOS operating system or installed unlicensed software. Then the cause of the malfunction is a software failure and you need to reboot your device.

How to turn on the flash during a call on the Samsung Galaxy

  • Go to Settings. Special Features.
  • Open “Advanced Options” and then “Flash notification”.
  • Turn on the flash when you call, receive notifications and alarms.

This feature can be found in the settings with special features Hearing. It is called LED.

Purpose of the feature

When the LED flash is on, it flashes brightly and pulsates when you ring. If necessary, you can set subtitles and adjust the sound volume for a connected headset. The glow feature was created especially for people with hearing loss, but is often used by other users as well. Visual notification looks nice and effective, while not distracting from work and sports. This option also comes in handy when a person is in complete darkness or in a noisy environment. Some users set the light to an alarm.

How to make iPhone blink when texting

If you started reading this material, you probably saw another iPhone owner’s flash when calling. Comfortable enough, isn’t it??

This flash can be quite useful in life, because sometimes we listen to music loudly and many other situations. Let’s see how you can enable and disable this feature.

  • Open “Settings” and then the “Basic” item.
  • Open the “Universal Access” item.
  • Scroll down to the “Hearing” section of the Universal Access settings and tap on “Alert Flash”.
  • Enable the “Flash alerts” option.
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How to set the flash on call on Honor and Huawei

  • Go to Settings.
  • Find the “Special Features” tab.
  • Enter the “Hearing” section.
  • Next, go to the appropriate section and drag the slider to the “On. “.

How to turn on the flash on incoming calls and notifications on your iPhone

Open the Settings app and go to Universal Access.

Set the Alert Flash switch to “On.

If necessary, also activate the option In silent mode. When you activate this item, the LED flash will only light up when the ringer switch on the side of the iPhone is in silent mode.

After you activate the Alert Flash feature, whenever you receive an incoming call or notification on your iPhone, the LED flash will flicker.

If the function does not work (happens on older devices), restart the device.

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And most importantly, don’t forget to make sure you put the phone face down if you want to see this feature in action.

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