How to move from one phone to another

Data transfer from one Android device to another: moving without problems

Bought a new device for Android? Well, congratulations. Most likely, now you will want to transfer data and files from your old device to it. As practice shows, conveying photos, music and video is not at all difficult. Sometimes users are faced with some difficulties in cases where the question is about the transfer of other information, or rather, contacts and installed applications. But depending on the device used, you can solve the problem in built.In or third.Party tools, which you will learn about later.

First of all, let’s talk about the most important thing. The transfer of contacts. Unlike old.Style smartphones, for example, those that worked for Symbian OS, in Android with the transfer of user data, everything is much easier.

Option one. Using the Internet and your Google account

All you need to do is register a Google account and log in from your device, on which “backup” and “automatic restoration” should be included in the settings. After that, all contacts from the phone book will be automatically added to the account. If you go to the account from another device, for example, new, previously saved contacts in the account, will be copied to the phone book. Convenient and simple.

Option two. Export to memory card

If you are from those users who are not available for some reason at the moment, or just want to make contacts manually, then you need to make them export. This method is relevant only if both devices have a memory card slot.

  • Open the “Contacts” application on your Android device.
  • Go to the settings menu and find the “Contact Exports” item or similar to it.
  • Export contacts to a separate file and save it on the SD card.
  • Report the SD card to the device to which you need to transfer the contact details.
  • Go to the Contact application on the transfer device.
  • In the Application settings, find the item “Contact imports” or similar.
  • Import contacts from the memory card into the internal memory of the phone, indicating the path to the file with exported contacts.

We transfer contacts, calls, SMS, photo / video to a new phone

In order for you to have the most relevant data on your new Android phone you need to do this:

On the old phone go to Google Play and make sure that you have a new version of the Google Play Service application

On the old phone, go to Android settings, Google section and select “Reserve Copying”.

Click the “Start Copping” button, after which you just have to wait a little to the end of the creation of a backup of data on Android!

move, phone, another

Now, after you enter a Google account on a new phone, you will have all the basic data.

Standard ways to postpone information

Changing a smartphone is a common situation in the modern world. Every year, large companies present new flagships, and with them various methods of transferring data between devices appear. Step.By.Step instructions are presented for the most popular data transfer methods.

Using Google Account

It is believed that the standard transfer means is a Google account. If when changing the smartphone, the owner plans to continue to use his account, then transferring data from android to Android will not deliver special problems.

  • The first step must be connected by Google Account.
  • Then mark the necessary data using checkmarks, this can be done in the “Synchronization” menu, and synchronization by pressing a special button in the right corner from above.
  • The next step needs to be found in the settings of the device, which is responsible for the restoration and reservation of data. Having selected the current Google account, it is necessary to back up the data.

Depending on the inner shell of the manufacturer and the version of the Android operating system, the synchronization process may vary.

For example, Samsung smartphones use their own service to backup data.

Synchronization of basic data

  • At the first launch of a new smartphone, you must log in through the available Google account. The system will automatically detect existing data that can be transferred and offers to restore them.
  • Next, you need to follow the instructions on the new device.
  • It remains to choose the most convenient option for recovery, in this method you should use the cloud storage.


After the stage of successful synchronization of the main data, the Play Market applications store will be available previously installed applications on the old device.

Actions for installing programs on a new device:

  • It is necessary to go to the Play Market application.
  • In the upper right corner, click on your avatar, then select the “Management and Device Management” item and select the “Management” tab.
  • I have opened will contain all previously used games and applications, now you can install everything at once or select only the necessary by installing a checkmark opposite.

Paid applications and subscriptions are tied to the Google account from which the purchase was made, so they can be restored in the application itself using the built.In purchase restoration system.

Using SIM card

This method of transfer this one loses its relevance every day, since using it you can transfer only numbers and SMS messages.

This is rather a small storage for 200 numbers and several dozen SMS. However, the SIM card can use for such purposes, it is enough to insert it into a new device and saved numbers, as well as SMS messages will be transferred to a new device.

By default, the phone numbers and messages are stored in the phone’s memory, so if this parameter has not changed by the user, then it is probably empty and you need to transfer data from the phone memory.

Synchronization using SD card is popular

Using SD card

Typically, a photo, video, contacts and other data are stored on the memory card, however, some smartphone manufacturers refused the SD tray tray. But if the device supports this technology, then you can use this method.

Smartphones can encode the SD card in such a way that it will only be read on the device on which it has already been used. It is better to format a memory card before performing actions so that there are no unforeseen situations.


Contact transfer is carried out automatically through a Google account, but there are times when they are stored on a SD card. This method is usually used when the list of contacts is quite large and does not fit on the SIM map.

  • You need to open the contact list, and find the point “Export”.
  • Next, select the transfer and specify the SD card, select all or specific contacts, and then save the backup on the drive.
  • A file should appear on the flash drive, the name of which will consist of time and date of the operation.
  • The last step needs to send contacts to a new device. To do this, just insert the SD card into the smartphone, and then import data. If the system cannot automatically find contacts, then you can import them manually in contacts.

If the contacts that are subject to export are stored on the SIM card, then first they need to be exported to the device’s memory or directly to the SD card.

Using a computer

The most traditional and common way that is familiar to almost every user, because before the emergence of modern backup methods, all the data on the USB cable was thrown out. However, this method is still relevant, and most importantly. Familiar.

  • The first thing you need to connect the old device to the computer and copy the necessary data, it can be: photos, videos, music, documents and other multimedia files.
  • Then repeat the previous step, only with the new smartphones, and the data must be moved to the internal memory of the device.

To use this method of transfer, you need to understand which files and where to move. Android system has many catalogs in which it is easy to get confused.

Synchronization using a computer is very convenient

Using Bluetooth

Using Bluetooth technology is not rational for transmitting large files, however, for a quick transfer of the list of contacts, this is a great solution.

Data transfer via Google

The service will transfer your notes, calls magazine, contacts, music, photos and videos, the story of the search history on a new phone.

How to throw data through a Google account:

In the “settings” of the old device, select the “Accounts” section 2. Enter your Google account and click “Synchronization”. Near the materials should stand boxes so that they load on a new device 3. Add a Google account to a new phone. 4. Select “more” and then click “synchronize”.

Now the desired files and information will be displayed on the new Android device. The duration of the operation on average takes an average of 5 to 10 minutes.

The user must have a Google account. If it is absent, register an account at the Google service:

After registration, you can copy all the information from one smartphone to another in several clicks.

How to transfer data to Samsung from Android Smartphone

If your new phone is from Samsung, then it supports a special SMART SMITCH application available for loading from Google Play.

When opening Smart Smitch on the phone, the user offers 3 data transfer options: wireless communication, USB cable and external storage. We will analyze the simplest. The first.

To connect a wireless way, you need:

Next, select “Wireless” “Get” “Android”;

Install and open Smart Switch on the old device;

Easy way to transfer data from one phone to another!

Select “Wireless”, indicate the necessary data and click “Send”.

From the phone Huawei on Android Smartphone

Like Samsung, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei has created a special Phone Clone program to quickly transfer materials between smartphones.

First download the application and run on two devices;

Open the Phone Clone on a new phone;

Click “This is a new phone (sending)” to activate a Wi-Fi connection;

Open the application from the old phone;

Click “This is an old phone“. In the discovered window of detecting a new device, enter a password from a Wi-Fi network and connect to a new phone.

Indicate the information for transfer to a new phone and wait for the completion of the operation.

Data transfer manually

To download materials from old models of Android telephones, the above options may not be suitable. The apparatus will not have the opportunity to install them.

In this case, the data can be thrown out of obsolete, but no less reliable ways:

Through a USB cable

A suitable option for those who are afraid that personal data can get into the network.

  • Connect the old phone to the computer
  • Select the “File Transfer” section on the phone
  • Copy the necessary information to the computer (contacts, photos and videos, files)
  • Disconnect the old device to connect a new
  • Transfer copied materials

Through Micro SD memory card

  • Open on the old smartphone “conductor”;
  • Select transfer files
  • Click “Copying to a memory card”
  • Remove Micro SD and insert into a new phone.

Via Bluetooth/ NFC

  • On both gadgets, turn on Bluetooth or NFC in the “Wireless Network” section
  • Activate Android Beam
  • Put the devices at a short distance from each other
  • On the old phone, specify the files necessary for transfer and click “Submit”.

Please note that Bluetooth cannot transmit text messages, contacts, call history or application.

Technological development moves towards creating simple and quick solutions for a comfortable transition of users from one phone to another. Use any of the options for transferring data so that you do not have to “get used to” a new phone, spending a lot of time and effort. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing data or making a file transfer procedure between devices unsafe.

Ways to transfer data from android to Android

There are several options for transferring data from Android to Android. This transfer is much simpler than with Android on the iPhone, because the same operating system interacts better with its functions.

In this article I will describe the most universal and simple methods for transferring data from various types from an old mobile device to a new phone.

Google account

The simplest method, which is provided by the developers of the Android operating system is the transfer via Google account. The function of synchronization of information on all devices to which the Google account is connected is used.

This option is quite universal, since each owner of a smartphone or a tablet computer running the Android operating system has a Google account.

This is due to the fact that it is necessary to use the official Play Market application store. Also, Google account is used in the Gmail postal service, which is also quite popular.

Data posting instructions via Google account:

  • Take an old mobile device and go to settings.
  • Open the section “Google”. Its location is different depending on the brand, model, version of the operating system and platform. For example, the “Google” section may be in the “Accounts and Synchronization” tab.
  • Next, go to the “Accounts” tab.
  • Tap to the name of your own Google account, which is e.Mail.
  • Click on the inscription “Synchronization of the account”.
  • A list of data that is synchronized and attached to the Google account is displayed. I recommend moving the slider to an active position opposite each point.

This method is very easy to synchronize from the phone book. To use these data on a new device, you just need to log in in the existing Google account (the one on which synchronization was included through the old phone).

Bluetooth data transfer

Another option to transfer data and contacts in particular is the use of wireless connection, bluetooth. Also, this method is called the transfer through the VCF file.

Bluetooth is literally on all smartphones and tablet computers, even on outdated models. The only additional program that may be needed is the file manager.

There are appropriate software on modern mobile devices, but old gadgets cannot boast of similar, so you need to download any conductor from Play Market.

How to transfer text messages from Android to Android (THREE Ways)

Step.By.Step data transfer actions via Bluetooth:

move, phone, another
  • Activate Bluetooth on both mobile devices. This can be done through the settings by moving into the section of the same name and moving the slider to an active position, or by opening the upper control panel and slipping onto the bluetooth logo.
  • On the original smartphone, open “Contacts”.
  • Slip through the symbol of three vertical points, which is in the upper right corner.
  • Click on the inscription “Pass visible contacts”.
  • Install a checkmark opposite the contacts that need to be transferred. Or select automatic allocation of all contacts.
  • Press the “OK” button in the upper right corner.
  • The option of sending contact details will be displayed. You need to select “Bluetooth”.
  • A list of Bluetooth connections will appear where you need to select the device receiving files.
  • On the phone that accepts the information, a request for the conjugation and receipt of files will appear. Confirm both.
  • After that, a file with contact data VCF format will appear on the new mobile device. It will be located in the Downloads folder (two other names of the folder: loading or Bluetooth), which is located in the root catalog of the internal drive. To open it, you need to use a file manager or conductor.
  • When the VCF file opens, the system will ask where to unload the received contacts. Here you can choose the Google account, the memory of the device, the SIM card. Choose any preferred option.

After that, the contacts will be added to the new apparatus.

Bluetooth can be transmitted by various files, and not just contact details. For example, images, music, video, animations, etc. The transfer of applications is impossible.

Data transfer through a memory card

A great way to transfer data is to use a memory card. Naturally, for this, a memory card should be used in the old mobile device, and the new connector should be in the new.

Detailed instructions (example with contact data):

  • On the old apparatus, open the pre.Installed “Contacts” application.
  • Slip through the symbol of three vertical points, which is in the upper right corner.
  • Select the item “Import/Export”.
  • In the displayed list, click on the inscription “Export for the drive” or “Export for Microsd”.
  • Confirm the movement of contacts to the external drive, the path to which will be indicated in this window. We need to remember which folder the data was exported to.
  • Pull the memory card and insert it into a new phone.
  • Through the file manager or conductor, you need to open the folder with an exported file and start it. This is a VCF file.
  • When the VCF file opens, the system will ask where to unload the received contacts. Here you can choose the Google account, the memory of the device, the SIM card. Choose any preferred option.

Sending files by Bluetooth at a ROOT income

Superpolizer or Root access allows you to freely transfer applications and even system files via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. You can transfer to another smartphone even the entire Android system. But, an important point, it is that the access of the super.User removes the guarantee from the phone and can cause critical errors. Also, rulowned devices cannot use official applications. Therefore, you can’t make a backup copy.

Google Drive cloud storage allocates for free to use 15 GB of memory on a remote server. Using the Google Disk utility already sewn in many versions of Android, you can save everything you need not only on the smartphone, but also on the Internet. In addition, the program itself allows you to share files from the disk and give access to them who you need.

Previously, Dropbox could be used to transfer files, but due to the fact that using Google Disk Drive with Android devices is much easier, now it is more relevant. In the latest firmware of the Android operating system, the Dropbox utility is no longer sewn, although it was previously widely used.


If you need to transfer files from an old phone that you can not always install the above services, then you should pay attention to one of the built.In functions. To use Bluetooth, do the following:

Dr. Fone. Switch

A small utility from Chinese developers Wondershare, which allows you to transfer data from one Android smartphone to another in a couple of clicks. Of course, the program is compatible with samsung devices.

    Turn on USB debugging mode on both devices.

Be careful! The program does not know how to transfer data from secure folders of KNOX and some Samsung system applications!

As in the case of Smart Switch, there are restrictions on the type of transferred files. In addition, the DR program. Fone-Switch in English, and its trial version allows you to transfer only 10 positions of each category of data.

Games and applications

As a final method, it is worth paying attention to the transfer of various games and applications, usually the most voluminous files. The main methods here are data transmission through a wireless connection via Bluetooth and synchronization of the Google account.

In addition, it is worth noting that intra-game achievements, purchased subscriptions, user settings and many other data in separate software, as a rule, do not require transfers due to a binding to a certain account. At the same time, cache, regardless of the application, is best to download again, thereby avoiding many mistakes and saving a lot of time.

As you can see, carefully familiarizing yourself with at least a few presented options, most issues are easily resolved in the same ways, thereby allowing you to quickly carry out information transfer. At the same time, you should still not forget about the individual characteristics of some files, since even Google synchronization with all the advantages has many flaws.