How to open a msi file type. Elimination of malfunctions when opening MSI files

How to create an MSI installer package quickly and easily

It is not possible to open the MSI file? You are not the only one. Thousands of users are faced with similar problems daily. Below you will find tips on opening MSI files, as well as a list of programs supporting MSI files.

MSI file is supported in operating systems 1. Depending on your operating system, you may need other software for processing MSI files. Below is a summary of the number of programs that support and open the MSI file on each system platform.

Operating Systems

What is MSI file?

MSI extension file refers to the type of files other files. The creator of this file is Microsoft. In addition, the category of other files contains # other files 6033. Windows Installer Package is most often found in operating systems 1. The file will work on Windows systems, but, unfortunately, not on others. The main program supporting this format. Windows Installer. This was created by the user of Microsoft Corporation. As an alternative, you can use # number # other programs. Microsoft Windows, 7-ZIP, Windows Installer XML programs will also process the file when Windows Installer does not play its role.

The most common problem when using Windows Installer Package is that a particular MSI is not related to the program. This is manifested in the fact that MSI files are opened in unusual applications or do not have an appointed program. This problem can be quickly solved by following the instructions below.

The first thing you need to do is just “click twice” on the MSI file icon, which you want to open. If the operating system has an appropriate application for its support, and there is also a connection between the file and the program, the file should be opened.

Install Windows Installer

A problem that is often forgotten about. Make sure Windows Installer is installed on the computer. This can be done by typing Windows Installer in the search engine of the operating system. If we do not have this program, it is worth installing it, as it will help you automatically connect the MSI file with Windows Installer. Below you will find a list of applications supporting MSI files.

View and extract MSI files using an archive

Although the MSI installer file is more like a database, not an archive, some archiving programs can read and extract its contents. Keep in mind that this option will probably be the least reliable. Archives are not as effective as other tools, but they are still very useful to install.

Probably the most popular free utility for archiving, 7-ZIP, can read and extract the contents of many MSI files. Since it behaves the same way as any other readable archive, you can just click the file with the right mouse button and select 7-ZIP open the archive to open the MSI file for viewing.

In an open 7-ZIP window, it is easy to extract the entire MSI or separate files/folders by dragging them from or using the button to extract them. You can also do the same with the teams of the 7-ZIP context menu and extract all the contents of the installer into the folder.

Other free archiving software, such as Bandizip and Peazip, or paid offers, such as Winrar and PowerRart, can also open the MSI installer files. In general, they do not show and do not allow to extract anything different from 7-ZIP, except Winrar. We found that Winrar can open and extract MSI from some files, which other archives could not.

View MSI and extract files using a special tool

A special tool for extracting the contents of the Windows installer files should be the most effective and give the best results. Here we will consider some specialized MSI extractors, all of them are transferred and do not require installation.

A portable and free utility, designed specifically for viewing and extracting files from MSI installation packages, is Lessmsi (also known as Less MsiéraBles). In addition to extracting files, the program also has several additional tabs for viewing data tables from the package and consolidated information stored inside the package (date, languages, numbers of versions, publisher, etc. D.).

Find or drag the MSI installer into the window, and its contents will be shown. All files can be selected for extracting, or you can select several files using a mouse and keyboards Shift/Ctrl. We found that Lessmsi is very effective when reading and extracting more complex MSI files, where other parameters sometimes cannot read all the contents. A parameter for adding/removing the elements of the context menu caused by the right button in the conductor to extract and research is located in the “Edit” menu “Settings”.

The Lessmsi version for the command line is also included in the ZIP archive, so you can remove the installer from the command line or script. The syntax is very simple.

A few more arguments are available, but they are not related to the extraction of the MSI file.

MSI unpacker from JSware

JSware creates several useful tools associated with MSI to facilitate their viewing and unpacking. In addition to the MSI Unpacker tool to be transferred here, they also have a HTA web page, as well as VBScript, which is used as one of the options in Universal Extractor. Just start the program and insert MSI into the window or press the button to find the file.

When clicking “get information about the installer”, the lower panel is filled with all the names and versions of the files inside the MSI, “unpack the installer file” removes all the files to the default folder or into the folder selected by the user. Since MSI packages can add or edit the system register, the “Show registry settings” button will display a list of all registry recordings that the real installation may affect. The list of registry entries or files can be copied to the exchange buffer from the context menu of the right mouse button or menu “Editing”.

Download jsware msi unpacker

The MSITOLS program is used to maintain a magazine in real time, install the command line arguments for MSI files and to extract files from MSI installers. Although the user integration looks quite loaded and complex, you do not need to pay attention to it, because only a few mouse clicks are required to extract files.

Drag the file in the file entry field in the “package” section “or find the file manually. Then just click the “Enjoy the Files” button on the right, find the folder for the output and click OK to extract all the files. If you want to selectively extract files, click the “Files” tab after opening the MSI file. From there you can select/cancel the choice of all files at once or select individual files using the flags provided.

Universal Extractor is a tool that we have already mentioned many times, because it is great for unpacking files of different types. He can also unpack the installers, including NSIS, Installshield, Inno Setup and Windows (MSI) installer. Universal Extractor 2 is an open source code and a more relevant fork of the original version, which has not been updated for several years.

Unpack the MSI file using the right click the menu item or drag the file into the main window. If it cannot automatically extract the file, there will be a hint with three extract methods; Extracting MSIX (Microsoft command line), extracting MSI TC Packer (Total Commander plugin) and expanding the JSware unpacker (MSI Unpacker script for one click from JSware).

If the selected method is not displayed for work, just start the Universal Extractor again and select an alternative method. Please note that Universal Extractor extracts only all files in the MSI package and does not allow you to first look at what inside it.

Download Universal Extractor 2

MSI file format. description of how to open?

MSI format file opens with special programs. To open this format, download one of the proposed programs.

7-ZIP is not installed

By twice by clicking on the MSI file you can see a system dialog box that reports “You can’t open this file type“. In this case, this is usually due to the fact that 7-ZIP is not installed on your computer for %% OS %%. Since your operating system does not know what to do with this file, you cannot open it twice clicking on it.

Tip: If you are out of the other program that can open the MSI file, you can try to open this file by selecting this application from the list of possible programs.

The wrong version of 7-ZIP has been installed

In some cases, you may have a newer (or more old) version of the Windows Installer Package file not supported by the installed version of the application. In the absence of the correct version of 7-ZIP (or any of the other programs listed above), it may be necessary to load another version of the software or one of the other applied software tools listed above. This problem most often occurs when working in the older version of an applied software tool with a file created in a newer version, which the old version cannot recognize.

Tip: Sometimes you can get a general idea of ​​the MSI file version by clicking on the file to the file, and then selecting “Properties” or “Mac OSX” (Mac OSX).

Summary: in any case, most problems arising during the opening of MSI files are associated with the absence of an installed correct applied software tool on your computer.

Other reasons for the problems with opening MSI files

Even if your computer has already installed 7-ZIP or other software related to MSI, you can still encounter problems while opening Windows Installer Package files. If the problems of opening MSI files are still not eliminated, perhaps the reason lies in other problems that do not allow you to open these files. Such problems include (presented from the most to the most common):

  • Inappropriate links to MSI files in the Windows Register (“Telephone Book” Windows operating system)
  • Random deletion of the MSI file description in the Windows Register
  • Incomplete or incorrect installation of an applied software tool associated with MSI format
  • MSI file damage (problems with the Windows Installer Package file itself)
  • MSI infection with malicious
  • Damaged or outdated devices related to the MSI file
  • The absence of sufficient system resources on the Windows Installer Package format on the computer

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How to convert a file msi

Converting MSI into ISO is possible only after extracting files to the folder. Use the file of unpacking the files, as described above, so that files can exist in the usual structure of folders. Then, using a program such as WincDemu, click the folder with your right mouse button and select the ISO image.

Another option is to convert MSI in EXE, which you can use with Ultimate MSI to EXE Converter. The program is very easy to use: select the MSI file and select where to save the EXE file. There are no other options.

open, file, type, opening, files

Presented in Windows 8 and similar MSI APPX files are application packages that are launched in Windows OS. Visit Microsoft’s website if you need help in converting MSI into Apps. Also see. Textbook in Codeproject.

.MSI file extension

You can’t open the file with the end.MSI? You need to understand that such files open only certain programs. If the file.MSI does not open, which means that the reason is that your computer does not have appropriate programs to open this file, or the file association has certain damage.

To get more information about this extension, read this material. The unique PC Repair tool will help you to eliminate all problems. You can download it here.

Open.MSI file

You can open the file.Msi double mouse click. By installing PC repair, you can open a file, but the file association should be installed correctly. Windows constantly asks you which program you should open the file? Then the problem lies in impaired file associations that appear due to errors in the Windows Register.

Eliminate the problem quickly and automatically with these actions:

  • Click the download button here to download the automatic recovery tool.
  • Now press the button to start scanning to identify potential problems
  • View scan results, then click the Correct elements button.

The utility for correcting errors restores the operation of the file association mechanism, helping the system to open.MSI file the right program. The utility is effective and easy to use.

This test version offers a free unlimited number of scanning of your PC Windows. Full version costs 39.99. Downloading the program, you accept and agree with the privacy policy and a license agreement.


Errors with the Windows installer are very unpleasant, there are many and immediately it is not clear where to dig. One thing is clear. the system fails and you need to restore it to the working condition. Sometimes nothing helps and has to reinstall Windows. However, do not rush to do it, try to ask for help on this forum. Describe your problem exactly, tell us what you have already done, what messages you received, and perhaps they will help you! After all, the world is not without good people

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The description of the system cannot open the specified device or MSI file

When installing any MSI file in the installer, an error flies: the system cannot open the specified device or MSI file or file.

Retry is pointless to press, but when you press Cancel, something more meaningful flies:

The Installer Has Encounthed Anxpected Error Installing the Package. This May Indicate a Problem with this Package. The Error Code is 2755. In Eventlog/Windows Logs/Application the same thing, except that the path of the installed package is written.


MSI Files are also called windows of the installer package, which are used to distribute updates for Windows and installers of programs that were designed for Windows base systems. When these MSI files are turned on, the process for the appropriate application or update of Windows Installing the initialization in order to perform the necessary operations to install the application or update in the computer based on Windows. These MSI files, as a rule, are composite files and libraries in the Windows or Update Resources, which are unloaded to the system during the installation process, following the installation commands and instructions that are also packed in these MSI files. Microsoft (to update Windows) and third-party developers create and distribute these Windows Installer packages, the files attached to the MSI expansion, which can also be unpacked by 7-ZIP software.

Launch.MSI file or any other file on your computer, clicking it twice. If your file associations are correctly configured, an application that is intended to open your own.MSI file will open it. Perhaps you may need to load or purchase the right application. In addition, it is possible that you have the correct use on your computer, but.MSI files have not yet been related to it. In this case, when trying to open.MSI file, you can say, windows that application is the right file for this. Since then, opening.MSI file will open proper application.

What is a file extension?

File extension is a set of three or four characters at the end of the file name, in this case, NBSP.MSI.NBS extensions of files tell you what type of file it is, and tell the windows which programs can be opened. Windows often binds the default program for each file extension, so when you click the file twice, the program starts automatically. Despite the fact that the program is no longer on your computer, you can sometimes get an error message when trying to open the appropriate file.

In the future of this page you will find other possible reasons that cause problems with MSI files.

Program (s) who can open the MSI file


Possible problems with files in MSI format

The lack of the ability to open and work with the MSI file should not mean at all that we do not have the appropriate software installed on our computer. Other problems may also be that the ability to work with the Microsoft Windows Installer Installation Package file may also block us. Below is a list of possible problems.

If you are sure that all these reasons are absent in your case (or have already been excluded), the MSI file must cooperate with your programs without any problems. If the problem with the MSI file is still not solved, this may mean that in this case another, rare problem with the MSI file has appeared. In this case, only the help of a specialist remains.

How to tie a file with the installed program?

Is there a universal method for opening unknown files?

Many files contain data in the form of text or numbers. It is possible that during the opening of unknown files (for example. Msi) a simple text editor popular in the Windows system, which is notatnik, will allow us to see part of the data encoded in the file. This method allows you to view the contents of many files, but not in the form of a program intended for their maintenance.

Russian name: Windows Installer package

Since this format is a installation package of Windows and in the same turn it usually goes as an archive, it can be opened with such programs:

This can be done through Microsoft Windows Installer, a program that is standard for any PC. The second option is to install a popular 7-ZIP archiver and perform the unpacking of this document through it.

It has long been no secret that Windows OS is the most common system among PC users. This is not surprising, since such a phenomenon is easily justified by the functional capabilities that are laid down in it. It is more convenient for the user in different meanings of this meaning. Functionally, it is most developed, has a pleasant and simple integration, and also thanks to it the information revolution has occurred faster. Windows will constantly improve, releasing new versions of the OS, which satisfy all user requirements.

The system uses a large number of different files and data that have different permits. One of them is the format.MSI. This is the format of the Windows installation package. It has information about this OS, as well as information on how to install it. Basically, all the necessary information for the user system. But, this package may contain not only certain information, but also some DLL libraries, which play an auxiliary role, as well as some user scenarios.

This package will be especially useful for users who do not specialize in Windows installation. However, this is not all the possibilities that the installation package has. It can serve in order to update the current version of the system. This is necessary, since each new version is complemented by various functions. There are two ways how to open a format.MSI:

-You can open a file using some utilities, for example, Universal Extractor or 7-ZIP.

If the installation of the file was completed successfully, then in most cases to open it, you just need to press the icon twice. If difficulties appear and the file does not open, then, most likely, there were problems in the register. To do this, you need to go to the register and look for the mistakes that happened to it. If the Vista is installed on the PC, in this case the file format.MSI will be called.MSU.

Universal Extractor

Universal Extractor. a comfortable utility for unpacking different archives, as well as some additional file types. This program, before that, approaches those users who are engaged in the creation of archives on PC, but only pump different archives from the web, and then unpack them. UNIVERSAL Extractor utility is fully coping with this task. She allows you to unpack all the known archives, as well as DLL, EXE, MDI and other file types. In essence, the program can serve, to a certain extent, a typical installer of programs, She allows you to unpack some of the installers, and then run.


Wix Toolset is a useful collection of tools for almost all programmers that make installers for applications. This set of disposal of command line is designed to process a number of files, as well as to automate the assembly process of each issue. When developing each latest program, programmers deal with several resources, files with initial code and libraries. All these files should be in the same catalog for the successful functioning of the made application. Preparing a detailed package is a fundamental step. Wix Toolset represents a number of utilities necessary for preparatory processing, compilation, component.

Freearc 0.666

When developing the Freearc archiver, the creator decided to make a program that compress files at the highest speed. This required the favorite properties of LZMA, PPMD ​​and Grziplib compression libraries. During the packaging process, the archiver forms files by type and compresses due to the use of a more suitable method. When working, the archiver uses the most 10 different algorithms and filters. If you compare this with common archives, then 7-ZIP has only three, and Rar uses only seven algorithms. The archiver simply adapts for installation on different systems. It is designed on an open platform giving in.

Fails to open a file?

Given the number of file formats and most of them use a file extension with a length of only three letters, it would be reasonable that many of them will use the same letters. This can become quite confusing when they are written almost the same.

Nevertheless, it is important to understand that two equally written file extensions do not necessarily mean that file formats are similar or they can be opened using the same software. You may have a file that looks terribly a lot, the extension says “msi”, but this is really not.

For example, MIS files are either Marble Blast Gold Mission or files with a saved game used by some video games, and they are absolutely not related to Windows installer.

Another is the extension of the MSL file relating to the linguistic files of the comparison specification and the Magick Scripting language files. The former type of file works with Visual Studio, and the latter with Imagemagick, but not one of them works like MSI files.

In the lower line: If your MSI file does not open, make sure that you really are dealing with the MSI file by twice checking the file extension.

Supported operating systems

Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, FreeBSD, NETBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS X, iOS, Android

A fairly common problem among users of the Windows operating system of any version. MSI error when installing programs from a file with extension.MSI. In this article I will describe the frequently encountered problems with the Windows 7/10/XP installer and options for solving them, as well as make a video on the current issue.

Extension files.MSI is ordinary installation packages (distributions) from which the program is set. Unlike the usual “setup.exe “, to start the MSI file, the system uses the Windows Installer service (MSIEXEC process.exe). Speaking in simple words, the Windows installer unzipes and launches the distribution files. When Windows Installer does not work, various errors appear.

In general, it terribly infuriates me, After a stupid error message, it is not clear what to do next. Microsoft specially developed the Windows Installer installer to expand the features of installing programs (this is mainly appropriate for system administrators), but did not take care of the grave operation of this service or at least adequate messages about the problems. And now we will rake it

Charges can be with the work of the service itself or can arise in the process of installing programs when everything is configured, in principle, correctly. In the first case, you need to pick the installer’s service, and in the second, solve the problem with a specific file. Consider both options, but first the second.

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Let’s figure out which files can be opened on Android:

You can open AVI, MP3, MP4 using the programs that we described in our articles:

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How to open a PDF file on Android

You can use the Book Reader to read the PDF file. He is freely available on Google Play. The application is free, and besides without advertising.

Good utility with useful functions. By uploading the file to Pocetbook, it can be fed as a book using gestures or phone volume buttons. Read the contents of the PDF file is convenient and easy, you can change the background, choose the color for the text, increase the text or reduce. In general, set up as it will be comfortable for you.

In the program, you can search for the text.

When reading the text, you can make notes to it, highlight a certain area of ​​the text with a marker and take screenshots. These changes can be saved in a separate file, which will not affect the contents of the PDF file. Notes can always be opened and reviewed.

7-ZIP is a well-known open source archive. This feature allows you to make changes to the structure of the program, adding certain functions to it. The program is distinguished by an understandable and simple integration and has unique algorithms to accelerate data archiving and their unpacking. Also, this program can perform standard operations with an archive, for example, you can install a password on a file, or set the degree of compression of the archive. Also, if necessary, you can create a self.setting archive with the necessary parameters that are set in special Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the archive.

Advanced Installer 12.0

Advanced Installer. Professional program designed specifically for creating Windows Installer packages. This tool comes with many useful functions. The modern intese helps to create installation packages. Advanced Installer is able to generate MSI files. The program connects all the necessary functions for creating installation packages. The user can add information about the details of the product. Supports the creation of Info, and also allows you to identify software. You can select the installation folders and parameters and add a digital signature to the packages. The application shows images.

Converting an EXE Software Install to MSI Software Install