How to open a SIM card slot in Samsung

How to open the phone with a key?

It is only necessary: ​​to find a special hole for the key on the side surface of the smartphone housing. Insert the key and press it. Pull out the extended tray in which the SIM card will be lying.

Find a tool for inserting SIM maps inside your phone box. If you have lost, you can use something like a paper clip. Insert the tool into the hole, tightly press and the slot should jump out. Remove the SIM card from the tray or thoroughly place the SIM card or flash drive in it.

How to insert a SIM card into a “samsung” of a certain model

There are several varieties of SIMs, the guidelines for their insertion will be different. Now the popularity is gained by phone models designed for two trays. While both slots will be the same as. We list the types of SIM cards:

  • Full.Size (vintage for button gadgets);
  • Mini (for devices released in the “tenths” years);
  • Micro (2003 product, focused on LTE and 3G technology);
  • Nano (a tiny premium SIM card with missing plastic edges).

Galaxy developers decided to use Nano technology. At the same time, we were pleased with two slots and a memory card type Microsd. All cards are invested the same, but the localization of the stands for the trays is the result of design thinking. If you did not find a sticker with step.By.Step instructions, act in accordance with our guide. Now you will learn how to insert a Simka in Samsung, even if you use A7 and A5. Our recommendations will be useful for all users of the zone.Ru. The steps are:

  • Disable the smartphone (or tablet).
  • Find the tray cover in the end part.
  • Look for a small point. A key hole.
  • Arrange a needle and push it into the hole.
  • Open and gently remove the tray.
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If you acted correctly, that’s what will open to the look.

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It should be borne in mind that there are several types in mobile devices. The most common solutions are for one or two SIMES. And there are also hybrid solutions and paired with a memory card. Galaxy A6, for example, is designed for two slots for Nano and Microsd drive. Since SIMI has a beard, it will be difficult to install them incorrectly. The same applies to tablets of the TAB S series, actively sold in the post.Soviet space. Act carefully. And achieve success.

How to find out your tablet model

Let us return to the preparatory stage and try to find out where to climb in order to get information about your device. Suppose the device cover is not removed. You cannot read the information on the battery. Catch a universal algorithm for all androids:

  • Open “Settings” (gear icon).
  • Go to the section “On the tablet” (sometimes “On the device”).
  • Make a scroll down.
  • Find the option “Model number”.

Go to Google and drive the resulting number. It turns out that you are dealing with the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone, which supports LTE technology. This is the simplest example. Everything works with tablets in the same way.

How to get a SIM card from a Samsung tablet?

Everything is done here in the same way as for the phone. No difference.

  • We insert a pin for extracting a SIM card into the slot opening, and then click on the connector. The slot leaves the connector a bit, but not completely.
  • Gently take out the slot from the connector and try to get the SIM card from the tablet and insert the slot back.If you need to insert a Samsung memory card, then here you need to do the same as with this with a SIM card. Everything is very simple.It is only important to determine which particular SIM card connector, and which with a memory card. If they are in one, then look and place the memory card with golden contacts down this is very important, otherwise it will simply not be read by the device. It is also necessary to fix it when you turn on the phone or tablet, it will be read.

How to use a special key correctly

The very first tool to pick up will be a special key. It always comes with the device itself, and therefore should have every user.

But even here there are your nuances regarding how to open a slot for a SIM card with this key, since not everyone understands what it is and how it works. If you figure it out, everything will become clear at once, and there will be no problems with extracting SIM cards in the future.

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Some users ignore the key rule before extracting the slot. It suggests that you must pre.Turn off the device.

Instructions for opening elements for placing SIM and memory cards in the tablet using the key from the configuration, you can describe this:

  • Disconnect the device. To do this, the shutdown key is clamped. Some tablets turn off just after a long press of this button. On other models, a menu appears with a proposal to turn off or restart the device.
  • Wait for a complete shutdown of the tablet. It is dangerous to extract a slot with a working device. The device can freeze or burst. Partial or complete loss of data on the maps is also not excluded.
  • Find the compartment where the cards are located on your tablet. Usually they are on the side or from above.
  • There is a small hole on the slot outside. It is a special key that is inserted into it.
  • Press the key and the compartment will open. Remove the SIM card, insert the card and the device can be turned on.

That’s all. There will be no problems if there will be a key.

In most cases, these keys are universal. If there is no original tool, you can ask friends or acquaintances who has been preserved in the configuration.

But it happens that the key is absent. There is nowhere to take it. Then you have to look for alternative solutions.

How to open the SIM card with a paper clip

Mastard is a completely suitable item to extract SIM card from a locked slot, moreover, quite affordable. It is also used, like the key. Just bending one side of the paper clip, and its length will be quite enough, and it is quite convenient to keep it. The thickness of the wire from which the paper clip is also made is also quite suitable.

Insert the resulting “master line” into the hole and click. The SIM card should move out of the case, and then you just need to pull it out, as usual.

Earrings or piercing

The desired tool may be closer than you think. Ordinary earrings with thin fasteners or cloves for fastening are best suited. Some jewelry may have twisting screws that should be ideally suited for your task. Do not be afraid to use them for other purposes, but be careful not to lose them and not spoil the earrings.

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Neat and small size piercing can also help in urgent business, so pay attention to this too.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G: How to insert the SIM card? Tutorial for the SIM cards

How to open a SIM Samsung SIM slot without a key?

It is important to note that you can also open a tray for SIM cards on any phone, including iPhone, Samsung and LG. Take the stationery, insert it into the hole that is located in the tray area for SIM cards, and then simply press in order to extract the tray.

How to Remove Sim Card from Galaxy S7 | open sim card slot without pin tool !

  • Insert the pin to remove the slot into the hole to push it
  • Carefully pull the slot out of the corresponding connector.
  • Place the SIM- or USIM card in the tray with golden contacts down.
  • Gently click on the SIM- or USIM card to fix it in the slot.

So, the answer to the question “How to open a SIM-cards slot without a key?»Very simple. For this delicate procedure, any item with a thin, sharp end is suitable. It can be a needle, pin, earring or any stationery item, starting from the paper clip and ending with the drawing button. Even a piece of wire is able to cope with this task.

But at the same time, it is worth remembering that it is necessary to do this carefully if you do not want to scratch the body of the smartphone or drive the game into your finger.

And if you do not want to do it yourself, today on every corner you can find a store of equipment or mobile communications, whose consultants are able to solve this problem.

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