How to open a slot for SIM card Huawei

Как открыть разъем для сим карты без ключа, как вставить симку в iPhone? Застряла симка в айфоне?

How to open a slot for SIM card Huawei?

In the new devices Huawei, the tray is installed on the left side face. To open a slot for SIM card Huawei, you need to use a complete key-wax key. Insert the key into the hole and click so that the card for the card extends a little. After that it can be extended with your hand.

In its size, it is ideal as an alternative for a complete paperwork. You will not have to crush much, insert the sharp end into the hole of the SIM card tray and press a little to the click.

How to open the cover of the Honor or Huawei phone

There are two options. Using a heated suction cup, or plastic key. Consider the technology of each of them so that you have the opportunity to choose a more suitable.

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How to turn off/enable t9 on Honor and Huawei phones

Plastic key

To remove the rear cover from the Huawei or Honor phone using a plastic key:

With the help of suction

For this option, the store will need to buy a special suction cup. It is used to replace the rear cover of Honor or Huawei. The algorithm of actions is this:

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  • With the help of a construction hairdryer (or any other device), warm up the back of the body;
  • Press the suction cup;
  • Gradually begin to pull it on yourself;

How to open a slot for a SIM card with a key on Huawei and Honor?

Having sorted out the size of the cards and determining which option you should stop (looking in the instructions for the smartphone), you can proceed to study the features of the opening of the slot. To open a slot for a SIM card in Huawei, it follows:

  • Prepare a special key to extract a tray.
  • Gently insert it into the holes in the slot.
  • Lightly pressing, waiting for the tray automatically jumps out of its connector.

It is worth adding that most trays contain two connectors:

Sometimes instead of a flash drive it is allowed to insert a second SIM card. To find out if this is possible, it is worth reading information about the selected phone model.

How to put a SIM card in a connector under the back cover?

There are no special side slots in the early phones models, so their owners will have to use a different instruction. To insert a SIM card into Huawei, you have to:

  • Turn off the smartphone (shutdown is required, since the user has to extract the battery).
  • Open the phone, gently picing and lifting the back cover.
  • Extract the battery.
  • Install the SIM card in the slot or replace the previous SIM card of the new.
  • Return the battery back, close the lid and upload a smartphone.

The actions done will be enough for a person to get the opportunity to call and visit sites on the Internet.

Save all your photos on the SD card

To avoid repeated repository problem, we can change the default space in which photos taken on our mobile phone are stored. We will do this by entering the camera application, going into its settings and choosing the option to save on the default SD card.

From this moment, we will not need to repeat the process of moving our photos to the SD card, only with the images that were sent to us through WhatsApp or images that we edit in external applications. Even in this case, the amount of memory that we will occupy will not be the way we achieved when all our photos in high resolution were saved in the internal memory of our mobile phone Huawei.

How to open a slot for a SIM card on a tablet?

It is important to note that there are 2 different types of slots:

  • The first is under a special cover, which each user will be able to open (such a solution is present, for example in MediaPad);
  • The second is built into the case and is a small tray with connectors for SIM card.

To open the second, you will need to use a special key included in the basic configuration of purchased equipment. You need to pick it up and insert it into a small hole located on the edge of the slot. Then it remains to press a little on it, and the tray will jump out automatically. The described process is extremely simple, so everyone will be able to figure it out and without additional viewing of the video.

How to open a slot for a SIM card with a key on Huawei and Honor?

Opening a slot for a SIM card in Huawei is quite simple. This will require a separate tool and one minute of time. Carefully study the filling of the box with the mobile Honor. A small key is in a separate It will help open the entrance in a matter of seconds. First of all, find the location of the SIM. Study the instructions or carefully inspect the gadget. Take a clip, put it in the hole and press it a little. The slot will automatically open. Remove it from the device and put the SIM card on it. Insert the adapter back into the device. The paper clip is suitable for external memory. Use Micro SD of different quantities.

Installing SIM card in the Honor 7 mobile device

In the seventh version, the SIM card insert is similar to Honor 8. Using the instructions above, you can install the card in Honor 7. But remember that you can install either 2 SIM cards of any format, or only 1 SIM and 1 SD.

So the holder of this device is arranged. This also emphasizes the importance of choosing a smartphone model. Since recently models are also divided into classes. And they, in turn, are different only by the amount of built.In memory.

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