How to open the clipboard on your computer

Where is the Windows clipboard

We decided to finish the material with information about the actual location of the buffer.

Windows XP

In this operating system all the data put on the clipboard is kept in a single file. It is called clipbrd.exe, and you can find it by the following path:

How to access Clipboard History on Windows 10

On this operating system, by default you could open this file and view its contents

Windows Vista and 7

In later versions of Windows small changes have been made. The file responsible for the Windows clipboard is now called clip.exe, and is located in the same path. By default, its contents are not visible.

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Where is the clipboard in Windows??

So we’ve determined that the clipboard occupies a certain space in the computer‘s memory which is equal to the size of the copied or cut file. You may have quite a reasonable question about how and where to find this very clipboard and enter it to view the information?

As a matter of fact, the area occupied by the buffer is in a sense a virtual concept and is invisible in the usual sense. However, in fact, in Windows there is a file which runs a special program that is responsible for performing the necessary actions of copying and cutting.

In Windows XP this is the clipbrd.exe, which is located in the system folder at the address:

Naturally this information is given for your reference, in no case you should experiment or perform any actions with this file (as well as with all other objects in the system folder), it can cause irreversible consequences.

To view the buffers in the XP version you can use the Start menu and the Run button located there. Enter the name of the clipbrd startup file into the line.exe. After all these actions, the contents of the last copied object will be displayed in the opened window.

In modern versions of Windows the developers have changed the structure of the clipboard. In Windows 7 and later versions (8 and 10) there is no such file. Instead of it clip is responsible for storing data on the clipboard.exe object, which is also located in the system folder, will be displayed:

However, you will not be able to open it and see what is there. This is one of the disadvantages, which, in general, are not numerous. In fact, we use the clipboard automatically only when moving objects.

And with certain specifics of working on your computer, sometimes it’s important to keep track of your clipboard history and delete only the information you really don’t need. We need some other functions which can be used only with third-party software.

Clipboard detailed guide. Where is the clipboard and how to work with it

When working at a PC we use the Windows clipboard all the time. Seems to be a quite usual feature of an operating system with which we can perform copy and paste operations within one or several programs at a time. But not every user can answer the question where the clipboard is and what it is. In this guide we will try to answer these questions. Table of contents :

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The clipboard is in the main memory of the device. As such, there is no specific location for the clipboard. RAM automatically allocates the right amount of resources for temporary storage of the copied file.

Usually this function allows to store only one copied information. When copying later, the information in the clipboard is overwritten, and access to the previous information is lost forever.

Built-in features of Android devices

Some models of smartphones allow to store not only one but also several fragments of information in the clipboard. In order to select the fragment to be pasted you should select the “Clipboard” function and select the necessary fragment after a long hold in the input field.


Unfortunately, not all smartphones can boast this feature, but there is a way out.

There are special programs, such as Clipper. They save any information you copy to the clipboard.

  • do not worry about data loss and do not interrupt during copying of several fragments of information in a row;
  • Quickly access any saved information copied to the clipboard;
  • store important data that you often use for pasting (email, cell phone, login to the site, etc.).д.);
  • Edit, group and share saved notes with friends.

The free version of the Clipper allows you to store up to 20 saved snippets in memory. The paid version of the program removes this limitation.

How to use modern Windows 10 clipboard features?

Basic copying content to the clipboard on Windows 10 works exactly the same as in older versions, and can be done in two ways. The copying process is similar on both Windows and Mac.

  • Highlight the selected text or image inside the application and press CtrlC. In computer slang, these combinations are called hotkeys.
  • Right-click on the selected text (or part of it) or image, and click “Copy” in the popup menu.

If you just want to paste the last copied content from the clipboard into the application, you can still use the two traditional pasting methods below.

  • Press Ctrl V. This is the traditional pasting method used in most previous versions of the Windows operating system.
  • Right-click where you want to paste the content and choose Paste from the popup menu.

Using modern Windows 10 clipboard features, you can choose from previously copied content from the clipboard history.

You can save images of up to 4 MB in the Windows 10 clipboard.

To access, you first need to view the history of the buffer.

You can do this by pressing Windows V. Once open, scroll up or down to find the text or image you want to use, and click on it to paste into the open application.

Deleting text and images from the Windows 10 clipboard can be done in three different ways.

  • Open the clipboard by pressing Windows V, then click the X in the upper left corner of each item you want to delete. This way you will delete one item at a time.
  • Open the clipboard by pressing WinV, and then press Clear All. This will delete every item except the ones you have pinned.
  • Open Clipboard System Settings and click Clear. This will also delete everything on your Windows 10 clipboard except the pinned items.
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The main keyboard shortcuts when working with the clipboard

CtrlV or ShiftInsert paste data from the clipboard
CtrlC or CtrlInsert Copy the selected data to the clipboard
CtrlX Cut the selected piece of information to the clipboard
CtrlA Select all the text in the current line, if the line contains text
WindowsV Open the clipboard log (available from Windows 10 version 1809)

How to view the Windows 10 clipboard hotkeys and programs

Good afternoon, friends. How to view the Windows 10 clipboard? Every person who works on a computer at the same time works with the clipboard (BO). In this case, many people are not even aware of it. Each part of the copied text is first put in the clipboard, and then goes where you put it. Windows has a history of the clipboard, you can examine it if you want. And both with third-party programs and system software. Since version 1809 of Windows 10, the developers have added the BO log to the OS settings.

Viral Activity

Immediately if you encounter a problem with the buffering functionality, check the status of your anti-virus programs. account status, virus definitions, the date of the last scan, and perform a full scan of your computer for virus activity.

You can use not only installed antivirus, but also portable utilities, such as “Doctor Web Cureit” or “Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool”.

Program window of Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

If you find suspicious files or viruses, perform the procedure of treating or deleting them, then reboot the computer and check if the buffering is working.

Addressing the clipboard with standard Windows tools

There is a full-fledged program only in Windows XP. There is a utility which is located in the folder C:/Windows/system32.

  • Go to Start, Programs, Standard, Run.
  • Type in clipbrd.exe.
  • A window will open that will show what is in the buffer at the moment.

In Windows 7 there is also such program, it is called clip.exe.

But it is not possible to open it for the user. There is a way to clear the clipboard with a special command, and even create a shortcut to launch it. You can also try to transfer the clipbrd utility.exe from an older operating system.

  • Write down a file from a computer with an older operating system. Or get the Windows XP installation disk, open it, the file you need is in the “I386” folder.
  • save it on your Windows 7 computer, then unzip it with any archiver, e.g. WinRar.
  • After extracting, run the clipbrd file.exe and you get a working program which allows you to view the Windows clipboard

You can also unpack the file at the command line by entering the following text:

cd desktop

expand clipbrd.ex_ clipbrd.exe

This only works if you have saved it on your desktop. The first command takes you to this directory. If you saved somewhere else, specify your path. But it is easier to use one of the archivers, probably you can find such programs on your computer.

To only clear the clipboard, you can create a shortcut for a special command:

  • Right-click on any empty spot on your desktop.
  • Select the “Create shortcut” command.
  • At the prompt, type the following: cmd /c echooff | clip.
  • Type a name for the command, whatever you like.
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If you want to test if it works, copy something, such as text into Word, paste it to make sure the buffer is not empty, and then run the command you created. A black box will appear for a moment. When it disappears, click “paste” in Word and nothing happens, because the information is erased.

But there is an easier way to delete a large memory fragment. Just copy something very small, such as a single letter, and the program will replace the large amount with the new data (this letter).

From this follows the main disadvantage of using the standard Windows program to see the clipboard contents: only the latest information is written to memory. After copying, the previous one is simply replaced. And you can only paste the last fragment.

Sometimes, however, advanced features are added to applications. For example, in Microsoft Office it is possible not only to look, but also to select from several recent copying fragments, clean up, as well as adjust the size of the buffer itself. All of this data, including the settings, can be accessed from any application of the package.

The clipboard control panel is located in the “Home” tab in the upper left corner. Under the “Paste” icon there is a line with an arrow, click on it and an additional window will open, where you can see the copied data and select the ones you want to paste.

Software for working with the clipboard

You can use special software that is confined to work with the clipboard on the computer. But we will choose the one that is easy to use, and it has convenient functionality. Just what you need a beginner. The name of this program is “Punto Switcher”. On almost every computer, it must be installed. But if you don’t have one, you can download it from the web.

This utility helps the user to switch the keyboard layout automatically. If you suddenly forgot to switch it, for example, the Russian language.

It automatically loads the copied data from the clipboard. To do this, you need to connect it to the clipboard, so it collects all the information from it. Run the program, go to the “General” then “Advanced” settings and click on the “Monitor the clipboard” section (picture 3).

After that press the “OK” button to save all your changes. Then you restart the computer.

To view the clipboard in this program, right-click on its icon in the tray, and select “View History” from the menu (Figure 4).

You will see the links you copied earlier, or pieces of sentences from the text. A list of programs that help you work with the clipboard:

Use these utilities, and you will not only open the clipboard on your computer, but also get the files you need.