How to open the clipboard on your phone

Copy and paste programs on Android

It is worth noting that in order to simplify the copy and paste procedure, a huge number of very different applications have been developed for users of mobile devices based on the Android operating system. For example, the user can download and install a free “copy and paste” program. Once installed, the user may see a new icon that usually appears only during a browser or a text document. Sometimes it can be in the “Share” category. It is worth noting that when working with the browser, only the link to the page with the material on it will be copied to the clipboard, not the text.

How to clear the clipboard on your Android device?

On most modern gadgets, RAM is measured in gigabytes. Therefore, phones do not “dumb down”, and tablets even more so. But, sooner or later. the user will still need to clean the device.

In order to clear the clipboard, the user will just have to restart their Android device.

And in Chinese smartphones, which have a keyboard with the layout “SwiftKey” (even sellers pre-installed this layout when selling the first smartphones from the Celestial Empire), there is a whole menu item so that the user can store temporary fragments. On such gadgets, they can be saved, cleaned. To do this you need to:

Unnecessary objects can be removed by holding your finger up and pulling it to either side;

Where is the clipboard in the phone

Above we briefly answered the question of where in the smartphone is the clipboard. The location of this virtual space is the RAM of the mobile device. There is no physical file that characterizes this space. In other words, you can’t just enter the phone and see what’s in RAM. All work is done at the program level.

When copying a file, pictures or text data are sent to the clipboard. The information is there until the user issues a command to move the objects of interest to another location. He has the following possibilities:

  • move the text one or more times in another document or SMS
  • copy or send the file to a new folder;
  • place the data near the original.

In the latter case the copied files automatically change their names, so that there are no repetitions. When performing the operation, the standard actions are carried out. First the user presses Copy or Cut. The information is moved to the RAM section where the clipboard is located in the Android phone. After that, the person presses the Paste button, and the information is moved to a new location.

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In every mobile device there is a place where all the files that are downloaded from one device to another are sent.

This storage is temporary and it’s called a clipboard.

Its peculiarity is that the moment when new information gets on the device and is transferred to our storage. the old one disappears forever.

If you understand this function in more detail, you will realize that it performs many more useful tasks.

With some knowledge you can make this store work one hundred percent and help you.

Let’s take a look at where the clipboard is in the phone, based on different models of gadgets.

Where is the clipboard on Android

Temporary storage can be located in different parts of the phone. It all depends on the model and firm of the gadget. The only and unchanging rule: virtual storage is located in the RAM of the device.

It’s worth noting that virtual storage is an invisible body, that is, there is no physical object that fully characterized its location on the phone and in the system.

The user can’t just pick it up and enter it, because everything happens at the level of the phone‘s built-in program. The process of saving to the virtual space itself looks as follows:

  • The user copies the file;
  • The device reads it and stores it until the phone owner copies any text again in RAM;
  • With the copying of a new file, the virtual storage is updated and saves the new file.

How to clear the clipboard of Android

Usually you do not have to worry about how to clear the clipboard Android, because the overflowing temporary storage automatically makes room for new files.

All this happens in the background and instantly, so it won’t affect the performance of most smartphones and tablets.

If we are talking about old, low-quality or frankly weak mobile devices, you should know how to clear the clipboard on Android.

Since you can not literally go into the temporary storage, you need to clear it only through various applications. Since I gave an example with GBoard keyboard earlier, now I will describe the instruction through it.

  • Install the keyboard by downloading it from Play Market.
  • Make GBoard appear. To do this, you need to run the appearance of the keyboard when typing any text anywhere, whether it is an SMS or text editor.
  • Go to the list of all the data in the temporary storage.
  • Highlight each text or file in turn by holding your finger on it and selecting delete.
open, clipboard, your, phone

Again, cleaning is completely pointless if the smartphone is at least average power and was bought in the last 4 years. Deleting temporary files from the buffer will not affect performance, battery life, or other factors.

If you want to improve the device performance you better free the operating memory by closing and stopping the background applications.

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We will tell you about the third-party application for buffer management and the built-in tool for displaying its contents.

How To Find The Clipboard On Android

Third-party clipboard manager

One of the popular clipboard managers for Android is Clipper:

  • Download it from Play Market (search for it with the search bar above) or follow this link directly from your smartphone.
  • Open the utility and become familiar with the guide to using the application.

Review, if necessary, the instructions on how to use the program

Check the list of the fragments that are in the buffer

In the program menu you can delete everything from the buffer in a couple of clicks

This program is free, but with ads. If you want to get rid of it, you need to buy a subscription.

Android system tools

There is a built-in clipboard control in some firmware versions of “Android” above version 2.3 Gingerbread. If you don’t have this option, you will need to download the app above to view and manage the buffer. How to work with an in-house tool:

    Launch any program that has text input fields. For example, notepad or a note-taking app.

Read the fragments you have copied to the clipboard

To clear the buffer, you just need to restart the phone. with the system shutdown the “operating system” deletes all the temporary copied files. This rule is valid not only for phones, but also for computers and other devices.

See first if your smartphone has the ability to view the contents of the buffer without third-party utilities. If you don’t have it, download the handy Clipper program. it’s free. In both cases, you can quickly clear the buffer with the help of a special button (in the application menu or on the panel with the buffer content).

It is the memory of the device which is responsible, as you can understand, for the storage of some information, basically it can be a text, or images, video. It is present in all Android devices, because it is a standard feature of the operating system.

How to use it?

To copy a fragment from any article, for example, in the browser press on the desired section of the text, so that there are two handicaps. Set the boundaries of the starting point and the last one, so that between them there is the information you want to copy, and click “Copy” (in some situations it is also available “Cut”).

After that the selected fragment will be copied to the buffer. Next, open the notepad or any notebook on the device and press on the screen again, until a window with the function “Paste” pops up, press it so that the copied text is pasted. You can work with files in the same way, for example in Explorer.

If you wonder where is the clipboard in Android, there’s only one answer. in the RAM. You see, the thing is that as such a file does not exist in the system, it is the operating memory, which is set aside for temporary files, and in the future can self-clear. For example, when watching online videos, the downloaded video is saved in it, and after watching it is deleted.

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If you are still interested in the question of RAM, we have separate articles which similarly explain how you can increase the RAM or how to free the RAM on Android.

But on some models it is possible to go to the clipboard on the Android, because there may be more than one saved fragment, it is a function of selecting the information you want to paste. To do this, in the field where you want to paste, after a long tap on the display select “Clipboard” to bring up all the information stored in it.

Note: this feature is not available in all devices, it is definitely available in Android 4.4 from manufacturers Samsung and LG.

If it is memory and information is stored there, it is logical that it takes up free space, then how can it be cleared on Android devices, you ask. Yes, right, but it takes a very small part of the available space, I think less than 1 MB, because the text weighs very little, and everything else, it will not store more than two instances at a time, it will clear itself. But in general there is an opportunity and you can clear it all, just select the desired text, click on one of the available, until there are crosses over each fragment, and remove unnecessary.

How to view the contents of the temporary storage

LG and Samsung smartphones have a built-in function to view the content. To call this function, it is necessary to hold a finger on the input cursor until menu opens and select “Clipboard. When you run this option will be given access to all copied information.

Ways to enter the Recovery menu on Android smartphones and tablets

On other devices, you need to install third-party programs to view the contents of the clipboard. Among them:

  • Clipper. The program will save all the important fragments of text, and will also be useful if you often fill out the same type of forms. Basic actions. view, edit, delete, move, as well as the ability to share the copied fragment.