How to pay by card via iPhone 11


Once the service is connected, a legitimate question arises. how to use Apple Pay? To pay with Apple Pay you need to hold your smartphone to the terminal that supports NFC and the payment service itself. After that a picture with the card will appear on the display of the device.

The next step is to confirm the payment with your fingerprint and Touch ID. This procedure takes a couple of seconds.

Using the Apple Watch, buying through Apple Pay, is just as easy. To make a payment, double-click the button on the side just below the Digital Crown, identify the card from which the payment will come, and bring your device to the payment terminal.

If you haven’t figured out how to use the service yet, then check out

You can use your iPad and Mac to shop online. Use your Safari browser to go to the desired site and fill out all the contact information for the purchase:

  • Click “Buy with Apple Pay” or “Apple Pay.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts (or Touch Bar if it’s a MacBook Pro) and place your finger on the Touch ID sensor.
  • If the transaction succeeds, you’ll see Done on your screen.

Shopping from a locked iPhone screen

To make it easier for smartphone owners to interact with the system, there’s a quick access to payment cards by double-tapping the Home button. In case nothing happens after such a double tap, you need to enable payment system access from the locked display.

Как пользоваться Apple Pay?

[attention type=green]Tip! To access the system from a locked screen in the settings of the Wallet app, you need to activate the “Double-tap Home” switch.[/attention]

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How To Use Apple Pay


No additional fees are charged for using the service and making payments. Apple receives payment only from partner banks in the amount of 0.15-0.17% of each transaction through the service.

Neteller payment system: how to withdraw money, exchange, reviews.

What are the features of NCC payment system: the principle of work.

Which card should be preferred: MasterCard or Visa??


Apple Pay can work with the iPhone models 6 and older, as well as the Apple Watch. The main thing is that the Face ID and Touch ID function should be available. The latter is not required in some devices. Find out whether your device supports the service on a special page on Apple’s site, or see the list below. In addition, the following requirements must be met:

  • The client has logged into iCloud.
  • Apple Pay app is installed.
  • The client has a MasterCard or Visa card.
  • The smartphone has the Sberbank app.
  • The client has a registration in the system Sberbank online.

The last two points may not be met, depending on which connection to the service the person chooses. Also, as you can easily notice, the MIR system is not supported. This should be taken into account even at the stage of registration of the payment means. In addition, it is recommended to use Standard/Classic cards or a level higher (Gold, Platinum and so on).

What devices can be used with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is supported on the following smartphones from the manufacturer in question:

Windows Phone or Android devices are not supported. However, they have their own similar service.

What Sberbank cards can be connected to the phone?

Sberbank, as a card issuer, offers its customers an extensive choice of payment means that can work with this service:

Touch ID-enabled iPhone: Hold your device close to the reader without touching the Touch ID sensor with your finger. When the default card appears, tap it, then tap to select another card. Place your finger on the Touch ID sensor to pay. Apple Watch: double-tap the side button.

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Pay in app, blitz app, or website

Tap the Apple Pay button at checkout. Check your payment information. You can select a different credit card, change your shipping address and contact information. Pay for your purchase.

Google has an Android Pay payment system. It doesn’t require fingerprint authorization on devices without a scanner, creates tokens in the cloud, transmits them over the internet, and stores multiple tokens in memory in case you lose connectivity.

The process of payment through Apple Pay on the iPhone X, much easier, you only need to remember the sequence of steps:

  • Double-click on the side button (Power), select the payment card and look at your smartphone for Face ID authorization.
  • Bring your iPhone X to the terminal within 60 seconds.

Apple Pay on iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus and 6S Plus: how to set up and use the service?

Contactless payment application Apple Pay, became available for Russian users. Now clients of major Russian banks can save time on paying for purchases: all they have to do is bring their device to the terminal to complete the payment. In addition, establishments offer many discounts and promotions to those who pay through this system.

Apple Pay is available on iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s,6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus. Owners of new models of devices can pay directly through their smartphone in seconds. It requires confirmation using the Touch ID sensor.

To do this on your iPhone, go to “Settings” menu “Wallet and Apple Pay” and turn on the “Can pay on Mac” option. Here’s the procedure for adding a card on a Mac with Touch ID. On a Mac with Touch ID, go to System Preferences, Wallet, and Apple Pay. Press “Add Card “3, 6.

You install the contactless payment app on your phone, enter your bank card details, turn on NFC, and you don’t have to take your card to the store. At the checkout, you simply put your phone to the terminal. and pay for your purchases.

  • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Choose “My Watch” “Wallet and Apple Pay.
  • If you have cards on other Apple devices or cards you recently deleted, tap “Add” next to the desired card and enter the CVV code.
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To do this on your iPhone, go to “Settings” menu “Wallet and Apple Pay” and turn on “Pay on Mac” option. Below is the procedure for adding a card on a Mac with Touch ID. On a Mac with Touch ID, go to System Preferences, Wallet, and Apple Pay. Press “Add Card “3, 6.

Check if the card is active (the card should not be blocked). Update to the latest version of iOS, watchOS or macOS. Add a card through the InSync app (suitable for setting up on an iPhone). Restart your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac.

How to use Apple Pay — Apple Support

Open “Settings.”. Tap your name.You may need to sign in with your Apple ID.

  • To add a payment method, click “Add Payment Method”.
  • To update your payment method, tap it and change the information.
  • To delete a payment method, tap “Change” and then tap the “Delete” button.


On iPhone 6 and newer models, place your finger on Touch ID. Then hold your phone up to the terminal.

On the iPhone X, double-click the side button. Look at Face ID and bring your phone to the terminal.

Apple Watch

Tap twice on the long side button and hold the watch near the terminal. You’ll feel a ripple.

Apple Pay works wherever one of these icons is present. And even in the Kiev subway.