How to play a video on your Samsung TV

Video transfer from phone to TV via Wi-Fi

To synchronize your smartphone and TV for later launching and displaying video on the big screen via a wireless Internet connection, you need to download special software in advance.

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There are many different apps for connecting your TV to your smartphone. Perhaps one of the most popular is BubbleUPnP for DLNA.

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To watch video on the big screen you need to connect TV and mobile gadget to the same Wi-Fi network. Then run the previously downloaded application. In the main menu, you need to select your TV and then the desired file to play on it.

Playing video from Android is really easy. The main problem is that low-cost models of TV equipment do not have a built-in adapter for wireless Internet connection. In this case, you can connect your TV to the router with a standard Internet cable or buy an external Wi-Fi adapter.

Smart Hub. How-To-Video. Web Browser

VLC how to broadcast video on TV

VLC is a powerful tool for working with media files in a variety of formats. Often use the app to broadcast video to external devices. Streaming video is set up for the file, screen, and other video capture equipment. Before you can stream video, you must set up your media player properly.

You can connect your iPhone to an external display such as a TV, projector, or computer monitor. This requires an appropriate cable or adapter. Plug a Lightning digital AV adapter or Lightning to VGA adapter into the charging port on the bottom of your iPhone.

Open the “Sources” menu on your TV and go to the Screen Mirroring tile to enable the function of data transmission from your mobile device. If you’re using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, swipe down from the top edge of the screen and turn on Smart View or Screen Mirroring in the menu.

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TVs with AirPlay 2 support make it easy to “mirror” graphics and sound from your iPhone, iPad and Mac onto larger screens.

If you own Apple equipment and you’re looking to buy a TV in the near future, AirPlay 2 support should be a factor in deciding which model you buy.

With Miracast. WI-FI Display

If your TV is Wi-Fi enabled, you can connect your smartphone to it via Miracast. Most smartphones with recent versions of Android support it, so you do not need to install any additional applications.

Depending on which smartphone you have, Miracast can be turned on in the Settings menu. Display. Wireless Display (Broadcast) or Wireless Networks. Advanced. Wireless Display. But in order not to bother searching for the right menu item, it is easier to type “Wireless Display” in the search field of the smartphone settings.

Transmit an image to the TV via Wi-Fi

To transmit the picture to TV using wireless connection, you need to install a special program for Android.

The software is called “Screen Cast”, which can be downloaded from playmarket. The application for displaying files on the screen of your TV device has extensive functionality, the main task is to duplicate the data from the cellular screen to a large TV monitor.

The key condition is that the cell and the TV must be connected to Wi-Fi. Accordingly, you need to connect the devices to the router. If necessary, create a new point. Check if your TV has a web browser.

When you have downloaded the Android app, on your cell phone, to duplicate the TV screen, you need to run the software and click on “Start. A window opens in front of the user, select “Start Now”. To activate in automatic mode, check “Don’t Show Again” against the line “Agree”.

Open the browser, go to the page using the link provided by the software. It is important to specify the combination of numbers and port address. For convenience, use the keyboard for the screens. When the transition takes place, all the data from the gadget will be presented on the screen of the TV device.

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The application is easy to use, so there should not be any problems. If desired, the user will be able to make their own changes to the settings. Remember that you can not change the position and quality of the screen.

There is a security setting option. If necessary, the function of setting a password for the broadcast is available. For this purpose it is required to click on the image more known as “sandwich” (3 horizontal lines), then to click on “Settings” and tap on this menu.

Then check the box next to “Required password for viewing screen cast”. In auto mode, you will be prompted for a password every time you connect.

By clicking, the user will activate the automatic setting of the security password. If necessary, each user can change it according to his preferences, but it is recommended to leave the preset parameters. Since the passwords are generated in a chaotic way.

After that, in order to gain access to viewing the picture on the Android device, it is necessary to enter a combination of numbers and letters. When the user enters the password correctly, the cellular desktop will immediately appear on the TV device.

How to clear the cache on your Samsung TV. explanation

Modern televisions are becoming more and more like mini-computers. You can load there different applications, watch different services and access the web browser from your TVs. Even the simplest games are already available on your TV.

How to solve Unsupported MP4 Files for Playing on samsung / Sony / LG TV

Not surprisingly, the more complex your TV becomes in terms of hardware and software, the more various errors and malfunctions occur when you work with it. A simple thing like clearing the app cache on your Samsung TV can help solve many problems. Why clear the cache? In the world of computer technology, caches are temporary files that applications use to store data that optimize processes and programs on your system. They help apps load faster and improve the overall performance of your TV. Such a simple thing as clearing the application cache on the Samsung TV can help solve many problems.

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How to connect your phone to your Samsung TV to watch movies through the USB port

The most common and understandable way to perform the output of content from your phone to your Samsung TV is via USB sync, you can transfer both video files and files to view and then edit the desired content, depending on the situation.

The wire, or adapter, used in this case, it is better to buy a universal one, suitable for all Android devices.

The main condition must be the presence on the other end of the plug HDMI, VGA, DVI, Display Port or miniDP, based on your devices. Using the wire we connect the phone to the Samsung TV.

Types of connectors

Then, select the channel labeled HDMI in the TV settings (on some TVs these channels may be labeled H1, H2, H3, H4). At the same time if the question of connection is not displayed on the screen of your smartphone, then manually select the menu section “Connections” on the phone, and then the broadcast signal should start.

Т.к. The TV-set location often does not allow to put a phone and / or tablet near it, this way not always finds its practical application.

Connecting via USB cable is an old but true synchronization method

For the iPad to work properly as a second monitor for a MacBook or PC, you must install the Duet Display app from the App Store on your tablet, and the companion app from the official Duet website on your computer. The iOS app will cost 1,490 for those who want it.

To connect your iPhone to a Samsung TV

  • Connect your Samsung TV to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Press “Source” button on the TV remote control.
  • Select “Screen mirroring”, “Screen mirroring” or similar item from the list.
  • Open the switch curtain (Control Point) on your iPhone.
  • Select “Screen Repeat” option.