How to play from phone to TV LG

How to manage LG TV from a phone on Android or from iPhone? Smartphone instead of a TV remote control through LG TV Plus

In this article I will show how to easily and quickly configure the control of the LG TV from the phone. Any modern smartphone that works on Android is suitable. In the same way, you can configure LG Smart TV control with iPhone. The setting process is no different. All we need is LG TV on Webos (models since 2014) and smartphone. Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor, Realme, iPhone. It doesn’t matter, anyone will do.

TV control takes place using the LG TV Plus application. This works as follows: the LG tv plus application is installed on the smartphone, in the application we find our TV, select it, enter the code that is displayed on the TV. After the connection, you can control the TV using a cursor (touch panel). You can switch channels, adjust the volume, run applications, change the entrances on the TV (signal sources). Open the settings, turn off the TV from the phone. Also in the LG TV Plus app, in addition to the touch panel (cursor control), a 5-position joystick is available, as on the remote control. There are reproduction control buttons.

This method will be interesting primarily to LG TV owners without the LG Magic Remote remote control. The smartphone can be replaced to some extent. I mean management with a cursor. For example, it is very convenient in the browser. And in general, managing a TV without a remote control is very convenient. The application is made cool and thought out.

In order for the phone to see the TV, they need to be somehow connected. There are two options:

  • On the local network (Wi-Fi or LAN). This is the easiest way you will most likely use. It is necessary that the TV and the phone are connected to one network (to one router). As it usually happens. The TV can be connected to the router both by cable and Wi-Fi. No difference. Here are the instructions just in case: how to connect the LG Smart TV TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi and how to connect LG TV to the Internet via cable.
  • Through Wi-Fi Direct. This is when the smartphone connects to the LG TV directly via Wi-Fi. It will come in handy only if you do not have a router and the TV is not connected to the Internet. Or connected from another network.

I know that many are looking for how to connect via Bluetooth. It doesn’t work through Bluetooth.


To broadcast the video from the phone to the TV, you need to carefully study the features of the devices. There are two main methods of data transmission: through the cable. Wired, or “cloud connection”. Through the Internet through a common access point. Both of these options are simple and understandable, they will not require complex network settings, and if the instructions are followed by the transfer of information on the TV screen, it will take only a few seconds.

To begin with, it is worth determining several points: all the proposed options below are suitable for all mobile operating systems (all versions of Android and iOS) and TVs of any brand, and not just LG. You can send videos and photos with both iOS and Android, and the principle of action will not be different.

Regarding the hardware and equipment, in most cases, except for special USB or HDMI cables, which are inserted into the connectors in the TV panel, no additional components will be needed. You may have to additionally buy a portable adapter for the phone (the so.Called OTG adapter). It costs inexpensively. In the area of ​​two hundred. Although, if the procedure is carried out by the user of advanced gadgets, the need for such a purchase will disappear. Most modern phone models are already equipped with built.In mobile switches.

There are more “complex” and advanced technologies, for example, WIDI, which requires a special part from Intel for cloud transmission of information. But it is considered outdated at the moment and is not recommended for use.

play, phone

A wide variety of ways to translate the picture from a smartphone on TV, can enter into a stupor of a novice user. In this case, the choice of technology is completely on the shoulders of the user. It is advisable to try all the options and decide for yourself which of the methods are the most convenient and easy.

Now let’s deal with each way in more detail.

play, phone

Wi-Fi connection

This is far from the easiest way to connect a Wi-Fi TV smartphone, but it is the most effective and universal if LG does not support other modern wireless technologies. To do this, you will need a television receiver with Smart TV support and a router, with an Internet connected.

It is worth noting that you may need a TV setup so that SSID appears among available networks. All data on the setting of Ethernet are in the instructions attached to the kit.

  • The television receiver is connected to the router, through the Internet cable.
  • Set up active Internet connection.
  • After its appearance among available contacts, the communicator gets access to transmitting stream information on the TV screen.
play, phone

A similar method works both on iOS and Android via Wi-Fi. In some cases, if it was not possible to synchronize the device with a common network, it is necessary to purchase a prefix or other auxiliary devices.

Note! For broadcasting, you may need an application for connecting a phone to TV lg. Suitable options are in the App Store and Google Play.

What opportunities it gives?

This, first of all, significantly expands the possible functions of this technology. The signal will play from the phone and transmit to the TV, which in this case will broadcast the image on its screen. Thus, the owner has at his disposal the following functions:

  • Play videos, photos and other content on the screen.
  • Launch video games and other applications that are available on your mobile device and can be loaded from the game market.
  • Open various pages on the Internet and display the image from the phone on the big screen.
  • Read the literature freely in electronic format.
  • Presentations.

TV control from a mobile device will be very convenient. But experts advise that if you want to play games, it is better to use the joystick. Using a special application, you can turn the phone into a remote control for TV.

How to duplicate the phone screen on the LG TV?

Open the Smart TV menu on the TV and start the Screen Share application.

The window will open where the name of the TV will be indicated, which will be displayed on the phone in the miracast function settings (wireless display).

TV is already available for search and connection. On the phone, or on the tablet, you need to open the connection settings for the wireless display and select your TV there. The name and location of Miracast settings may vary depending on the phone manufacturer and the Android version.

Where to look for screen broadcast settings on Android devices:

After that, our TV should appear in the phone settings. Just choose it from the list.

You may need to confirm the connection on the TV. Or enter the code that will be displayed on the TV screen. After connecting, the image and sound from the phone will be broadcast on the screen of the LG TV.

If there is no such function on your phone, then try to install one of the following applications from Google Play:

According to HDMI cable

To synchronize the TV with the phone in this way, the smartphone should have inputs Microhdmi or Minihdmi. In addition, you need to buy a cable with such connectors if you do not have it. To make a connection, follow this algorithm:

  • Insert the first end of the cord into the connector on the smartphone, and connect the second to the TV.
  • Go to the TV menu and click on the HDMI signal source, as shown below.
  • The connection is made. Open photos or videos on a smartphone and enjoy viewing.

This type of connection has a number of features. Firstly, not all phones are equipped with an HDMI-intense, so you may require a purchase. In addition, not every HDMI supports 4K quality, so you may not be able to see your favorite on high resolution. Most often, Full HD format is maintained, which is also not bad.

An additional way is to install a DLNA application

An interesting solution proposed by modern Smart TV models is to create your own media server from which you can broadcast. Thus, you can connect a smartphone to Smart TV with the following necessary devices:

  • The router is configured to transmit a wireless signal.
  • TV (can be connected by wired or wireless).
  • Phone (connected, as a rule, using Wi-Fi technology).

In addition, to play multimedia content, you need to download special software. To be able to launch a “heavy” file without constant freezing, we recommend connecting a TV using an Internet cable. It should be noted right away that with this technology you will not be able to start online playing.

How to Control Your LG TV with Your Phone, Mirror Your Screen & (2016- 2017)

  • Launch the application and create a new server. Then, going to the root, get a check with a checkmate those catalogs that should be in the public property.
  • Return to the main page, run the server.
  • Select the desired source on Smart TV. Now you can go to any of the folders displayed on the screen. And start playing.

Below we will discuss several applications that are an excellent alternative to what was discussed in the previous lesson.

How To CAST Android Phone to LG TV using SCREEN SHARE

Allcast TV app

There are no questions in this program on how to connect to Smart TV by phone. The most significant drawback is the absolute absence of Russian localization, which may ever be improved. You can use the product for free, but in this mode you cannot play in the slide show.

  • From the list that will appear in the new window, select one of the sections: watching video files (videos), photos (photos), playing music (music) or watching the Internet (browser).
  • As an example, we will choose the first section. Here you can start playing content already saved in the phone’s memory, or open a live broadcast.
  • In most cases, just select the next mini-manager option to reproduce the original film for the launch of reproduction without preliminary transformation. In other cases, click the video playing button with conversion. And give the system a little time to process the video stream.

On this we are completing the instructions. You can play any compatible content on the big screen. We warn you that in the browser section you can lose clips right in the browser window without addressing the internal memory of the smartphone. Unfortunately, even if you understand how to connect to Smart TV from the phone, you will not be able to lose the video in Flash format, only html5. On the other hand, the latter acquires, while the first was almost the past.

Appendix TV Assist

Another very good application, which, unlike the previously discussed, boasts complete Russification. It spreads free, but it has a drawback: the applet simply does not work on many TV models.

  • Go to the corresponding section and select the files that you want to play on the TV monitor.
  • If necessary. Provide all the necessary permits, and then turn on the playback on Smart TV.

As we warned earlier, you may face a situation where the software either does not see Smart TV at all, or cannot broadcast media files on it. And the same situation is preserved with wired and wireless connection. We hope that in your case such problems will not arise, and you can without problems view any content.

Also, if you cannot control Smart TV from the phone, try to start playback from the remote control: sometimes it helps.

We will finish the story of how to connect the phone to Smart TV using the method you have chosen by mentioning another application, C5 Stream Dlna. It is also Russified, available in free mode. And, unfortunately, sometimes fails.

The unpleasant thing you have to deal with is periodically appearing ads that you cannot turn off without paid subscription. The connection error can occur both from the side of the phone and from the Smart TV; In this case, we advise you to try another application. Or choose another connection method.

Why connect the phone to the TV

When the user connects the phone to the TV, he can automatically:

  • Play various videos, photos or audio, project them on a large screen, which is much more convenient than doing everything through a small screen of a smartphone;
  • Run various applications, including games, messengers, social networks and so on;
  • Visit the Internet, different sites and resources;
  • Make project presentations, shows, read even literary works through the TV;
  • Talk on Skype, while seeing the interlocutor on the big screen so that other people see him.

Important! The best connection option is through Wi-Fi, since in this case all the necessary information is transmitted through the air. If there is no way to use the Internet, then a special cable will be required.

There are specialized applications that will help make the phone with a remote control. With it, it will be possible to control the TV, while the remote. Special program from the company. LG Remote will help the user. You can download it both through Google Play, and through the AppStore.

Broadcasting video from the phone via Wi-Fi Direct

The “Wireless Projection” function is on many modern Android smartphones, in particular on Honor 20 and 20 Pro.

To configure the broadcast of the video, you need:

  • Connect both devices to Wi-Fi Network
  • Activate on the TV the ability to connect external displays (settings. Network)
  • Activate the function “Wireless projection” on the phone. You can do this by choosing a corresponding shortcut in the notification curtain. The search for devices will start and the name of your TV should be displayed.
  • Click on the name of your TV LG, after which the image from the phone should be duplicated on its screen.

Now on the smartphone you can start any video and it is displayed on the TV.

Connecting a smartphone to a TV is a great opportunity not to spoil your vision, watching a video on a small screen. Comfortable viewing of videos on TV is a great opportunity to get maximum pleasure from a large and high.Quality picture.