How to play purchased ringtone on iPhone

Use AudioMASTER program

Found a ringtone you like, but it is on your PC or CD? Then you need to create a ringtone on your iPhone through your computer. It is best to use an audio editor, which will quickly get the job done.

If you own a Windows PC or laptop, the best solution is the AudioMASTER program. This audio editor has a built-in tool for creating ringtones and allows you to quickly convert your music to the format you want. You can also copy a track from a disc, extract the audio track from a music video, or cut music from a movie.

Watch the video tutorial to make a ringtone for your smartphone!

Install the program

First of all you need to install the software. Download the distribution package and double-click the installer. Follow the prompts of the installation wizard, the process will not take more than a minute. Don’t forget to check “Place a shortcut on the desktop” for quick access to the program.

Open the audio file

Launch AudioMaster and in the start window press “Open file”. Find the song you want in a folder on your computer and double click to download it. AudioMaster supports almost all popular audio formats: MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, WMA and others.

Launch the editor and open the desired track

Edit the media file

AudioMaster already contains the necessary function, so this step will take only a few seconds. All you need to do is open the “File” tab and select the “Save as ringtone” sub-item. To trim your iPhone ringtone, specify the desired segment by moving the black markers.

How to Set ANY Song as RINGTONE on iPhone (No Computer. iOS 15)

Highlight your favorite track using the black triangles

Export the result

When you find the desired section, press the “Save” button. Enter a name for the audio track in the settings window. The created segment will be automatically saved in the standard iOS m4r format.

How to add a ringtone to iPhone 2021?

To everyone who wants to unique your device or just stop being annoyed by the ringtone on your phone when you get an incoming call, a guide to adding a ringtone to your iPhone.

Today I will share with you a very trivial but useful information which at least will affect your mood when the alarm clock rings, an incoming call or a timer alarm. I will tell you how to add a ringtone to the iPhone library through the Finder.

Option as simple as possible, but by typing on the Internet I have not found a simple and relevant method for 2021.

So, it will take you less time than reading the whole article. Here we go.

Connect your iPhone with a USB-C cable to your MAC.

3.Once you select it, you’ll see a window with information about your connected device, your iPhone

Next, click on “Manage Storage”. “2” in the photo). but you probably will not have this button, and we can fix it by scrolling (scrolling) with the wheel/touchpad down and in the “Options” block check the “Manage music, movies and TV shows manually” button and voila, you have the “Manage storage” button.

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After the window will update you will see a window in which you must choose the heading “Songs”, where we will drag and drop the previously downloaded song in the format “m4r” (only this format reads iOS).

Drag and drop the ringtone from the Desktop into the Songs box, I have seen previously added rink, in this box and need to drag.

7.After dragging and dropping, hit the “Done” button

Next, press the “Synchronize” button

Go to “Settings” on your iPhone and put it in the Sound, Tones section.- Ringtone

A list of previously downloaded ringtones will appear in front of you and among them you will find the one you downloaded.

Here’s an easy way I came up with, and I hope each of you this step by step tutorial will be useful and will facilitate you in solving a seemingly simple desire. to hear your favorite song on every call.

How to assign a melody to a contact on your iPhone

Maybe you want to hear a special ringtone when your favorite person calls you, or a very prominent loud sound when your boss calls you. Either way, we’ll tell you all about it in detail below.

Apple has been making iPhones smarter and smarter for years. In the process, however, the company has made many basic functions and tasks very complicated. For example, to change the ringtone on your iPhone is not an easy task.

It is the same with the notification sounds. This feature used to be popular, but with the advent of the iPhone and Android era, it has been buried in the depths of operating systems so that few people change ringtones and notification sounds at all. Nevertheless, the feature has not lost its usefulness, especially when you consider the fact that the iPhone has no LED notification light.

If you do not know how to put a different ringtone and notification sounds on each contact, below we will tell you about it.

How to put a ringtone on your iPhone without a computer or iTunes via GarageBand

Long gone are the days when you could simply download a song to your device and put it on your ringtone. It would seem that with the development of the smartphone market, this process will become easier than it was on the Nokia 3300. But in fact, ways to set a ringtone on your phone have become more confusing, even for iPhone owners.

We showed you how to put a ringtone on your iPhone using iTunes. Today we’ll show you how to put any ringtone on your ringtone through the GarageBand app, relatively easily without using a computer or iTunes.

How to add ringtones to your iPhone using iTunes 12.7

If you’ve upgraded to iTunes 12.7, you’ve probably noticed the changes Apple has made to the new version of. The App Store section has been removed, as well as the ability to sync ringtones to your iPhone.

Fortunately, you can still add ringtones through iTunes 12.7, but now it’s done a little differently. Users may be confused at first, but the process isn’t really that complicated, and over time you’ll be able to put ringtones on your phone with ease.

Next, we’ll show you how to add ringtones from your computer to your iPhone using iTunes 12.7. Make sure the ringtone is in format.m4r, otherwise you will not get anything.

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Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and open iTunes.

Click on the device icon in the upper left corner of iTunes. If there is no icon, iTunes cannot detect your device. Make sure that the USB cable is connected well.

If you don’t have the sidebar displayed, you need to turn it on by clicking on View in the top menu and then selecting Show Sidebar. If the panel is displayed, just skip this step.

On the iTunes side menu, click on Sounds. Now just drag and drop the file.m4r to the Sounds section that opens.

  • If you don’t have a Sounds section, drag the ringtone to the My Device section. The Sounds section will appear by itself, and it will display all of your ringtones.

When the ringtone appears in iTunes, it will also be added to your iPhone.

This is how easy it is to add ringtones to your iPhone or iPad using iTunes 12.7.

As you can see, manage your ringtones through iTunes 12.7 is pretty easy. Fortunately, Apple hasn’t removed this feature yet, and we hope it won’t happen in the future.

If you still prefer the previous version of iTunes, read the article on how to roll back iTunes 12.7 to iTunes 12.6.

Put a ringtone on your iPhone without iTunes

In addition to the official Apple software, there are other tools to help you figure out how to put your ringtone on your iPhone. These methods are good if you cannot connect or sync with iTunes. An alternative to this is the WALTR software or its latest build which can be found on the developer’s website

You need a PC to use WALTR. Files are converted automatically in the desired format, and can be more than 30 seconds long. And it lets you download videos or even whole movies to your iPhone.

  • The instructions for using WALTR include the following steps:
  • Launch WALTR on your PC
  • Make sure your smartphone is Wi-Fi enabled and wait for the app to connect to your iPhone
  • Once connected, WALTR will show you the picture of your iPhone
  • Move the track file to the program window and wait for the transfer

In addition to WALTR and WALTR 2 you can use the desktop version of MobiMover. This is another alternative to iTunes. The program is faster and free.

To put a ringtone through iTunes you must first download the program to your computer, and then do some manipulations.

  • Run the application, choose the desired track. Click the “File” menu and add the tune to the library.
  • Click on the file name, open the details, and then the options. Here set the start and end of the melody. defining a time interval of no more than 38 seconds. And save the changes.
  • Highlight the file, open the menu again and create the AAC version. After that the conversion process will start and in the menu will appear a new melody with the same name but a shorter duration.
  • Click on it and display it in Windows Explorer.
  • Change old extension to new one. it must be M4R.
  • Go back to iTunes, open the “Sounds” section and drag the file for your future ringtone there.
  • Connect your computer and iPhone with the original cable, go to Sounds again and sync.
  • All the tunes saved in iTunes will be available on your smartphone, and you can set the prepared file as a ringtone.
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How to set your own ringtone for iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6S

Apparently, the developers at Apple are unfamiliar with such a concept as a friendly interface. A lot of complicated settings, security and copyright issues. all this leads to the fact that users are forced to learn different approaches to work with the device and do a lot of unnecessary things.

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However, if someone has already figured it out and offers clear instructions, things get easier. Ah yes, here it is. A cool guide for the iPhone. Use it to set music to ringtone on your computer, it’s as easy as pounding a pencil. Because it turns out everything we need. is to change the format of the song and add it to the desired folder.Well, or use an app. Let’s look at both options. Here we go. So, let’s begin.

Step 1

To begin with we need to see what formats we’ll be dealing with, so go to Computer Control Panel, go to Folder Options and Folder Properties, choose View and uncheck the Hide extensions for known file types checkbox.

Step 2

After that, open iTunes and add the file of interest to the media library. Right-click on it and go through the Details. Specify the start and end times (the selected time should not exceed 30 seconds), click OK and save the version in AAC format.

Step 3

Next, rename the extension of the resulting file through Windows Explorer to.m4r and drag it into your iTunes library. Since this is the extension that all ringtones go with, our new file should appear in the Sounds category.

Step 4

Synchronize our favorite device with your PC, and then you can put the ringtone on your iPhone by finding it in Sounds. Now you know how to install your ringtone on your iPhone via iTunes

There’s also a second option on how to set your tune on your iPhone. It will work for those who have the right song on the device itself. You will need the RingtonesMaker app for this.

Step 1

Choose a song from our playlist, then set the ringtone range. At what minute and second the melody will start and at what point it will end. In doing so, we are allowed to make a smooth start and fade in at the end, which you should agree is very cool.

Step 2

Save the selected track to the iTunes library. Of course, here you also have to connect your iPhone to your computer. Find RingtonesMaker and the file we created in the application and then synchronize Sounds.

play, ringtone, iphone

We should also add that the app has the function of recording the call on the recorder. That is, you can record any sounds or utter a phrase, and then set the resulting work as a ringtone, message or alarm clock.

How to set your melody, song (ringtone) to your iPhone ringtone?

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