How to post music on the video on iPad

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Iphone application to post music on the video

Almost all Apple iPhone owners use social networks where funny videos are laid out. It’s no secret that the key to good video is the use of background music. With her, the video becomes more dynamic, and subscribers perceive the content better. But how to post music on the video on the iPhone? To complete this task, you will need to install a special application from the App Store.

App Store is replete with a large number of programs. It is difficult for a beginner to understand in which application you can post music on the video on the iPhone. To understand this diversity, a rating of the best programs on the functionality and user reviews was collected.

The principle of operation of each application is approximately the same:

  • Run the program.
  • Choose a video.
  • Choose a song.
  • Indicate the place where you need to post the music and cut the video.
  • Keep the video and, if necessary, place it in social networks.

Thus, to figure out how to insert music in the video on the iPhone, no one will be difficult. The main task is to choose the right application based on its features. Below are the best programs that allow you to add music to 2 clicks.

It is best to add audio to a video application for a computer

Given that most users are still accustomed to editing media files on the computer, so here, in the first part, we will recommend a professional video editor and the creator who will help you add audio to video. Works great on PC with Windows 10/8/7 / XP / Vista. If you check the main information about this below:

  • Slideshow Creator. This is professional software for editing and creating a video that allows you to easily add audio to video.
  • Create a slide show film with photos, videos and music, depending on your needs.
  • Offer various topics for creating a slide show such as simple, romantic, travel, weddings, etc. D.
  • Make your specific slide show with materials, including 31 type of text effects, 31 selection of transition modes, 32 types of filter effects and 37 choice elements.
  • Export the slide show from photos in the video in any popular format with high quality.
  • Offer a clean, safe and convenient integration.
post, music, video

Steps to add music for video

Step 1 upload, install and open this easy to use software to add audio to your computer.

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Step 2 click on a large “Add” icon to upload a video that you want to change the sound track, or add a new audio to it. Here you can add one or more media files at the same time.

Step 3 Select a specific video that you want to add music, and then click “Add background music” in the lower left corner. You can easily add a new sound to this video in a pop.Up window.

Step 4 Press the “Export” button, and then select the preferred output format. Then click the “Transform” button to confirm the operation of adding audio in the video.

As can be seen from the foregoing, this software has implemented many useful functions for editing and creating a video. In fact, it is specially designed to create a slide show. Thus, you can easily cope with various tasks of editing and creating. Just download it for free and try it.


Another Apple video editor, but much simpler. Clips resembles a menu for shooting stories on Instagram and is designed to create short clips for social media. The application allows you to compare videos and photos in bright videos with the addition of animated credits, beautiful effects and music, as well as insert stickers with characters of popular cartoons.

Third.Party music application applications

Repository, or storage, App Store provides a large selection of programs for installing tracks for rollers. Among such a variety is easy to get lost. Application rating looks like this:

  • Video Star. A program with a friendly integration that even a child will deal with. Soundtracks are selected from the device media or purchased inside the application. A large number of effects are also available.
  • Magisto. Another simple program without excessive editing and installation tools. There is the possibility of working with long videos, there is its own storage and, of course, intuitively understanding the addition of music.
  • Vivavideo. Adding sound accompaniment to the video in this application is easy. There is a set of tools for editing.

Using the Inshot program

When asked in which application you can post music on the video on the iPhone, many will answer without hesitation. In Inshot. It is used by many people, popular bloggers, because it is convenient and free. The program was created specifically for the social network of Instagram, and therefore is such a demanded. There is nothing superfluous in it, only the key functions that allow you to process video files qualitatively. Over, the programs of the program can also be turned off for free. How to insert music in the video on the iPhone using INSHOT:

post, music, video
  • Open this program on the device and enter it;
  • From the proposed options to select “Create a new video”;
  • Press her green window with the sign “”;
  • The smartphone files are opened, where exclusively videos are sorted, to find the desired file;
  • When the video opens in the program, the main tools for editing will be located below;
  • Choose from them the fourth called “Music”;
  • Various options will be proposed here: “Songs” from the built.In library or iTunes media text, sound effects. Standard iPhone sounds, voice recording through the microphone;
  • Choose any of the options, the latter must be given permission in the settings;
  • The selected track can be edited if you click on it. Click on the “change” icon, moving the sliders to cut its length, add amplification, attenuation;
  • After the end of the editing, press the box and the icon in the upper right corner “Save”;
  • Automatic file download to the device will begin.

From the application you can immediately unload it to various social networks and messengers. Everyone will figure out how to post music on the video in the iPhone via Inshot. The interaction of this program is fully executed in Russian. It is very easy to figure it out even on your own without additional help and support.


Something between a templateer capable of gluing a clip or film, and a graphic editor working with photos and videos by a certain pattern.

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A non.Standard combination, according to developers, is based on technologies related to artificial intelligence. Say, those actions that are used by users constantly, or visual combinations that have left the most impressions, here turn into a kind of “recipe” for the next work. And most importantly. The more often work occurs in a virtual studio, the higher the accuracy of guessing!

How to post music on the video on Android

On Apple devices, you can edit sounds through a pre.Installed Clips application.

  • Adding subtitles (the tool perceives speech in t. H. Russian, and automatically converts into the text, but the punctuation marks will have to be put manually);
  • Filters for rollers;
  • Smiles and stickers;
  • Background pictures to dilute the video.

Adding music is available after completing work on the project, therefore, audio is automatically adjusted to the duration of the video. The application has a library of free soundtracks, you can add a path from the iPhone or iTunes Media Text, you can’t use Apple Music.

Built.In tools of the device and the filters offered by Instagram can be enough to edit photos and videos for a personal account.

But if this is content for several thousand subscribers, you can not do without special tools. To speed up work, I can no longer transfer the videos to a computer for processing through “heavy” programs. Mobile applications cope with the same tasks.

How to Make YouTube Videos on Your iPad (Beginners Tutorial)

Why do you need music on the video

The track with musical accompaniment is interested in people and brings popularity on social networks: “Instagram”, “Tick Toka”, “”. He adds to any video of individuality, conveys mood and emotions.

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How to transfer Music from Computer to iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro

In modern iOS there are built.In programs for applying tracks.

Since 2017. The iClips application appeared in iPhones. The tools of this program make it possible to carry out installation, insert effects, it is also possible to reproduce soundtracks. To open iplips, enter its name in the search bar or find it in the phone menu.

After starting the program, the first thing the user meets is the “hold for recording” button. It allows you to shoot small videos, the duration of which depends on the time of keeping the button. After recording the videos, the finished video is created. The application has tools for imposing subtitles, processing effects.

Youtube Capture

As the name is already clear, YouTube Capture is primarily intended for people who use YouTube.

Using this application, you can record the video, and then conduct all the necessary changes and inserts with it, then add the desired audio row.