How to post music on video on iPhone

How to mount an iPhone video

Does the user often have a need to edit the video qualitatively? Unlikely. I don’t know everything that editors who work perfectly on the iPhone. Android devices are more advanced in this area. However, this does not mean that the user should also lose hope for a high.Quality application search. There are enough such utilities.

You can post a video on video for different needs. The most important thing is its very presence. The user must know which utilities are worthy of his attention, and which can be overlooked at all.

Also, the owner of the device from Apple should choose only the best utilities. The rating below him will help him. In fact, this is not so difficult if you use the correct services and sources.

TOP-10 background musical applications for iOS and Android devices

#one. Video Star for iOS

Video Star is an easy-to-use application for background music, and you do not need any knowledge to add your favorite background music for video on iPhone or iPad. He has all the necessary tools and allows the user to choose music from a personal library. All songs are available for free and offer purchases in the application to provide you with all the necessary effects.

#2. Magisto for iOS and Android

Many of the background music applications in the market require you to have advanced video editing skills before adding background music for video. Fortunately, Magisto is an exception and will be an ideal choice for beginners who are a beginner in these things. It can add background music to Android and iPhone before and after you have edited the video, and its key function is an unlimited storage, downloading, as well as the creation of long films.

#3. Vivavideo for iOS Androido

Vivavideo is an inclusive application because it has a video channel that allows you to shoot video and then add background music for Android or iPhone video. Music will give you enough money as soon as you come up with a slide show that is easily implemented using Vivavideo. It works for both iOS and Android to add background music, which means that its compatibility is undeniable.

#4. Imovie for iOS

Imovie. Apple is made for background music and will be a good choice for adding background music to your iOS video, as well as Android devices. This is a very powerful application and has very few restrictions that include the transfer of music files to the Mac platform for extended editing. It mainly works with iOS devices.

#5. Replay for iOS

The main advantage is the possibility of Replay this purchase in the application, which allow you to get rid of effects, filters and watermarks when adding background music on iPhone. It all depends on your personal preferences, but it is included in the first ten applications for iOS. It is very well synchronized with Instagram and other social sites, which makes it extremely simple for joint use of the video after adding background music.

#6. Youtube Capture for iOS

YouTube Capture is created for people who like to do something in motion. This will allow you to edit the video, and then add a suitable soundtrack as a background music. After that, you can easily share the video on YouTube. You will have more advantages when using iOS.

#7. Mixbit for iOS and Android

By the sound of the name, mixbit, the background music application not only allows you to add background music for your video on Android and iOS devices; It is also possible to mix several video clips without distortion of music. You will like it if you are a DJ or want to become one of them in the future.

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#eight. Clipper for iOS

Clipper is a very fast and easy to use the application that you can use to add background music to your video on iOS. You can sew a lot of videos so that the music remains unchanged when playing.

#nine. Splice for iOS

Splice represents a temporary scale to provide accuracy when adding background music to your video on iOS. You will have simple video editing, so video and music will not be blocked. They will play as expected to be his strongest moment.

#ten. Videosound for iOS. Add music to Instagram videos

Videosound is an application for background music for iPhone and iPad, designed to add background music to videos before sharing on Instagram, Vine and using VideoSound you can not only add music from iTunes to your videos (one at a time), but also attach one) song for one photo and create a photo with music. Over, the creation of a slide show with photographs and music is also available.

Add Audio to Video: Audio Video Mixer

Want to add audio to video to make it funny? This application will help you with this. Select any part of the video and add audio. You can add an unlimited amount of audio to video. It all depends on your imagination. If the audio is shorter than the video, it will be repeated. It is convenient and saves your time. The application is smart. This will do his job well as a video editor.

You can also mix the added audio with music on the background of the video. You can voice the video. Create excellent voiced videos. Watch pre.Viewing after video editing. Save if you like it. You can share the video directly from the application. Your friends will be happy with the new video. You can save the video in different formats. Choose the quality of the video.

This application also has video processing tools. You can create excellent videos without using a computer or laptop. If you like music, this is an application for you. You can choose an audio from the library or download your own. This application does not take up much space on your smartphone. It was downloaded more than 500 thousand times. Try and you will become a powerful manufacturer video.

How to apply music through a special iPhone application

Apple Stor has a lot of software for imposing software, one of these Imovie programs, which received the title of the coolest Smart editor. But she also has disadvantages: the first- the second is the volume of the place occupied, she is very massive. We recommend using a free utility called Video Toolbox. This product is very easy to use, without special requirements for OS and iron. And you can apply musical accompaniment in this program like this:

post, music, video, iphone

How to upload music on SoundCloud iOS��

  • On the main page, select Video Editor
  • In the second window, you will have a choice of a video from an album or shot on camera at the moment.
  • Through the photo film menu, we find the necessary video and mark it by setting a mark in the corner of the video. Like most free programs, this editor has a shortage in the form of a watermark.
  • Next, turn off the sound in the video itself. To do this, click on the corresponding icon in the panel with tools and pull the sliders to the lowest level.
  • Click on the icon in the form of a note and choose one of the seven available. The volume of the melody can also be adjusted.
  • Then we display a video from the application. To do this, we slip to the item to share, it is in the right corner from above.
  • We will determine the quality of the unloaded video and wait for the Rendering process.
  • As soon as this process is completed, the user will jump out a message about the successful preservation of the video with the application in the section of the photophone in the photo program. Click on the Done (completed) to complete the work with Video Toolbox.
  • We follow the photo category and check the quality of the application of the application.
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How to post music in instagram video

Most people prepare a video specifically for the social network Instagram. As you know, there is a restriction on the length of the video, so you will not work to lay out any video you like. How to act in such a situation?

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All those indicated in this material. You do not even have to download additional programs from the App Store if IClips are installed by default. This is the perfect utility for Instagram.

Use any applied application. To reduce the length, the “trim” function is useful. She will help to remove unnecessary fragments of the video to fit it under the desired duration.

In addition to music, apply the text and various stickers that are available in the selected editor. It is recommended to choose standard programs where there are no watermarks, or pay for premium access in Vivavideo and other similar applications.

How to put music on iPhone video using applications

There are a number of free and paid editing programs that can be downloaded from the official store. Among the most popular third.Party applications for changing the video on the iPhone are highlighted:

Each option has its own unique advantages, features and functionality. Most programs are distributed free of charge via AppStore. Some utilities are distinguished by the possibility of internal purchases to expand the functionality.


Inshot- photo and video editor that allows you to apply effects, cut photos, use filters and add music, sound elements or voice behind the frame. Audio traffic is added as follows:

  • Entrance is entered into the application.
  • A click is executed by the “Create New Project” button, then “Video” is selected.
  • A specific video and musical accompaniment to it are selected.
  • The Save button is pressed.

When using the free version of Inshot, the application is inserted into the video. To get rid of it, you need to use a paid subscription that opens access to all opportunities (per month).


Multi.Platform video editor (available for installation for smartphones from Apple) with wide possibilities. Among the features, there are an opportunity to impose several tracks on the video at once. To start working with the program, click on the “Create” button. Further, various effects can be added to a single video carp. There are possibilities of importing music through iTunes.

Gopro Qick

Application from GoPro. The features of this utility are the ability to shoot a high.Quality video on a wide.Angle lens. A video is installed through Qick, posting in social networks and shooting with various effects (slowdown, acceleration, stop frame). The plus of the program is the free distribution and lack of wrappers after the installation.


Free program with an extremely convenient integration and the possibility of trouble.Free work with 4K videos. Imovie is compatible with itunes and icloud. Thanks to this, you can quickly import content and music from third.Party sources or your own playlist. The application was designed specifically for devices from Apple. It is possible to synchronize with iCloud to continue working with a specific video from another compatible gadget.

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Adobe Premiere Clip

A professional program that allows you to cut the video, add effects, change the exposure, synchronize with the desktop version of Adobe Premiere. A separate feature of the utility is the possibility of installing installation both in automatic simplified and in.Depth manual mode. There is a possibility of imposing music with a smooth volume change throughout the video.


A simple utility that allows you to quickly add sound to the video on the iPhone. A feature of Magisto is the ability to quickly post the created video on social networks, ready.Made editing templates and an understandable integration. If a free version is used, then a watermark is superimposed on each mounted video. To get all the possibilities and get rid of the tank, you should activate a paid subscription. Magisto is available for loading from an official store and does not take much memory on the iPhone.

post, music, video, iphone

When using paid tariffs, the functionality of the program expands significantly. If you need to carry out free installation at the highest level, then a built.In application with importing music from third.Party sources should be used.

post, music, video, iphone

How to record video with iPhone music using applications

In order to make a video with music on a mobile device from Apple, you just need to install a special application that can help in this matter.

In addition, the video can be edited using stickers, texts and other tools. Also, you can configure the brightness and contrast of the video.

The program presents 8 topics that can be used to create a video. In addition, the user can create soundtracks using built.In audio materials that can independently adapt to the length of the video.

The program has 18 different styles with which you can also diversify the videos.


The application has built.In finished styles that noticeably simplify the process of creating a new video.


The program has a huge number of effects, thanks to which you can create unique videos.


The user can add sounds and music from a personal media text, and you can also insert a sunbeam.


Free program in Russian with the most simple management. It works quickly even on old iPhones and allows you to easily apply audio on any video.

After creating a project with a video, you just need to click on the “Music” button and add the desired track. Then edit everything as you wish.

  • There is no mandatory subscription
  • Video effects
  • Cutting
  • FLIP
  • Turn
  • Correction
  • Adding text
  • Audio
  • Gluing


Sanding voice, instant setting up parameters, like choosing a playback speed and frame rate, full support of 4K videos (including iPhone SE) and audio roads, and more emotions, text and illustrations. The files that have never previously stored in memory have not surrounded the history so quickly. And most importantly. Even a beginner who first picked up a smartphone will understand the proposed functionality.

Of the shortcomings. Subscriptions associated with the removal of watermarks (albeit not too noticeable) from ready.Made videos and films.

How to Play Music & Record Video at the same time on iPhone

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