How to properly install a protective glass on your smartphone

How to stick a protective glass on your smartphone properly

When first picking up a brand new smartphone, the new owner of a practical and functional communication device understands: the display is the most vulnerable area. But it is the main center of communication between the device and the user. How to protect the display from mechanical damage? In the case of a smartphone, for example Sony Xperia, experts do not advise to glue a film for the reason that the vast majority of modern smartphone models can be purchased a special protective glass. Currently, many variations of this accessory in abundance are presented at the most advanced marketplaces.

As practice shows, no matter how reliable is the standard display glass smartphone, extra protection it does not hurt. Accidental bumps and drops, active use, carrying the device in a or bag. all this will invariably lead to the fact that the glass will appear scratches, scuffs and cracks.

How to Properly Install Tempered Glass Screen Protector on Mobile Phone

To avoid the appearance of all these “pleasures”, it is advisable to use protective glass, which is much more effective than the usual standard film, and glue a protective glass on your smartphone is almost as easy as a protective film.

The protective glass, which thickness varies from 0.2 to 0.3 mm, consists of five layers: Oleophobic layer. Allow your finger to glide smoothly and freely across the screen. The layer effectively repels moisture. Fingerprints from it are easily removed with a simple cloth napkin. Protective layer (9H hardness). It gives the glass resistance to mechanical impacts (shocks, scratches). Anti-Block Layer. Keeps your screen from fading. The so-called restraining layer. Even if you somehow manage to break the screen, this layer will not let it fall to pieces. Silicone base. Holds protective glass securely to the screen.

The process of sticking such a protective glass on the smartphone screen is very simple, you only need to follow the recommendations prescribed in the instructions. Usually included in a set to the protective glass is everything you need to fix it to your smartphone screen: cloth for pre-cleaning glass, wet and dry cloths for degreasing and wiping, sticky strip, designed to remove dust deposits, a pair of small adhesive strips for fixing the glass correctly on the device screen.

The protective glass adheres to the smartphone very quickly. You just need to use all the materials available at hand for their intended purpose, following the instructions exactly. If during the process of attaching the protective glass, an air bubble was formed under it, you just need to gently squeeze it with your finger to move it to the edge and remove.

We suggest you read the video instruction on how to glue the protective glass on the smartphone, on the example of Meizu:

How to glue a protective glass on the tablet

Despite the large area of the screen, the installation of protective glass on the tablet is almost no different from pasting it on the display of a smartphone. Of course, apart from the fact that the accessory needs to be ordered for the appropriate model of gadget, it will be bigger and heavier than a standard glass for your smartphone.

properly, install, protective, glass

A little harder to keep clean. more room for dust. Also, it will be more convenient to work with a wide adhesive tape. But if you do not have a large reel, you can do with a thin tape.

All other necessary steps correspond to gluing algorithm, described in the previous section. You may need to work a little harder to smooth out the glass and remove air bubbles once the accessory is placed on the tablet screen.

Preparing the space and accessories

Prepare your work place. Wipe the table where the gluing process will take place. It is recommended to put a table lamp over your phone to see the problem areas on the screen better. In addition do not forget to wash your hands with soap and water and wipe them dry.

Glass or film is usually supplied with tools. In most cases, the kit looks like this:

  • Green bag dry. a dry cloth for cleaning the screen.
  • The pink bag is a wet wipe to clean the display.
  • A microfiber rag that reduces the chance of “picking up” dust particles.

First step. cleaning the glass. Place your phone on the table. Take the cloth labeled wet (sometimes it is even numbered one). Wipe the screen of your smartphone with the wet cloth. Try to wipe the display so that the light does not show a single speck of dust.

Second step is drying. Now take the second cloth labeled dry (similar to the previous cloth numbered two) and wipe the screen dry. Please note that your fingers should not touch the display.

The third step is the intermediate step. Some manufacturers include an adhesive tape to further rid the screen of dust. If you have a similar tool, just stick it on the display and peel it off after a couple of seconds.

How to glue a protective glass on your smartphone

The protective glass is several times harder than the strongest film, and therefore saves your device not only from scratches. As manufacturers say, it can withstand even a blow with a hammer. To carry out such experiments we do not recommend. But we can say: in the event of a fall, it is more likely to break the adhesive glass, not the screen of the device.

At the same time such protection does not affect the sensitivity of the sensor and the brightness of the image.

However, glass is more expensive than film. And you can pick it up only for relatively popular models of smartphones and tablets.

Elements of the display of a smartphone

Before studying the instructions themselves it is necessary to understand what are the components of modern displays, used in most smartphones. Their components include:

How to Install a Tempered Glass Screen Protector on your Phone

    A matrix panel of liquid crystal or LED type, which houses the array of pixels that form the final image. On the back side there is a case made of stainless steel, and the front part is covered with thin glass. The design includes the loop that connects the screen with the circuit board of the mobile device.

The above components can be attached to each other in two ways:

    Through the air gap. This is a simpler design, used previously, implies easy replacement of the glass without the use of special tools.

There are several ways to glue the glass: by eye and with duct tape. With the first method, you simply remove the glass from the lining and glue it to the smartphone screen. Of course, some people manage to do it smoothly and in such conditions, but for more comfort the method with tape is still more convenient.

Put the glass on the screen of your smartphone, make sure that all the glass holes are located exactly where they should be. Now use duct tape to fix the glass on one side (left or right) so that you can open it sideways, like a cover on a book.

Before gluing the new glass, make sure that the smartphone screen is free of stains, dirt, dust and small lint. To do this, wipe the screen with an alcohol wipe, and then wipe it dry to get rid of stains on the screen. Now remove the film from the glass and place it on the gadget screen using the “close the book” method, but without sudden movements. Carefully glue the glass from one edge to the other, so that no air bubbles form underneath.

If you get a clean, glossy screen without peeling, then you’ve done it right! Congratulations!

How to avoid dust when sticking glass

At home, before you stick your safety glass, take care to remove dust from the air. To do this, it is advisable to saturate the air with moisture (steam) in a small closed room (better in the bathroom) to settle the dust particles. If you have a humidifier with ionization, this would be an ideal way to keep the environment free of dust.

It’s also a good idea to wear clothing with less lint, such as a t-shirt. In this case, it is better to shake it well beforehand, and wipe your hands to the elbows with a wet towel.

How to Put a Protective Glass on Your Phone

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Remove the phone from its case and carefully wipe the screen with an alcohol wipe. In the absence of such a napkin lightly moisten in alcohol ordinary soft cloth or cotton swab.

That is why if you decide to remove the old safety glass and replace it with a new one, you need to be extremely careful.

Hands should be washed with soap and water. It is also worth to have damp napkins in case in spite of cleaning, the dust particles will get on your hands or on the working surface.

How to glue the protective glass on the phone: a guide for beginners

Protective glass will protect the screen of your smartphone from scratches, and in case of its fall and from cracks on the glass of the display itself. We’ll tell you how to glue it yourself at home.

Most modern smartphones are equipped with displays with glass already protected against scratches and impacts. The only exception is the inexpensive devices, where the manufacturer saves on everything, including the protection of the screen glass.

If you are a thrifty person, you will take care of additional protection even for an expensive smartphone, not to mention the budget solution. For someone it will allow you to keep the original appearance of the device longer, and for someone it will be a chance to sell your smartphone more expensive after some time in order to buy a more modern device.

How to install ANY screen protector PERFECTLY. 10 steps ( plus 3 Pro-Tips)

In any case, sticking an additional protective glass on the display is a rational decision. To save your budget you can perform this procedure yourself at home. You only need to buy the glass itself for your smartphone model, and the kit should include accessories such as wipes for wiping the screen and tape to remove dust from the surface of the smartphone glass. It is also not superfluous to prepare a masking tape (or office tape) to fix the protective glass on the case before sticking and collect the dust. Below we will tell you how to glue the protective glass on your smartphone.