How to put a call on the iPhone. The program for quick change of a melody on iPhone

How to set your own ringtone in the iPhone?

I never thought you could just put your own ringtone on your iPhone. On Android, it’s done in a couple of clicks. Yes, Apple does offer to buy a lot of ringtones from iTunes, but first, everything there is a fee, and second, it probably doesn’t have your favorite tunes.

I never thought that you can’t just put your own ringtone on your iPhone. On Android, it’s done in a couple of clicks. Yes, Apple offers you to buy many ringtones in iTunes, but first of all, you have to pay for everything there, and second, your favorite ringtones are probably not there.

There’s nothing you can’t do! There is a way to play whatever you want on your ringtone. And today I’m going to tell you about it. In order to do the cherished thing, we need the iPhone itself and a computer (PC or Mac) with iTunes on board. Let’s go!

Generally speaking, we just need to make an.m4r file and upload it to the iPhone. But let’s assume we only have iTunes and the iPhone itself at hand.

  • Open iTunes. Click File. Adding the file to the library. Choose the song you want and add it. Alas, the ringtone can only be made from your music from the computer, it will not work with purchased through iTunes.

Let’s listen to the selected song and find a 38 second piece that we want to play as a ringtone. Alas, an iPhone ringtone can be up to 38 seconds long. Play the song and record the start and end time.

Now right-click on the song and choose Information. You’ll find the “Options” tab. Here we should set the start and end time of the ringtone, which we have chosen in step 2. Do not worry, the song will not be cropped, it is necessary only for the ringtone, then you can simply remove the “Start” and “Stop time” checkboxes. By the way, you can specify the time down to the millisecond by selecting the exact period.

After setting the time interval, press OK.

  • Right click on the song you just “truncated” and select “Create AAC version” there. After that, the second track will appear immediately, already trimmed to the size set in step 3.
  • Before you continue, if you have Windows, go to Start. Control Panel. Folder properties (Folder Options), go to the “View” tab and uncheck the “Hide extensions for registered file types” option.

Now, right-click on the piece of music you created and choose “Show in Windows Explorer” (or just drag and drop the track from the iTunes window into any folder).

You will see the file with the extension “m4a”. We just need to change its extension to “m4r” (this is the format of iPhone ringtones).

Now remove the shortened version of the song from iTunes and uncheck the checkboxes in the settings of the original song.

Now it’s enough to sync iPhone with your computer and the ringtone will appear on your smartphone. If you haven’t synced your phone in a while, the operation may be long, don’t be intimidated.

This is how easy it is to create your own iOS ringtones. Want to learn about other helpful? Subscribe to the Workshop blog and you’ll always know a little more than your friends.

P.S. Some people ask how do you put multiple ringtones on your iPhone? It’s the same way! Just repeat the steps above for a few songs and then upload them all to your phone using sync.

How to put a ringtone on your iPhone on hold

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Regardless of which mobile carrier you use, you can turn off the microphone on your iPhone during a call, so your caller won’t hear what you’re doing. If you use a GSM carrier (like Beeline or MTS), then you can put the call on hold, which will mute both sides and allow you to answer another call. You can also create conference calls to combine multiple callers into one conversation.

Make or answer an incoming call. During a call, you can mute the microphone. Make a call or answer it as usual.

Tap the Mute button during a call. You’ll see this button when you take your iPhone away from your face. Tap this button to mute your iPhone’s microphone.

Press the Home button to switch to the Home screen. This will allow you to open other applications on your iPhone, such as Calendar. When you press the “Home” button again, you will return to the call screen.

Tap the mute button again to turn the microphone on. You will turn the iPhone microphone back on.

Buy a voice recorder

If none of the above techniques work for you, it’s time to take a step back and record iPhone calls the old-fashioned way. Yes, we are talking about using an external voice recording device to record calls on your iPhone.

This is not an ideal solution and is definitely not suitable when you are outdoors or surrounded by other people indoors. However, thanks to today’s technology, there are many compact digital recording devices that you can buy. Here’s a list of some of the most popular digital audio/recorders online.

EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder (Amazon). Buy

Sony ICD-PX370 (Amazon) Digital Mono Recorder. Buy

The best and easiest way to record iPhone calls is to use a three-way call fusion service, and Rev Call Recorder is the best option for this. So if you are looking for a quick solution, this is what you need to look for. If you want full control over the call recording process and don’t mind using the iPhone speakerphone, buy a high-quality recorder like the Sony product we mentioned above.

If you have two phones (one for personal use and one for work), you can answer the call on your iPhone and put it on speakerphone. You can now use another phone, open any voice recording app, and record the entire conversation.

If you just bought an iPhone 13 and are disappointed with its call recording capabilities, don’t worry. There are many features you have yet to discover that will impress you. Check out the best tips and tricks for iPhone 13 and the best tips and tricks for iOS 15. And with iOS 16, we’d like to see Apple improve in certain areas. Here’s our iOS 16 wish list.

What’s the best method to record calls on your iPhone 13? Please share with us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

Record iPhone calls using your Mac

Those who use a Mac can choose QuickTime Player to record phone calls on the iPhone. The trick also works with FaceTime calls. The only limitation is that you need to talk on your iPhone directly in hands-free mode. Also, you can’t switch to headphones for this. If you answer an iPhone call on your Mac, QuickTime Player won’t work properly when you try to use it.

First, you need to make sure your iPhone is in speaker mode for phone calls or FaceTime. You can also select your Mac as the speaker source. Now open QuickTime Player and select File. New audio recording from the menu bar.

Click the drop-down menu next to the record button and make sure the microphone input is set to Internal Microphone.

If you charge your iPhone from your computer with a Lightning cable, make sure that the Internal Microphone is still selected and not your iPhone‘s microphone because it won’t record unless otherwise specified.

If possible, try using Skype for the call you want to record. You can use Mac applications like Call Recorder for Skype and Audio Hijack to record. So you can secretly record the call in high quality without the caller knowing.

The iTools app from Chinese developers

It’s no surprise that Chinese developers have tried to create a product that’s as good as iTunes. So the iTools application appeared, which is as good as the original in terms of functionality. In addition, some users claim that this program is more intuitive to use.

Using the program to create a ringtone and downloading it to your iPhone is very simple: upload the desired audio file to the category “Music”-“System Sounds” with the connected gadget. Synchronization is done automatically and in minutes, the track will be on your device.

Using iTunes

Let me tell you right away: this method does not work with songs purchased from iTunes. But if you purchased the track on Bandcamp or SoundCloud, it’s fine.

Open iTunes and drop your song of choice in. After that, right-click on the track and choose “Song Details”. After that, select any piece of the song not longer than 30 seconds in the “Settings” section:

Click on “OK” and convert this song to AAC. You can do this by going to “File” “Convert:

call, iphone, program, quick, change

After this, you will get an abridged version of your song. Right click on it and choose “Show in Finder” (“Show in Explorer” if you are using Windows).

and go back to iTunes and delete the shortened version from iTunes, but leave the file where it is. Open that Finder folder where you keep an edited, shortened version of your favorite song. It will be in the format of.m4a. Rename it so that the track’s resolution is.m4r:

After that, connect your iPhone to your computer and in iTunes go to the sync menu of the device. On the left you will find the “Sounds” item. Just drag and drop your file there in the format.m4r:

However, the way to create and set a ringtone on your iPhone described in this article allows you to use any MP3 format file. It makes it much easier to create ringtones or sound alert files for Apple smartphones.

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What’s the difference between turning off the microphone and holding down? Unless you can still hear the person you’re talking to when the microphone is turned off.

call, iphone, program, quick, change

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@World of Warcraft. does not hear, but is in silence. And this is how a person listens to music. Will definitely know if it’s on hold and when it’s taken off. Maybe someone can figure out how to use it. But it is worth knowing.

@ravenby. Some carriers have a pay per minute hold.

I’m guessing it’s possible to make phone calls with an iPhone.! Use ?♂️

Fuck, at this rate the geeks from the community will start making manuals, how to call from the iPhone, or even how to unlock it

Hold at megaphone costs 5, disable microphone for free

@Androids. There’s always a passé or non-obvious iOS thingy. Been using iPhone since 2G, but didn’t know about this feature.

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@Suslikov. it’s a matter of habit. I’m back on my iPhone now and I miss the android back button =)