How to put a number icon on the iPhone

External keyboard

Unlike MS keyboards, the Apple Keyboard has four rather than three modifier control keys: `? Shift“? cmd“? `

Any movement while pressing `? Shift` brings up the corresponding selection.

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To switch the keyboard layout use the combination of `?` Space ` (on specialized iPad-keypads may be provided with a special key).

All characters that are present on the numeric keys in the Latin layout can be entered from the Russian layout using the combination of `?` with the desired numeric key.

  • The long dash em-dash is used as the main one: when transmitting dialogues and syntactically dividing sentences. like this. Short dash en-dash is rarely used in Russian typography, its main purpose is to indicate numerical ranges (war 1939-1945) and to combine names (Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact).
  • The dagger † symbol in Russian typography is used primarily to indicate the year of death or “died” status. However, its original purpose is for unmarked footnotes (in Russian literature, asterisks are used for this). Can be paired with a double dagger. below).
  • Russian typography requires the use of herringbone quotes. The use of “feet” is allowed in the “quote within a quote” situation and in some exotic situations (for example, in fiction for a character’s mental dialogue with himself or herself).

From this layout you can get a number of characters, useful in Russian texts.

number, icon, iphone

With a combination of `? `E’ introduces the superscript Accent, which can be used to simulate accents: “. “. To do this, after the specified combination, you need to press the corresponding letter.

P.S. For the convenience of readers of the same cheat sheet posted in PDF file.

Where is the number icon on the iPhone keyboard?

Sometimes we get confused when we can’t find the seemingly simplest functions on our iPhones. Try putting the number sign in any message now. Can’t find it, right? You probably swear, and then open a search engine. Do not worry, now we will tell you where to find the insidious sign, which hides our beloved company Apple.

Where on the iPhone keyboard is the number sign?

The keyboard on the iPhone is acknowledged to be one of the most convenient for inputting information on modern gadgets.

The specialists have been working for a long time to allow us to type texts with the maximum comfort. This also applies to “iPads”. Symbols and signs, which now seem to be impossible to find, are so easy to find that you will be shocked for a long time.

Sometimes users put the “#” sign instead of the “#” sign without thinking twice. But what to do if you need a number sign?

  • Open any keyboard app.
  • Setting the russian layout.
  • We press the “123”, and after that “#=”.
  • Find “#” and press it, the sign “#” appears.

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If you can’t find something, try this. In fact, this decision is logical, because the phone screen is small.

So that device users are not looking for a long time, among a pile of icons, came up with the idea to place everything on the buttons, and in this way you can find two or more signs.

There is nothing complicated, now you have comprehended one of the iPhone smart secrets, and we will further reveal for you, maybe, small, but useful secrets.

Symbols on the keyboard

Standing even and odd numbers sign. where and how long the “no parking” sign is valid? parking times for even and odd days

You can put signs on the keyboard using Alt-codes. additional commands for entering hidden characters. These commands are entered by simply pressing the Alt key the number in decimal notation.

You can often find the following questions: how to make a heart on the keyboard, the infinity sign or the euro on the keyboard?

These and other symbols on the keyboard are presented as pictures in the following tables. In the “Alt-code” column there is a numeric value, after entering which, in combination with the Alt key, a certain sign will be displayed. In the column symbol is the final result.

Note, if the optional numeric keypad is not turned on. Num Lock is not pressed, then the combination of keys Alt number can lead to unexpected results. For example, if you press Alt 4 in the browser, without Num Lock on, the previous page will open

For example, if you press Alt 4 in the browser, without Num Lock on, the previous page will open.

How to put the “number” sign on the iPhone

The i icon on the Apple Watch. where is it located

For years the iPhone keyboard has been worked on by a staff of highly skilled professionals, it has passed a huge number of tests, so that users eventually received a quality product. The same applies to the iPad keyboard. Except for some differences, there are an order of magnitude more options here because of the larger size. Usually, when the user is faced with the need to enter the characters, he has some difficulty in navigating. Here everything is implemented as simply as possible.

Additional symbols pop up

To put a “number” (No.) on the iPhone, you need:

  • Open the keyboard and translate it into Russian.
  • Press the “123” key and then in the transformed keyboard find the “# =” key and press the.
  • Find the symbol “#”, press it and do not release it. At the moment when “#” appears above it, you need to slide your finger over it and release.

For other layouts, this option is not available, so you will have to resort to the option described earlier, that is, copy the symbol from a network or other message.

Note! The Apple keyboard has been repeatedly rated by users as the best among all existing keyboards. These reviews were achieved due to the comfortable navigation layout and high speed of key response.


iOS 13 or newer: tested on iOS 14, but will work in the same way in iOS 13.

Quick Commands app: if you deleted them for any reason, just reinstall.

Allow untrusted applications to run: you will need this permission to run commands you create. Go to Settings → Commands → Allow untrusted commands.

To do this, go to: Settings. General. Keyboard and there turn on button Enable Caps Lock, after that in edit mode double press on shift and get function Caps Lock and quietly write the text in capital letters.

  • Open “Settings” in the device control menu. Open the phone settings
  • Find the “Phone” item. Let’s press the item “Phone”
  • Open “Show number” option. Open “Show number” option
  • Disable “Show number” option. Disable display of the number

To indicate the number (only for numbers in numeric form), you need to use the special sign №. Mark No. and its data should be written together or separately? The number sign will be highlighted with the space key.

In the Russian typography to indicate the serial number of the subject (provided that the numeric value is mandatory) in a series of other similar. the number. symbol № is used. In the text, the “No.” sign applies only to the relevant number, which is separated from it by a space (e.g. 1) when typing.

To indicate a number (only for numbers in numeric form), use the special No. sign. The sign № and its data are written together or separately? Press the spacebar to enter the number sign.

In Russian typography the symbol No. is used to denote the ordinal number of an object (provided that a numerical value is obligatory) in a row of other similar ones. the number. In text, the “No.” sign applies only to the related number, from which it is separated by space when typing (e.g., 1).

Where is the number sign on the iPhone keyboard

So, to type the characters “Number” on the iPhone keyboard, you need:

  • Open the special values menu (the icon with the digits “123”).
  • Go to the next page of these signs by pressing “#=”.
  • Press the key with the “#” value, and then a hidden menu opens.
  • Without taking your hand off the screen, move it to the “№” symbol.
  • Release your finger.

After that, the number sign will appear in the input field.

These instructions are suitable not only for iPhone, but also for other portable gadgets that run on iOS operating system.