How to put a purchased song on your iPhone ringtone

Setting a paid ringtone in the iTunes Store

The way is fast, easy, but alas, you will have to pay for the content. If this fact does not stop you, we publish detailed instructions on how to put a ringtone on a call for a fee:

  • Open Settings in your iPhone, go to “Sounds.
  • At the top right you will see a “Store” button. Click on it. At this time your smartphone should be connected to the internet.
  • Choose a track in the catalog that opens. You can listen to it before you buy it. Do not forget to enter your bank card number in your Apple ID profile. without it, the purchase is not possible.
  • The ringtone will start downloading immediately after you purchase the ringtone.
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How to put a song to ring on your iPhone?

Hello all! I am sure that you do not know how to put a song on your iPhone ringtone, so I hasten to write this article for you. Nowadays these devices have become very popular.

The reason is that these kinds of devices are known for their excellent performance and quality. But inexperienced users have a lot of problems in using this type of device related to transferring photos, music and ringtones

One such problem is setting your own ringtone for an incoming call or other event. While many modern phones are easy enough to set up, the iPhone is not so simple. The fact is that your own melody on the iPhone must first turn into a ringtone, and then take on a number of other transformations. You can do this in the following way.

purchased, song, your, iphone

How to put a ringtone purchased from the iTunes Store

Only phone will be needed. Buy a ringtone. The method works without iTunes. In “Settings” on your iPhone go to: Select “Ringtone” next: Listen for free and buy the melody you like. The cost will be displayed next to it. When listening, pay attention to the duration. Do not buy a track for more than forty seconds. Click on the track you have purchased, select.

Ways to create ringtones for iPhone

When creating ringtones for iPhone, you need to know 2 important limitations, namely:

  • Ringtones for iPhone are in the “m4r” format and only;
  • Sound track duration for creating a ringtone should not exceed 30 seconds.

With the definition and limitations of creating a ringtone for iPhone have been understood, now you can proceed directly to the procedure.

Buying from the iTunes Store

The most accessible option allows you to do without the computer or any third-party applications. Apple has provided an option for users to buy ready-made ringtones from a large and regularly updated collection.

  • Switch to the “Sounds” section at the bottom of the screen. There is a menu at the top that will simplify the search. By default, a list of preset ringtones will open, which are grouped into groups.
  • Switching the view to “Top Ringtones” we get the sorting of sounds by popularity, calculated on the basis of the number of downloads made by users. Choose a melody you like.
  • By opening the internal menu and clicking on the name of the song you can estimate how the ringtone will sound on your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. The creators of the directory are also people, and the fragment they choose is not always the same as the one you like. As in any store, no one forces you to buy a bad or inappropriate sound product on the iTunes Store. Only when the chosen ringtone meets all requirements, you can buy it by pressing the button with the indicated price.
  • Before downloading the ringtone, the system will prompt you to set its purpose in the pop-up window. If you use the button marked in the screenshot, the sound will simply be downloaded to your device. You can set it as a default ringtone or to designate a call from a particular contact manually.
  • The last step involves paying for your purchase using the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. If for some reason it is not set up, you will have to do it the old-fashioned way by entering your Apple account password.
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How to put your own ringtone on your iPhone?

I would never have thought that you can’t just put your own ringtone on your iPhone. With Android, it’s done in a couple of clicks. Yes, Apple offers to buy a lot of ringtones from iTunes, but first, there’s a charge for everything, and second, your favorite tunes probably aren’t there.

Nothing is impossible! There’s a way you can put anything you like on your ringtone. So today I’ll tell you how to do it. In order to do the cherished thing, we need, in fact, an iPhone and a computer (PC or Mac) with iTunes on board. Let’s go!

Generally speaking, we just need to make the file format.m4r and load it into your iPhone. But let’s assume that all we have at hand is iTunes and the iPhone itself.

  • Opening iTunes. Press File. Add file to library. Choose the song you want there and add it. Alas, you can only make a ringtone from your music from your computer, you can’t do that with music bought through iTunes.

Let’s listen to the selected song and find the 38-second piece we want to put on the ringtone. Yes, alas, the iPhone ringtone can be no longer than 38 seconds. Listen to the song and memorize the start and end time of the segment.

Now right-click on the song and select “Information”. Here you will find the “Parameters” tab. Here we should set the start and end time of the ringtone, which we have chosen in point 2. Do not worry, the song is not cropped, it is necessary only for the ringtone, then the “Start” and “Stop time” checkboxes can simply be removed. By the way, you can specify the time down to the millisecond here by selecting the exact period.

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After setting the time interval, click OK.

  • Right click on the newly “trimmed” song and select “Create AAC version”. After that, the second track appears immediately, already trimmed to the size set in step 3.
  • Before continuing, if you have Windows, go to Start. Control Panel. Folder Properties (Folder Options), go to the “View” tab and uncheck the “Hide extensions for registered file types” checkbox.

Now right-click on the snippet you have created and select “Show in Windows Explorer” (or simply drag the track from iTunes into any folder).

You will see a file that has the extension “m4a”. We just need to change its extension to “m4r” (this is the format of iPhone ringtones).

Now remove the shortened version of the song from iTunes and uncheck the checkboxes in the original song settings.

Now you only need to sync your iPhone with your PC, and the ringtone will appear on your phone. If you haven’t synced your phone for a long time, the operation may be long, don’t be scared.

This is how easy it is to create your own iOS ringtones. Want to know about other useful? Subscribe to the Workshop blog and you’ll always know a little more than your friends.

Setting up a ringtone through the desktop version of iTunes

You can install the ringtone through iTunes: PxHere

If you don’t want to pay for music to call or can’t find a ringtone you like, then use iTunes, which is installed on your PC. To add a ringtone to your iPhone, first install the software on a PC or laptop.

You should simply transfer the tune to the iTunes environment. This will easily work on Microsoft operating system and MacBook with Mojave or older version.

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If you use MacOS Cataline or a newer system, you won’t find the ringtones section. In this case, use the standard “Music” application inside iTunes.

Now let’s take a closer look at how to install a tune on your iPhone this way:

  • Sync your PC or laptop with your mobile gadget.
  • Launch iTunes.
  • Open the section that displays the contents of your phone.
  • Find “Devices” in the sidebar. Select this option.
  • Drag the media file you have prepared in advance into the program window. No message will be displayed. The ringtone will appear in the sound settings of your phone.
  • Disconnect the cable from the PC, set the ringer on the iPhone in the standard way.

Media must be prepared before transferring. Convert to M4R. Also trim it beforehand. This process can be done with the help of free services you find on the Internet.

How to add a ringtone to iPhone

Sure, you can do with the standard ringtone, but it’s much more fun when your favorite song plays during an incoming call. But first the ringtone must be added to your iPhone.


Suppose you have a ringtone on your computer, which was previously either downloaded from the Internet or created by yourself. To make it appear in the list of ringtones on your Apple device, you’ll need to transfer it from your computer.

Done. The ringtone is now on your device.

iTunes Store

This method of adding new sounds to your iPhone is much easier, but it is not free. The idea is simple. buy the appropriate ringtone in the iTunes Store.

Apple makes my brain hurt…

    Launch the iTunes Store app. Go to the “Sounds” tab and find the right ringtone for you. If you know which ringtone you want to buy, select the “Search” tab and enter your request.

Changing the ringtone on iPhone: how to set the standard and your own ringtone?

iPhone owners often have the desire to put a new ringtone instead of the one that was originally set for incoming calls. Using default ringtones often causes irritation. When someone’s phone rings in a crowded place, you involuntarily reach into your for your device when you hear familiar sounds. About changing a boring ringtone we will talk about.