How to put a ringtone on the iPhone through a computer

How to put a song on the iPhone call: a trick against a copy

It’s hard to believe, but on the iPhone you can’t just take and put the ringtone. On Android this is done in several presses! But a fact is a fact, therefore, we give an exhaustive instruction to date on how to put a song on an iPhone call.

Apple supports copyright and does everything so that users buy music in the official iTunes store. Therefore, only honestly purchased tracks can be put on the iphone ringtone.

No, we do not mean that buying music is bad: the iTunes store is a leader in the distribution of digital audio. Apple considers music like any product, and allows the consumer to evaluate it (listen to the passage) and purchase exactly what you want (a separate track, not the whole album).

In addition, you can look for music by individual performers or, conversely, view the current top charts. Songs purchased in iTunes can be installed on the call by “native” products Apple. Yes, and in iTunes for Russia and the CIS are not particularly bitten: one track costs somewhere 19.

But if you listen exclusively to the Nordic Black metal and think that on iTunes there is one pop, or write music yourself, or want to call the bison the roar that you just cut out of the video on YouTube-no purchase will help no longer. In this case, we give detailed instructions on how to download any ringtone on iPhone.

With iTunes

I will say right away: this method does not work with songs bought in iTunes. But if you purchased a track on Bandcamp or SoundCloud, then it is quite.

Open iTunes and throw off the song you have chosen there. After that, click on the track with the right mouse button and choose the item “Information about the song”. After that, in the “Parameters” section, select any piece of song with a lasting no more than 30 seconds:

Click on OK and convert this song in AAC. You can do this along the path “File” “Convertation”:

After that you will have a shortened version of your song. Click on it with the right mouse button and select “Show in Finder” (“Show in the conductor” if you use Windows).

Then return to iTunes and delete this “stub” of the song from it, but leave the file in place. Open that Finder folder where you have a spanned shortened version of your favorite song. She will be in format.M4A. Rename it so that the permission of the track is in.M4R:

After that, connect your iPhone to the computer and go to iTunes in the device synchronization menu. On the left you will find the item “Sounds”. Just drag your file in format there.M4R:

How to install a ringtone on iPhone without itunes

If you want to install your own rington on the iPhone, this can be done without iTunes. We will show how to appoint a ringtone on our own.

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To install your own ringtone on the iPhone, it is not necessary to use iTunes.

Instead of iTunes, you can seek help from another application. The GarageBand program allows you to install the melodies of the call directly, without iTunes. The application is completely free, but heavy. It “weighs” a little less than two gigabytes.

How to get free Ringtones from Zedge to your Iphone without computer.

So, the application has been installed. Launch GarageBand and select “Audio Recorder” in the “Tracks” section. Then click the “Little Plus” icon in the upper right corner and select “automatically” in “Section A”.

After that, remove the mark above the red button above. To select the desired track from the iPhone, use the loop button in the upper right corner.

Cut the suitable piece of the track, but keep in mind: its length should not exceed 30 seconds. To do this, move the sliders to the right position inside the track.

Click on the soundtrack and touch the area “Share”. If you drag the scissors icon down, the soundtrack will be cut. Now delete unnecessary parts of the composition.

In the upper right corner, press the small arrow and select “My Songs”. Click “choose” on the right and mark the melody of the call. Then, using the download button, you can save the ringtone to the melody of the call. After that, assign him a suitable name.

Now it remains only to set the track as a new ringtone in the section “Settings” section “Sounds and Audio”.

Add the ringtone to the iPhone

Of course, you can do with the standard melodies of the call, but it is much more interesting when your favorite song will play with an incoming call. But first, the ringtone must be added to the iPhone.


Suppose you have a ringtone on a computer, which is previously either uploaded from the Internet, or created independently. So that he appears in the list of melodies of the call to the Apple Gadget, he will need to transfer him from the computer.

ringtone, iphone, computer

    Connect the smartphone to the computer, and then run itunes. When the device is determined in the program, click in the upper area of ​​the window according to its miniature.

Ready. Rington is now on your device.

Itunes Store

This method of adding new sounds to the iPhone is much easier, but it is not free. The essence is simple. To purchase the right ringtone in iTunes Store.

    Launch the iTunes Store application. Go to the “Sounds” tab and find the melody suitable for you. If you know what kind of song you want to purchase, select the Search tab and enter your request.

Prepare the right ringtone on iPhone using iTunes

So we turn on your computer with Windows or Mac. Of course, on the computer you need to install the iTunes program. You can download it from the official site by the link before installation, do not forget to choose a link for the operating room that is installed on PC, that is, Windu or Mac. In addition, download the gray button, otherwise we will be imposed on the Antivirus Avast. And you need him?

During the installation, do not forget to specify the registration data of your appel ID. We stock up on mp3 format tracks (Appele is best suited). Also, before connecting the iPhone to the PC, do not forget in iTunes to check “Process music and video manually”.

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The first application of the call installation for the iPhone, which we will consider, is called Ringtonium. To put your music on the incoming call with it:

(2022) How to set ANY Song as iPhone Ringtone. Free and No Computer!

Since the iPhone does not provide applications with access to the file system, you will have to add the created melody to the list of sounds through iTunes.

  • Launch iTunes, in the list of “Programs” Find and select the Ringtonium application.
  • Copy the M4R file to the desktop, which is the previously created ringtone.
  • In the ITUNES side menu in the Mediatics section, select “Sounds”.
  • Transfer the M4R file to the “Sounds” area.
  • Synchronize iPhone with iTunes.

To change the melody on the call, open the iPhone settings, go to the “sounds” section, open the “ringtone” submenu and select a loaded composition.

Similarly, Anyring and RingTones applications work. The difference between them is only in the design of the Inte Wee, the process of creating and adding rington is no different.

ringtone, iphone, computer

We use itools

Itools is an alternative version of iTunes, but it was created not by Apple developers, but by third.Party specialists. In a sense, the program creates ringtones faster due to the fact that you do not have to fool your head with a file format. However, the use of software, which is not intended for the iPhone operating system, can cause a conflict with “native” phone applications, so you should be careful.

To install a melody on a call using itools, follow the following instructions:

  • Find the created ringtone and simply drag it from the folder to the program window. It will be added automatically.
  • Connect the device to the computer and select Import To Device to transfer music to iPhone.

The program is not Russified, so the user is available only to the English.Speaking inteusion.

Installation of melody on a call

How to make your own ringtone on iPhone through iTunes we figured out, it remains to understand how to transfer it to your phone and install it as a melody for a call. With moving the file, the problems should not arise: just take it with the mouse and pull it into the iTunes window. If the program has a section “Sounds”, go to it. Inside you should see the added rington file.

If there is no file in the “Sounds” section, then try to delete the track in mp3, selecting the “Leave the file” mode. Another reason that the ringtone does not appear may be problems in the source file mp3 from which you have converted. Try to repeat the operation with other songs or use it for converting not iTunes, but other services.

ringtone, iphone, computer

If the ringtone appears in the “sounds” section, then connect the iPhone to the computer and perform synchronization:

After the completion of synchronization, you will find a file in the “Sounds” section in iOS settings. Mark it to install it on the call.

If there are no “sounds” section in iTunes, then the transfer order will change slightly. It will be necessary to first connect the iPhone, and then pull the track into the phone in the “Device” section or into the subsection “on my device” after pressing the smartphone icon in iTunes.

As you can see, the procedure is not easy, in addition, with the release of new versions of iTunes, the order is changing. For example, if in version 12.6 It was still possible to edit the menu and add the section “Sounds”, then in iTunes 12.7 of this possibility is no longer. Therefore, many users abandon the standard program in favor of ITOOLS and IFUNBOX. Through these applications, the ringtones is much easier and more convenient: you do not need synchronization, and the file is constantly in view. Cut the song in advance, convert and throw it into a file manager with connected iPhone. Itunes cannot offer such simplicity.

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Stage third. Rington installation on iPhone

Now let’s put the previously recorded ringtone on the iPhone call. To do this, it will need to be uploaded to the computer first, initially connecting the iPhone itself to it. When the phone is defined, first go to iTunes. After that, select your iPhone among connected devices in the upper left corner of the iTunes window, and in the window that appears, click on the “Program” tab in the “Settings” list on the left.

Here you scroll the ITUNES slope down until the phrase “General files” appears, where you choose the application you already used called “Ringtones”. Further, to the right of the common files in the window called “Ringtones Documents”, select the ringtones you recorded and throw them on the computer by clicking the “choice of folder” (preferably somewhere in a separate, previously created folder).

Finding rington in iTunes and saving on a computer

After saving, find them on your computer and lose with Aytyuns. Then select the “Sounds” tab in the same list of “Settings” and put in the ringtones you have saved in the lower list of the check. Then, in the upper list “Synchronization”, put a checkmark, thereby allowing the synchronization of the ringtones in principle, and choose the option. “selected sounds”. Then click the word “apply” in the lower right corner of the Aytyuns window, allowing him to download the melodies you have chosen back to the iPhone.

And. Go to the “Settings” of your iPhone and click on the Sounds tab. Here, look for the menu button with the name “ringtone” (or any other type, depending on what type you recorded), click it and in the list that opens, find the sounds just loaded from the computer, actually you can only put one of them as a ringtone.

Thus, dear friends, now your iPhone can delight you with your favorite melody. In addition, if your tastes change or the recorded ringtone will simply get tired, you can easily put a new one on the call.

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