How to reboot your LG Smart TV


How to reset the TV using LG as an example

Every year there are more and more Smart TV users. After the “smart” device appeared the possibility to use the Smart TV not only for watching TV shows. Smart TV allows you to install apps for different purposes. It’s not always possible for a smart device to work without malfunctioning. There are situations when installed apps don’t work correctly and the Smart TV screen displays an error. In such cases you need to reboot the TV or perform a factory reset. Let’s see how to reset the LG TV by yourself.

LG TVs are considered one of the most popular and in demand on the electronics market. But even with such decent devices there are problems. If the Smart TV hangs in one of the applications and stops responding to the remote control, a simple reset will help. In this case, you can’t reset the TV via the settings interface and the power button, which is responsible for activating and deactivating the device, is of no help. There is a simple method, which allows you to reboot the LG TV model, it involves the usual disconnection from the mains. Simply unplug the power cord and wait a couple of minutes then plug it in again. Keep in mind that the Smart TV should work when you unplug it. If this action doesn’t solve the problem, consider other options to help you reboot your TV.

If your Smart TV is working fine and so are its menus, you need to follow these steps to reboot your LG TV:

  • First, go to the “Menu” of the Smart TV, take the LG remote control and press the “Home” button.
  • Then find “Settings” on the menu screen and select it.
  • Under “General” in the settings menu, you will find the “Reset” option. Select it and simulate the reset process by pressing the button on the remote.
  • After that, follow the instructions that the TV screen will show you and select the “Confirm” option in all the warnings.
  • Finally, enter the TV’s password and start the reset. The password is usually a PIN (try 0000 or 1234). You can find it by searching the LG website for your Smart TV model.

After performing these steps, your LG TV should reboot.

If you want to reset your LG Smart TV without having a remote control, follow these steps:

  • You can try holding down the “Power” button on the side/bottom of the Smart TV. If a reset occurs after 10 seconds, do not proceed to the next step. However, if it doesn’t, go to the next step.
  • Use the joysticks on your TV to go to the “Menu” and “Settings” options.
  • There you can select the reset options by going through the same settings described in the question above about the device reset steps, for when you have a remote control.

If you don’t remember the PIN code you had when you installed the Smart TV, then the TV will not reboot. The only thing you will be able to do is reset the PIN that was originally thought up when you installed the TV. To reset the PIN code on your LG Smart TV, you need to do the following steps:

  • Go to “Menu” and select the “Settings” option.
  • Scroll through the settings and select the “Advanced Settings” option.
  • Then find the “Security” option and press the remote control button twice.
  • After that, go to the “Reset password” option. Do not press this button. Just highlight it with your cursor and press the channel up button twice, then channel down and channel up again. This is a secret built-in code that will help users when they forget and want to reset their password.
  • A dialog box will appear on the TV screen, type “0313” or “0325”.
  • Then enter “0000” in the security dialog box that appears in the following window.

After these steps, you will see a screen where you can change the password.

If you want to reset your LG Smart TV back to factory settings and find out how to reset the TV, in that case follow these steps:

  • In the Smart TV Menu, select the “Hardware Configuration” option.
  • Among the sections of the TV screen will show the option “Factory settings”. Press the button, then the TV will be reset to factory settings. It should be noted that the function “factory reset” is not on every model of LG TV, in most cases you will have to contact the service center. Only an expert can professionally configure your LG TV.

If resetting the LG TV did not work with the above methods, then most likely you will need to reinstall the software. When the software system becomes outdated, the device begins to work unstable, gives a glitch, error. Smart TV firmware will improve the smooth operation of the TV, the system will eliminate the possibility of software failures, as well as adding new features to search the Internet, watching online channels.

Here’s how to update the firmware on your LG Smart TV:

  • Go to the “Menu” Smart TV, select the “Settings” option.
  • Then under “Support” you will find the “Software update” option. Select it by pressing the button on the remote.
  • After that, go to “Check for updates”.
  • If your TV model has a newer version of firmware, you will be prompted to update the firmware. Select the “Refresh” option.

Through the system settings of the equipment wizards will also be able to reset the settings of your TV model, so if you can not reset the TV yourself, you need to contact the service center LG.

How to update your browser on your Samsung Smart TV

Modern televisions. it’s smart and versatile devices, the capabilities of which are not limited to only show TV programs in high quality thanks to the presence of digital receivers.

These are multimedia platforms that allow you to surf the web, watch online movies and shows, catch up on the news, etc.д. You use the browser to access the Internet.

Samsung has developed its own App TV web browser, but to use it fully, you need to know how to update the browser on your Samsung Smart TV.

If you use an outdated version of App TV, the program may not work correctly when you watch videos or perform other actions.

Browser for Samsung Smart TV: main features

In the official app store for Samsung Smart TV you can download and install any available browser, such as Google Chrome or Yandex Browser, but App TV, according to users, is the most functional and convenient in relation to competitive programs.

  • is based on Flash technology;
  • the web browser is multitasking, unlike competitive browsers;
  • The program allows you to open and use a large number of windows, while performance is not affected at all.

This is largely due to the fact that it is designed specifically to work on the Tizen platform, unlike other, more universal browsers.The App TV browser supports the HTML5 protocol and allows you to work with the WebKit engine.

Downloading and installation

Before you install a third-party browser on your Samsung Smart TV, you need to make sure your device supports this feature.

Many models allow you to replace the “native” web browser for another, more user-friendly, but on some TVs you can only use one browser. App TV.

You can get this information in the user manual, on the official site of the manufacturer or in specialized forums.To install on a Samsung Smart TV any application, including one of the popular browsers, you must open the interface Smart Hub, which provides access to the Internet and many multimedia functions.

The duration of the download and installation depends on the speed of the Internet, but usually the process is completed very quickly. Then you need to click on the “Run” button to use the program. Thus you can download any browser for your Samsung TV, be it Yandex or Google Chrome.

How to update your browser

In most Samsung TVs the App TV web browser is integrated into the TV firmware and can only be updated with it.

To install a new version of the software on your device, as well as to update the browser on your Samsung TV, you must

  • Connect the device to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet;
  • Press “Menu” on the remote control and open the “Support” section;
  • Select “Software update”;
  • Depending on the TV model, go to “Update Now” or “Over the Net”;
  • the search for updates will start; you need to wait until its completion;
  • If new firmware is detected, the appropriate notification will appear. You need to click on “Yes” button.

The TV will start downloading and installing the new software version. After the process is complete, the technique will reboot.

The same way you can update the firmware on LG Smart TV or devices from other manufacturers. Before updating firmware and web browser it is better to read what new features will appear to the user.

They may not be necessary, or the new version will be worse than the old one. In order not to lose the operable old version of the firmware, it is recommended to read the reviews of users who installed the update and get their experience of the software, to see if you need to update the TV.

ConclusionTo easily browse the internet on your TV, watch videos, use apps, and more, you must update your Samsung Smart TV browser or install a new one from the free. If you know the correct procedure, the operation seems very simple, no more complicated than setting up digital channels.

This necessity refers not only to Samsung equipment. So, installing a new version of Flash Player on LG TV is also a must, otherwise when watching movies or TV shows you might freeze videos, in some cases they won’t load at all.

Reloading algorithm

Please note that the process of rebooting the TV receiver, if we interpret it as a reset, does not involve a return to a previous version of the software. the firmware will not change. Let’s go further. it is not possible to reboot the Smart receiver using the “Power” key, which is responsible for activating and deactivating the equipment. To reset all the operational processes you will need to unplug the power cord from the outlet, and after 3-5 minutes plug it back in. But there must be one condition. when you unplug the TV must work.

And only if the described process didn’t help to solve the problem, you can proceed to resetting. This procedure has some differences depending on the platform used in Smart TV: earlier Netcast or advanced WebOS.

General order for Netcast operating system

LG Smart-TV receivers, released in 2010-2014, operate on this platform., And some low-end models of later production. The process of resetting to the factory default settings on such a device will be as follows:

  • First you need to press the “Settings” button on the remote control to open “Settings”;
  • Next, you need to select the “Settings” section
  • Then you need to find the “Factory settings” item in the presented list and press “OK” to confirm the resetting.

Once this process is complete, the Smart device will turn off and then turn back on a short time later and be as the user purchased it. unchanged, but also error free.

General order for WebOS

This operating system was installed on premium TVs from 2014 and later, and now it runs on most modern models. Rebooting of such TV-receivers is a bit different because of the different interface. So, to reset your receiver you will need to enter the menu by pressing the “Home” button on the remote control (with a house image), and then, depending on the version of the operating system you will need to follow one of the two steps below:

  • “Settings” (the Settings button on the remote control or the gear icon on the screen), then “Advanced”, then “General” and finally “Reset to Initial Settings”;
  • “Settings”, then “All Settings” (the button with three vertical dots), then “General” and finally “Reset Settings”.

After that, you should confirm your intention to reset the Smart receiver to the factory settings by clicking on “OK”. Never disconnect the TV from the power supply during the initialization process.

The nuances of rebooting different models

As it is already clear from the above, the reboot process has some differences not only depending on the platform used in the Smart TV, but also on different versions of the same OS. In addition, not all modifications of LG “smart” TV technics support reset option. To rehabilitate such TVs you will need to go to a service center, as only a qualified technician will be able to flash (update/zero) the problematic OS.

How to reset your DEXP TV?

In order to get to the recovery, you need to press Shift on the keyboard, and on the Windows login screen press restart.May 24, 2020.

Restore factory settings on Samsung Smart TV

Your TV will boot in service mode. Using remote control open Options Factory Reset. After that the TV will shut down. Just turn it back on to continue the setup.

How to reset the set-top box to the TV?

First you should unplug the set-top box from a 220V outlet, then similarly turn off the modem for 15 seconds. Connection is reversed order. modem turns on, after 2 minutes. the set-top box. You need to wait for another 3-5 minutes for the final loading of the equipment.

Troubleshooting you can do yourself

The easiest reason when the TV does not respond to the remote control. the batteries. Try to replace them and check the remote control again. Console board contacts oxidized. Disassemble the remote control and wipe the contacts of the remote control board with a absorbent cotton soaked in alcohol.

How to reset LG Smart TV

Thanks to the integration of the Internet and digital interactive services modern LG Smart TV. These are actually computers in the TV form factor and support its features. The main advantage of Smart TV is the ability to obtain additional content, mainly from the Internet: access to streaming services (Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Okko, Amediateka, etc.), and to watch the TV.д.TV set malfunctions rarely occur, even with such high-quality, long-lasting, accurate hardware like LG.e), sports programs and games.

The operation of all LG Smart TV functions is provided by the WebOS operating system, developed for smart home appliances and designed specifically for Smart TVs. WebOS is considered one of the most reliable, sometimes due to external reasons or system errors the system can fail, which negatively affects the TV. Despite the fact that it happens quite rarely, it can happen even with such high-quality, durable and accurate equipment like LG.

The cause of TV malfunction can be:

reboot, your, smart
  • Unlicensed software or programs from unverified sources.
  • Lack of internal memory when installing updates (but this happens very rarely, usually the device gives a push-notification about the lack of memory and the inability to update the firmware).
  • Power surges and blackouts can also affect your TV. Such single cases are not critical, but on a regular basis they can cause a system malfunction. To avoid this, LG TV manufacturers recommend connecting the device to a power source through a surge protector.
reboot, your, smart

If your TV shows any other signs of malfunctioning, don’t panic. In most cases you can fix it yourself. Simply reset your LG Smart TV to restart the OS.

The main signs of incorrect operation of the TV, in which restarting the operating system will help Smart TV:

  • Your TV freezes or lags during use.
  • The TV does not play any content.
  • Increased (compared to normal) time to load the browser, any other program or application.
  • The TV is blocking IP addresses.
  • The pre-installed flash player has stopped working or is malfunctioning.
  • TV doesn’t respond to remote control.
  • TV stops catching Wi-Fi.
  • TV “sees” no external sources, such as flash drives.

How to reboot the TV LG Smart TVStep-by-step instructions

Rebooting your TV usually refers to two actions:

  • Unplug your LG TV for 4-5 minutes and then plug it back in after a short period of time. This method will help to eliminate minor bugs in the system, close applications and programs that have not been completed correctly, which occupy the operating memory and slow down the process. It will also restart your internet session, which can help if the TV is having problems with the browser.
  • Reset your settings to factory defaults. In this case all settings and system changes, made by user, will be reset to default and factory settings will be restored. This method is considered to be the best for fixing software errors in LG Smart TV OS.

How to reset LG Smart TV to factory settings: instructions

  • Press the Home button on the remote control.
  • Select the “Settings” (Pinion pictogram) section.
  • Select “Advanced Settings”, in it the “General” section, and then “Reset Initial Settings.
  • After this, the TV will automatically reboot.
  • If you have previously activated the “Security” option, the system will ask you to enter the password.

Important: Do not disconnect your TV until the process is completed.

After resetting to the factory settings, the owner will have to reconfigure a number of functions of his LG Smart TV:

If resetting LG TV did not help to solve the problem or during the operation to reset the TV to factory settings you have to contact the service center of LG, where qualified professionals will help to solve the problem.

How to do a TV Reset?

How to Reset an E-Series TV

  • Enter the TV menu: press the “Menu” button.
  • Choose “Support”.
  • Select “Self-diagnosis.
  • Select “Reset”.
  • Enter your PIN-code (If you haven’t changed your PIN-code, please dial 0000).
  • Select “Yes” to confirm.
  • Reset your settings. Your TV will turn off and then turn back on.

What to do if Smart TV hangs?

Try unplugging it for 2 minutes and then turn it back on. Often such procedure helps to. Just keep in mind that if the hang-up occurs while operating on an external receiving or playback device, you should also de-energize it.

How to clear internal memory on LG phone

  • Go to the “Settings” menu. Select “Device Management” and in it the “Internal Memory” section
  • In this section, you’ll see how much memory you can free up in your LG phone. The Android OS will give you several options.
reboot, your, smart