How to record a conversation on Huawei

How to record a call on Honor 10 Lite?

To record a call you need to call the subscriber or answer an incoming call. After that, the owner of the device will open the call menu. Here it is necessary to press the button “Record” so that it is highlighted. This will be a direct indication that the call is being recorded.

The recording icon will appear in the native dialer automatically, you can also activate automatic call recording in the Phone Settings Auto Record Calls menu.

How to activate call recording?

To activate this function, go to the application of the operator and in the “Services” section activate call recording. After that open the application “Phone” and dial the number 333. Then press the “Add” button on the screen and dial the subscriber with whom you want to record a conversation.

In the list of contacts or calls find the desired subscriber. In the tab, a separate menu item activates Voice Recorder, after which everything said during a phone conversation will be recorded in the memory of your device.

How to record a call on Honor using apps and applications

If there is no default option, let’s look at the mechanism of how to record a phone conversation on Huawei and Honor in other ways.

Today, Play Market offers customers such applications:

  • Call Recorder;
  • Automatically record calls / conversations;
  • Cube ACR;
  • Automatic Call Recorder;
  • SMSROBOT LTD (Auto Call Recorder, Period Tracker) and others.

The best samples on Android are at the top of the list. Do not download with the prefix “2018”, “2019”, etc.д. Also, do not listen to all reviews, but only those of registered users, because “Guests” can be tipped for advertising.

When you have installed the necessary software, open it and pass the basic authorization. Most frequently asked for last name, first name, phone number. Verification and activation of your account is done by phone or e-mail to make sure that you are not a robot. Further in settings it is necessary to choose how to enable call record. There are two modes as standard:

It is better to choose the second way, because the file takes up little space. And if the need is there, then recording all calls will be appropriate.

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Next, consider where the records are stored and where to look for them.

  • First, check the recorder section. If the phone allows you to perform this function, it is the recorder.
  • Open the built-in music player. In the settings you should also check if it is possible to record the sound of a phone conversation.
  • Enter Explorer and specify path sdcard/PhoneRecord. If you already have records on your phone, they are displayed. If not, there will be an empty folder where these files will be saved.

After installing the software, make a test call to the number of friends or relatives to test its work.

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How to activate the voice recorder on the phone during a call?

In the list of contacts or calls find the necessary subscriber. In the tab in a separate item of the menu is activated the Voice recorder, after which everything said during the phone call will be recorded into the memory of your device.

To activate this feature, go to the operator’s application and in the “Services” section activate call recording. After that, open the application “Phone” and dial the number 333. Then press “Add” button on the screen and dial the subscriber with whom you want to record a call.

Recording phone calls on Android

Recording a call on the Honor, just like on the Huawei, is easy:

  • Open Chrome. “Downloaded files” and install the application;
  • Run the regular app “Phone”. “Settings” and turn on the option “Automatic recording of conversations”;

The recording function must be enabled in the settings of the regular application “Phone”

This method works on all Huawei and Honor smartphones, regardless of whether they support Google services or not. I don’t know how the Chinese managed to implement this to bypass the search giant’s rules, but something tells me it could have been done out of spite. In any case, the phone call recording is not accompanied by any notifications for the caller at the other end. That is, it will not know it is being recorded unless you tell it yourself.

Turn on voice recorder on Huawei phone with Android 6, 7, 8

For earlier versions of Android smartphones there are other applications. Fits any model “CUBE ACR Call Recording” app. Its advantage is the function to record not only the cell phone conversation, but also VoiP calls. Since messengers have become more popular these days than cell phones and there is no need to pay for them. The app is completely free. Install it from the link on Google Play.

Application Features:Explanation:
Automatic call recording and filtering. Conversations are recorded in a row, and you can also sift them out according to different characteristics.
Save only the calls you may need. Manually set up on Huawei according to your needs.
You do not need to use the standard voice recorder to play back a recorded conversation. You can listen to the result directly in the program
The exception book will help you set up automatic recording intelligently. Contacts entered into it will not be recorded.

Add actions that the app will perform immediately after you save the track.

If there is no built-in function

If you have not found any of the above features in your phone, it means that your smartphone does not support automatic call recording. But there are plenty of third-party apps that can help solve the problem.


This application without ROOT-rights returns to the firmware cut by the developers automatic recording of calls.

Select your Android version and download the APK file under “Install the stock call recorder”. Please note that you need to register to download the file.

Now all calls will be saved in the path “Internal Memory”. “Sounds”. “CallRecord.


You can also use third-party application “CallX”, which allows you to record conversations.

Download the app from this site and install it on your smartphone.

Turn on either automatic or manual recording.

How to enable call recording on Huawei?

To do this, press the power button and, on a locked screen, swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen (swipe. Pull up from the bottom edge of the screen) and see the menu, where the dictaphone icon will be. Click on the icon to open the recorder application, to start recording press the red button.

  • Open the Google Play store.
  • Use the search bar to find CallRec and press the “Install” button.
  • After installation, run the program and agree to the terms of use.