How to record a conversation on the phone

How to record a phone call on Huawei

At certain times we have the need to save the conversation on the phone. This can be useful for people with poor memory. Or in business conversations where every word must be saved. From this article you will learn the way which will help to record your conversation on Huawei brand cell phone.

Most models of Huawei cell phones do not have a built-in program to record calls. Since this feature is illegal in many countries, including China and Russia. This does not mean that we can not save any conversation on your dictaphone in your smartphone. But processing and using personal data for your own purposes could lead to criminal liability. Chinese manufacturers have not included this software for many export models for the reason that users can find the necessary functionality on their own in the market.

You can check your Huawei phone for a built-in voice recorder with a call. Choose any contact in the phone book and make a call. On the toolbar you will see a button called “Record” or “Recorder. If your device does not have such a tool, you will still be able to record communication. Now we will tell you how.

How to record a conversation on the Samsung Galaxy A12 built-in means

Samsung Galaxy A12, like any other Android smartphone, has everything you need to record a call without using any tools. To perform the operation you will need to call the caller or answer an incoming call. After that, the owner of the device will open the call menu.

Here you need to press the “Record” button so that it is highlighted. This will be a direct indication that the conversation is being recorded. And it does not matter, a person talks through the speaking speaker or a multimedia speaker. In any case, it is on the system level.

It should be noted that the button “Recording” is not always displayed on the main screen of the call menu. Often you have to activate it through an additional item “”. So it is recommended to check all the settings of the standard dialer.

The second way

The second way is more acceptable, but not easy (for those who have no experience in firmware). It consists in reflashing the Samsung a51 to the country where call recording is available.

Such countries are few: Bangladesh, Luxembourg, Libya, Egypt, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Laos, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Israel.

The last three are preferable. Then, after flashing, you can set the Russian language, and call recording will appear by itself.

I think no one will risk to re-interrogate. Phone is almost new, but what if something goes wrong and you get a brick. So I will describe only if someone asks in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев how (I already have a ready-made folder with all the equipment).

How to connect the recorder?

It is enough to dial the number of the desired subscriber and then click on the record button (voice recorder icon). After that, go to the application with files, find the folder call_rec and listen to the recorded conversation.

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How to record a conversation on your cell phone

At first glance, the AppStore and GooglePlay offer a lot of developments for recording incoming and outgoing calls. But in practice it turns out that there are very few really working options.

iPhone. To begin with, the AppStore, at the request in Russian “calls”, “call recording”, “record” does not give any options. Let’s move on to finding the English-language versions of the apps. By searching for “call recorder” we are offered about 100 possible options, and almost all of them are free. At first glance.

After installing and testing a few we understand that you have to pay to record calls.

It works like this: you recharge your account and call from the application server, in our case this is IntCall.

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The program allows you to record only outgoing calls, play them on the iPhone, send via Email, synchronize records via iTunes, delete, and rename them.

The app can work without a SIM card because calls are made through the developer’s servers. All you need is a top-up and a good Internet connection (WI-FI/3G/4G).

You can top up your balance with your credit card; here is the cost per minute of calls in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Let’s calculate the cost of recording a call, for example, in Kazakhstan:

15 minutes = 0.1015 = 1.5 or 279 tg 30 minutes = 0.1030 =3 or 557 tg 60 minutes = 0.1060 =6 or 1114 tg

If you use the app regularly, it is quite expensive. But this is not the only disadvantage.

The developers have taken care of the trial version, so we are given one free minute, so that the application can be tested.

The result. poor quality of communication, the voice reaches the interlocutor slowly, which affects the speed of his answer and the amount of information received. In other words: you ask a question, you hear silence, after a few seconds the person answers, if you do not understand something, you ask again, but the question reaches the interlocutor later, and you get confusion.

You spend more time and therefore more money.

This is how most call recording apps work on iOS devices.

Android. At the request “Record Calls”, Google Play gives us a huge number of different applications. Chose the free application “Record Calls” from the developer Appliqato, it has a fairly high rating. 4.2 out of 5.

In the description, we read that you can record all calls, both incoming and outgoing, and store them on the phone or synchronize them in Google Doc. All records are easily renamed, you can select specific contacts, calls with which will always be recorded.

Install the application and click the checkbox “always record“. Now all our calls, both incoming and outgoing, will be recorded automatically, but the quality leaves much to be desired.

For example, if your interlocutor speaks very quickly or very high, it will be quite difficult to understand him. Another problem is that after a call, the Lenovo smartphone hangs a lot. But, nevertheless, the calls are recorded.

Let’s test the application on Samsung and it does not work very well at all. Smartphone does not record conversations and hangs after calls.

Try the alternative app for Android. “Record Calls” from Clever Mobile with a rating of 4.0 out of 5.

We are still promised to record all phone calls, playback, delete, block from deletion, forwarding and even storage format in 3GP or MP4.

Download the application to the Samsung, do not click anywhere and call.

The application works! It records incoming and outgoing, doesn’t “hang” or crash. The only drawback, in contrast to the good quality of voice recording, our voice is heard badly, but, in our opinion, this is not a problem. The voice does not lag, all in all, everything is good.

So, after all the attempts, we say a firm “yes” to the “Record Calls” app from Clever Mobile for Android.

Owners of other operating systems can be advised to record calls through a voice recorder, turning the conversation on speakerphone.

If you’ve had a better experience with call recording applications for mobile devices. write to us, we will be happy to hear from you.

Where to find and how to listen to the recording

If you managed to record your phone conversation on Honor 10, now you need to find the recording files. It depends on how it is saved. The file explorer is used to find them:

  • The standard recorder or recorder function. Such files are automatically saved in the path “Audio”. “Recorder.
  • Third Party Apps. In the file explorer you need to find the folder with the program name in it, where the files are kept. Also some programs immediately after the end of the call displays a button “View”, by clicking on which the user will immediately get to the desired folder.
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These are simple ways to learn how to record a conversation on your Honor phone. It is only important to find the option that is suitable for use on a particular smartphone model and its operating system. You should also study the laws of your country, which concern the issues of recording and using conversations.

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