How to record a video from the screen of the Android tablet

Writing a video from the screen on Android: Best applications

I think that many at least once wanted to record a video with everything that is happening from the phone screen. Imagine, because you can capture the video calls of relatives (and then show other loved ones who have not seen them for a long time), you can save the game (or make a video from the funniest moments), write a direct broadcast, etc.D.

But, at such moments, as usual at hand, there is never the right tool (application). What, in my opinion, is not good, because such a video can give emotions not less than the old mental photo (as the folk wisdom says “the best once see. Than to hear 100 times!”).

Actually, in this article I want to present several very interesting applications that will solve this problem (the material will be relevant for phones and tablets on Android 4.4 ).


How to record Mobile Screen and Yourself at the same time in any Android Smartphones ?

If you want to record a video from a computer screen. Then I recommend that you familiarize yourself with this article: https: // ocomp.Info/Programi-dlya-Zapisi-Video-S-Ekrana.HTML

Using the screen recording function in Play Games

In order to record the video from the Android screen on the Play game, follow the following simple steps:

  • Launch the Play game application and select any game, do not press “play”, but just click on the game icon. If you need to write not a video from the game, but the video from the screen (home screen and from other applications), I recommend choosing not those games that are loaded for a long time, but something from the mini-games built into the Play game.
  • Click on the camera icon in the upper line, select the quality of the recording and click “Start”.
  • The game will automatically start, a notification from the Android system may also appear, where you need to give permission to record the screen.
  • The game screen will appear, as well as the buttons for managing the recording and the “circle”, in which there will be an image from the front camera. The front camera can be turned off by pressing the camera icon, the microphone. By pressing the microphone icon.
  • If you turn the game (switch to a home screen), the recording buttons will not disappear, and we can still click on the “recording” icon for recording a video from the screen. To complete the recording, click the recording button and press the “Stop” button (square).
  • If you press and hold a circle with the image of a video from the front camera (or a gamepad, if we turned off the recording of the front camera), it can be transferred to any convenient place on the screen. If you transfer it to the center of the screen, then the elements of the recording control will disappear.
  • Screen recording files are stored in the Movies \ ScreenCasts folder in the internal memory of the device.

Using the screen recording in this application is very simple and some problems, even a novice user should not have arisen. The possibility of recording a video from the front camera Android at the same time as the video recording may also be interesting.

But, as you could notice, there is a limitation on the quality of the video recorded. Only 720p, and this does not depend on the real resolution of the screen of your device or its performance. For many purposes, this is quite enough, but if you need a record in the original resolution, you should use other methods, the link to the instruction is given at the beginning of this article.

Writing a video from the Android screen on Samsung Galaxy

Depending on the Android version on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the features of video recording may differ:

  • On the Samsung smartphones with Android 10 and it is enough to go into the notification area and find the “Writing” button (note that the list of buttons can be stained horizontally). In its absence, click on the menu button (three points at the top right), select the “buttons order” item and see if the screen recording button is available among the disconnected and add it if necessary, if necessary.
  • When starting the screen recording using this button, you can choose whether to record the sound and where: only from the phone (from the game, application) or from the phone and microphone.
  • When recording a video from the screen, a panel will appear on top of it, where the recording can be stopped.
  • Samsung recording settings with Android 10 are in settings. Additional functions. Pictures and recording of the screen (for example, there you can choose a resolution of the recorded video).

On Samsung Galaxy smartphones with previous versions of Android, the screen recording was possible in games: for this in settings. Additional functions must be enabled Game Launcher.

And during the game, open the panel with the control buttons and use the Game Launcher button on it, where the screen recording functions will be.

Also a worthy candidate to settle in your Android device. The advantages of the application include a very simple settings integer in which you can quickly set: resolution, bitrate, video recording time, write sound and set the name of the future video.

In order to remove the Castle from Krin Cast, it is enough to press the Record button, after which the timer will begin, during which time you will have time to turn the REC application intese. And shoot the video the time how much you put in the settings.

Az Screen Recorder

And the third almost free Az Screen Recorder program. Does not require root, with minimal advertising and without restrictions on the duration of the shooting. It slopes and starts with one slippage, knows how to record various formats, including Full HD and QHD. You can also choose any of the many bitrates, permits, framrates, make the program countdown, etc. The resulting video can be saved on an SD card or in internal memory, as more convenient for the user. The application, however, contains different paid chips: for example, creating GIFs, drawing on the screen, there is a button to control records without entering the application.

What methods are there

The first version of Android, supporting the full.Fledged possibility of recording video directly from the screen. 4.4.2 kitkat.

Without Root-right

You can do without a root-right when there is a computer at hand. The principle of shooting a video without a ROOT-access is as follows: an Android version of the application is installed on a smartphone or tablet, the application version for Windows on PC. Among these applications are No Root Screen Recorder and Recordable.

Using a ROOT

But for “ruttered” smartphones and tablets there are a bunch of special Android applications for shooting a video from the screen that allow you to do without PC. Among them are Screencast Video Recorder, Scr Screen Recorder, Shou, REC Screen Recorder and simply Screen Recorder.

Android screen recording with a built.In recording function

The new Android 11 has a screen recording function that will help you fix the actions on the screen.

Step 1 you can simply draw down the screen, touch the editing icon and drag the screen recording into quick settings. If you did it before, just click on it.

Step 2 then you can start recording and do what you want to write on Android after the return reference.

record, video, screen, android

Step 3 Finally, stop the record and save it on the Android phone.

Now let’s read together to see the pros and cons of each application for recording and capturing the Android screen.

Screen Recorder

Advantages: no advertising, expanded functionality and the ability to draw notes.

The application, covering all possible functionality, fully justifies the expectation of users: screen pictures and continuous recording, recording sound from speakers or from the inside. Screen Recorder works with two cameras, additionally during the session you can leave notes on the screen.

Advantages: recording internal sound with Android (only for Android 10), adding texts and banners with full setting when recording screen.

This application works as well as as mentioned above, but the screen is recorded here through two mechanisms. Default and Advanced. Conventional functions such as pause, drawing, support of two cameras, trimming remain unchanged.

record, video, screen, android

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How to restore Android video if you have lost them

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Android Screen Recording: How to record your Android screen (2 Ways!)

How to restore Android video in a matter of minutes

Step 1 upload, install and start software for Android data recovery.

Step 2 connect your Android to a computer via a USB cable.

Step 3 Turn on the USB debugging mode using screen instructions.

Step 4 Select the video and other types of files that you want to restore.

record, video, screen, android

Step 5 Select and watch any Android video.

Step 6 Press Recover to return the selected Android videos to your computer.

This is all regarding the recording and restoration of the video on Android.

If you have any other good way to record a video for Android, you can share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. Thank you for your time.