How to record video from the Samsung screen

How to record video from the Samsung screen

Very often a situation arises when you need to quickly record the information from the screen. And if making a screenshot is easy enough and many people know the algorithm of saving pictures, then there are problems with making a video recording of the screen.

On PC you can install special programs that allow you not only to record short videos, but also to save long online broadcasts, edit them and combine several tracks simultaneously. The same principle is applied to mobile applications that can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

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The first way to enable screen recording on Samsung a50 without extraneous applications

Can the phone, in our case the Galaxy a50, capture the desktop? The phone does not have a desktop recording feature, but with a little trickery you can do this for some apps.

This is useful when you want to demonstrate how the app works or how to set it up. You don’t need any external applications to do this.

To record something we need one of the functions already built into the Samsung a50 software.

Almost every phone can record using the Game Tools feature available in the Game Launcher app.

The system has a built-in recorder of the games installed on your phone. The app will automatically notify you of the game tools when you first start the game.

How to Record your Samsung Phone Screen | Screen Recorder Demo

In the Game Launcher window, you will not see the icon in any other application than the ones you have added yourself.

Follow the procedure below. Activate the “Game Launcher” in the settings section “Advanced Features” and also activate the icon on the desktop. It is easy to do.

Next, launch Game Launcher, click on the 3 dot menu (drag the bottom bar up) and then select the “Add apps” option.

A list of third-party apps installed on our device appears. We add the ones we want to record.

Note that this option doesn’t work for built-in applications on the phone, such as Chrome, YouTube, Google Maps, etc. д.

after adding the desired applications from the panel launches the one you want to record. The Game Tool icon will appear in the bottom left corner or on the navigation bar.

Click the icon or by expanding the notification window, click the notification and then the “Record” icon to start.

After this action begins the process of recording the screen and the actions performed on it. To finish, follow the opposite direction. Once completed, we get information about the ability to view the saved record.

You should also know that you can configure the recording method. To customize the application, simply click on the gear icon in the application window.

In the options we can choose MPEG or GIF format, select the video quality (maximum 1080p, the default is 720p), adjust the bitrate and aspect ratio.

You can also choose between your voice and the game voice. Selecting a voice (microphone) will allow us to record external sounds, using the phone’s microphone.

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This option is useful when we want to add our comment about the performed actions. Setting for the game will record the sound in the application itself and allow us to record the system sounds from the phone.

The recordings we made can be found as a standard in the Gallery application. You need to know that for each application added to the Game Launcher, in which we use this feature, a separate folder will be created automatically.

It will contain all the entries for the application, which can be easily and standardly edited and distributed as any other video file.

What do you think about this method? Can it replace external applications? In my opinion, the service is not complicated, it’s more a matter of getting used to it and knowing how to use it.

The second to do screen recording on Samsung a50 “AZ Screen Recorder”.

We already have an option to enable screen recording on the Samsung a50, but now we will consider another one. through the application “AZ Screen Recorder”.

Installing the application is a free solution, unlike buying an external device.

One of them is the AZ Screen Recorder, a free application that not only doesn’t take much memory (a few megabytes) but also doesn’t require ROOT rights.

The program offers a large number of configuration options for video recording you can choose the resolution (maximum QHD), the number of frames (up to 60 frames per second) or the orientation of the screen.

Interesting are the simultaneous recording of camera images or sound from the microphone built into the device, as well as the ability to stop, resume and merge these files into one.

It is important that the features available for free manufacturer allows you to purchase additional options, but they are not as necessary as those listed above. effects such as GIF conversion, the ability to use the front camera or video cropping.

I must admit that the program works very well on the Samsung a50 AZ Screen Recorder has no problems in it.

The situation looks a little worse in the case of games here fluidity is not so good, but it is worth remembering that it depends mainly on the technical characteristics of the game.

You can also note problems with sound recording it is muffled and can sometimes break. The main solution, however, is a program that can be safely recommended.

Alternative software Samsung Screen Recorder

Game Launcher and Screen Recorder can not record all the application screens on the Samsung. If you want to screen capture on a Samsung with more advanced features, you can use the Blu-ray Screen Recorder Wizard as well. Simply use the Android emulator app to simulate the Android app on your computer screen. Later you can record Samsung screen video, audio and webcam at the same time.

  • 1. Record video from your Samsung screen at up to 60 frames per second.
  • 2. Record screen on Samsung with internal and external sound.
  • 3. No time limit. You can record Samsung for hours or even longer.
  • 4. Add annotations and mouse effects while recording Samsung screen video.
  • 5. Adjust video format, quality, frame rate and other recording options.
  • 6. Preview and trim Samsung recording file.
  • 7. Save and share your Samsung recordings with multiple options.

You can also run Blu-ray Master Free Online Screen Recorder to record free video and sound from your Samsung screen in WMV format. Although advanced screen recording features are limited. But you can still record screen video from Samsung online for free.

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How to record video from the phone screen?

Users often wonder “How to record video from your Android phone screen?”But here everything is much more complicated than when using a PC. You can record anything on video. For example, instructions on how to flash the phone or interesting moments during the game, of which you can make a compilation and put on videohosting. We will consider the easiest way to implement which does not require root rights.

AZ Screen Recorder. App for recording video from your display

This is one of the most popular, convenient and functional applications, so let’s talk about it in detail. The application, which records video from the phone screen, does not require Root-access for installation, which is a weighty advantage.

  • There is no time limit for recording;
  • Not only the video from the screen is saved, but also the sound from the microphone;
  • The ability to shoot video on the front panel at the same time as shooting the display. It will be displayed on the captured video in a separate window;
  • Display touches are displayed, which comes in handy when creating video tutorials on how to use your phone;
  • There is a countdown timer, after which the recording begins;
  • While shooting, you can make notes and drawings on the screen;
  • After shooting a video you will be able to cut unfortunate shots from it or which you simply do not need.

How to work with the application AZ Screen Recorder?

A program that records video from your phone screen works very easily. To do this, you need to run it, and then a new window appears with the keys for shooting, access to the basic settings and folders, where the captured material is stored. To start, we press the red button, it’s hard not to notice.

To interrupt the process pull the curtain down, after which the buttons “Pause” and “Stop” will appear.

When using the application for the first time, you should go to the settings menu, where you can set the resolution and bitrate of the clips, specify the folder in which the material will be saved, activate or deactivate the sound saving, set the timer before the recording starts, and select the default orientation of the display.

You already know how to record videos from your Android smartphone screen, but how to watch the footage? To do this, select the “Picture” button, and then the full list of videos will be displayed. Next to each material, there are the “Edit” and “Delete” buttons.

The advantages of the application should include a thoughtful functionality that is not available in most free analogues. Of the disadvantages. The abundance of ads, which applies to all free applications. Now you know how to quickly and easily record video from your Android smartphone screen.

How to record the screen in the Samsung Galaxy M31?

How to Screen Recorder in Samsung Galaxy M31? How to enable screen recording in the Samsung Galaxy M31? How to use Screen Recorder in Samsung Galaxy M31? How to take a screenshot in the Samsung Galaxy M31? How to Save Screen Action in Samsung Galaxy M31?

As soon as you want to save a fleeting that appears on your display, or share an action that is difficult to describe in words, just Record screen in your Samsung Galaxy M31. Learn how to activate and use this super tool. You won’t miss anything! Record the screen, save it and share it with friends!

  • Slide the top bar down at the beginning.
  • Second, locate and click on Record screen icon.
  • In just 3 seconds, screen recording will start.
  • To record or draw something on the screen, tap on the pen. Choose a color and do!
  • To add your picture in the corner of the display, click the icon profile picture icon.
  • To stop recording, press the stop tab. small square icon.
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How to make a video screen recording on your Samsung

Hi! Today I will show you the Super App! You’ll be able to record a video of your Samsung Galaxy phone screen. You can very easily and quickly take a screenshot, GIF, video screen as you play a game, record instruction, live streaming, video call, etc.д. the application is suitable for any Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy, any model S, A, J 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc.д.

See the instructions below and post Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have any questions. Let’s go!)

Turn on the recording screen on the phone Samsung Galaxy M31 is possible without third-party programs, because the developers have provided a special function. It is activated through the notification curtain. You just need to click on the camera icon.

After you click, the recording will start automatically. If this does not happen, then you will need to press another characteristic button “Rec”, which will appear on the display. To stop, just click on the red icon again, but now it will be represented as a square instead of a circle.

Also smartphone Samsung Galaxy M31 allows you to fine-tune the function. All necessary options are located in the settings of the device under the point “Screen recording. Thus, it is possible to change the frame rate, resolution and input method, i.e. audio recording (microphone or system).

You can turn on screen recording on the Samsung Galaxy S10 phone without third-party programs, as the developers have provided a special function. It is activated through the notification curtain. The user need only click on the icon with the image of a video camera.

After a click, the recording of what is happening will start automatically. If this does not happen, you will need to press another characteristic “Rec” button, which will appear on the display. To stop, you need to click on the red icon again, but now it will be represented as a square instead of a circle.

Also the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone allows you to fine-tune the function. All the necessary settings are located in the settings of the device in the item “Screen recording”. So, it is possible to change the frame rate, resolution and input method, that is, sound recording (microphone or system).

A simple way to record video on the Android screen with internal sound

Unlike Apple iOS devices, Android does not have such a built-in screen recording function. If you want to record video on Android, you need to install a third-party screen recorder APK. However, you can’t get many screen recording features from most Android video recorders.

Some people prefer to mirror the Android screen on a PC or Mac. This way, you can get a larger display and a larger selection of screen recorders. No matter which method you choose, you can always get the best Android video recorder app from the following paragraphs.