How to record video from the screen

OBS Studio #x1f44d;

A free multifunctional program that allows you to record and broadcast to the web (if necessary) not only all screen activity, but also video from other. devices (e.g. from a webcam).

And in a few clicks of the mouse you can quickly adjust the size and position of the windows, specify the degree of compression, codecs, etc. (#x1f447; very useful if you are capturing from several devices at once).

Desktop and game capture at the same time!

By the way, this software (recently), the manufacturers of some audio and video devices began to specify as basic to work with their technique (eg, capture cards, video cameras, etc.).).

  • free with a lot of options and settings;
  • allows you to capture from multiple sources at once: your desktop, a webcam (or other devices), or a computer. device), from a game, etc.д.;
  • ability to not only record video, but also broadcast it to the network;
  • Ability to save video in different formats: mp4, flv, mkv, etc.;
  • hotkeys support;
  • The presence of a sufficiently large number of plugins;
  • Works on Windows, Linux, macOS ( supports russian!).

AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor combines the functions of video editor and recorder. Inteace reminds Camtasia Studio, but is completely translated into Russian, so it’s much more convenient to work with this software. The user can choose the action when starting up for the first time: to start a video from the screen or to process an already existing video clip. The recorded video can be sent directly to the editor, where you can add effects, transitions, text and graphics elements.

  • Support of several connected devices;
  • Basic editing: trimming, rotating, splitting, deleting separate fragments;
  • than 300 special effects and transitions;
  • Functions for adding text Комментарии и мнения владельцев and subtitles;
  • Correction of jitter in the frame;
  • Fast video editing in Full HD, 2K QHD, 4K UHD formats;
  • Fast conversion using hardware acceleration;
  • Creating DVD, Blu-Ray.

How to Record Your Computer Screen in Windows 10

AVS does not support capturing system sounds. you can add audio only through a microphone.

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record, video, screen

AVS can add hand marks and draw on the video frame

Recording video from the screen: 10 best programs for any occasion

You need to record a video of your screen? Here’s how to do it with the help of the computer’s built-in functions and additional programs.

Screen recording can be useful for marketers. for example, to quickly create a commercial for social networks. HR-specialists and managers need this tool to quickly explain to employees how to use corporate software. The work of game bloggers really revolves around screen recorders. After all, sometimes everyone needs to record screen video. at the very least, to help close relatives get to grips with their new computers and especially complex programs.

How to record video from the Windows screen

Windows 10 has the Xbox Game Bar app that records the screen in games and other apps that are open full screen. Desktop and explorer recording are not available.

Windows 10 screen recording video works on computers whose video adapters support technology:

The recording options are configured from the operating system settings and the app itself. first of all, you should make sure that the game recording function is enabled in the operating system settings.

  • Go to the Start menu, open the Settings application.
  • In the “Windows Preferences” window, click on “Games.
  • Under “Game Menu” see if the options for recording game clips, screenshots and broadcasts are enabled.

in this section you have options to change the hotkeys, if you need to change the default settings.

In the “Clips”, “Broadcast”, “Game Mode” and “Xbox Network” tabs you can configure other settings: background recording, audio recording, recording length, video recording quality, etc. д.

  • Run the game, on your computer. Instead of playing games you can run any program in full screen mode, e.g. a web browser, webinar broadcast, YouTube video, etc. п.
  • Press the “Win” “G” keys.
  • Several panels with different options will appear on top of the screen: “Broadcasting and recording”, “Sound”, “Performance”. Display of unnecessary panels is disabled from the main Xbox Game Bar, located in the top center of the screen.

On the panel “Broadcasting and recording” also available buttons to perform other actions called by the keys:

  • “Take a screenshot”. “Win” “Alt” “PrtScrn.
  • “Record last 30 seconds”. “Win” “Alt” “G.
  • “Turn off the microphone during recording”. “Win” “Alt” “M.
  • “Start Broadcast”. “Win” “Alt” “B.

There is a small panel on the screen during the record, from where you can quickly change some parameters: turn off the microphone or end the screen capture.

  • To complete the operation, press the “Stop Recording” button. Alternatively, you can end screen recording by pressing the “Win” “Alt” “R” key again.
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By default, screen capture recordings and created screenshots are saved in the “Clips” folder, which is located in the “Video” folder. Videos are saved in “MP4” format and screenshots in “PNG” format.

The user can view all recorded clips from the game mode window after clicking on the “Show all recordings” button.

How to record video from your Desktop with the Screen Camera program

Benefits of

Screen Camera is a handy utility for capturing video from the screen and further editing it. Optimized for Windows XP and 7, with good performance, it doesn’t have any demands on your computer’s resources. In addition to its basic functionality, the application also allows you to choose the number of frames per second, record sound, optimize files for uploading to YouTube or social networking sites. network.


Once started, we can change the mode (whole screen, fragment, selected window), as well as set the frame size, audio source, volume level, recording time, frame rate, mouse cursor display. In order to start recording video from the screen with sound, select “Record”.


After pressing the “Stop” button we go to “Edit”. In this window you can perform clipping, cut the clip into parts, add background music or screensavers. To pass to the final stage. “Creating a video”. “Create Screen Video.”. “Save as AVI”. Specify the format, size, quality of the video and click “Convert”.

Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar. built-in Windows software, which allows you to capture images of the screen with sound, or take screenshots. The video material will be saved in the selected folder right away. For Windows users, this method is convenient because the software is already in the operating system and does not require any additional installation. The main drawback is that, like most other built-in utilities, the functionality of this application has only basic functions and has no editing capabilities.

How to use the Xbox Game Bar

Press Win G to start Set up capture area and sound Use Win Alt R key combination to start and end recording Set folder to save file


Everyone knows the tool that can record video from your computer screen. Many people use it for yearspots and screenshots from them, and other utilities. Fraps itself consumes a lot of computer resources, although it does not weigh much and seems harmless.

  • You need your own codec to capture screenshots, even on a slow computer, but after capturing video the file is very bulky, which is not a plus.
  • Records sound.
  • Choose frames for your taste. As a rule, the more frames the better, but the file will be awfully big.
  • Record video and take screenshots with the keys you choose.
  • You can remove the mouse cursor while recording video.
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Probably the hardest disadvantage of the program is the creation of clips of a large size which makes them need to be compressed. It’s a good program, but there are better analogues. I used it once and I did not really like it. And it’s also paid for.

How to capture gaming video, gameplay [Instruction]

Good afternoon.

I’m in the office between computers, and see how some people gathered around one of the PC and enthusiastically look at something (one of them even shot a picture on the phone monitor). After getting closer, I realized what it was all about. #x1f609;

It turns out that the reason was a popular game (name cut out so as not to advertise). And a few fans of this toy were amazed by the demonstrated results, and wanted to record it on video.

In general, doing it, of course, is possible, and the phone, but much more convenient to capture video with the special. programs (and it will turn out better quality)!). Actually, this article will do as a little instruction to show you a few simple ways to record gameplay.

So to speak, here is an alternative solution to this question.

How to make a screen recording on your computer

You need to record computer monitor with sound? You may need this to save a live sports broadcast or video conference, create a video tutorial, or a game stream. Also, display capture is needed when demonstrating a digital product and developing presentations.

To quickly capture a desktop or open software, it is best to use the special program Screen Camera. It offers an interface in Russian and allows you to capture an entire monitor or a selected fragment, and then qualitatively process the video in an editor. Below we will share the step-by-step algorithm on how to record video from the computer screen.