How to recover deleted videos on Xiaomi

This method has a drawback. the quality of restored photos is lower than the original, as they are restored from the thumbnails displayed in the Gallery app. The procedure is as follows:

  • Open the standard or third-party file manager/file manager.
  • Open the application settings and go to the Display subsection.
  • Allow the system to show system files by moving the slider in the line Show system files or by unchecking the box near Hide system files.
  • Find the DCIM folder in the internal or external memory and open it.
  • Go to.
  • Check the photos you need and copy them to another medium.

Recovering deleted videos on Android devices

Most users of mobile devices at least from time to time shoot video on them, luckily they are perfectly capable of it. But what to do if something very important was filmed and then the video was accidentally or intentionally deleted? The main thing is not to panic and follow the instructions in this article.

  • Open the Google Photos app on your Android device.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click “Library” Trash.
  • Press and hold on object you want to recover.
  • At the bottom of the screen click Restore.
  • Download UltData for Android and install it on your PC. Cabled your smartphone to it.
  • Enter USB Debug mode
  • In the program menu you will see the types of data. for example, Contacts, Pictures, Audio
  • After scanning you will see a list of deleted files.

Right-click on the folder that previously contained the deleted file and click “Restore Previous Version. Then you will see an opportunity to restore files.

  • Download UltData for Android and install it on your PC. Connect your smartphone to it with the cable.
  • Enter USB debug mode
  • In the program menu you will see types of data. Contacts, Pictures, Audio
  • After scanning, the program will give you a list of deleted files.

How to recover deleted videos from Android without a computer (Google Photos)

If you only want to recover videos that were taken with your phone’s camera, you can try to recover deleted videos on your phone directly.

Without a computer, but the Google Photos app can work as a video recovery app.

However, you must have two rules to use this method:

Enable Google Photos Backup on your Android phone before deleting the video.

Google Photos only stores deleted videos for days 60. Within 30 days, you can restore videos there.

Go to the Google Photos app on your phone and press “Menu” in the upper left corner to click “Trash.

Tap and hold the video you want to restore, tap “Restore” at the bottom, and the deleted video will return.

Then you just go back to the Photos app on your phone, go to Albums to check for deleted videos.


On cell phones that run on the Android system, you can get back lost images using third-party apps. However, Xiaomi gadgets are an exception. Redmi, Mi and other models have the same recycle garbage can as on personal computers. Not all users know where it is located.

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MIUI Gallery Trash

The function of saving copies of deleted images involves synchronizing data with the cloud in Mi Cloud. So, this is the recycle garbage can, which is located on the cloud drive. It should be noted that its size will depend on exactly how much free space has been allocated to the user account.

  • Go to the gallery of photos;
  • Click on the tab “Albums”;
  • At the top, click on the three dots, from which the context menu with the desired mode comes out.

If there is not enough space in the Recycle Bin, the developers offer their users to buy additional memory.

Google Photos Recycle Bin

If the owner of the smartphone uses the Google Photos app, all copies of deleted photos will be there. To find them, you need to click on the three bars on the left edge to open a hidden menu, and then select the desired item.

As in the first case, all photos are synchronized with the cloud. However, the advantage of this garbage can is that the pictures can be managed from a PC or other device. Another plus more space.

Yandex Disk Trash

In order not to lose your data from the device, you can install the Yandex Disk app on it. It has a feature such as photo autoloading.

When the owner of the smartphone takes a picture, the file is automatically sent to Yandex Cloud. However, to do this, the flagship must be connected to Wi-Fi.

How to recover deleted files from Xiaomi phone

Conclusion: When you have lost data from your Xiaomi phone, you may want to find some ways to recover deleted files from your Xiaomi phone to avoid losing personal data from your device. Awesome Android data recovery can do you a favor after data loss in any unexpected circumstances.

Xiaomi. is a privately held company that designs, develops and sells smartphones, Android-based operating systems and other consumer electronics. Xiaomi also makes fitness trackers, TVs, air purifiers and tablets. It has a skin for Android phones and tablets. MIUI. The company mainly sells its phones through flash sales in India. Xiaomi’s latest mobile launch. Redmi Note 4X. The smartphone was released in February 2017. The phone is equipped with 5.50-inch touchscreen display with 1080 by 1920 pixels at 403 pixels per inch PPI.

Recover deleted files from your Xiaomi phone directly

Android Data Recovery provides the most advanced methods to selectively recover deleted files from Xiaomi phone(Mi Mix, Mi Note 2, Mi 5s (Plus), Mi Max, Redmi Pro, Redmi 3S, Redmi Note 4X, Redmi Note 3) including contacts, messages, photos, call logs, videos, audio, apps and app data. Documents and other file types. Besides Xiaomi phones, Android Data Recovery works well on most Android devices like Samsung (Galaxy S7 / S6 / S5, Note 5), Motorola, HTC, Sony, Lenovo, LG, Sony, Huawei (P9, Mate 9), etc. Android Data Recovery is great for solving any problems with Android data loss, such as deleted errors, updating the Android system, rooting the Android system, restoring your device to factory settings and many other situations.

How to recover deleted files from Xiaomi phone directly

Running Android Data Recovery Please run Android Data Recovery on your computer.

Connect your Xiaomi phone to PC. Connect your Xiaomi phone to your computer with a USB cable. It takes a few seconds to install the device driver, then Android Data Recovery will automatically detect your phone.

Enable USB debugging on your Xiaomi To successfully connect your Xiaomi, you must enable USB debug mode on your device. Unlock your phone, go to Settings Developer Options Allow USB debug mode. If you have already allowed USB debug mode, you will see a popup on the screen, check Always allow from this computer and click OK.

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Select files to recover from Xiaomi After a successful connection, all file types will be displayed in the program’s interface. For example, select the desired Contacts files and then the Next tabIt will take a few minutes to analyze the deleted and existing data from your phone.

Recover deleted data from Xiaomi After scanning this Android Data Recovery allows you to view the detailed data of the selected files. You can easily check your deleted data and extents in the preview window. Select the data you want to recover and then clickRecover. With just one click selected data will be restored to your computer directly.

How to recover photos, messages, contacts, WhatsApp on Xiaomi Mi 9

[Conclusion]: Data such as photos, contacts, messages, videos, WhatsApp documents or audio files in Xiaomi phones lost? Please follow this guide to recover your data from Xiaomi Mi 9 in a safe and easy way. You can download free Android data recovery software and recover deleted photos, photos, videos, SMS, contacts, WhatsApp and music files back.

Want to recover data from your Xiaomi phone in an easy way? Accidentally deleted messages or contacts on your Xiaomi Mi 9? Lost contacts, SMS and photos after Xiaomi phone reset? Or lost photos from SD card on your Android device?

Can I recover deleted data from my Xiaomi Android phone?

Deleted data can still be recovered using Android data recovery software after rooting your Android phone.

In fact, since deleted data remains untouched as long as that data is not overwritten with any new data, you can directly recover deleted files on your Xiaomi phone. What you need to do is not to use your phone immediately after losing data or take photos and videos with your phone, as this deleted data is stored in a hidden folder in your phone’s memory, which cannot be accessed. With an ordinary file explorer. To access the deleted data on your Android phone, you should know that only after rooting your Android phone will the Android data recovery app get access to the deleted data.

Xiaomi data recovery. Restore lost and deleted data on Xiaomi phone and Redmi Android phone

Android Data Recovery The program can help you recover lost and deleted data from all Xiaomi Android phones such as Mi 9T Pro, Mi MIX Alpha, Mi 9 Lite, Mi 9 Lite, Mi 9 Lite, Mi 8 Pro, Mi Max 3, Mi A2, Mi A2 Lite, etc. Д.

recover, deleted, videos, xiaomi

Android Data Recovery also supports to recover deleted data in Redmi such as Redmi 8A, Redmi Note 8 / 8 Pro, Redmi 7A and others.

Xiaomi data recovery can help you recover your WhatsApp messages, contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, documents from your Xiaomi phone as well as recover media files and documents from SD card on your Xiaomi phone. Let us show you a simple guide to recover deleted pictures, contacts, SMS, video files from Xiaomi Mi 9.

Recover Deleted Photos/Videos/Images in Any Xiaomi Redmi MiUi Phones

Download the free and trial version of Android Data Recovery:

How to recover deleted files on Xiaomi Mi 9

Run this Android toolkit on your computer After downloading, install and run the program. You will be presented with a simple interface that has three modules for different tasks. To restore deleted data on your Xiaomi phone or other Android phone, select “Android Data RecoveryPerformance to continue.

Connect your Xiaomi phone to your computer and enable USB debugging Connect your Xiaomi Mi 9 to your computer. A wizard will appear asking you to enable USB debugging on your Xiaomi phone. There are instructions on the screen to help you every step of the way. Xiaomi Mi 9: Go to “Settings” “About Phone” tap “Build Number” several times until you get a message that you are in developer mode “Back to” Settings “Tap” Developer Options “” USB Debugging ” information is included in this guide: how to enable USB debugging on your Android device.

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Select the types of files to scan The next screen will ask you to choose which types of files you want to search for. The program lists several file types that can recover all types of data, including contacts, messages, documents, WhatsApp messages, documents, video, audio, etc. Д. Generally, the more types of data you select, the longer it will take to scan. If you want to restore only deleted photos on Xiaomi Mi 9, select “Gallery” and “Image Library” and click Next, go to the next step and this Xiaomidata recovery app will start.

Root for deep scan When you get to the screen shown below, the Xiaomi deep scan requires root permission. To do this, click Advanced Root and download a program named KingoRoot, which can root your phone at a fast speed.

If you want to learn more about the root process, check out the article on how to root and root your Android device with KingoRoot.

After rooting your phone and clicking the “Retry” button, the Android data recovery software will perform a deep scan of your Xiaomi phone. The process will take a few minutes (about 15 minutes). Maintain a stable connection between your phone and the device while it is working.

Preview and recover lost data from Xiaomi Mi 9 When the progress bar is full, the window displays all recoverable data files, sorted by different categories: text messages, videos, contacts, WhatsApp messages, gallery, image library, etc. Д.

Before selecting the recovered files you want to save, you can preview them one by one.

Now select the files you want to return and click the Restore button in the bottom corner. When the dialog box appears, select a safe place to store the recovered data files on your computer.

Import recovered files to Xiaomi Mi 9 (optional) In just a few steps you have recovered Xiaomi data and saved it on your computer, if you want to import files back to Xiaomi Mi 9 or other Android / iOS devices for viewing or using, you can use this iOS Android Manager tool to transfer recovered contacts, photos, videos, audio to your phone. How to import files from PC / Mac to Android

Now download Android data recovery software to try!

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You accidentally deleted your Android videos and want to recover them? Actually, this is also one of the frequently asked questions. Indeed, we all have photos and videos that we cherish very much and do not want to delete them, but instead we keep them on our devices all the time. But there will be a time when we suddenly delete them or delete them in the most unexpected situation. If you are one of those who are looking for the best methods to recover them, you go to the next part of this post and learn how to recover deleted videos on Android.

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