How to reduce the sound of the alarm clock on the iPhone

Sleep Cycle

A more advanced version of the application “Good Morning” from another developer. But you’ll have to pay for all the goodies.

Here you have sleep statistics, trends, notes and even collaboration with smart lamps Phillips Hue. Like the large library of sounds and smart repetition.

How to set up a sleep schedule on your iPhone — Apple Support

Sleep Cycle has a very pleasant interface. True, without the paid features this program is clearly inferior to the previous version.

How to change the alarm sound on your iPhone

How often have you woken up in the morning, bouncing from the loud sound of the alarm clock that you set yourself in the evening? I jump out of bed pretty regularly, and it’s usually right around the time my wife has to get up for work. For some reason the volume of her alarm clock is always set to maximum, and a “tinnitus” melody is selected as the sound signal. In order not to be frightened every morning, I had to show my wife how to set the volume of the alarm clock on the iPhone. If anyone didn’t know how to do this, now I will tell you

In fact, there is no special slider in the iPhone Settings to adjust the volume of the alarm clock. You do this by adjusting the iPhone’s master volume. To make it clearer, let’s break it down step by step.

Step 1 Set the desired Alarm Clock time and melody (and other settings) in the Clock app.

Step 2 Now with the /- knob on the end of your iPhone adjust the main volume of the iPhone, which affects not only the volume of the incoming call, but also the volume of the alarm clock.

In my line of work (I work for a gas and oil company) I sometimes have to get up at 4:20 a.m. To avoid oversleeping that time, I set two alarms: one for 4:10 and one for 4:20. I usually bounce back from the first one, but my body is already half asleep. The second one gets me out of bed. For both alarms, I personally choose a medium volume setting, and set the sound to Timba This ear-saving combination does not shock my sleepy body and I manage to snooze for another hour on the bus on the way to work.

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While we’re on the subject of the iPhone alarm clock, let’s get a couple more nuances straight. I’ve laid them out in the form of talking points below:

  • If you press the Home button when the alarm is ringing, the alarm will go off without further repetition
  • If you press the Power button when the alarm rings, the alarm goes off with an extra snooze after 9 minutes
  • The same two alarm clock functions can be selected from the iPhone screen (while the alarm is going off)
  • If you activate the silent mode switch, you will still hear the alarm

Like this. I hope I clearly explained how to turn down the volume on the iPhone. If you still have questions about any iOS features, be sure to post in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. And don’t forget to support our site by “Like” in one of the social networks. networks.

Open “Settings. Tap “Sounds, Haptic Signals” (on supported models) or “Sounds” (on other iPhone models), then tap “Headphone Security. Turn on “Mute Loud Sounds,” then drag the slider to select the maximum volume level for the headphones.

Open “Settings,” select “Sounds, Haptic Signals,” and set the ringtone and notification volume that suits you. Here you can also enable “Change Buttons,” which will allow you to adjust the volume of the tune using the volume button on the left side of your iPhone.

How to change the volume of the alarm clock, which is set high or low after the operating system update

The volume in the control center changes the multimedia sound, not the ringtone!

Make sure it is the ringtone that you change the volume. After following the steps above there should be no problem with the volume of the alarm. At least they weren’t on the iPhone 8 Plus model in question on iOS 11.1. The alarm is just as loud as the ringer, despite the active sound switch.

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Changing the alarm ringtone is quite easy. To do this, click on the “Clock” icon. Open the “Alarm Clock” tab. In the upper right corner, click on the plus sign that allows you to add a new entry to the alarm menu. There you can adjust the time, as well as the ringtone repeat, label and main sound! In the Sound menu you can change the music you are bored with. Open it and see:

So, we go to the ringtones menu. We advise you to listen to everything, t. к. there are many melodies that are very pleasant to wake up to. Listen, check the box, confirm the choice and click “Save. Ringtones have been changed.

In the “Songs” menu, you can bind any song from the iTunes Store that you are interested in. If you do not want to spend money you can download music to your device through iTunes on your computer. It is also possible to buy other sounds. Change the melody. What remains to be understood is how to change the volume of the alarm clock.

What to do if the iPhone alarm clock did not go off. Our practical setting tips.

How to change the sound of the alarm clock on iPhone

How to mute the camera on the iPhone. guide

sound of alarm clock can be set to your choice, you can change it without touching other settings. Changing the sound is done in the same menu.

How to set the standard ringtone for the iPhone alarm clock

In order to set the tone you need to stop at the “Sound” section in the main window of the application and enter it. After that, the choice to put a song or ringtone appears. To install the ringtone you need to perform only a few actions: to scroll down the page, select the sound you like and save it using the “Back” and “Save” buttons.

Change to the new sound

The “Change” function appeared on versions of iPhone starting from iOS 6 s, and it was not cancelled later. You can change the sound to a new one in the main menu of the “alarm clock” application. For this purpose there is a special tab “Change” in the right top corner. To enter “Sound” section and choose another melody. Then click on the “Save” button, which replaced the plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen.

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Setting the sound is not a complicated process

But you need to get down to the bottom to the “Charger” tab. Tap on this tab. Offers a choice of automation: put a sound when the device is unplugged and when it is plugged in. Select “Connected” and press “Next” at the top.

Go to the “Alarm Clock” tab and click at the bottom “”. Set the beep time, repetition and pause between beeps. In the “Alarm tone and volume” menu you can set not only the tone itself, but also set its level (volume).

To set a melody for the SMS, go to Menu Settings Sound and select Notification Sound, it is responsible for the SMS melody. To set the melody to your alarm clock, you should launch the alarm clock itself (of course, if you are using the standard one).

  • To start, you need to open the messenger settings;
  • Go to the notifications and sounds section;
  • The first thing you’ll see is the Notifications in Messages. Here we click on sound;
  • Choose any sound you like;
  • Do not forget to click on Done.

Clicking on the time widget on the desktop or opening the Clock app, switch to the “Alarm Clock” tab and click on the alarm whose ringtone you want to change. Next, click on “Alarm Sound” (not the alarm clock toggle) and go to the alarm tone selection window.

How to set, cancel, or postpone the alarm

  • On your phone, open the Clock app.
  • At the bottom of the screen click Alarm Clock.
  • Select the alarm clock. To add an alarm, click on the plus sign. To reset the alarm, tap on the set time.
  • Set the time. Analog clock. Move the hour and minute hands to the desired time, one after the other.
  • Press OK.