How to remove ads from the phone screen. When trying to delete the advertising application, the phone turns off

The main earnings of application developers are advertising, and often it appears so often that it is impossible to use the product at all, and other alternatives, as luck would have it, are paid or do not have the proper functionality. And this is only one type of irritating pop.up advertising on Android. And it can also appear in the notifications of the phone, in the browser, when launching other applications, and as a result, this is not only annoying, but also seriously consumes the traffic of the Internet, the charge of the battery, and in general it interferes with comfortable work.

And if you read this material, then look for how to delete a pop.up advertising on Android and what is needed for this. There are actually a lot of ways, and each is focused on a certain type of banners, the place of their appearance, so read the article to the end to completely get rid of advertising on your smartphone.

Why advertising appears on the phone?

It is important to understand in what form advertising appears and in what specific applications, since each case will have its own version of removal:

  • Banners in applications. It can be either permanent advertising banners, for example, at the bottom or at the top of the window, as well as pop.up, appearing after certain actions or after equal intervals;
  • Notifications from sites. Often, advertising appears due to notifications from the sites that you subscribed to the browser, and at the same time you could not even notice how you did it yourself;
  • Viruses. One of the most critical categories, when banners are displayed involuntarily in different applications, even on top of other windows where advertising should not be at all. Such actions are often related to viral activity on your smartphone.

But wherever the advertisement appeared on the phone with android, any problem can be solved, and we will help you with this.

How to block the advertisement

Advertising blocking. a relatively simple process. In some cases, it will be necessary to change the settings of the web browser or DNS, but there is also a third-party software that can help. Regardless of which method will be selected, using the following methods, it is possible to easily block the display of all ads on the Android smartphone.

Most users use Google Chrome, since this browser is preinstalled by the device. If you need to get rid of pop-up windows when viewing web pages, there is no need to install a second observer.

Chrome for Android offers a quick way to turn off the pop.up windows:

To reduce data transfer expenses when using Chrome, “saving traffic” is proposed. When this option is turned on, annoying ads and animation are not loaded on the pages, which also positively affects the speed. Thus, the user will be able to enjoy more smooth work in the web browser.

To include the function of saving traffic, you first need to open Chrome. Click three points again in the upper right corner. Now select “Settings” and find the section “Saving traffic” or “Simplified mode”. Activate the switch.

Using an alternative browser

If the user does not mind switching to another web browser, there are certain opportunities for effective getting rid of mobile advertising in general.


With it, you can use the Android phone or tablet without distracting ads. Because it contains a lock.

Unlike Chrome, which allows you to block only pop.up windows, Opera helps to completely get rid of mobile advertising. To activate the option, nothing needs to be done. Just install the program and start using it to view pages, like any other observer.

Adblock Browser

An alternative way to get rid of pop.up windows and advertising in a mobile browser is a free download of Adblock Browser based on Chromium. It was created by the same company that has developed a well.known expansion for Adblock desktop computers. Therefore, you can be confident in its performance.

Adblocker Browser

Free software for blocking, which comes with its own browser. This does not allow advertisers to track the actions of the user, and also helps save batteries. In addition, it prevents the attacks of malware, phishing attacks or viruses to device.

  • Blocks all annoying ads, including banners and videos.
  • Blocks trackers.
  • Provides safe viewing.
  • Saves mobile data.
  • Saves the device battery.
  • Provides reading mode that deleys all images from the page for better readability.


It is considered one of the safest and most reliable software for blocking available on the Internet. It provides the following opportunities:

  • Blocks advertising that violates the confidentiality that tracks the action of the user.
  • Blocks scripts.
  • Safe viewing environment.
  • Fast viewing (up to 8 times faster).
  • Shows how many trackers are blocked.

What is an advertising virus

The new form of pop.up advertising is integrated into the Android system (directly in Root) after the user installs it on the phone, masking himself as a system application. This makes advertising invulnerable to any normal removal and antiviruses. Even after the factory reset (Hard reception) Android devices, advertising viruses remain untouched, representing a serious threat to the phone.

This is a typical annoying software for Android. It annoys constantly emerging ads in applications. This form of harmful programs has a ROOT access, so most users will not guess that the phone is infected. The victims of this dangerous family of viruses can be the owners of devices such as a tablet, a phone, a smartphone with an installed Android 4 operating system.

Troyans are hidden inside legal applications for Android, such as Candy Crush, Google Now assistant, customers WhatsApp Messenger. and more than 20,000 other mobile applications. The versions of these programs infected with trojan viruses are not available in the Google Play store, however, they can be downloaded from third-party stores to the device. Users may not notice harmful effects, antiviruses do not identify the threat. Subsequently, it is very difficult to remove the virus on the tablet / smartphone.

Successfully implemented specimens of harmful in terms of almost impossible to delete, the only solution for most users will be to buy a new Android smartphone. Advertising modules. a serious risk and a threat to the safety of mobile gadgets. Applications, as a rule, do not provide access to files created by other programs. However, the Root access costs this guarantee and can infect the device, steal personal data of the Android device user.

There are three different families of these viruses, forms of Trojan harmful programs: shuanet, kemoge (or “shiftybug”), ghostpush. These families of viruses have a separate structure, but they have 77% of the total code. The highest rates of the distribution of Trojans and other viruses are in the United States, Germany, although the situation is difficult, the chances of infecting such a Trojan rather low. As already mentioned, infected applications are in stores. Therefore, if you adhere to official links to Google Play, everything will be in order.

How to find and delete the simplest advertising virus

The most common situation. You download one or more applications on the phone, after which advertising begins to pop up on the phone, when unlocking the Android tablet. The best way to determine the application guilty of showing banners on the device. Use a free Airpush Detector program for Android.

She has one function. Calculate the “violator of order” (the detector can determine special superstructures) and tell you about it so that you delete the viral application, thereby eliminating the threat. over, Airpush Detector works more efficiently than antivirus, does not load the phone and does not contain unnecessary functions.

Full discharge

If you want to be completely sure that the virus has left, then dump the device for factory settings (Hard Reset).

  • Go to the settings → Restoration and reset.
  • There, find the point “Set of settings”. Choose it.
  • Click the “Reset phone settings” button.

Buttons on the case: manufacturers of devices with Android use different combinations for complete discharge. On most smartphones and tablets, this is the clamping button to reduce the volume and the power button. You can learn about a similar combination for your device on the Internet.

How to remove system viruses on Android

Many Android viruses receive administrator rights, Root and deeply introduce into the firmware. You can fight them in different ways.

The first method is flashing

The most reliable and easiest way to get rid of the virus rooted in the system is to reflash the smartphone. In order not to lose all the data, you can make a backup copy of the applications using Titanium Backup, but for this you need to get a ROOT access. Reserve copies must be saved on the SD card, if any. This requires a Pro version of the Titanium Backup application.

Firmware for your device can be found on different resources. It can be Cyanogenmod, official firmware or some modification. To find a firmware for your gadget, just use the search engine.

The second method. obtaining root and manually removal

Advanced users can remove the Android virus in a more complex, but reliable way. It consists in obtaining a Root-right on the device and removing all the data of the virus manually. There are a great many ways to obtain a Root-right. The simplest of them is to do this using a computer via Kingoroot.

After receiving Root on Android, you need to install applications such as Root Explorer and Titanium Backup:

Removing an advertising virus in a mobile browser

Any browser will begin to issue unnecessary advertising if you grabbed the virus or visit infected sites. In browsers of well.known companies, it is smaller, since the developers value their reputation and carefully monitor security. But they are a tidbit for attackers, since the number of Google Chrome or Firefox users is huge.

There are different ways to get rid of the phone from the appearance of pop-up windows, but the most effective- search and complete deletion/block malicious or AdWare- Programs. To do this, you need to download the antivirus (if you suddenly have not done this before) or other special applications aimed at identifying the “spy”.

Since some advertising software can be on the default smartphone, it is necessary to set the “Discover AdWare Programs” in the antivirus settings, and then indicate what to do with them-delete, place in quarantine, etc. D. If you think the program is necessary, then just add it to the exception list.

Important! There are programs in which advertising disappears after the acquisition of a license. But it also happens that they contain utilities that quietly penetrate the computer and activate. Their removal can lead to malfunctions in work.

An alternative option to fight Popup banners-changing sites:

  • Go to Google chrome, click on the vertically located 3 points in the upper right corner,
  • Go to “Settings”. “Site settings”,
  • Alternately go to the sections “pop.up windows and forwarding” and “advertising”.
  • Transfer the sliders to the right by activating the protective regime. This measure will help remove the advertisement that appears in notifications.

Instead of Factory Reset. Applications for calculating viruses

Of course, you can always reset the settings (Factory Reset), this is a universal way of returning the phone to the state of “as after the purchase”. But you will have to re.set the phone and back up the data.

Instead of Factory Reset, you can use viral advertising detectors. The applications discussed below were downloaded several hundred thousand times, have a lot of reviews that you can find before loading. If any of them cannot cope with the task, write to the developers and leave your review.

Ad Detect Plugin

This free application calculates what processes are connected to advertising networks and display their content from the Internet. on the home screen, in the notifications and other places of the system, outputs pop.up windows.

AD Detect Plugin collects information about each Internet connection and allows you to calculate which application uses the connection for advertising purposes. After such an analysis of the “traffic violator” can be calculated and manually removed from the device.

Kaspersky Internet Security

Popular antivirus PC. Finds many spy programs that do not see other antiviruses, blocks the connection to advertising networks. It has a “Adguard Content Blocker” tool, displayed on the home screen with a separate icon, which works only in the browsers “Samsung” and “Yandex”.

  • Unwanted software blocking in Kaspersky works by default. “menu”. “scanner”. If there is no check, put it.
  • Launch in the main window “Checking” and wait for its end.
  • Remove the found viruses.
  • To make the search automatic, go to the “Constant Protection” section and buy a license. Otherwise, you will have to run the scan manually each time.

Super Security

The program scans the phone for viruses, plus it optimizes its work by cleaning garbage and additional settings.

  • Download Super Security on Google Play, run,
  • Click “Search”. Wait for the completion of the process.
  • Click “Turn on”/”Cleaning” or “Eliminate everything” to remove the threats found. It can be both viruses and lack of protection in real time, and other problems.

Another good function is to turn off the notifications. After cleaning, you will be invited to do this.

Click “Disable notifications”. “clear”, then move the slider to the right opposite “Super Security”.

Remove Ads From Smartphone Easily | #Shorts

Free Adblocker Browser

This is a browser that can be used as an alternative to classical. The application allows you to save up to 100 megabytes per month on the absence of an ad load, and also blocks the tracking and collection of data with sites that you visit. In the Free AdbLocker settings, you can install it by default browser. Advertising disappears even when watching a video in YouTube.


A well.known application, but from now on it cannot be downloaded on Google Play, as Google has banned the placement of programs that hide ads in utilities. Therefore, the only option is to install Adguard in manual mode. To do this, download the Adguard and download from there. But before that, allow the settings in the settings from unknown sources. For this:

  • Go to “Settings”, go to the “Safety and Privacy” section.
  • Scroll down the list and click “”. Go to “Installation of unknown applications”.
  • Opposite the Google Chrome browser, move the sliders to the right.
  • After downloading Adguard, you can put a ban on.
  • Return to the site and click “Download”. Run the application.

Questions. Answers

I have LG G5. Advertising constantly pops up everywhere in all applications. Even in the cell. But only when there is access to the Internet. When I click on advertising to turn off me on throws. How to remove advertising from the screen?

When you turn on the phone (Samsung), the screen blocks Tinkoff advertising together with it again. hard to get to the desktop. How to disable advertising on Samsung?

About two weeks ago, advertising from Google Plai on the lock screen began to emerge. But not when you open some kind of application, but it pops up as soon as the screen turns on with an interval of one minute sometimes after a second of 30. And so the smartphone screen is constantly turned on and there is a connection with the Internet. If the advertisement pops up, I close it onto the cross, or press the cancellation by closing the pop.up window with advertising. But in both cases there is a return to the main screen and exit from the current application. For example, I write a message, or some kind of application is open, after closing the pop-up advertising, the current application is closed, you need to click on the button of the application manager to choose the last application and so all the time is on while the Internet is turned on. If you need to do something with the connection to the Internet, then this is normal is simply impossible.

Huawei Mat 10 Android 6.0 if there are ideas how it is possible to stop I will be very grateful.

In this article (https: // SoftDroid.Net/Novy-Reklamny-V-V-Android-Pochti-Nevozmozhno-Udalit) is said that the easiest way to calculate the program that creates pop-up advertising. Install a program that did not help me or 90% of users, judging by their negative reviews and assessments of this application. A very “simple” way, yes. I have a question: why do you not advise people a way that is a more fast and more effective one hundred times? Why you can’t just go to the multitasking panel and and that’s all! You will see the name of the program that bothers you! Please add this information to the site.

Help solve the problem with the Media Service application on Samsung SG9. How I got it. don’t know. I tried different antiviruses, removes for five minutes. I tried to just stop it, literally for an hour. Now it is generally waking up in 15-20 minutes. Advertising just defeated. And the tablet slows down terribly.

Kaspersky, Avast, Super Clean does not remove the virus! even more! They do not find him! Only Dr. VEB curses every five minutes! deleted but he cursed for malicious code in the settings and file “System! Says them to delete.

And AIR Push Detector half as looking for, flies out and writes good News before cleaning! You doward this App at All Just Press and Hold on the Notification for a Few Seconds, and Your Device Tell You Who Creating IT and there are 2 answer options: (I translated) it does not work! And thank you the option! I will do it!

And at the expense of the virus! Even without the Internet, downloads Lite! (I checked in loading and applications, no) and the advertisement jumps out where there is a cross! And you can close it by pumping on the desktop!”

I downloaded from the market (system updates) after that advertising climbed when you turn on any application all articles on this page! No antivirus scanners help any advertising blockersGoogle Admob appeared in the applications that is not deleted In the market shows that it is not installed in me! and with all that, if it is hidden under system files how to find it manually?

Android has gone crazy, initially a small amount of advertising “Yula, Alli” and t appeared.D.

remove, phone, screen, delete

tired of returning to the factory settings, it did not help again pressed the return. And then it began, at first I entered the Wi-Fi data and a bunch of advertisements fell, as a result of the offices of one on the other, only the black screen and the battery with Wi Fai at the top began to show one phone. reacts to touch, reboots but the same thing, sometimes shows a couple of sheets of advertising for a couple of seconds and again a black screen. There is no safe mode. what to do?) “”

I have a problem with viruses! I got an advertising virus on Android, which throws an advertisement throughout the screen! On the one hand, it is harmless, and on the other hand, it is stagnated (advertising constantly pops up)! I downloaded different antiviruses, but not one antivirus did not find the virus! Please tell me how to find a viral file on Android without making a return to factory settings? Since I have nowhere to throw photos and videos!

In recent months, my advertisements are very often popped up that do not give me very often videos watch news, but it even happens that in the middle of the night advertising with sound will be or sometimes it happens in the middle of a working day.This has never happened before.And this advertisement interferes with me great.and I don’t know how to get rid of it. Please help me with this business as soon as possible advise what to do in such a situation.

All the time on the 3G network, advertising appears and then the phone (Samsung) slows down, and advertising pops up more often and installs game applications

On Android 4, notifications with advertising surfaces from under the program update with reference to the corresponding site. Reset to factory settings does not lead to anything. Antiviruses and airpush find nothing suspicious. Is there a solution to the problem?

Initially, when the Samsung Galaxy 8 phone is turned on, a window surfaced with a proposal to turn off, I ask for an update. Naturally, it was not disconnected, it was not deleted now the ads of Far Posf does not give, and others climb.

I don’t know how to fight. Help, the link can reset? I will be grateful.

I don’t know after what, but often began to emerge advertising under the guise of an application with the name “Messenger”. It pops up constantly, when unlocking, it doesn’t matter I play the game or do something else, help me remove it.

On my phone Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017), SM-A520f advertising jumps on your desktop. It turns on the phone. What to do? Help me please!

I was overcome by advertising on the lock screen. When unlocking the screen, sponsored content appears. Almost all the methods you proposed have tried, none of the antiviruses detect the virus. In the near future she did not download anything and did not install. I decided to delete all previously established applications, but Instagram is not deleted, in no way! I have Android 8.0.0. What to do?

Advertising in Chrome notifications

Most often, users are indignant from advertising in notifications, sent Chrome. This is a browser that cannot be removed, while it is set by default in all Android smartphones with Google services. But this advertising is not sent from Chrome itself, but from the sites that you visited and gave them the opportunity to send you notifications. You can understand from which site you can simply understand from the notification curtain indicated the “Chrome” application, and after it a link to the site site site.

So that such notifications no longer disturb the smartphone, you need to turn off sending notifications from sites in Chrome. Disconnecting it is very simple, just do the following:

  • In this tab, find the section “Sites” and turn off the checkmark opposite the site, which sends an advertising notification. To completely get rid of all notifications from all sites, you can turn it off opposite the inscription “Notifications” under the section “Sites”.

After that, Chrome will no longer send advertising notifications from various sites. So that this does not happen further in any sites, when visiting a page, pay attention to the request for sending notifications and disconnect it. It looks something like this:

Banner advertising for the full screen

In very many applications, built advertising in the form of banners. It looks something like this and occupies the entire screen of the smartphone:

Such advertising appears in several cases: when using an application or in the system. If a window with advertising came out during the use of the application, then this is quite normal. The developer wants to make money on his free product. This can be solved in two ways: buy a Pro version of the application without advertising or install AD BLOCK on a smartphone. Read about the installation of AD BLOCK below in a special subtitle.

If the same advertising appears everywhere regardless of a running program, then some application has access to launching on top of applications. This needs to be disabled.

You can check which application shows the most advertising using a special GoClean utility. this program is available for free in the Google Play Application store. After downloading it, you need to wait until the advertisement appears again, and then open GoClean and make the following:

  • Open GoClean and go to the Detector section;
  • Install a checkbox in “Include ads”;
  • In the list of applications, find the one that displaced the advertisement recently and remember the name of the application.

Now you need to do something with this application. It can simply be deleted by the DEL button in gooclean or through the smartphone settings. If suddenly the application does not remove and gives out the error of the administrator of the device, you need to perform the following:

But if this is the right application, then you can prohibit it to display the contents on top of other applications. In this case, advertising in the application will not be lost, but it can only be shown when this application is launched. There is this instruction for this:

  • Open the smartphone settings and go to the section “Applications and notifications”;
  • Open a list of all applications on the “show all applications” button;
  • In the list of applications, find the very one that is indicated in gooclean and press it;
  • Applications settings will open, here you need to open the parameter “on top of other applications” and remove the corresponding checkmark.

It is also worth prohibiting this application of access to the network. You need to open the “Mobile Internet and Wi-Fi” tab and disable access to the application to work in the background. If suddenly the application works via the Internet and it is impossible to block access to the network, then this can be missed.

Use antivirus

If advertising pops up on a smartphone, and not in any application, but on the main screen, then try to remove malicious software with antivirus. This is the easiest way to solve the problem. In this instructions, we will use the DR application. Web Light. How to remove pop.up advertising on Android:

Using a search for a keyword, find the DR application in Play Market. Web Light and click “Install”.

Run the antivirus and click “accept” to agree with the terms of the license agreement and “allow” to give the application access to files.

On the main screen, click “Turn on” to activate constant monitoring. If a message appeared on the screen that DR. Web discovered a threat, then click “neutralize”.

If Dr. Web Light did not find a threat immediately, then on the main screen click on the line “scanner”, and then select “Complete check”.

Scan will begin as a result of which a list of threats detected will be displayed. If desired, you can press the “Stop” button in the upper right corner and stop checking the remaining files.

Click on an icon in the form of a zipper to block malicious applications.

Choose a threat in relation to which you want to take measures and slip to the “show more” icon (in the form of three points) and click “Delete”. If you are sure that the found program is not a threat, then select “ignore”.

If you destroy all infected files and malicious applications, then advertising will no longer appear on the screen. So that there are no such problems in the future, we recommend leaving antivirus on the phone and activate constant monitoring.

Delete malicious applications manually

Advertising viruses have a complex structure and are disguised as ordinary Android libraries. For this reason, the use of antivirus software does not always lead to proper results. And it will be much more effective to try to remove the malicious application manually. Instructions:

Through the Play Market, install the AD Detector by SimpleThedeveloper. This is a small utility that finds an application with integrated advertisements.

Run the application and press the “Start” button. After that, scanning the programs installed on the device will begin.

A list of applications with advertising will be displayed. Click on a suspicious program and in the window that opens, click “Delete” to get rid of the advertising virus.

If AD Detector has not found any threats, then run the Settings system menu and in the “device” section, select “Applications”.

Manually view the list of installed programs and try to find suspicious in it. Delete applications that make you doubt.

After that, return to the “Settings” menu and in the “Personal Data” section, select the “Safety” item.

Move the “Unknown Sources” slider to the “Turned off” state to prohibit the installation of applications from unknown sources. After that, you can download programs only through the Play Market.

Click on the line “Device Administrators”. If the list has a suspicious application, then select it.

In the window that opens, click “Deactivate the administrator of the device” to take the rights of a super.user from him.

Thanks to the tips described above, you can remove advertising and get rid of malicious applications. If after some time the ads begin to appear again, then most likely the threat is masked under any system Android library.

Checking with utility

Settlement reset: Important!

If everything is to no avail. the time is spent, the software is set, the phone is rebooted a hundred times and exhausted by order, and the advertising has not gone away, do the general reset of the system. EVERYTHING all-all-all, and as a bonus-the gadget will accelerate the work. The main thing is to reset the settings to the factory-take the Google account, so as not to find out on your own experience, what is an “unknown mistake”.

I dropped the system? Do not forget about the updates (upgrade the software, finding this item along the way: “Settings” “On the phone” or immediately “Po.update”).

Everything that I listed in the article will help to hide, delete or block the advertisement that comes in a browser, programs, etc. P. The solutions to the issue differ depending on the version of the OS, especially if the unofficial firmware is flooded. Good luck!

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