How to remove ads from your Xiaomi phone

How to disable ads in apps on Xiaomi

Since the principle of disabling ads in MIUI in other applications is almost the same, I will give instructions in a slightly shorter form.

Open the application “Explorer”. “Settings”. “Information” disable the display of adverts.

Open the application “Music” “Settings” “Advanced settings” “Show ads.

Open the Downloads app.”Settings” disable “Receive recommendations”.

I think the principle is clear, and in all other applications you can disable advertising in the same way. The more so because the names of menu items, where the mechanism of recommendations deactivation is hidden, are the same in all applications and utilities.

However, ads are hidden not only in applications, but also in system partitions, from which, incidentally, it is also possible to remove them without any problems. Let us take folders as an example, because the recommendations appear there from time to time.

To disable ads in MIUI folders, you need to do the following manipulations:

  • Select any folder and open it;
  • Click on its name as to change it;
  • At this point, a recommendation slider will appear under the name;
  • Deactivate it and the adverts will disappear from the folders.

But that’s not all. Ads are also hidden in the application check window, if you install them not from the Xiaomi GetApps proprietary catalog. In this case, before each new download, MIUI will initiate a virus scan and also show you ads, which, however, can also be disabled:

  • Download any APK file of the app;
  • Click on it to install it on your smartphone;
  • Tap on “Settings” in the appeared test window;
  • Disable the “Get recommendations” option.

How to disable news on the Xiaomi lock screen

Last year, Xiaomi introduced a new version of its proprietary MIUI 12 interface. Despite the large number of positive reviews, in MIUI 12 regularly find as big shoals in terms of stability of operation, as well as annoying chips that developers added for the convenience of users. One of such tricks can be called the appearance of ads on the lock page of the device, and today we will look at how to disable these very ads on the lock screen of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi is already heavily criticized for the abundance of ads in native apps, and the appearance of banner ads on the lock screen looks like a real mockery of the fans of the already legendary brand.

As it turns out, the new ad banners appeared thanks to an update to the Wallpaper Carousel app, which in previous iterations of MIUI was only responsible for one thing placing a new wallpaper every time you locked and unlocked your device. Now, however, the Wallpaper Carousel has incorporated similar ad modules that can be found in other native Xiaomi apps.

The catch is that in their other programs, the manufacturer has given the opportunity to disable ads completely by pressing a single button. But in the Carousel wallpaper no such settings.

So how to remove the hateful ads from the Xiaomi lock screen? There are several options to deal with this problem, let’s take a closer look at them.

How to disable MIUI 12 ads? Detailed manual

File Management. As of 2019, the file manager program “Explorer” officially became available for phones other than Xiaomi, but like other open-source apps, it supports ads in apps. To disable advertisement click on 3 lines in the upper left corner, then select “Settings” → “Information” → “Receive recommendations” in the popup menu and disable. Mi Video. This is the default video player in MIUI 12, supporting almost all commonly used video formats. It comes with ads and annoys Xiaomi users enough. Go to “Profile” → “Settings” → “Personal Recommendations” (this feature is disabled for 90 days, and after this period you will need to repeat the action). Recent apps: there are actually no ads on this page, but there are recommended system suggestions to improve system performance. But actually anything that is offered without the user’s consent is called advertising, so you can disable this option too. To disable these recommendations, go to the “Desktop” settings and disable the “Show suggestions” parameter. Music. Ads are usually displayed at the top of your track list. Disable by the scheme: “Settings” → “Advanced Settings” → “Show Ads”, disable this item.

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Still have questions? Ask them in Комментарии и мнения владельцев and we will try to answer them.

Turn off personalized ads

Continue to block system ads:

1.In Settings, find the Privacy section.

2.Open the Ads tab and activate the Disable personalized ads line. Confirm your selection.

3.Go back to the previous menu and go to Usage and Diagnostics.

4.Turn off the toggle switch so that a gray line appears that says Disabled.

5.Go back to the System Preferences menu and go to Passwords and Security.

6.Select the Privacy option.

7.Scroll to the bottom of the page and disable the Participate in Quality Improvement Program and Send diagnostic information.

8.Go to Advertising Services and turn off personalized ads.

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  • Xiaomi msa MiuiDaemon ,.
  • msa.
  • Debloated.
  • . , MiuiDaemon msa. Uninstall!
  • Reboot into System

How to turn off ads on Xiaomi smartphones?

The Xiaomi shell in smartphones is good for everything, except for annoying ads. In this tutorial we will describe in detail the ways to disable ads on Xiaomi smartphones.

Why Xiaomi smartphones have ads? This is the company’s policy: it sells gadgets at a minimal price and makes almost no money on it, and gets its profits from display ads. The smartphone shell is full of ads. Xiaomi allows system apps to display ads. But you can disable ads in just a few steps, and use your smartphone at your pleasure.

Disabling ads in standard Xiaomi applications.

Open the phone settings and go to “Applications”. “All applications”.

Next, click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner, a menu will appear where you will have to choose “Settings” and then disable the “Receive recommendations” slider. After performing these steps, the adverts will disappear from the standard Xiaomi apps.

Disabling ads on the Xiaomi desktop.

Now let’s disable the ads that appear on the desktop. To do this, open phone settings again and go to the “Desktop” tab. At the very bottom of the menu there is an option “Show apps/show recommendations”. It is activated by default. Turn this function off. 3. Deactivation of advertising services.

The next step is to go to settings and open the “Passwords and Security” section and open the “Privacy” tab. Here is the item “Advertising services”, where you need to disable the slider with personal ads.

Also in the “Passwords and security” section, you need to go to the tab “Access to personal data”. This is where the MSA process is located. you need to turn it off. It is disabling MSA access that will reduce internet traffic and display ads on your smartphone. According to an unofficial version, MSA sends information to the company’s servers about the queries in search engines entered in the browser, and as a result. in the system applications appear ads that match the subject of the latest requests. On the latest models of smartphones it is preinstalled, and on older models. it appears with firmware updates.

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Disabling ads in the Music app. Launch the Music app on your smartphone. Click on the three parallel bars icon in the upper left corner. In the menu that opens, go to “Settings”. “Advanced Settings”. Find the “Receive recommendations” option in the list and disable it.

Disabling ads in File Explorer.

Open the file explorer and tap on the three bar icon in the upper left corner. Next, go to “Settings”. “Information”. There is an option “Receive recommendations”. turn it off to get rid of annoying advertising proposals.

Disabling ads by changing the region.

There is another simple way to turn off ads in Xiaomi phones. To do this, you need to set the region “UK” in the device settings. This will disable all ads embedded in MIUI on your smartphone. This is due to the domestic policy of this country.

After using any of the above methods, it is recommended that you reboot your smartphone.

Our simple recommendations helped you figure out how to disable ads on your Xiaomi smartphone. Performing all the actions with each application or program one by one, you will be able to get rid of ads correctly and safely for your smartphone.

How to disable ads on your Xiaomi phone

Surely many users of smartphones Xiaomi know that many of the factory applications MIUI has built-in advertising, which is very annoying. Here’s how to disable in-app advertising in MIUI Xiaomi in a couple of clicks!

How to disable advertisement on Xiaomi phone

How to disable ads on your Xiaomi phone:

Tired of seeing ads in “Security”, “Music”, “Explorer” and many other factory apps in MIUI firmware? Here’s what it takes:

In MIUI System Settings

Recently, Xiaomi started showing ads in the phone settings, to disable it do this:

Go to “Settings”. “Advanced Settings”. “Privacy”. “Ad Services”

Disabling “Personal Identifier” option

Go back to “Advanced Settings” and go to “Access to Personal Data”

Disable the “MSA” option and restart your Xiaomi phone

Go to “Security”

Launch the application “Security”. click on the “gear” and at the end, the “recommendations” section

Deactivate “Get Recommendations” and “Download via Wi-Fi

There, in the settings, go to “Cleanup” and turn off “Receive recommendations” and “Download via Wi-FI

In “Explorer”

Launch the “Explorer” application. Open the side menu and choose Preferences. “information”

Disable the “Get Recommendations” setting

How to Remove Those Annoying Ads on Your Xiaomi Phone: Disable MIUI Ads on Redmi Note 8, Others

In Music

Launch the Music app. Open the side menu and choose Preferences. “advanced settings”

Scroll down the page and turn off the “Receive recommendations” option

In “Downloads.”

Launch “Downloads. click the three dots and then “settings”

❓️ How to remove ads in MIUI?

Xiaomi developers strive to make the branded shell MIUI convenient, friendly and useful for the user. However, unpleasant aspects in the form of intrusive advertising (recommendations) is almost impossible to eradicate, but you can. In this tutorial we will tell you how to remove ads in Xiaomi branded apps.

  • open the “Security” application;
  • Click on the gear in the upper right corner of the program;
  • disable the “Receive recommendations” item at the bottom of the list;
  • scroll to the top of the list and tap on “Deep Cleaning”;
  • click on the gear icon in the top right corner;
  • Find and deactivate the “Receive recommendations” item.
  • open any folder, highlight its name;
  • uncheck the Recommendations box that appears at the bottom.
  • Open File Explorer and tap the three bars in the upper left corner;
  • to select the item “Settings”;
  • click on “Information”;
  • Disable “Receive Recommendations”.
  • launch the “Downloads” application and click on the three dots in the upper right corner;
  • select the item “Settings”;
  • Disable “Get Recommendations”.
  • open the Music app and tap the three dots in the upper left corner;
  • select “Settings”, then. “Advanced settings”;
  • scroll to the bottom of the list and uncheck the “Receive recommendations” box.
  • open the “Themes” application and click on the person icon at the top right;
  • Select the “Settings” item;
  • Uncheck the “Receive Recommendations” option.
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The system setup is complete and you can continue to use MIUI with pleasure!

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Disabling Ads in MIUI

You can completely disable ads in MIUI in several steps: disabling MSA, disabling personalization, and deactivating the appropriate switch in the “All apps” item. All actions must be carried out in order.

Disable personalization

Personalization is an option that shows content to the user according to their search query and location. To do this, the system collects data. To keep your data untouched, we recommend to disable this option.

  • Start the settings, go to “Passwords & Security”.
  • Then select ” Privacy “.
  • Go to ” Advertising Services “.
  • Move the slider to the “Off” position in the “Personalized advertising.

After this, the advertisements presented by MIUI firmware will not be related to user interests and will be random. However, this is only the first step, and the action was carried out in order to secure your data and increase the level of privacy of your data.

In MIUI 13, user data protection is taken to a higher level. It is worth to update if the firmware is released for your smartphone Xiaomi. on MIUIROM.

Turning MSA off

MSA is another way to collect data to show contextual advertising. This component of the operating system analyzes requests in your browser and downloads “necessary” content on their basis. In addition to being insecure, this service also wastes bandwidth by downloading data you do not need. Therefore it is recommended to disable it.

  • Open the settings, go to ” Passwords and security “.
  • Select ” Access to private data “.
  • Move the slider on the MSA item to the “Off” position.
  • Click on the “Revoke” button in the window that appears.

Most likely after installing the OTA update, the MSA service will be reactivated. It is better to check the status of the service after the firmware update and deactivate it using the above instructions. This can also happen after a trivial component update. In other words, you will have to keep an eye on this service all the time.

All apps menu

In this menu the advertising content can appear when working with the standard applications of Xiaomi (manually clearing the cache, uninstalling programs, etc). п.). Ads not only prevent you from seeing all the necessary information without scrolling the screen, but also greatly annoying.

How to remove Xiaomi ads in applications:

  • Go to settings and tap on “Applications”.
  • Then select ” All apps “.
  • Press the three dot button in the upper right corner and select ” Settings “.
  • On the item “Receive recommendations” move the slider to the position “Off.

With the above steps you can turn off almost all marketing content in MIUI. However, the desktop, wallpaper carousel and some apps still remain. In their settings, too, you need to dig to make the blockade complete.