How to remove an Apple ID from your iPhone

How to remove the old owner’s Apple ID without knowing the password

Apple ID is an authentication system that is used in many Apple products. With it, you can synchronize photos, contacts, notes, calendars, and more. And download apps, games, music, and movies. Use the Find iPhone service if you lose your device or it’s stolen. Quite a common situation when after buying an iPhone, users do not know how to remove the old owner’s Apple ID. In this article we will tell you how to remove the old owner’s Apple ID without knowing the password.

Often after the purchase of a smartphone on the secondary market, first of all you need to create your own Apple ID. But the big obstacle is the old Apple ID, which was inherited from the previous owner. And in this case, users begin to experience great difficulty, not knowing how to remove it. So, if you don’t delete your old Apple ID, you won’t be able to create your own to use all of Apple‘s services.

The best way to remove Apple ID from your iPad without a password

When you are stuck with your Apple ID or password, you can find answers with. It can remove a forgotten Apple ID from iOS devices or erase a password from a locked, disabled or broken screen.

  • Delete your Apple ID in seconds and create a new Apple ID on your iPad.
  • Unlock a disconnected, broken or locked iPad by erasing its passcode.
  • Restore or unlock restrictions if you forgot your Screen Time password.
  • Fully compatible with iPad Pro / Air / mini, iPod and iPhone 11 / XS / X / 8/7/6/5.

Steps to remove an Apple ID without a password

Step 1 Free download, install and run iPhone Unlocker on your computer. Select Delete Apple ID Mode. Connect your iPad to your computer with the USB cable.

Step 2 Deleting Apple ID will erase all data and content on your iPad. Please keep your iPhone connected during the process. After reading the note displayed in the program interface, you can click Start to start deleting.

Step 3 If “Find My iPhone” is disabled, iPhone Unlocker will start deleting your Apple ID and iCloud account. If not, you should go to Settings General Reset And select Reset All Settings. Then your Apple ID will be deleted automatically.

Your Apple ID and iCloud account will then be removed from your iPad without a password. Then you can set a new Apple ID and enjoy the iOS features at rest.

Note: Delete Apple ID will delete all data on your iPad. If you’re worried about losing data, you should use iOS Data Backup and Restore first to copy some important files.

If “Find iPhone / iPad” is enabled, iPhone Unlocker can remove Apple ID directly from iOS 11 devices.4. But to remove your Apple ID from iOS 11 devices.4 or newer with iPhone Unlocker, you should enable two-factor authentication.

After deleting your Apple ID, do not use “Erase all content or settings” or “Restore iPhone with iTunes”, as it will be associated with your old Apple ID and will freeze when you activate iCloud.

Unactivated iOS device is not supported.

Is it possible to remove your Apple ID

You can definitely remove the Apple ID on any digital Apple device. But once you remove your Apple ID from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod, you won’t be able to use any of the services and apps you’ve previously purchased. And there is no support for deleting everything from your old Apple account to your new. In short, all the items you purchased are unavailable.

Also, there is no way to restore or reactivate a deleted Apple ID. Also, you cannot use the same email address to create a new Apple ID. So be careful and think twice before deleting your Apple ID account. And you can back up important messages or files in advance.

The best iPhone Data Transfer you may know:

    , iOS for iOS, iOS for iTunes.

  • Transfer your data securely with no data loss.
  • Support for all iPhone / iPad / iPod models.
  • Support iOS 11, iOS 10.3, iOS 10, and previous versions.

Step 1. Install the best program to transfer iPhone data to your computer

Download iPhone Transfer to your computer. There is a special version for Mac. Double-click the installer file and follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your Windows PC. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 2. Allow the program to scan your iPhone

After connecting your iPhone, you need to click “Trust” first. Then it will automatically scan your iPhone. You can see an interface like this

Step 3. Transfer music from your computer to your iPhone

Look at the left side and select the data you want to transfer. Then right-click and select “Export to PC”. In the pop-up dialog box, select a place to save songs to your iPhone. Then they will be saved on your computer in their original format and quality.

How to change your Apple ID on your iPhone

Changing the Apple ID on your iPhone is an easy operation, but still causes many users difficulties. In order to perform it quickly, accurately and without any problems read our instruction.

What is an Apple ID? Apple ID is an account that every iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc. user needs. д. You create an account so you can download apps from the App Store, movies from the iTunes Store, request support from Apple and, of course, to connect all the devices of the Apple empire with each other.

Before you start changing your Apple ID, there are two things you should know:

  • You can change your ID directly from your iPhone, no need a computer or other additional devices.
  • All data stays on your iPhone. When you change your Apple ID, all your information is saved in your smartphone’s memory.

How to reset iCloud on iPhone 6?

Now go to Settings → General → Reset → Erase content and settings. 6. After entering your password, click “Erase [device]”. After following the steps above, the iOS device will be removed (unlinked) from iCloud with the activation lock (Find iPhone, Activation Lock) turned off.

Choose Settings. Click “Login to [device].”. Enter your Apple ID and password. If your account is secured with two-factor authentication, enter the six-digit verification code to complete your login.

How to delete your Apple ID

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In this article, we’ll tell you how to delete your Apple ID account. When your Apple ID is deleted and you’re de-authorized on your computers and mobile devices, send a request to delete your account to Support Apple. Once you delete an account, you can’t restore or reactivate it.

  • If you’ve swapped your iPhone for another phone, and so you’re not getting text messages, go to “Disabling iMessage”.
  • If you don’t want to permanently delete your Apple ID, just deactivate it temporarily.
  • To back up emails in iCloud Mail, move emails from your inbox in iCloud to your inbox on your computer.
  • Download your pictures and documents from iCloud Drive to your computer.
  • If you haven’t linked iTunes to your Apple ID, click “Account” in the menu bar at the top of the screen, then click “Login”. Now sign in with your Apple ID email address and password.

Click Deauthorize this computer. You will find this option in the submenu to the right of the “Account” menu.

Enter your Apple ID password when prompted. You need to authenticate your account to deauthorize it. Enter your password in the line below your email address. Make sure that you display the correct email address to log in to your account.

Click OK. A message appears telling you that your computer was successfully unauthorized. Click “OK” to close the message.

  • In macOS 10.15 (macOS Catalina) or newer iTunes has been replaced by Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Books. So launch one of these applications. You can deauthenticate your account using any of these apps by following the steps below. [1] X Source of Information

Click on Account. You will find this option in the menu bar at the top of the screen. A drop-down menu will open.

Click Deauthorize. You will find this option in the lower right corner. Apple ID will be deauthorized in iTunes, Music, Apple TV, and Apple Books on the Mac.

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  • If you want to save contacts, calendar entries, news, keychains, and Safari history to iCloud, move the sliders to the items that will be saved.

Tap Sign out. Once prompted. The device will remove the Apple ID and associated data.

How to check for unfamiliar devices linked to your Apple ID account

To make sure you don’t have any devices tied to your Apple ID account that don’t belong to you (you may be being tracked), do the following.

Open the Settings app and go to Apple ID (where your first and last name are).

A list of devices that are also tied to the Apple ID you’re using will appear in front of you.

Select an unfamiliar device that does not belong to you.

Click “Remove from account” and then “Delete”.