How to remove an ink cartridge from a Samsung printer

How to take the cartridge out of a Samsung printer

Known to many, Samsung was previously active in the development of various types of printers. However, this branch of production later passed into the hands of another corporation called HP, after which it became the rights holder and is responsible for supporting the products. Nowadays, users can still find such devices in homes and offices, and almost everyone is faced with the task of removing the cartridge in order to perform other actions. In today’s article, we would like to talk in detail about performing this procedure using an inkjet and laser device as examples.

Removing the cartridge from a Samsung printer

There is nothing complicated about the procedure in question, but the main thing is to perform all the steps carefully and according to the instructions so as not to accidentally touch the delicate internal components of the printing equipment. Besides each type has its own peculiarities of extraction which you are going to learn about.

Laser printer

Among all models, Samsung laser printers stand out most of all, printing only black ink, but doing so much faster than inkjet machines. The peculiarity of their design is that the ink is used in powder form, and is poured into the toner cartridge compartment, which in turn forms a single printing system with other components. The entire assembly is removed separately, and then the other steps are done. The whole operation looks as follows:

  • Switch off and unplug the device. Wait for the internal components to cool down, if you have previously performed active printing.
  • Open the top cover or the scanner module if you are dealing with a multifunction device.
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As you can see, there is nothing complicated about the task at hand, but there are a few important factors to keep in mind so that later problems do not arise:

  • After removing the toner cartridge from the box, do not bring it close to light sources and try to put it away immediately in a dark place, for example, in a box. If you are unable to remove it quickly, use a handy device such as a piece of paper to cover any areas of light;
  • Note the green area on the cartridge. It can not be touched with your hands, for all movements of the design provided a special handle;
  • If you get toner on your clothes, remove it with a dry rag, hot water will only fix the spots formed on your clothes;
  • When opening the scanner module, hold the entire structure together (document feeder and control unit).

All other nuances will be connected only with design features of specific models of printers of the company concerned, so to avoid problems and damages, please read the instruction booklet before starting the whole operation.

Inkjet Printer

As you know, inkjet models are designed for color printing and have several separate cartridges inside. They take up little space and are presented in the form of small containers. Each is removed in turn from the special connector. Our other article at the following link describes this process in detail using an HP printer as an example. In the case of Samsung there is no difference.

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As for the next steps, such as cleaning or replacing the cartridge, these procedures are also devoted to other materials on our website. With them to learn all the intricacies of the tasks and simplify them.

Now you know all about removing ink cartridges from Samsung printers. As you can see, everything is done in just a few minutes, but do not forget about the precautions and caution.

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How to remove a cartridge from a Canon, HP, Brother, Epson, Xerox, Kyocera, Pantum, Samsung printer

If you do not know how to remove the cartridge from the printer, this article is for such situations. Note that for a laser device, you need to take out the “consumable”, and with an inkjet. This difference is really important, it must be taken into account in order not to damage the device itself. This instruction will show the extraction steps for appliances from any known manufacturer. The recommendations have been successfully tried on these models: HP laserjet (m1132 all-in-one printer and p1102), Samsung (scx 3400, 3200), Canon (pixma mg3640, mf3010, mg2440), Pantum m6500, Xerox workcentre 3045.

Causes of extraction

  • When an ink cartridge runs low but still has enough to print for a while, you will see a warning. When the toner or ink runs out, it will affect the quality of the printouts. And some models can even give errors and lock the device.
  • It happens that the printer itself starts to malfunction and refuses to print. One of the options to resume work can be the procedure of removing and installing the cartridge. This is less common with chip problems. But most likely the last one will have to be replaced with a new one or reset.
  • When a sheet is stuck inside, in 99% of cases you will have to pull out a tube of powder to get it out. This cause is more common with laser-type devices.

General tips

  • Before you begin the process of pulling out, there should be nothing unnecessary on your hands. Take off and set aside rings, bracelets, gloves, or any other foreign objects.
  • Remember that you must remove the cartridge from the laser device when it is turned off and has stood in this state for some time. If it has not printed anything before, you can begin at once. Otherwise it is possible to burn your hands with the hot parts of the printer inside, which become very hot during prolonged work.
  • Ink cartridges for inkjet devices should be removed while the machine is on. This is simply not possible with many models when turned off.
  • After opening the cover of the case, determine exactly where and how the cartridges are attached. In the laser one tube, in the inkjet can be one, two, four, six or even eight “cans” of paint. All of them are marked with a warning label.
  • It is also a good idea to remove all paper from the tray. For all-in-one printers, check all sheet mounting locations.
  • Do not use excessive force or jerks or sudden movements when removing the cartridge. This can easily damage the plastic parts inside the unit.


When you remove an ink cartridge even to refill it, there is still a slight residue of dyes in it. At the same time, the printer may not print well. this is normal. Dyes used consist of different chemical elements that are not always or not easily washed off leather, clothing or the surface of furniture, walls, carpets. Simply put, it can get pretty dirty. To avoid this, you must prepare your workplace accordingly. At home you can:

  • “Clear” the table of anything unnecessary and cover it with film or paper or newspapers.
  • Wear old clothes or buy a special apron. Protect your hands with gloves at least. There should be no exposed skin areas. If working with toner, you need to protect your respiratory tract with a good quality household respirator. Special glasses will not be superfluous.
  • Prepare old rags, napkins, toilet paper, solvent to quickly wipe off the ink if it does get where it’s not supposed to.
  • Hold the cartridge carefully, do not turn it upside down suddenly, let alone shake it.

Features of different types of devices

Printers come in many sizes, types, formats and other characteristics, but the most important is how it is printed. It can be: laser or inkjet. There are others, but less popular. Consider the basic nuances that arise when you need to remove a cartridge from the printer of each printing format.

How to take out a laser

  • A laser printer uses a prefabricated cartridge, which consists of a tube of toner and a photographic shaft.
  • There are collapsible or drum cartridges where these parts are separate elements. They are less common.
  • In 90 % of the cases there is only one “consumable” with black ink.
  • If you follow precautions, it is recommended that the laser cartridge be removed only after unplugging the printer.
  • If the device has been running continuously for a long time beforehand, it is better to let it cool down a bit, literally.
  • Pull it by the small handle, which is in the center of the cartridge. Always pull in the “toward you” direction.
  • Do not use sudden jerks and force; if something is in the way of pulling it out, determine what it is. Some models may have latches or clips that hold the tube inside.
  • Then put the product in the special bag, holding it by the edges to avoid touching the photocell.

How to remove from the inkjet

  • Inkjet printer uses 4 cartridges at once. One black, one blue, one yellow and one red. Black-only models have practically been out of stock for a long time. But more are showing up with more than three color ink cartridges, namely six and eight.
  • You have to take each one out separately one by one.
  • Many models require power and pressing a certain combination of buttons to bring the “can” tray into the eject position. But there are times when just opening the cover is enough.
  • Be sure to ask for instructions on how to change the cartridges in your model’s documentation.
  • To remove it from the carriage, you may need to click off the protective cover.
  • The next steps to take out an inkjet cartridge may differ for different brands of printers. See the next section for instructions.

Inkjet printer

As you know, the inkjet models are designed for color printing and have several separate cartridges inside. They take up quite little space and are presented in the form of small containers. Each of them is removed in turn from a special connector. Our other article at the following link details this process using an HP printer as an example. In the case of Samsung there is no difference.

As for the next steps, such as cleaning or replacing the cartridge, these procedures are also devoted to other materials on our website. with them to learn the ins and outs of the tasks and make them easy to do.

Now you know all about removing ink cartridges from Samsung printers. As you can see, everything is done in just a few minutes, but do not forget about the precautions and care.

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For the purchase of replacement components, go to

you have purchased a device. It is highly recommended that you have the components replaced

to an authorized service provider, dealer, or organization that has

you bought the device. Warranty does not cover

For replacing replacement components at the end of their useful life.These components must be replaced at regular intervals,

To avoid print quality degradation and feeding problems

of paper. See. table below. The purpose of replacing components is

Ensuring optimal device performance. Replaceable components,

listed below, should be replaced at the end of their service life.

a.Print speed may vary depending on operating system,

Computer speed, the applications you use, the type of

connections, type and size of print material, and complexity

About 50,000 black and white pages or 12,500

About 50,000 black and white pages or 12,500

About 50,000 black and white pages or 12,500

The device uses four colors and has four

Toner Cartridge: Yellow (Y), Magenta (M), Cyan (C), and Black

(K).Supposed life of cartridge has expired. Device

stops printing. When you do this, a window will appear on your computer

Smart Panel with a message that it needs to be replaced

77 of the cartridges (see “Using non-genuine cartridges”). See “Working with the Smart Panel” on p. 77).In this case, the cartridge must be replaced. Check the model number

of the cartridge installed in the device (see “Using the Smart Panel Software” on page 16). section “Available

Samsung does not recommend the use of a refilled or remanufactured cartridge

non-genuine Samsung ink cartridges, including recycled cartridges

refilled or remanufactured. Samsung does not

guarantees quality printing when using

of non-genuine Samsung cartridges. The warranty on the device does not

covers repair and maintenance work,

caused by the use of non-genuine ink cartridges

Turn off the device and wait a few minutes for it to

Press the latch and open the front cover fully.

Grasp the cartridge by the handles and remove it from the device.

Take off packing from a new cartridge.5. Pull the plastic sheet out of the new toner cartridge.

Grab the cartridge by both handles and rotate it several times from

side to side for even toner distribution.

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Samsung Xpress SL-M2070-M2079 laser all-in-one printer. Changing the toner cartridge

This document explains how to replace the toner cartridge in your printer. When the toner cartridge reaches the end of its life, the printer stops printing.

  • Shake the toner cartridge thoroughly, this will improve the original print quality.

  • The illustrations in this user manual may differ from your printer depending on the model and accessories installed.Check your printer type.

  • To avoid damaging the toner cartridge, do not expose it to light for longer than a few minutes. Cover it with a sheet of paper if necessary.

  • Do not touch the green side of the toner cartridge. Use the handle on the cartridge to avoid touching this area.

  • Do not open the toner cartridge package with sharp objects such as a knife or scissors. They can scratch the cartridge drum.

  • If toner got on your clothes, wipe it off with a dry cloth and wash it in cold water. The hot water fixes the toner on the cloth.

  • When opening the scanner unit, hold the document feeder and scanner unit together.

How to remove the cartridge from a Samsung CLP320 printer?

This is a color laser printer with flat cartridges. To remove them, press down the button on the front cover of the printer. Inside we see four cartridges. Bottom to top: black, blue, red, yellow. Grasp the special handles on the cartridge with both hands and remove it by pulling it toward you.

This is a color inkjet printer that has four color indicators on the top panel. Before removing the cartridge from the printer, turn on the printer, and then do the following:

  • Press and hold down the paper indicator button (located above the power button).
  • Wait until the printer automatically selects the color of the cartridge to be replaced and displays it on the display screen.
  • Open the top cover.
  • Remove the cartridge.
  • Press the paper indicator again until the printer selects the desired toner color.

HP Color LJ Pro M177 printer

On the touch panel of the printer, find the toner indicator at the top right, and click on it. See the toner volume of each color. Cartridges are removed one by one, or only the color you want.

For example, press the black indicator on the panel. The message “Moving the black cartridge forward” appears on the screen. Open the top cover and remove the cartridge. With the lid closed, select the next color and wait for the printer to move the cartridge for removal.

remove, cartridge, samsung, printer

Samsung Laser Printers. How to set up Wi-Fi Direct

Enter the IP address of the printer into your web browser.

Note: The default user ID / password is admin / sec00000.

Figure: Click “Settings” and select “Network Settings.

Figure: Select Wireless Wi-Fi Direct connection

Device name : enter a printer name to find your printer on the wireless network. Default device name. is the printer model name.

IP address : Enter the IP address of the printer. This IP address is only used for Wi-Fi Direct and is not used for wired or wireless. It is recommended to use the default local IP address (

Group Owner : Activate this option to assign a Wi-Fi Direct group owner to the printer. The group owner acts similarly to a wireless access point.

Figure: Wi-Fi Direct settings

Click Apply. to save the changes.

After turning on Wi-Fi Direct, you need to download a mobile printing app, such as the Samsung Mobile Print App, to print from a smartphone or other mobile device.

Filling ink cartridges Samsung: your own hands at home instruction

The services on which the functioning of systems or entire working complexes depends are topical nowadays. In particular, this applies to refilling cartridges (inkjet and laser, color and monochrome), through which you can work efficiently and fully functional printers and business development. Therefore, providing this service is the main activity of many companies. And this article will help you learn how the process of refilling cartridges for different models of printing devices to Samsung models.

Filling procedure

Each Samsung ink cartridge refilling is a procedure to increase the working life of the consumable element. And in order to ensure that the work process takes place without damaging the quality of the printed images, you need to buy only high-quality toner (powder) for refueling, as well as to adhere exactly to the technological instruction.

In addition, during the refilling of cartridges, if such a procedure is performed in the service centers, specialists conduct inspection and diagnosis of working parts, which depends on the state of the cartridge and printer, in general. over, rendered by specialists of companies, the main sphere of activity is refilling of cartridges for any models of devices, is able to prolong the operating life of the equipment.

Therefore, many users of printing devices self-filling prefer services provided by professionals.

Filling the cartridge, which is equipped with a CHIP. that requires replacing or re-flashing the chip. In this case this service allows you to use the maximum possible resource of the consumable element without buying an original cartridge.


Replacing the ChIP installed by the Samsung manufacturer to control printing and the amount of toner used is an update to the firmware of the printer or all-in-one printer that enables the machine to work when the starter (original) cartridge is used.

Usually, the starter cartridge is included in the set of purchased equipment, and after some time (after a certain number of prints issued) stops working. Usually the situation is as follows: after you have printed 2,000 to 6,000.

(this amount is set individually by the manufacturer for each particular Samsung model) the printer locks and prints on it until the used consumable element is replaced with a new, original one with a CHIP.

To remove the lock and thus avoid the purchase of expensive original cartridges, the user of the printing device Samsung can contact a specialized company that will not only perform refill the cartridge, but also install the upgrade for the normal functioning of the equipment.

How are monochrome cartridges refilled?

Offices often use Samsung’s high-performance printers and all-in-one printers, allowing workgroups to get large quantities of high-quality print every month. Therefore, using monochrome laser printers (Samsung Xpress M2020, Xpress M2070/2070W, SCX 3400/4200, etc.), the use of monochrome printers is very important.) and color (Samsung CLX3305) are quite common. Therefore, the service of refilling cartridges compatible with certain models of Samsung is also in demand.

That is why on the example of Samsung printers compatible with several models (Xpress M2020, Xpress M2070/2070W, SCX 3400/4200, ML-2160, 2165, 2165W, etc.) the use of laser monochrome cartridge is not recommended.) cartridges, we will tell you how to refill them.

Samsung MLT-D101S monochrome toner cartridge can be used for printing on SCX-3400/3405 printers. This black toner cartridge is also compatible with ML-2160, 2165, 2165W.

First of all, before starting the procedure, you need to equip your workplace accordingly. To do this, the working surface of the table should be covered with newspaper, and gloves should be put on your hands.

To refill the MLT-D101S cartridge, first of all, remove it from the device. To refill such consumable element, the construction will need to be disassembled into 2 parts. To begin with it is necessary to cut off the plastic guides that fix the stubs on the sides on the consumable element. After removing the right end cap, pull out the metal rod fixing the photovalve. At the same time you should pay attention to the springs on the back that hold the cartridge flaps so that you do not lose them while removing the halves. After that you can plug it on the left side. Now you can separate the two halves of MLT-D101S cartridge.

The next step is to empty one half of the consumable and refill the other half. After opening the cap of the toner reservoir, pour toner into it. For charging the cartridge MLT-D101S for laser devices ML-2160, 2165, 2165W, SCX-3400/3405 you can use toner powder for ML-1210/1710.

This ink powder, like any other, is toxic. so you have to work with it carefully. Once one reservoir is filled with toner and the other is emptied of waste, the cartridge can be assembled in reverse order.

Once assembly is complete, small self-tapping screws can be used to secure the plugs, screwing them in place of the cut plastic directions.

Use your appliances the same way you did before and pay half the price!

You will be able to pay 30-50% less for light, depending on what kind of appliances you use.

After MLT-D101S cartridge is refilled and assembled, it should be reflashed, as installed by the manufacturer of the Samsung office equipment CHIP will block the device even after the refill procedure, and the printer will not print. In this way you can refill MLT-D101S cartridges for laser printers ML-2160, 2165 and all-in-one printer SCX-3400, 3405.

Samsung Xpress M2020, Xpress M2020W printers use the MLT-D111S cartridge with a manufacturer’s claimed life of about 1 thousand. pages. It is also compatible with other devices: Samsung Xpress M2070/M2070W/M2070F/M2070FW. And in order to refill this cartridge and use the printer as intended, you should first prepare the work surface as in the previous case.