How to remove balance from the iPhone screen

  • In the personal cabinet on the site. Go to the Services section, find Subscriptions, and click Disable next to Tele2 Themes.
  • In the My Tele2 mobile application. Open “Services” and click “Disable” against the name of the service.
  • Using the USSD command 1520#.
  • By yourself in my Live Account;
  • From your cell phone dial connection command: 2251# or disconnection command: 2252#;
  • Send an SMS with number 1 to 225 to activate the service, and an SMS with number 2 to 225 to deactivate it; Activating and deactivating the service is free of charge.

As always, the first thing you do is to launch the console and write sv_cheats 1. Now autoteambalance will not prevent you from opposing even 5 or 10 bots. Next, you can add bots with the command bot_add and restart the match by typing mp_restartgame 1.

  • Enter request 111150# and make call.
  • Use personal cabinet or application for smartphones.
  • Call Support on 0890, where the procedure is done manually, with the help of the autoinformer or the operator’s prompts.

Balance status is displayed on the screen of your cell phone and is updated each time after any balance change.Live Balance” service

Request to activate/renew the service 8871#
Request to deactivate the service 8870#
Request to check the service status 887#
Information about the service 887#00#

Open the settings of your smartphone and go to “All apps”. Find “SIM Menu” in the list of programs. Press “Stop” or “Disconnect” button in the window of application management, they are situated in the upper part of the interface. Press “YES” button to confirm the menu deactivation.

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If you wish to fully disconnect it, you can do it in a convenient way.

  • In personal cabinet on website. Go to “Services”, find “Subscriptions” and click “Disable” against “Tele2 Themes”.
  • In “My Tele2” mobile application.
  • Using USSD command 1520#.

How to deactivate “On-Screen Balance” service from Beeline If you make the decision to stop using the service under consideration, you can also do it by entering USSD request which looks like this: 110900#.

balance, iphone, screen

102#. a quick way to check your balance. Dial the USSD-command, press “call” and you will see the balance on the screen. 110901#. subscription of “Balance on Display” service in order to control your balance without any requests.

  • Beeline offers its subscribers to take advantage of the Balance on Screen service.
  • In order to check the capabilities of your SIM card and phone, you need to dial the command 110902# call.
  • You can activate the service by dialing the command 110901# call.
  • You can deactivate the service by dialing 110900#.

How to Deactivate Live Balance service on MegaFon

If you decide not to continue using this option, you can deactivate it by entering the combination 1340#.

  • Independently in the Personal Office;
  • From your cell phone, dial the connection command: 2251# or deactivation command: 2252#;
  • Send SMS with digit 1 to 225 to activate the service, and SMS with digit 2 to 225 to deactivate it; Activation and deactivation of the service is free of charge.

If a subscriber doesn’t want to receive automatic messages from Tele2, you can deactivate them in the following ways:

  • Call Tele2 operators by 611 and tell them that you do not want to get service information;
  • It is possible to deactivate service messages by sending USSD-command to the number 15520# Call.
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iPhone SE 2022 olej, Mac Studio dla bogatych i sensowny Studio Display

  • Beeline offers its subscribers to take advantage of the “Balance on the screen” service.
  • To check the possibilities of your SIM-card and phone you need to dial the command 110902# call.
  • You can activate the service by dialing the command 110901# call.
  • The service can be deactivated by dialing 110900#.
balance, iphone, screen

Tele2-theme is a SIM-card application that allows Tele2 subscribers to get the most relevant information on their cell phones for free: business, sports and culture news, exchange rates and weather forecasts, anecdotes and aphorisms, an opportunity to order a new melody, picture or game, and many other things.

You need to click on the “Phone Tube” to get contacts. The Calendar icon contains reminders about events, such as the due date of some tax or other. The third icon “With the arrow” allows you to end the session, t. е., To exit the personal account of the taxpayer.

You need to go to an MTS branch and cancel your cell phone contract. We hasten to warn you that you’ll be able to switch off the system “Personal account” only with the help of company employees, and only if you cancel the service.

balance, iphone, screen