How to remove buttons on the Supra TV

Ремонт телевизора Supra делаем кадровую развертку

How to remove buttons on TV?

Blocking buttons is removed by pressing the two buttons on the TV panel (the menu button button to the top) with holding 3 seconds.

How to remove buttons on LG buttons without a remote control, LG TV Remote how to reset the LG TV password

  • In the main menu of the device, select the settings tab;
  • Next, select the Safety and the PIN CODA DISPLICTING tab;
  • Then you should enter any 4 digits and click OK;

Signs and reasons for television blocking

There are a lot of varieties of TV, even one brand and one series of models can have a different installation and removal scheme of blocking. There is no single approach to unlock. The combination of keys can be unique. In modern models, where the minimum set of functional buttons is very problematic to unlock without remote control. You can well turn on the TV without a remote control, but with unlocking the situation is more difficult. So, consider the signs of blocking TV:

  • The screen has a blue background, there is a lock icon in the corner;
  • A window appeared on the display demanding an input of the PIN code;
  • The presence of a blue background of the screen and the absence of television channels;
  • The TV does not receive signals after pressing the buttons;
  • TV is disconnected after starting.

The main reason for blocking the screen is pressing a certain combination of buttons of the remote control. In its absence, such an opportunity is excluded. This can happen both by accident, when performing certain settings, or to be a result of a malfunction in the software. Only a specialist in the service center will be able to establish the exact reason.

All ways to turn on the TV without a remote control

Today, almost all household appliances, including televisions, are equipped with a control panel. With it, you can turn on and off the device, switch the channels, perform the necessary settings. However, he can break, get lost or simply sit down, and there will be no spare at hand. In such a situation, many do not know what to do how to turn on a TV without a remote control and manage it.

How to turn on a TV without a remote control?

To turn on the TV without a remote control, you need to click on the corresponding button on the case provided by the manufacturer. Similarly, you can turn off the TV without a remote control. On TVs LG, Sony, Thomson, Samsung, the button panel is usually located on the rear wall next to the connectors.

There are TVs that support blocking with only one button. Accordingly, in order to block or unlock the channels, you need to clamp and hold from five to ten seconds.

How to unlock TV

Important! There can be no unequivocal solution to the problem on TVs of different brands. Each manufacturer applies its own technological solution. Therefore, look for an answer first of all in the instructions for a specific model. It is possible to eliminate the problem in the following ways.

  • By pressing a special combination of keys on the remote control designed to remove the blocking of TV (standard method).
  • To unlock the channels during failure can help reset the system to factory values ​​and a new setting, provided that the TV is technically working.
  • If the functions of Smart-TV are blocked, then the system reflashes may be required.

So, on TV TVs Philips, the function in question is initiated through the “Blocking from children” settings menu item. On all models of this brand, block the TV, as well as perform the opposite action using a special combination of the remote control buttons. You can find out the desired combination by referring to the instruction manual.

Important! On separate TV panels, access to the function can be realized through the button on the device case, through which you can unlock the TV without a remote control.

How to unlock the buttons on the TV of another brand, Supra, Erisson or Thomson. Appropriate technical documentation will tell. It is possible to find the necessary instructions when you lose it on the network, having previously specified the brand and model. This information, as a rule, is indicated by the manufacturer on the back cover of the TV-receiving case or a special sticker.

Alternative methods

There are a large number of options for unlocking the remote control that users of the Internet offer:

  • You should simultaneously press the “P” and “” buttons. After that, a combination of the same numbers is typed, for example 2222 or 5555. Among the common and standard codes, 1234 or 1111 were adopted. After setting the combination, press “” again. Perhaps this will be a completely different combination of numbers. Options should try numerous.
  • After the initial numbers from the first method are pressed, the LED should burn without a break. In this case, instead of a combination, you can try simultaneous pressing: “menu” and “channel”, “menu” and “volume”.
  • Sometimes it is enough to hold one button clamped for about 5-10 seconds. But this method is suitable for a few TV models.

Remember those combinations of numbers that you click! After all, rash actions can only aggravate the situation.

Some models of remote controls can be unlocked while pressing the Exit buttons and numbers 9 and 1. The option of pulling the batteries is also suitable, and when they are inserted, the power button should be held. It is these methods that help to return the remote control to full work.

How to enable AV on the old LG TV without a remote control?

To switch from the standard mode to AV, you should go to the application on your own smartphone. There should be “settings” or “switching modes”. You need to go there and switch TV to the operating mode AV. Do not forget that different manufacturers make such applications differently.

You have a system of protection against children in the LG washing machine (blows red-bunker in the control panel). To turn off the lock from the children, press and hold the “temperature” buttons ”, for 5-10 seconds.

How to remove the buttons from the iron

Unlocking TVs of leading brands

The method of blocking the TV depends on its brand. Accordingly, they are also unlocked according to different methods. Below are the algorithms of actions for leading brands of technology.


This manufacturer provides for the parental control option (“blocking from children”) with which it is possible to limit the use of part of the channels, adjustments and functions. You can go to this menu with a remote control, and sometimes from the control panel on the case itself.

The second option to remove user restrictions is to drop all the settings to factory. To do this, reinstall the “system” of the TV using the “General Settings” menu.

On those models of TVs that were recently released, any adjustments are possible only from the remote control. In the case of blocking such a device, you can’t do without a new remote control.

Advice! Install the official LG TV Remote application, with which you can control the Smart TV. This will help to avoid trouble when random blocking.


All Toshiba brand settings are adjusted only from the remote control. Accordingly, unlocking it without a remote control will not work. At this brand, protection against children is to completely block the control panel on the TV housing, you can remove it only from the remote control.

There is also parental control that limits access to certain channels or to adjust the settings. If the remote control is lost, you have to buy a new. Without it, these restrictions cannot be removed.

remove, buttons, supra


These devices can be unlocked only from the remote control. You can remove all the restrictions imposed by the user through the main menu by returning to the factory settings.

To establish protection from children, the standard password “1111”, “0000” is used, or the one indicated in the leadership.

In general, for all manufacturers

For many brands (for example, Thomson, Supra, Hyundai, Polar and Erison), work with the device settings is possible only using the control panel. If it is not, you need to buy a new one or contact specialists.

In general, in order to unlock the TV without remote control, you must act according to the algorithm:

How to fix the lock, if there is no remote control

If the remote control is lost or broken, you need to buy a new. But when buying components, you need to choose only the original. The universal remote control in this case, most likely will not help. Determine that the remote control is broken, if TV does not respond to the signals emanating from it. On the device panel there can be buttons. “menu” and a number of settings. If they are, then it’s easier to press two buttons at the same time and TV will work.

In addition to all of the above reasons, such as:

  • Each device has its own RAM. If it is not enough or a failure has occurred in it, then you can’t do anything yourself. In this case, the equipment is required, and only a specialist can do it;
  • One channel works. In this case, most likely there was a failure and you need to reconfigure.

Please note: in most cases, unlocking is simply possible to carry out without a remote control. If you do not have people who can cope with the setting, then it is better to call the master right away.

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What to do the TV Polar does not turn on when pressing the button of CH is the switching of the channels on the screen lights up the word Locked lights. Several sikundy Passes and the word good by the remote control does not appear as you can turn it on

I will share my experience of solving such a problem. NOVEX CT1461 TV. As it turned out for various reasons, the TV menu may be t.N. “Protection”, which is implied as protection from children, theft, etc., not allowing to turn on the receiving television channels without a native remote control. When turning on the TV button, the blue screen is displayed and in one of the corner the inscription “Protection”. The algorithm is like that. While your TV is included in the network, you can calmly turn on and view TV channels as you like. If the TV fork is pulled out of the outlet or in any other way stop supplying the voltage into the device, then the protection function is activated and the channels can be viewed by pressing the power button only from the native remote control. Specifically in my case, there were disconnects of electricity in the house and even from the remote control did not turn on. Having conducted a logical chain, I decided to diagnose the remote control to a malfunction. To do this, I first checked the batteries. After that, I turned on the camera on the smartphone, brought the console IK with the transmitter to the lens and began to sequentially press all the buttons in a row. If the button works, you will see through the smartphone blinking with a red spark on the transmitter, if it does not work, then there will be no flashing. According to this procedure, I found that a certain buttons on the remote control, including the Power button do not work. After the diagnosis, I dismantled the remote control, carefully cleaned the fee with clean alcohol, contacts on the elastic band and collected the remote control. After that, the security capacity of all buttons was restored! If the platforms of rubber buttons are completely lost, then I can advise cut off the foil tape and carefully glue it to the place of the contact surface of the current.Conductive rubber. Good luck!