How to remove loaded from a computer on iPhone

How to remove downloads on iPhone in useful methods

Not everyone needs to save their files for download on the iPhone. The longer you use the iPhone, the more downloads you save. These downloadable files can occupy the iPhone memory and slow down your iPhone, as remove the downloads on the iPhone? In this article you can find out 2 ways to remove downloads from iPhone. Just continue to read more.

Many iPhone users are wondering “where my downloads”, so we can find uploaded files and delete them. However, it is unfortunate that for security reasons it is impossible to find the download folder directly on the iPhone. And if you want to find the download history, you can install one file for managing files and connect the iPhone to iTunes, and then gain access to the download folder through the application on the computer. In addition, if you use some PDF / Movie / Music applications to download some files, you can find downloads in these applications.

How to delete, restore or move photos from iPhone to computer

The iPhone is equipped with one of the best cameras in the market, so taking a photo is a pleasure. Nowadays, social networks are very popular, in which users post their photos, so we have many incentives to take photos on the phone always and everywhere. But, unfortunately, the memory on the iPhone, like on any other smartphone, is not rubber and ends quite quickly. In this regard, there is a need to drop all photos from a device to a computer or medium. In this article, we will consider in detail how to delete, restore or transfer photos from iPhone to a computer.

The iPhone has a very good camera, so users of this smartphone always have an extensive photo film

At first glance, transferring photos from iPhone to a computer seems common to a computer, however, due to the features of Apple devices, many users cause some difficulties.

Let’s start with how to throw photos on a computer if you have Mac. Despite the fact that the iOS and OS X operating systems are well “friends” among themselves, just connect the phone to PC and copy everything you need from it like from a flash drive. Here, a utility built in OS X comes to the rescue, which is called the “capture of images”. You can find this program in search of spotlight. The program is quite convenient and allows you to easily and quickly move the images from the device to any folder to PC. You can also configure automatic copying of images when connecting a smartphone to a computer. This function will be very useful for many, since it saves a lot of time.

Now let’s figure out how to do the same if you have a computer under the control of the Windows operating system. In this case, you have the opportunity to simply connect the iPhone to the laptop and transfer the necessary photos, as from a flash drive. To speed up the process, you can choose “import images and videos” during auto start. Then you will not have to highlight the images yourself, the system will do everything automatically, without your participation. If you still decide to do it manually, go to “My Computer”, in the “Portable Devices” section, select “iPhone”. Then open the Internal Storage storage. All images are in the DCIM directory.

You can still use the iTunes program to postpone photos. The ITUNES utility is not intended for such operations and, if you have Mac, it is better to use the iPhoto application or the “image capture” considered above. It is very simple to do it through iTunes. You need to go to your device through the program, go to the “Photo” section, select images for moving and click on the “Improte selected” button. There is also a function of removing originals, which will allow you to quickly free the memory of the device.

To throw off the images from the iPhone on PC, you can do without a USB cable. You can do this through Wi-Fi. However, at first you will still have to connect the smartphone to the laptop by means of lighting. After that, open itunes and move on to the device parameters. Mark the point “Synchronization of the device via Wi-Fi”. Ready. Now, to start the synchronization of Wi-Fi, go to the settings on the phone, go to the “Basic” section and select the appropriate item.

If you needed to restore remote photos, you can do this in iTunes by clicking “Restore from a backup”. Also, do not forget that the iPhone has a “recently remote” folder, where all remote images are stored for 30 days, and then washed.

Having dealt with built.In tools in iOS, OS X and Windows, you can very quickly move images from iPhone to PC.

Now you know how to throw a photo from iPhone to a computer. Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if this article helped you understand the issue, and share your advice with other users.

How to remove iPhone images from a computer. How to delete a photo on iPhone and iPad, synchronized from ITUNES of someone else’s computer. Using a file manager

Most modern smartphones are equipped with high.Quality cameras that can compete with some “soapses” and even advanced cameras. The iPhone is no exception, which allows you to take excellent pictures and store them in the memory of the device. But, unlike the mobile phones of other manufacturers, deleting photos or pictures with iPhone is not so easy.

At the same time, it is enough to spend a little time studying the menu of the “apple” smartphone in order to easily find the opportunity to get rid of both the pictures taken by the camera and from the images pumped from the Internet or computer. Let’s look at the simplest and fastest options for removing photos and pictures from the iPhone.

But first, you should understand exactly where in the memory of the device all images are stored. To do this, just go to the gallery. In it you can easily find two sections. In the “Photolian” you will find all the photos shot by the iPhone camera, and in the “photo archive” (some versions of the devices it can be called “Mediathe”) will be located images downloaded from the Internet or falling into the memory of the mobile phone via iTunes. Now it’s enough just to perform a few simple actions to delete photos or pictures from your iPhone. But take into account that in most cases it will be impossible to restore remote images.

The first method

Go into the photo viewing mode and just click on the basket icon when the picture that is unnecessary will be shown on the screen. After that, it is enough to confirm the removal and the photo will be erased. Similarly, you can get rid of the pictures in the “media text”.

The second method

If you do not want to spend time watching each removed picture, use this way. Go to the menu, select the “Photolicat” section, and then press the editing key icon. When the miniatures of all saved images appear on the display, just mark the pictures that you want to erase. Now it remains only to confirm the operation and delete all unnecessary photos or pictures.

The third method

If you purchased the iPhone “with your hands” and there are pictures taken by the past owner, you can erase them all in just a few seconds, completely freeing the memory of the device from photos. To do this, just connect the smartphone to the computer, start iTunes, go to the “photographic film” section directly with PC, highlight all the pictures and send them to the basket with a pair of mouse clicks.

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Fourth method

If for some reason, photos or other images are not removed from your device, you can try to get rid of them differently. To do this, you will need to connect the mobile phone to the PC and start iTunes. Then create an empty folder in the computer and synchronize it with a section of the “photographic” or “photo archive” on the iPhone. As soon as synchronization is completed,

Simple methods 3 to delete a photo album with iPhone XR / Xs / X

Just take it for granted that you can open the “Photos” application and choose “albums” for easy deletion. When updating the iPhone to the latest IOS 12 version, you can not find the “edit” parameter to remove the album on your iPhone from the latest photos. Why can’t you remove the albums on the iPhone? How to eliminate the problem?

How to remove album on iPhone

To remove photo albums from your iPhone, you can check simple 3 methods to eliminate the problem. In addition, you can also learn more about the reasons for this. Just read the article and select the necessary methods accordingly.

Iphone 11 & 11 Pro: how to force restart, recovery mode, DFU mode, etc.

How to remove the album on the iPhone using iPhone Transfer

Whether photographs or albums or updates are damaged, Apeaksoft Iphone Transfer is a simple IPhone program for your iPhone. Just allows you to transfer, create backups, delete, edit and manage iPhone files with ease. Even if you just need to remove the album on the iPhone, you can first view and make a backup copy of some photos on the computer.

How to remove an album with iPhone through iPhone Transfer

Step 1Connect the iPhone to the computer using the original USB cable. Download and install the iPhone Transfer, run the program on your computer. The program is able to detect connected iPhone automatically.

Step 2Select the Photo menu to view all the albums on your iPhone. You can add photos, transmit to the device / computer, delete photos, view photos about photos and manage them on your computer.

Step 3If you need to delete photo albums from the iPhone, click the “toolbar” icon and select “Delete the album”. He will completely remove the selected albums from your iPhone.

To avoid any removal by mistake, you can make a backup copy of photos on a computer in advance. Select the PC Export option to make their backup on a computer with a large space.

How to remove albums with iPhone using the “photo” application

The iPhone has two main photo albums, by default one of the iOS and manually created. Standard, such as portraits, panorama, selfies and living photos cannot be deleted. Here is a detailed process of removing the iPhone album with various versions of iOS.

How to remove albums on iPhone from iOS 12

Step 1Launch the “Photos” application on the main screen, and you will see the plus icon in the upper left corner, “albums” with bold font and under the inscription “My albums”.

Step 2Click “View everything” on the right side of “My Album” to move on to the next screen.

Step 3Click “Change” in the upper right corner to remove the photo album on the iPhone.

Step 4Then go to the “albums” “recently removed” and forever delete an unnecessary album.

How to delete photo albums from old iOS

Step 1Go to the Album tab in the photo “Photos”.

remove, loaded, computer, iphone

Step 2Then you will see the option to “edit” in the upper right corner. Click on the option, and you will receive all albums created on your own.

Step 3Click on a red circle on an unnecessary photo album to move it to the “recently removed” folder. If you need to finally remove the album on the iPhone, remove it from the folder.

How to remove synchronized albums with iPhone through iTunes

The iPhone has another type of albums, photo albums are synchronized with PC or Mac. If you connected the iPhone to the computer and used iTunes for synchronization, some albums will be sent to the iPhone from the ITUNES library. These photo albums cannot be removed on the iPhone independently.

Step 1Connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and run itunes. Update iTunes to the latest version by clicking “iTunes” “Check the availability of updates” on Mac or “Help” “Check the availability of updates” on PC.

Step 2Wait for ITUNES to find your iPhone, and click the “device” icon in the upper left corner to access all the albums on the iPhone.

Step 3Go to the “Photo” tab on the left side panel for “Settings”. Then select the “Selected Albums” option and select the albums that you want to save.

Step 4After that, click the “Apply” button to rewrite the iPhone photos again using the iTunes library to remove the albums synchronized on the iPhone. When the synchronization ends, click the “Ready” button.

After checking the photo albums will be removed from the iPhone. You cannot view iPhone photos before removing photo albums in iTunes. So you better write down the name of unwanted albums.

Why can’t you delete the album on the iPhone

The built.In “Photos” application for each iPhone not only allows you to store and edit photos, but also allows you to easily manage albums. Why can’t you delete some albums on the way? Here are a few common reasons why you cannot delete the album on the iPhone.

Incorrect types of albums

There are several types of albums on the iPhone. When you choose iOS by default or synchronized from iTunes, you cannot remove them directly from the iPhone directly. In addition, albums created by App Store applications cannot be changed in the Photos application.

Unloading the application for cleaning unnecessary files from the iPhone

Offload application. This is a new application for later iPhone models, which deleys unnecessary applications data. However, the documents and these applications will be saved and returned during reinstalling.

Step 1 you can go to the IPhone general storage settings. Scroll down to find the application that you want to delete unnecessary files, touch the implementation of the application.

Step 2 after its completion, you can see the re.Installation of the application appears, click on it.

How to Disable Apple’s CPU Throttling on Your iPhone

What is systemic data on iPhone

System. This is the space occupied by the operating system on the iPhone. This may vary depending on your device and model. Generally speaking, the iPhone system storage consists of two types:

System files necessary for the operation of the main iPhone and iPad system.

Temporary system files that include backups, magazines, cache, settings and other files.

To check the iPhone system storage, tape the settings. And then select the general. And click the storage of iPhone. Then you can see the overall iPhone storage and the storage, busy system, photo, applications, media, and another.

Iphone system files are often invisible to users, and you cannot get access to them or open them directly, as when viewing a photo or video.

remove, loaded, computer, iphone

To clean the iPhone system data, go to the next part.

Frequently asked questions about how to forever delete photos from the iPhone

Why can’t I delete photos from my iPhone?

If your photos are synchronized from iTunes or Finder, you cannot delete photos directly. Firstly, you need to disable ICLUD photos if you did it before. Then connect the iPhone to the computer and delete photos from the iPhone.

How to delete photos from the iPhone to make room?

Launch Foneraser for iOS on a computer, select free space and select one function, respectively, to free up space on the iPhone.

What is the fastest way to delete photos from the iPhone?

Launch Foneraser for iOS and select the Eraser all the data, select the erasing level and click start mining button.

Launch Foneraser for iOS and select free space to clean photos. After scanning, press the Eraser button.

It’s all. As you can see, foneraser for iOS. This is an effective and simple software for deleting songs, films, photos from the iPhone, but not iCloud, download and try right now!

How to delete iOS update on iPhone

To remove the loaded software update on the iPhone, regardless of whether your iPhone works under the control of iOS 14, iOS 13, iOS 12, iOS 11 or iOS 10, you can perform the following actions to delete the iOS update file.

How to delete iOS update 14/13/12/11 on iPhone

If you use iOS 14 on the iPhone, you can open the application settings, click the general. And select the storage of the iPhone option.

Click Delete the update under the iOS update and again click “Delete update” to confirm the operation. Having done this, you can easily delete iOS update on your iPhone.

If your iPhone is updated to the iOS 15 version, you will not see the “Delete update” option. So, at the moment you are not offered an official way to remove iOS 15 on iPhone. You can also choose to lower iOS solve the problem.

How to delete iOS 10 or earlier iOS updating on iPhone

For the old iPhone under the control of iOS 10 or earlier IOS version, you should switch to the application settings and find the storage and use of the iCloud option.

Find and select uploaded iOS software update. Click remove the update and then click it again to remove the loaded iOS update to the iPhone.

Removing the record that is stored in the Video Appendix

This application stores all films, videos and clips that were loaded from iTunes, and also moved using this program. There are several ways to erase records from this application.

Method number 1

If you have a firmware iOS 5 and above, then there will be no problems with this.

  • We launch our standard Video application and see a list of absolutely all files in front of us.
  • On the file that you want to delete, we make a finger on the right on the left.
  • A button will appear in front of you to press to confirm your actions, everything is done, the matter is done.

Method number 2

If for some reason you can’t remove with the help of the first option, there is a second way, but it is longer.

  • It is necessary to go to the iPhone settings and select the “Basic” section there, and then “Statistics”. “Storage”.
  • Next, you need to scroll through the entire section, until we find what we need. The video section, click on it. When the transition, the list will open, which will indicate the name of the file and the amount of memory that it occupies.
  • To start the removal process, click the “Change” button located in the upper right side of the screen. It will be possible to select files, t.E. You can choose from this list, and then confirming, delete any necessary clip.

If you have more outdated firmware, then you need to act in a different way in order to delete unnecessary videos. This is done using the iTunes program, which should be installed on your computer. To delete the video, you need to take the following steps:

  • We connect your device via USB and run this very program.
  • Click on the “devices” and make the choice of the iPhone that appeared.
  • The checkbox “Synchronize films” is removed and the “Delete” button in the window that appears is pressed.
  • After all the actions, click on the button “apply and synchronize”.

Also, in order to delete records, clips and rollers, ITUNES with an empty media stroke can be safely used. The actions here need to take about the same as in the case of the usual synchronization of the video. First, start it and select your device. Then we click on the “Films” button and put a checkplace opposite “Synchronize the films”, after which you will have a notification. To confirm the actions, it will be necessary to select the item “Delete and synchronize”, and then confirm again. Below see examples of how to do this:

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