How to remove parental controls from your child’s phone

of ways to remove parental control on your smartphone without a password

What are parental controls on your phone? In fact. this is a special function that allows you to limit user access to certain resources. In addition, you can enter a limit on the time of use of the mobile device.

For your information! In fact, the system itself is quite flexible in its functionality and allows you to regulate almost any area. To disable these restrictions, you need to know exactly where and what they are set. Depending on this will be appropriate to your algorithm.

How to disable parental controls on your phone in the YouTube app

YouTube mobile app allows you to set parental controls without additional software. In this way, you can restrict the viewing of video on your smartphone. This restriction applies to videos which are marked for watching 18.

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You can remove the parental controls, once applied in the YouTube app. At the same time, here you do not need to enter a password. It is enough to follow the instructions:

  • Open the YouTube app on your smartphone.
  • Go to the “Home” section. To do this, click on the house icon, which is located in the lower left corner.
  • Go to your personal account by clicking its logo in the upper right corner of the screen.

Add or remove parental controls from the YouTube app at any time. However, this option does not guarantee that all inappropriate content will be blocked. But a child won’t have access to most.

How to remove controls in third-party programs

How to enable parental controls on iPhone

There are a number of specialized programs that help parents limit a child’s access to questionable materials and simply reduce the time of interaction with a cell phone or tablet.

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Among them, Kaspersky Safe Kids is considered the most popular, as well as Family Link. How to remove the restriction from these two programs is discussed in more detail below.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

As already mentioned, Kaspersky is one of the most popular and functional options for providing parental controls. The main advantage is that it can be used to restrict access even from another device, as well as via a personal account on the manufacturer’s website.

You can disable Kaspersky blocking both through your child’s phone and through the parent’s device. In the first case, the instructions for disconnection are as follows:

  • Go to the settings of the mobile device.
  • Open the section with personal data and then select the “Security” item.
  • Find “Administrators” section and after that select “Device Administrators”.
  • Among the presented list you will need to choose Kaspersky Safe Kids.
  • Enter user login and password in the window that appears (the first can be entered automatically).
  • After you have entered all necessary information correctly, you should go back to “Kaspersky Safe Kids” line and press “Disable” button. Confirm the action.

At this stage the program will be disabled. You can even uninstall it from your phone as a regular app, if you wish.

Disabling mode in Kaspersky Safe Kids

Family Link

To reset the parental control in the “Link Family” is possible in the following way:

  • Open the application itself and go to your personal account.
  • Open the “Family Group” block by selecting the profile on which the restriction is enabled.
  • Click on the 3 dot icon to reveal information about a specific user.
  • Find the “Delete account” function at the bottom.
  • Confirm the action by checking the appropriate boxes.

What is Family Link??

With Family Link set up correctly, you’ll have full control of your child’s online experience. You need to link your Google Account and the account you created for your child to this app. You’re now a network administrator for the devices your kids use.

  • Enter restrictions. in the app you can set the time how long your child can stay online. There is a function to lock the device at night, as well as which days it will be locked. This is a great way to keep children from being idle while you’re away (for example, when you’re on a business trip);
  • Full control of applications. Google Play has many programs that are not designed for children under the age of 13;
  • In Family Link you can get a detailed report on the time of use of certain applications ;
  • Parents have the option of always knowing where their child has gone by tracking the location of the device (it must be connected to the Internet);
  • Family Link has a rich set of tools. But some of them may not work on the device your child is using. To learn more about compatibility, visit the developer’s page.
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How to turn off parental controls?

Our article today provides simple ways to disable parental controls on Android and Windows. This mode will help to protect your child from browsing undesirable apps, adult sites, dangerous resources, preventing entertainment at night, etc.д. In addition, a useful feature allows you to restrict access to installing software from unknown sources and downloading content from paid services. It is also able to track the location of children’s smartphone or tablet. If you have decided to remove temporary restriction for your child, follow the instructions below.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

This popular service from Kaspersky Lab is good for controlling children’s devices, which many families are adopting. Remove parental control from the phone provided by this program, you can remove the parental device and gadget for the child.

You can exit the control state by performing these operations:

  • Select “Kaspersky Safe Kids” to deactivate checkbox. After that the main program will open with a field for entering a password for the linked My Kaspersky profile.
  • Done! Removing parental control was successful. Now the program is no longer in the list of applications and in the “Administrators of the device.

Unlike controlled phone, here it is not necessary to delete the application after deactivation of the option:

In order for the change to work on the monitored gadget, it must be connected to the internet.

Qustodio Parental Control

In addition to automatically blocking websites prohibited for children, Qustodio offers a full range of services: daily reports, blocking access to certain content, control of applications used. There is a very convenient online service panel, with its help you can easily perform all the necessary actions.

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How to remove parental control from child phone | bacche ke phone se parental control ksise hataye

Location tracking available, information about calls made with the ability to block unwanted contacts. An SOS button is available for a child to alert family members of some kind of emergency.

Ways to disable parental control on Android devices

Usually the parental control is set on smartphones and tablets of children to regulate the time of spending of the child in the network, to exclude visiting of certain sites and downloading of applications. Sometimes people activate by mistake such a mode in their smartphone and lose access to some resources. If you do not need this measure, you can disable it. below you will learn how to do this.

How to track your child’s smartphone?

To be aware of where your child is at any given moment, there are many apps. For example, Where Are My Children? To work with the program you need to install it on the devices of the child and the adult. Once the app is downloaded, a short registration process on the parent’s phone with an email address and synchronize their gadget with the child’s gadget.

After performing a few simple actions, an adult will always know where the child is spending time now, looking at the built-in map in the application. In addition, there are options available in the program: “eavesdropping”, “setting the zones of movement” and “saving the history of movements”. They help you learn more about your child, as well as limit their range of motion so they don’t walk far from home.