How to remove pop -up windows on the Samsung phone

How to disable notifications from applications on the Samsung phone

The default android operating system activates the notification option. With SMS and messages from various applications, a pop.Up window appears on the screen, accompanied by a sound signal. Notices are not always useful, sometimes they can simply annoy with their number and obsession. Today we will discuss how to disable notifications on the Samsung phone.

Depending on the operating system, the signal adjustment mechanism and their shutdown may differ. Consider the instructions for various versions of android.

Android 9

In the last generation of the Android OS, the warning system has become more flexible. You can turn off the signals both completely and separately for each program, including systemic.

To turn off, repeat the following steps:

Ready! Now notifications from this service will be disconnected.

If you need to remove the notifications until they appear, go into the smartphone settings, select “Applications”. In the list of programs, find the necessary, scroll down the card down to the parameters. In the “Notifications” section, click “Forbid” and save the settings.

Android 8

The mechanism of deactivation of messages to 8 versions is not much different from the 9th.

You can also open the device parameters, find the necessary application in the list of installed on the smartphone, and prohibit the display of messages by moving the lever into an inactive state.

Android 7/6

On the two previous versions of the message, you can also disable point and massively. For the first option:

Save the changes. If the shutdown does not occur, this means that for this application this operation is impossible.

To immediately select all applications from which you do not want to receive, use another way. Open the smartphone settings and go to the “Notifications” section.

You will see a list of programs opposite which there are checkpoints or switches.

How to put POP UP WINDOWS Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra

Remove the marks or shift the switches to an inactive state opposite those programs that need to be disconnected. If you want to disable everything, select the corresponding option at the very top.

Here you can connect the option “Indicators on the icons”, which allows you to show the number of messages or actions in the icons of certain programs, for example, instant messengers.

Android 5

If your phone supports the old Android platform, the shutdown mechanism will be slightly different from the previous options.

Android 4

The earliest available version of the Android is extremely rare today. Nevertheless, we will consider the options for the shutdown on it.

As in the previous version, if a checkpoint is inactive, you cannot disconnect notifications in this program.

How to disable pop.Up windows in Chrome

The “built.In” security measure above, which is logical, easily costs the owner’s unclean hands. So in your arsenal there should be more powerful weapons. And we have it. This is a third.Party application called Ghostery (install at your own peril and risk). This is a full.Fledged browser with advanced functions of the security system, which, in particular, allows you to deal with pop.Up windows.

To include this option, tap the gear icon and click “Block pop.Ups”. But the functions of the program are not limited to this and you can easily go to the settings section at the “Ghostery” item, and then to “Tracker Blocking Options”, where it will already be possible to establish additional defense parameters. Other browsers like Opera, Firefox and others offer such protection mechanisms similarly described above, so you should not have problems with their configuration.

However, if you really like Chrome, then you will not succeed in completely getting rid of advertising. Back in February, Google began promoting the Better Ads Experience program in Chrome. Through this system, Chrome automatically removes ads that violate the criteria for using the service. This reduced the flow of advertising, but did not completely remove it.

So the choice of the locking method remains you. As well as the ability to subscribe to our news channel in telegram.

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Applications for blocking advertising for Android


Adblock is designed to block advertisements in the Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, UC, Yandex, Samsung and CM browsers. Unlike many analogues, it works without Root rights, and in addition, accelerates the loading of web pages and saves the charge of the phone battery. The application is compatible with Android 5.0 and above. 8.1 MB of free memory is enough to install it.

To get rid of advertising in a mobile browser using Adblock, follow the following actions:

  • Run the Adblock and press the shield button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click OK to allow the application to install a secure connection. After that, an inscription will appear on the screen that Adblock has begun work, and the checkbox inside the shield will become green.
  • Open the browser and go to any web page. If everything is done correctly, advertising blocks will be hidden.

In the ADBLOCK settings, you can install auto.Launch immediately after turning on a mobile phone.

By the way, despite the effective removal of browsers advertising, pop.Up commercials are in Adblock itself. Here is such a paradox.

Adguard Content Blocker

Adguard Content Blocker hides advertising only in Samsung’s browsers Internet and Yandex. Like his predecessor, he noticeably saves Internet traffic and a charge of smartphone batteries.

You can use the program for free, you will need 5.3 MB of memory and Android 5 version.0 and above. Like Adblock, it does not require a Root-right.

To block advertising using Adguard, follow the following actions:

Adguard Content Blocker contains several ready.Made templates for blocking advertising content available in the “Filters” settings section. Several examples are shown in the screenshot below:


Adclear is designed to remove advertising from any browsers and applications. In addition to this, it saves the battery charge, reduces the time of loading web pages and protects the smartphone from malicious.

The Adclear menu is partially represented in English, partially in Russian, but the procedure for its use is intuitive:

The application “weighs” 18 MB and it can be installed on Android version 5.0 and above.

How to unsubscribe from sites notification

Another recommendation that is desirable to fulfill is to disable pop.Up alerts from sites.

  • To do this, go to the site, the warning from which you no longer want to receive, then open the context menu and go to the information section by pressing the icon I;

The smartphone has always been a great way to spend money: such a purchase will please anyone and be a great gift. Despite the fact that smartphones do not differ from each other, a variety of devices can be found on the market, the most memorable of which will be gaming (due to sophisticated characteristics) and anti-suggestion (due to protective properties). But not a single device is deprived of problems, and over the years they only become larger. Some are accumulating from year to year, while others appear due to negligence of manufacturers. There is no perfect smartphone and will not be, just reconcile with this fact: we tell you why to own absolutely any smartphone is problematic and this is never changed.

There are several things for which we do not like Apple so much, except that no one loves up. Few people hurry to fight with these things, and we have to put up with the fact that some things will never change, but there is one force that can turn the situation. And this is not the management of the company, and not even the US government that can adopt laws and introduce restrictions. I’m talking about European legislations that are significantly less ceremony with those who, in their opinion, violates the rights of users. This is what they now came up with a little shift the way the Apple development path.

The most popular phones now have a large scatter of RAM values. On the one hand, you have ultra-premium devices with 12 GB or 16 GB of RAM. On the other hand, budget models, many of which have options with only 4 GB of RAM. Meanwhile, the middle ground is usually in the range between 6 GB and 8 GB of RAM. These figures do not say anything to a common person, except that “more. Then better “. But is it really so or sometimes you can not overpay for unnecessary numbers that you still won’t use? Here you have to figure it out.

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How to check permits for certain websites in Chrome

Perhaps you have already provided permission for websites in Chrome, therefore, if you cannot get rid of annoying pop-up windows, you should take the following steps:

Launch Chrome and switch to the desired web site.

How to use Pop-up View mode for Samsung Galaxy Android 11 with One UI version 3.0

Touch three vertical points in the upper right corner to open the menu settings.

This time tap the icon information (it looks like “i”) in the upper right corner, then select resolutions.

Check if the notifications are marked as permitted, select notifications to switch the notifications shut off if it is turned on.

How to disable built.In advertising on Samsung?

Recently, manufacturers of Android apparatus began to integrate various marketing notifications into tablets and smartphones. Large companies usually send their own advertising to tell users about the new product. Small manufacturers post information from third.Party organizations, wanting to cover the cost of developing a device.

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Samsung also began to sin with this. In the last shells from the Korean manufacturer, users noticed marketing information. Fortunately, Samsung at least asks the owners of telephones permission, but people often thoughtlessly click on incoming notifications, without even reading them before.

Often popping up advertising messages from Samsung? You can withdraw your permission to obtain marketing information, for this it is necessary:

Now Samsung will not send you its own notifications. But it is important to understand that advertising in browsers will still remain, it is located directly by sites that you visit. To get rid of it, a Root-right and an application for blocking, for example, ADBLOCK are needed.

Advertising blocking in some applications

Partner banners in free programs. A common occurrence. So developers earn on their product. The user can disable advertising by issuing a subscription or using the Lucky Patcher utility. For obvious reasons, it cannot be found in Google Play. But you can download an apk file from almost any site on the Internet.

After installing the Lucky Patcher on the Samsung Galaxy S8, you need to perform the following:

  • Open the utility.
  • Provide permission.
  • Click on the name of the application where advertising interferes the most.
  • Go to the “Patch menu”.
  • Click “Create APK”.
  • Select “APK with carved advertising”.
  • Click on the inscription “Remove“.
  • Wait for the end of the operation.

The process will end with the fact that all banners immediately disappear in the program. Over, to limit advertising, you do not have to turn off the Internet. Partnerships are not shown even online.

How to disable advertising on Samsung, finding applications that provide advertising

For shown advertising on your device, third.Party applications should be active. And although there is no certain way to determine the exact applications that cause advertising on your Samsung phone, if you have just noticed the problem, you should see which applications have used recently.

The method below will help you delete applications that you used little, and narrow the circle of those that can contribute to the appearance of advertising on your Samsung phone.

Come on and choose the option “My applications and games” continue.

Now you should see the list of all the applications you set. Go forward and click on the possibility of sorting alphabetically as shown below.

Samsung locking shortcuts

I also really like the function that allows you to run any application from the lock screen. For example, I often need Telegram, and constantly unlock the phone to run it is not very convenient. So I placed it on the left instead of starting the phone. And on the right left the trigger of the camera.

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In order to do the same, open the settings and find the “lock screen” section “. Open it and scroll down to the item “Label”. It can be turned on or off by moving the slider, or open a detailed setting, slipping to the item itself.

You will even be shown to the miniature of what you get.

Having opened it, you can choose a model of the lock screen and configure the left and right shortcut by choosing the application you need.

And what other functions One UI do you like? If the topic is interesting, I can share the narrower features of this shell that I use on an ongoing basis, although not every day.