How to remove protective glass from the phone screen

How to stick a protective glass on the phone. Instruction

Protective glass is the best way to protect your favorite brand new smartphone from cracks, scratches and chips. Today this is especially relevant: all new phone models are equipped with wide screens, and, for example, the iPhone is also made of glass! Needless to say, any fall, even from a small height, threatens the smartphone with unpleasant consequences?

How remove and reinstall used tempered glass film screen protector. Iphone 6 tutorial.

So that this does not happen to you, immediately after the acquisition of a new gadget, stick a protective glass on it and the hug in a stylish cover. Most equipment stores will be happy to help you stick protection on the screen, however, they will do it far from free. Do not want to overpay? Then read how to stick glass yourself.


In order to easily replace the protective coating on the phone, it is necessary to observe a certain procedure.

Cooking tools

To correctly remove cracked glass without damage to the display, we recommend preparing in advance:

  • Napkins. It is advisable to have napkins without villi, it is better from microfiber to remove the remains of glue and glass, without adding new garbage.
  • Sucker. The usual suilicon suction cup will facilitate the removal of even a fragment broken to a state. Of course, you can do without this additional tool, but its use will greatly facilitate the process.
  • Plastic scraper. It is convenient to use a plastic card, a mediator (tool for guarding strings in musical instruments) or similar objects as a replacement. The main condition is that the subject should not spoil the touchscreen.
  • Alcohol.Containing liquid. Various colognes, windows for windows or even just alcohol. Any of the listed liquids is suitable to remove residual glue, fat traces, and other garbage.
  • Gloves. Not necessarily, but desirable. Rubber or cotton gloves will help to do without the appearance of fat spots and dust on the adhesive layer of a protective screen.
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All funds are good

Consider the easiest and most popular methods available at home.

Pick up with a fingernail

The easiest way to remove the fingernail, starting from the angle of the smartphone, especially if the crack comes from the corner. We carefully pry the vulnerable area and slowly begin to peel off the protective screen to the end of the opposite side/angle.

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Important: if the glass is badly damaged or scattered into small fragments, then this method is not recommended, t.To. You can damage both hands and display.


  • Find on the cracked coating the most preserved angle where there are no cracks in the form of web or their minimum amount.
  • It is necessary to attach the suction cup to this place and crush tightly.
  • The angle with suction pry the plastic card or a special plastic scrap.
  • Pull the glass synchronously and push it with a scraper.


  • Find the whole corner on the bursting glass.
  • Take a plastic card, packaging from tablets or a special scraper. Gently insert a plastic item under the protective screen as deeply as possible, but so as not to form new cracks.
  • After that, give the protective coating and remove from the display. It is recommended to use a plastic scrap along with the suction cup, in order to less likely damage the matrix.

You will need a tooth thread, any thin and strong sewing thread or fishing fishing line for a trimmer.

  • Tighten the thread strongly with both hands, synchronously holding the smartphone with the help of palms, and pry the glass in the very whole area.
  • Move the thread to the right and left, as if you saw something. This will allow you to independently peel off the fragments even strongly adhered.
  • Stretch the thread further until you take out the second corner, and then move to the middle until everything completely peel off from the screen.

How to remove a bunch of fragments

If the protective screen on the phone went into small cracks over the entire area and began to crumble, then the fragments are removed in stages.

  • To get started, remove the largest pieces, and then carefully push the small remnants. Use plastic or credit card scrapers.
  • In no case do not try to remove the fragments, just moving them to the edge. This can lead to scratches on the display.

Advice to facilitate the process can be slightly heated by the protective layer with a hairdryer. Or glue tape or isolets over the entire area.

We stick new glass

In order to avoid damage to the display, it is recommended to stick a new protective coating immediately after removing the old. You can read more about this here.

What you need to remove the protective glass from the phone

To remove the protective glass and not damage the display, you will need several items. It is extremely important to carefully and carefully remove the glass, since any excess movement can damage the touch screen and ultimately lead to breakdown.

First, make sure that you have the following items (or at least some of them):

remove, protective, glass, phone

Thanks to these items, you can safely remove any plastic or glass protective film from your device.

Useful tips

As useful tips, it will be relevant to pay attention to the model, manufacturer and properties. If you have already tested matte protection and it does not suit you. Get a glossy or mirror version. You can protect the display from scratches using an armored film comparable to protective glass in density and strength.

Useful tips

It is possible to remove dust, sorckees or pile, which got on the display before installing protective glass, you can use adhesive tape. Cut the thin strip, stick on the sorrinka and sharply lift the edge. The procedure will not only get rid of garbage and prevent the formation of air bubbles, but will not leave traces.

If you re.Replace the protective glass, then it can be removed and glued back in a few seconds. Remember that even a small skew or a glass of glass over a fraction of a millimeter above the smartphone body can lead to damage and significantly reduce the level of protection.

Using your own experience and following our tips, you can carry out the procedure for overpassing glass, replace and provide a phone protection with minimal efforts. Share the advice and results of your own experiments in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the article, indicating the model of the gadget and the protection used.

How to remove protective glass yourself: a popular method

The most popular way to remove protection from the screen is to use plastic.

How to remove broken tempered glass from any smartphone NEW!!!

To correctly remove the glass, it is necessary to prepare special tools in advance. Among them:

  • Wet alcohol napkin to remove glue residues;
  • Any plastic card (credit card, discount, etc.D.) or mediator, in order to gently pick up the edge of the glass.

With the help of thin plastic, carefully pick up the protective glass from any edge. As soon as the plastic is under the glass, start with smooth motion with plastic along the edge of the smartphone, thus starting the air under the glass. As soon as you walk along all the edges of the glass, begin to deepen the plastic, moving to the center of the smartphone screen.

Move so until the protection completely falls off from the screen. Then wipe the screen with an alcohol cloth by removing the remaining glue, and you can start a new glass sticker.

Features of protective glasses for phones

Protective glass not only provides protection of the smartphone, but distributes a blow over the entire surface, avoiding point exposure. To protect the touchscreen from damage, the screen takes on a blow, weakening it to a minimum. As a rule, the resulting damage to the protective glass takes the nature of cracks and chips. Due to this feature, it will be extremely difficult to tear the hardened glass from the display, because even one fragment can lead to scratches already on the touchscreen.

Do not try to lift the edge with your fingers, chipping your fingernail. This action will not lead to the desired results. It is possible to carry out the removal procedure or even replace the protective coating with the new correctly and without additional damage only after carefully preparation.

How to remove protective glass from the phone?

If you know how to remove the glass from the phone to the house, then you do not need to seek help from serviceers. The main thing is to carefully study the principle of removing damaged protection.

When his edge exfoliated or another problem of this nature arose, then try to remember and learn the instructions in advance. It will be more convenient for you to work without being distracted by it. To do this, we recommend watching a video with detailed Комментарии и мнения владельцев describing each step performed.

Before moving on to the direct replacement of the armestek, it is necessary to prepare the place of work. Subject to replacing the protective coating in the dirty and dusty room, you can damage the touchscreen. Therefore, carry out wet cleaning in the entire room so that dust or villi does not get on the coating.

If you are afraid that you can’t cope with such a task yourself, we recommend contacting the service center. Removing from the phone of the armored vehicle is cheap. Therefore, such a procedure will practically not affect your budget.

Step-by-step instruction

So, when the preparation is completed and the premises are removed, we move directly to the replacement of the protective armored vehicle:

  • We put on gloves. If you decide to change the glass without them, we thoroughly wash your hands and dry. You can’t wipe them with a towel so that there are no microscopic villi. Gloves help protect the screen from stains and from the appearance of fingerprints on the touchscreen or on the armored vehicle itself.
  • We look through the anti.Guided coating and determine the place in which it is the least damaged. At this point we place a sucker. We press it to the screen easily, but tight. It is better to take one of the angles of glass as the starting point, to disconnect it from the surface, it was most convenient.
  • Carefully raise the edge of the protective glass, which is located closest to our suction cup. Pull it away, at the same time raising the edge of the protective screen. Shards of protective glass should not push, otherwise they can harm the touchscreen. If the screen is large, then the protective glass must be picked up with a plastic card, a wide spatula. Then it will be withdrawn evenly over the entire area of ​​the phone, and not in one specific place.
  • Without making sudden movements, press the display with a plastic card. Saskoy pull the protective glass to the end or just take it by the edges. The armored vehicles will be completely torn off, and all its points of contact with the smartphone are detected.
  • Clean the display of glue and small fragments with a napkin. Movements should be soft. Try not to press the smartphone too strong. Make sure that there are no divorces left on the screen. To remove dust and garbage, you can use alcohol.Based liquid. Only after that the surface of the smartphone screen will be ready for installation on a new armored vehicle.

This instruction is not universal for any mobile devices. Therefore, in some cases, we recommend contacting the service center.

Glass coating is not a film that can be torn from the sensory screen in a matter of moments. Therefore, take into account the degree of damage to the apparatus and build a strategy of action in advance.

How to cross old protective glass to a new?

Madeusteral manufacturers have long decided how to protect the smartphone display from breakdown. But they did not take into account that their invention is also short.Lived.

How to remove a broken protective glass from the phone and glue in its place a new? To do this, evaluate the type of damage. If it cracked, and not covered with a web, then first you need to clean the protective glass of the phone and remove its remnants. It is better to use silicone sucking for these purposes. It needs to remove the largest particles, and only then deal with small crumbs.

Removal is carried out with a soft napkin made of non.Permanent material. The dismantling procedure is simple. You can use a scraper or plastic card.

It is forbidden to extend the fragments of a special fork on the screen. This will harm the gadget, additional scratches will appear. To stick new protection, use a bilateral sticking tape. Work with a new coating neatly so as not to leave fingerprints and divorces.

How to remove protective glass from iPhone

Iphone is an expensive gadget, so you need to be extremely careful with it. This is also understood by manufacturers of anti.Suggested accessories for such smartphones. Therefore, they supply protective glass already with a set of tools necessary for their installation.

The methodology for removing the armored glass from the iPhone is not much different from its removal from any other smartphone. To do this, it is enough to neatly deliver it at the top of the display.

The question is often found whether it is possible to remove the protective glass from the iPhone, giving it away from below. It is forbidden. This action can ruin the home button.

Iphone advantage is high strength. Their screens are released somewhat thickened to protect the phone from the breakdown during the fall.

How to remove broken glass

A method for cases when protective glass is broken or cracked.


Glue the tape on top of the protective glass to fix the broken areas. Otherwise, in the process of dismantling, the glass will continue to crack with the formation of small glass particles.

The glass should be picked up on the whole side or the whole site. Then gradually exfoliate the largest sections. For removal, it is also worth using plastic or wooden devices.

If the adhesive tape did not hold small fragments, do not focus on them, continue to remove the largest remnants.

After removing large fragments, take on the extraction of small parts. Start to pry and remove the remaining pieces. If necessary, remove the remains of the silicone base.