How to remove ringtone with iPhone without a computer

Removal of sounds (ringtones) with iPhone

No matter how strange this is, but some actions that on phones under the control of the Android system can be carried out in just a few presses, on the iPhone will provide great difficulties. For example, to remove standard sounds, you have to turn on the ingenuity. In this article, we want to tell you about the principles of removal of ringtones, let’s say for the installation of newer melodies or just for the sake of cleaning free space.

To begin with, you should know that you will be able to erase extra sounds directly from the device only if Jailbreak operates in it. It allows you to get full access to all files. If you do not have this function, you will have to use the computer.

Otherwise, it will be extremely easy to remove the ringtone. To do this, find a convenient file manager on the Internet, download and install it. We recommend paying attention to iFile, it has a large set of functions, our instruction will be on the example of this manager. Next, we carry out the following manipulations:

  • We run the manager and cross the following path:/VAR/Mobile/Media/iTunes_control/Ringtones/
  • We are looking for a ringtone that will need to be deleted, but at the same time you should know that it will not be possible to identify by name, since iTunes renames files. Ifile manager has a built.In player with which you will be able to launch sounds and listen to them, so you can understand what you need to erase,
  • We carry out the swipe to the left on the desired melody, and then put on the inscription delete. All actions must be done carefully, since the program will not ask confirmation.

Removal process for devices with jailbreak

Now the extra sound will never bother you again, you can replace it with a new melody.

How to remove ringtone with iPhone or iPad?

There are several ways to remove ringtones with iPhone, each method depends on how these same ringtones were pumped to the phone earlier. If the melody of the call was pumped using iTunes, then we will delete such a ringtone with iPhone using iTunes.

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But if the ringtone was pumped with some other means, for example, a third.Party file manager in the iPhone with Jale, then iTunes in this case will not be able to remove the ringtone. Let’s analyze each situation in more detail:

This is how loaded ringtones in the Apple iPhone settings may look like.

How to remove iPhone ringtone using iTunes if the sounds in the iPhone are loaded in a standard way, t.E. Using the iTunes program, then we remove such ringtones in Aytunes. Imagine the situation. They gave you the iPhone, and in it there are boring ringtones in it. To delete, you need a computer with installed iTunes.

Launch iTunes 2. We connect the iPhone to the computer using a complete cable

In the “Devices” section, select the iPhone, go to the “review” tab and put the marker. Handle music and video manually.

We go to the “Sounds” tab. Put the marker “Synchronize sounds”

A window appears with the following M: “You really want to synchronize sounds? All available sounds on the iPhone will be replaced by sounds from the iTunes media text.””. Click the “synchronize sounds” button

And click the “Apply” button at the bottom of iTunes

After completion of the synchronization of the ringtones will be removed from the iPhone. In the considered method, iTunes did not contain ringtones. If there are already ringtones in your iTunes and you recorded them in the phone, then to remove the marker to “synchronize sounds” and click “Apply”.

I-FunBox will remove the ringtone with iPhone if the ringtones are pumped into the iPhone not using iTunes, then the sounds are unlikely to remove the first way. If the melodies are pumped using i-Funbox, or another file manager for the iPhone, then you can delete them with the same I-FunBox’s directly from the file system.

To remove the ringtones, run the iFunbox, go to the “Ringtones” section, select an unnecessary ringtone, click on it with the right mouse button and select “Delete” to remove. After removal of the rington in Ifunbox, he and the iPhone. We do not recommend deleting standard system ringtones.

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In new versions I-FunBox, the ringtones are removed in a slightly different way-instruction.

The actions of this Instruction are applicable not only for the iPhone, but also for the iPad tablet, which also has ringtones.

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How to download ringtone (melody) in iPhone?

Open the GarageBand application (download link);

Press and hold your finger on any of the created projects (if there are no one, then create);

In the context menu that appears, click on the arrow;

Click the icon “-” or make a swipe from right to left;

remove, ringtone, iphone, computer

Rington will retire from the application and along the way Settings → Sounds, tactile signals → Rington

How to delete a video from the iPhone that are not deleted?

On the computer, highlight the necessary songs (or even whole folders) and drag them into the column “on my device” in iTunes. Immediately after this, instant copying of the specified music will begin on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Removing sounds through iTunes

In order to remove unnecessary sounds from a phone on which Jailbreak is not installed, you will need the following:

  • Iphone from which the ringtone must be removed;
  • USB cable that usually comes with a device;
  • Computer, since it will need to connect the device to it;
  • Itunes updated to the current version;

It is also worth noting that in this way you can delete only those ringtones that were previously pumped on iPhone using iTunes. So, to remove unnecessary songs, the following manipulations must be performed:

  • Connect the device to the computer using the USB cable;
  • Turn on the iTunes, find the “Devices” section, then select your iPhone;
  • We go to the “Parameters” section. “Review” and put boxes near “perform synchronization of exclusively marked songs and videos”. This must be done in cases where you want to remove certain melodies, and not all at once.

Next, go to the “Sounds” tab (it is displayed only if you have loaded musical compositions);

  • If you want to erase from memory absolutely all the ringtones that were downloaded through iTunes, remove the box near the “synchronize sounds”, and then click “Apply”. Upon completion, the ringtones will be erased from the memory of the device, but they will remain in iTunes;
  • If you want to delete only certain compositions, then do not remove the “synchronize sounds” checkbox, and in the list that is located below the “selected sounds”. After that, a list of all sounds will be displayed. You just have to remove the checkmarks from those melodies that need to be erased from the memory of the device and to confirm actions to “change”.

Removing problem ringtones from iPhone. IFUNBOX and ITOLS

Sometimes, a new way to remove the ringtones from iPhone, using iTunes 12, does not work, so you have to look for alternatives. Having no previously loaded ringtone, we tried to: delete iTunes and install it again, tried to put the ITUNES 12 version.6.3, make a reset of settings, but none of the above helped.

Of course, you can complete a full reset, then the irritable ringtone will definitely be erased from the iPhone settings, but in place with the melody of the call to leave and all the information that is not always convenient. It remains to try third.Party programs. IFUNBOX or ITOLS, which work without jail. The instructions described below can be useful in the following situations:

We will try to delete the melody of the call in the I-FunBox program, if it is more convenient for you, ITOOLS, you can use it, actions are approximately the same:

  • In this section we find our ringtone in M4R format, it is the following path: iTunes_control → Ringtones
  • The ringtone name will look unusual, so if it is the only one you, then there should be no problems: click on the ringtone with the right mouse button and select. Delete (or delete).

Now we look at the iPhone. Settings. Sounds, tactile signals. Ringtone, there are only standard ringtones, the rest are successfully removed from the device.

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It is desirable to use ringtones with the help of third.Party programs only if iTunes cannot remove them. If iTunes correctly removes the ringtones, then it should be used.

remove, ringtone, iphone, computer

It’s time to introduce an IOS developers to introduce a cross.Out function in order to remove ringtones directly from iPhone settings. Oh yes, we did not try to remove the purchased ringtones, only the ringtones loaded by the user are considered in the example. If you use other methods of removing problem ringtones, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

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How to remove ringtone with iPhone, loaded through iTunes or third.Party alternatives (ITOOLS, IFUNBOX)

These programs will help easily remove the loaded ringtone from the iPhone if:

  • It is loaded independently through iTunes or analogues, for example, in this way.
  • It is removed in iTunes, but is still present in the memory of the device;
  • The melody is displayed inactive (gray) in iTunes;
  • In cases where iTunes cannot find ringtone, but it is installed as a bell melody.

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