How to remove ringtones with iPhone through iTunes

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How to remove ringtones with iPhone through iTunes?

To do this, open the settings and go to the “Sounds” section. In the new window, select the Rington item. Slide on the “Download all bought sounds” button. Iphone will immediately begin to restore purchases.

Go to the Sounds, tactile signals and select Rington menu. 3. Run with a finger from left to right along the ringtone, which must be removed. Click on the emerging button to delete.

Before the beginning

Before transferring data from the iPhone to the iPhone, it is necessary to carry out a couple of manipulations so as not to lose information. If earlier the smartphone is synchronized with the smart watch of Apple Watch, then the connection with the old phone should be broken. When performing this action, the clock in the automated order perform file saving. After installing a connection with the purchased smartphone, load the information from the copy. The clock is again ready for use. It is important in the process of receiving a spare copy not to interrupt the work, otherwise the archive will not be preserved, and information packages will be lost. We’ll have to be patient and wait.

Removing songs from the ITUNES playback list

If you decide to delete the song when viewing the playback list, the procedure is slightly different. If you follow the already described actions when viewing the list, then only delete the song from the list, but not from the computer.

If you look at the list and decide to irrevocably delete the song. Follow the following actions:

remove, ringtones, iphone, itunes
  • Select one or more songs that you want to delete.
  • Select the Option Command Delete (on Mac) or Option Control Delete (on PC)
  • A slightly different window will appear, with just two options: cancel (cancel) or delete a song (Delete Song). In this case, removing the song means that it will be removed both from your iTunes library and from all compatible devices, so think about your actions.
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Download music for iPhone

If you were not able to acquire Waltr, or the purchase of software was not included in your current plans. It does not matter! Now I will share with you a life hack, which very often helps me out. We will talk about a flash drive with Lightning Connector, which can be used with iPhone or iPad.

In fact, this is a standard flash drive, but with an additional connector like Lightning. Having rewritten music from a computer to a flash, you can listen to it on the iPhone without any problems, or rewrite it in memory of the iPhone and listen later. Due to the fact that the iPhone file system does not allow user or third-party applications to interact freely with system files and other applications, the use of a flash drive on the iPhone is carried out through a special companion application.

remove, ringtones, iphone, itunes

Our site has a detailed instructions for using flash drives for iPhone (link to the article). There you will find all the necessary answers: how to use, where to buy, what she knows how, and t.P.

remove, ringtones, iphone, itunes

Methods of removal

Iphone is in demand among many people around the world. Only not everyone can cope with this device. This smartphone requires certain knowledge and skills.

How to remove ringtone from iPhone? This question has several answers. Each owner of “apple” products can come as follows:

How To Sync Ringtones (iTunes 12.7 / iOS 11)

  • Use the phone settings;
  • Work with iTunes;
  • Use itools;
  • Remove through IFUNBOX (analogue “Itools”).

In addition, work with a variety of third.Party applications is proposed. In practice, they are extremely rare and do not cause any trust. Below we will consider all of these techniques in more detail.

How to remove ringtone using a file manager

If the user does not manage to remove the melody of the call, then he can use the alternative way to solve this problem. The file manager called ITOOLS, as well as IFUNBOX and Diskaid, can help this excellently. Through these tools, you can erase from the memory of the media device that were downloaded through file managers or through iTines.

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On the example of Diskaid, you can see how to erase the melodies of the call from the iPhone:

  • First you need to connect a mobile device to a personal computer using a USB cable;
  • Next, you need to turn on the pre.Installed ITOLS program;
  • After that, the user needs to find the section “Music” in the main menu. In it you need to choose “on this iPhone”, and then “ringtones”;
  • At the end, you need to select the desired file and click on the “Delete” button. This action will lead to the fact that this file will be deleted from the phone without further perception.

Removal of sounds (ringtones) with iPhone

No matter how strange this is, but some actions that on phones under the control of the Android system can be carried out in just a few presses, on the iPhone will provide great difficulties. For example, to remove standard sounds, you have to turn on the ingenuity. In this article, we want to tell you about the principles of removal of ringtones, let’s say for the installation of newer melodies or just for the sake of cleaning free space.

To begin with, you should know that you will be able to erase extra sounds directly from the device only if Jailbreak operates in it. It allows you to get full access to all files. If you do not have this function, you will have to use the computer.

Otherwise, it will be extremely easy to remove the ringtone. To do this, find a convenient file manager on the Internet, download and install it. We recommend paying attention to iFile, it has a large set of functions, our instruction will be on the example of this manager. Next, we carry out the following manipulations:

  • We run the manager and cross the following path:/VAR/Mobile/Media/iTunes_control/Ringtones/
  • We are looking for a ringtone that will need to be deleted, but at the same time you should know that it will not be possible to identify by name, since iTunes renames files. Ifile manager has a built.In player with which you will be able to launch sounds and listen to them, so you can understand what needs to be erased;
  • We carry out the swipe to the left on the desired melody, and then lay on the inscription “Delete”. All actions must be done carefully, since the program will not ask confirmation.
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How to Set ANY Song as RINGTONE on iPhone (No Computer. Ios 15)

Removal process for devices with jailbreak

Now the extra sound will never bother you again, you can replace it with a new melody.


All of the above instructions were developed practically, they are relevant and 100% of the workers. It is enough to choose the most suitable option for removing ringtones with iPhone and correctly perform these actions. If, having tried all methods, the result is not achieved, you should contact the service center.

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How to remove ringtone with iPhone, loaded through iTunes or third.Party alternatives (ITOOLS, IFUNBOX)

These programs will help easily remove the loaded ringtone from the iPhone if:

  • It is loaded independently through iTunes or analogues, for example, in this way.
  • It is removed in iTunes, but is still present in the memory of the device;
  • The melody is displayed inactive (gray) in iTunes;
  • In cases where iTunes cannot find ringtone, but it is installed as a bell melody.

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