How to remove safe mode on Samsung

Safe mode on Samsung Galaxy and other Samsung Android phones.

Q: How to disable safe mode on Samsung Galaxy and other Android smartphones. What is safe mode on Android smartphones Samsung and how you can turn it on and how to get out of it?

Answer: First, let’s understand what safe mode is on Samsung smartphones and other Android devices. The phones have the ability to boot in safe mode to ensure safety. is when your smartphone will run only those applications that were installed at the factory, that is, all the applications that you installed after purchasing the phone will not work. This mode is required for diagnostics, revealing and correcting problems with the phone. After booting your phone into Safe Mode, you will see an inscription at the bottom of the screen, informing you that your phone is in Safe Mode. If you have installed any application, after which there are problems with the phone, then you can enter safe mode and remove this application. For example, you have a ransomware virus on your smartphone, which cannot be removed and which requires you to pay money to unlock the screen. To remove such a virus, you can enter safe mode on Android in which it is not automatically activated when you turn on and remove it.

How to enter safe mode on your Android Samsung?

To enable safe mode on a Samsung with Android 2 operating system.3 and below do the following: 1) Turn the phone off 2) Turn the phone on 3) After the Samsung inscription appears on the screen, press and hold the Menu key until the end of the boot.

In order to turn on the safe mode on your Samsung with Android 4.0 and higher do the following: 1) Turn off your phone. 2) Power on your phone. 3) After Samsung appears on the display, press and hold the volume key down.

Exit from Safe Mode

Exit from safe mode

If you cannot get out of safe mode by restarting your device, follow these steps one by one. After each step, check if the problem is solved and only then go to the next step.

  • Remove any protective covers from the device. The cover may interfere with hardware buttons and consequently cause the device to restart.
  • Make sure that the volume key, power key, and camera control key are working properly and are not stuck.
  • When restarting the device, simply tap the Restart or Power Off button (do not hold it). Touching and holding the Restart or Power Off button on some devices may cause a restart in safe mode.
  • Check for new software on your device wirelessly under Settings System Software Update (Android 8.0) or Settings About phone/tablet Software Update (Android 7.x or later). Please note that some updates are not available for wireless download. In this case, you need to check for new software from your computer using the Xperia#x2122; Companion app.
  • If you have the latest software versions installed on your Xperia#x2122; and the problem persists, try resetting your device to factory settings. Note. If you perform a factory reset, all personal data in the internal memory is deleted. You can make a backup of the content you want to keep. To back up your data, you can copy it to your computer using the Xperia#x2122; Companion app. The contents of the external memory card (SD card) are not deleted.

If your phone works fine in safe mode, then the “glitches” with it are due to some app.

How to enter or exit safe mode on Samsung Galaxy Android.

In this article you will find information on how to enter or exit safe mode on your Samsung Galaxy. Perhaps this method will help disable safe mode on Samsung tablets and other similar Android devices.

Why do we need safe mode?? For security in smartphones and tablets, gives you the ability to boot Android in safe mode. In the safe mode on the phone will only work those applications that were installed from the factory, and those installed by the user after purchase will not work. This mode allows you to diagnose and detect problems with the device. After booting your smartphone in safe mode, you will see an inscription at the bottom of the screen informing you that you have entered safe mode. For example, you installed an application, but it was a virus, or you just got a virus on your Android screen, which can extort money by locking the screen or perform other malicious actions on your phone, but you can not remove it. And here safe mode allows you to boot Android where only native apps will work and you will be able to remove the virus app installed.

How to enter safe mode on your Samsung.

To turn on safe mode on a Samsung with Android 2.3 and below do the following: 1) Turn the phone off 2) Turn the phone on 3) After Samsung appears on the screen, press and hold the Menu key until the end of the boot.

To turn on safe mode on your Samsung with Android 4.0 and above do the following: 1) Turn off your phone. 2) Turn on your phone. 3) When Samsung appears on the display, press and hold the volume key down.

How to turn off the safe mode by rebooting Samsung from Safe Mode

The most trivial advice is often the most effective. Simply restarting the phone will help deactivate the safe mode on Samsung. The procedure is simple. press and hold the power button on your device until a menu of several options appears.

In the menu that appears, click on “Restart”.

Select the option to restart your device

If the restart menu still does not appear after pressing the power button, then continue to hold down the power button for 30 seconds.

Some of the installed applications can interfere with the correct operation of the Android operating system on the device.

Some applications may be using too many system resources, which negatively affects the functionality of your smartphone. It is also possible that the application itself is not working properly. Or in general, the user has accidentally allowed a virus to penetrate the system.

How to Turn off Safe Mode on Android-Samsung Safe Mode Turn off-Exit Safe Mode on Samsung

To solve the problem with the device not working properly, you can perform a reset, clear the memory or reinstall the operating system. You can always contact the center for repair of Samsung smartphones.

But if your phone has important files or data where a complete device cleanup is undesirable, there is a safe mode for this.

Hard Reset

Many people confuse Hard Reset with a reset to the initial factory settings. However, the first one is performed using the developer’s method. Hard Reset from the smartphone erases everything, in particular memory and cache, which are not cleared by a normal reset. A hard reset cleans your mobile device, making it completely new.

By means of Hard reset deactivation of security mode is done in this way:

  • Switching off the cell phone.
  • Booting the smartphone in recovery mode. To do this, you need to press the power key to increase the volume Home button to activate the smartphone, and hold the keys until you see different options on the screen of the device.
  • Highlighting the line ‘wipe data / factory reset’ Through the volume keys.
  • Pressing the power key to confirm your choice.
  • Pressing the Yes key to confirm the reset via the power button.
  • You need to wait for a while until the device is completely reset.

How to disable safe mode on Android?

In safe mode on Android devices, all user-installed applications are disabled. Why? If your device doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, for example, slows down or even freezes completely, you can make sure whether it’s the app or the hardware. In addition, safe mode allows you to deal with certain types of viruses. In short, a useful thing. But the trouble is that often users turn this mode on completely by accident, leading to the question of how to get out of safe mode.

To begin with, we show you how the smartphone desktop looks like in normal mode:

The difference is the inscription and the absence of third-party applications on the desktop (they are disabled).

And now for the funniest part, to remove the safe mode, all you have to do is restart your smartphone! You press the on/off button and wait a second until the menu appears on the screen.

If you don’t have this option and only have the Shutdown option, choose it.

You just need to turn the device back on after turning it off.

Safe Mode is a state of the operating system which starts only the factory programs and extensions. It happens when there is a threat of overload and large errors in the operating system. This mode is available not only on mobile devices, but also on computers and laptops. Safe Mode activation is usually caused by a third-party malware installation or other system issues. It is sometimes impossible to just turn it off. Here are some tips on how to resolve this issue.

Using the phone buttons

Sometimes after turning off the mobile device and then turning it on, safe mode still does not disappear. There remains a problem associated with the inability to install new applications, and to fix the problem manually does not work. And how to remove a safe mode on the phone in this case?

The first thing you can do. use the handy buttons. Try again to turn off your smartphone and when you turn it on hold down the volume button. Depending on the smartphone model, the combination may be different. Some smartphone companies require you to press the volume control down, some require you to press the volume control up. There are also types of devices where you need to press several keys simultaneously.

This is one of the easiest ways, however one of the most ineffective. The method of pressing the keys does not always work on all phones. suitable for Android operating systems for versions before Android 4.1. But on the latest versions there can be problems.

Reboot your smartphone

The usual power on and off, as mentioned above, may not work. But on Android operating systems there is a function of emergency shutdown or reboot. To do this you need to hold the power button until the context menu is displayed. In the window that appears, click on “Restart” that is displayed below the “Power Off” caption. After that wait for the procedure to complete. Then the phone will start working in normal mode.

It may happen that the phone does not respond when you press the disconnect button. Then remove the back cover and remove the power supply. Then wait a few seconds, put the battery back in, make sure it is inserted tightly and evenly, turn the phone on. This is only relevant for older models of phones, where you can open the lid and remove the battery yourself.

System command

The most effective way to disable safe mode on the Android platform is the system command. Very often this method works and if it does not work, users resort to other, more radical methods. The scheme here is quite simple and effective:

  • Find the express panel on the desktop of your smartphone.
  • Find the button displaying that safe mode is activated.
  • In the safe mode window, disable it.
  • Reboot the smartphone.

After exiting safe mode, your device will go into normal mode and you can fully work. Only after reloading in such a situation will be necessary to put all the necessary widgets.

Shutting down using settings

On the phones of different models there are specialized settings. The user may wonder how to disable Safe Mode on the phone Samsung, Nokia and other models, if the system keys do not help. Regardless of the brand of manufacturer, the phone tends to deteriorate, succumb to the effects of time. Over the entire period of its use there may be internal failures, technical problems, software malfunctions and many other troubles that lead to the incorrect operation of the phone. One day the user may encounter and activated safe mode, which, for whatever reason, can not be turned off manually. In this situation it is not possible to install extraneous applications to restore the operating system and have to make do with what is there.

First go to the settings of your device. Depending on what device you have and what model and brand it is, there may be different versions of further action. You need to find either a link to check the system or to optimize. Check your device, and if you find any problems in the process, run the optimization of your phone or tablet. Wait until the system solves all the problems, most likely, you will have to wait a long time. After that it is recommended to run the test again and if everything goes well, you will be able to turn on your gadget in normal mode.

Most often, unstable operation of the tablet or phone is caused by questionable programs and applications, from which you should get rid of, so that malfunctions do not occur again. After the whole list of actions done, find the security section in the same settings and activate the scan for viruses and malicious utilities. If all the errors are eliminated, reboot your gadget and use it safely in standard mode.

Uninstall an incompatible program

In some cases, the cause of the problem is obvious. A person downloads an application, and then safe mode is enabled. How to disable safe mode in such a case, if there is a recently installed application on Android? The only answer is to uninstall it.

Find the section with installed apps in the device settings. You should see a list of all the software you currently have. Find the application that is causing the problem with safe mode and click on it. If it is still running, stop its functioning by disabling.

This may not be enough. Just in case, go to “Memory” and clear its system files. This will help to permanently remove the unwanted software from the phone and resume normal operation, provided you have done everything correctly.

remove, safe, mode, samsung

Disable Safe Mode via the notification panel

On many modern models there is a special option to enable safe mode. Now it is on the notification panel. If the corresponding icon appears in the panel, you should do the following steps:

remove, safe, mode, samsung
  • Open the notification panel and find the message about the safe mode activation there;
  • Tap on the alert;
  • Wait until you return to the standard mode.

After that you can fully use your device. But do not forget that it is not possible to solve the issue through the notification panel on all phones.

Updating the operating system

In rare cases none of these methods works. How to turn off the safe mode on the Android operating system, if fixing the settings and rebooting with the removal of programs and applications does not help? The problem could be that the system itself is already outdated, the programs often fail, and the phone needs to be updated. In this case you need to update the firmware.

Go to the settings menu and find there the section with the software update. If you made an update recently then activate manual download anyway, it will definitely not be superfluous. During the process, the system will detect the uninstalled updates and download them, you just need to click on the “Update” block. After that, safe mode should turn off.

The second way is to update Android through a personal computer and additional utilities. Turn off automatic updates on your phone, connect it to your PC, select the appropriate firmware manually and download it.

Remove an account

If you are using a locked account, your phone may not come out of secure mode either. If this is the case, the account must be deleted. If you have several accounts, you’ll have to get rid of all of them, because there’s no way of knowing which one is preventing the system from fully functioning. You should avoid unauthorized use of other people’s accounts to avoid getting blocked.

To correctly get rid of a non-functioning account, you need to clearly follow the following instructions. These steps will help you return to standard mode:

  • Open the settings section.
  • Find the page with the active accounts there.
  • Disable auto-recovery on the account, if there are several, disable it on all of them.
  • Open the additional profiles section and find the desired account there.
  • Mark a spare profile or one that you are already using.
  • Open the management menu in a new window and confirm the deletion.
  • Reboot your smartphone.
  • To reopen all the features of the regular mode, create a new account.

Important! This method involves deleting all profiles, including those that are linked to your system, not just Google profiles.

Remove the battery

Removing the battery is a very radical way. But it is also necessary to resort to it when nothing else helps. This is a kind of reboot of the phone, but you should not abuse it, because it can lead to problems with the internal workings of the device.

To remove the battery, remove the back cover and pull it out. Hold the phone in this state for a few seconds, reinsert the battery correctly, close the lid and turn the gadget on.

Not every smartphone is designed in such a way that you can remove the battery from it, so this method is not suitable for everyone.

Disconnecting the connection

Another method that can work is to disconnect all of the device’s communications with the external environment. This includes mobile communication, SIM card and geolocation. In the settings there is a section with all current connections. Disable the wireless module. After that, in the manager of SIM-cards, disable the first and second SIM, opening the management menu for each of them. Lastly, find the geolocation section and turn it off. After doing this, turn off and on your tablet or smartphone.


The option with a factory reset and system rollback is designed if nothing helps solve the problem, which means that the device has a global problem. Before starting this process, it is recommended to back up all personal files that you feel sorry to lose, as a reset will delete all media files, personal documents and apps from your phone.

Turn off your smartphone, then hold down the power button and sound volume button. In the menu that opens, you need to find and select “Factory reset”. The operating system will begin to process the data, after which you should restart your device.

Test your system for harmful apps

Despite the fact that you can not use third-party apps in safe mode, their data and cache are not blocked. As a consequence, there is a possibility that the downloaded application puts your phone in Safe Mode. Thus, we need to get rid of the malicious influence of such an application on our system.

Solutions to this problem: clearing the cache, clearing the app’s data and deleting the app.

Let’s start by clearing your Samsung’s cache:

  • Open the settings of your device;
  • Select “Apps and notifications” (Apps notifications);
  • Then click on “See all apps”;
  • Tap on the name of the app you think is malicious;
  • Tap on Storage, and then tap on Clear cache. Clear the app cache

If that doesn’t work, then proceed to clear your storage. Be careful: deleting the application’s storage deletes the cache and your user data in the specified application.

To clear Samsung’s storage, do the following:

  • Open the phone settings;
  • Select “Apps and notifications”, then tap “View all apps”;
  • Tap on the name of the malicious app;
  • Tap on “Storage” and then tap on “Clear Storage

If clearing the cache and app store didn’t help disable safe mode, it’s time to uninstall the app itself:

  • Open the settings;
  • Select “Apps and Notifications”, then tap “View all apps”;
  • Tap on the name of the problematic app on Samsung;
  • Select “Uninstall”, then click on “OK” to confirm. It can help to disable the security mode. If necessary, uninstall the problem application