How to remove SIM card from iPhone

Either slide it in or out

The card must be in the special “tray” of the iPhone. The SIM card of an older model can be inserted or removed from the battery. To remove or insert the SIM card, you will need to remove the back panel and remove the battery. Before you open the sim card on your iPhone, you need to know where it is.

Look at the casing of the device. On the iPhone 4, 5, 6 and SE, the tray is on the side. In 3G series. from below. When closed, it can only be recognized by the outline and the small hole next to it (it is used to remove the SIM card).

If your device does not have one, then the SIM card must be inside. To remove it:

  • Unplug the device. To do this press the lock button. A red slider will appear on the screen. Slide it sideways. In some cases, it has to be pressed.
  • Open the back of the phone. If it does not disconnect, it means that the SIM card must not be inside.
  • Remove the battery.
  • There is a slot for a SIM card. Next to it is the indication of which way to insert it. They always make an oblique angle on the SIM, so you can see where it has the “top”.
  • It has to be placed with chip down, so it touches phone contacts.
  • “Pull out the SIM from the slot, if you need it. And you can put it back in the same way.
  • The card can be secured with a cover. Pick it up with something thin to open it.

Here’s how to get the sim card out of your iPhone if it’s located in the tray:

    Once it’s in its slot, you can’t take it out that easily. Your iPhone should come with a tool to remove the SIM card. If you don’t have one, an unfolded paper clip, blunt needle, or something similar will do. It is better not to use any sharp objects.

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You will need a special tool for the operation

Transferring the eSIM card during setup

If a cellular plan transfer request appears during the Quick Start wizard, follow these steps to transfer the eSIM card.

  • Select the numbers you want to transfer to your new iPhone, and click “Continue” at the bottom of the page. If you decide to postpone this step, you can perform a cellular plan transfer after setting up your iPhone.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to finish setting up the device.
  • Call the new iPhone to verify cellular connectivity before deleting the cellular data plan on the previous iPhone. Contact your operator if you have any questions.
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If the cellular data plan is activated on the new iPhone, the data plan on the previous iPhone will be deactivated.

How to remove the SIM card from the iPhone using a key

The most common yet correct way to remove the tray is to use a special key. This small paperclip comes with the iPhone and is placed in a small envelope so that the device is not lost. If you are attentive to the components, you must have the key.

Follow all the requirements that are presented in this algorithm. This way you won’t damage your smartphone and prevent a system crash from occurring. Once the process is complete, you can turn on your iPhone and continue to use it.

Do not forget that the iPhone also works without a SIM card. For example, if you need only an Internet connection via Wi-Fi, the small chip is not needed at all. Insert it only when necessary.

Be careful with the SIM card. Over time, it will still wear out, but this way you will prolong its life. It is recommended to change the SIM card every 5 years. You will easily get a new SIM card from the operator’s shop.

How to take out the SIM card from the iPhone 4?

So, the mechanism by which you can remove the SIM card from the smartphone, is designed so that you first need to insert a special key, included in the kit. Slide it into the hole, which can be found on the side of the “iPhone” 4. As a result, you will see that the slider, in which the card is located, will protrude a few millimeters above the surface. You will need to catch it with your fingernails or any other small object and pull it out. Inside you will see the SIM card. You can take it out with ease, using the slit in the card tray, which is at the bottom. Simply tweak the SIM card and it will slide out by itself.

When the SIM card gets stuck.

You have applied the trick with a paper clip, the tray pulled out, but you still can’t get it all the way out? Most likely, the case in the SIM-card, which is unsuccessfully stood in the tray, preventing the removal of the tray from the slot. The main thing at this stage is not to get nervous: trying to remove the SIM card with physical force, you risk breaking the mechanism. In this case, even if the tray enters back into the slot, it will not hold in it, and you will have to fix it in the case with tape or duct tape.

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Better take a needle or a blade and try to lay the SIM card so that it does not interfere with the move while you remove the tray. Yes, the work is laborious and can take a long time, but the problem is quite solvable, if you have a little patience and show a bit of skill. Just don’t push the needle too deeply into the housing: there are other parts and components inside that can easily be damaged by sloppy movement.

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You can also just bang your gadget against a table or other surface: if the card is loose in the tray, it can help it get back into position and you can pull the tray all the way out.


Many iPhone and ipad owners work the edges of even new SIM cards with fine sandpaper as a prophylactic for this problem. This will make it easier to get the card into position in the tray, even if it’s in the spacer, because rough edges and plastic burrs will no longer get in your way.

When the card is jammed

Getting the SIM card out if it’s stuck is problematic enough, but you can.

To do this, take in addition a knife or something thin, such as a small plastic plate, which can be cut from an ordinary bottle. Insert it between the tray and the case, then gently pull the connector out with your fingers.

See how to do this in the video below. If you do not succeed, seek help from the Apple service center.

Who used phones “iPhone”, that knows, that in these devices the SIM-card is located not so as in other cell phones. under the back cover and battery, but in a special slider that is hidden in the side of the phone. At first it can be unusual, but on the other hand, this design is due to the fact that the entire iPhone case is monolithic and you can not disassemble it yourself. So in this article we will tell you how to get and insert the SIM-card correctly.

If the tray does not extend at all

No need to fanatically press the button with a paper clip if light or moderate pressure on the tray from your iPhone or iPad still does not come out. Most likely in your case it is necessary to apply to a service center for help, unless of course you have a useful skill to disassemble and reassemble such equipment. And it is definitely a bad idea to try to pull out the tray mechanically: prying with a knife and other sharp objects will not only spoil the look of the technique, but can lead to more serious damage if a piece of the tool breaks off and remains inside. You don’t want your beloved 5s or 4s to suffer even more?

Often a complete locking of the slot occurs when the SIM card in use was cut from an old one that didn’t fit the parameters. Believe me, the reissue of the card will be much faster and will require a lot less money than a similar failure of the iPhone or iPad. Do not be lazy to replace the card, so then you do not have to go to the service center for help because of his own negligence.

Some problems with your iPhone or iPad, such as removing the SIM card without using the key, can be solved by yourself, but the main thing is to remember that service centers exist for a reason and are also ready to help in a difficult case. Be daring, but assess the situation adequately and don’t panic!

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What to do, if you have an iPhone and strong strangers ask you for your phone to insert your SIM-card to make a call? And you can’t say no to them because calling your mom is sacred? Or you’re changing your cell phone carrier? Or maybe you’re just selling your Apple device and you need to get your SIM card? Seemingly elementary operation, but with it difficulties may arise.

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How to get the SIM card out of your iPhone if it’s stuck inside

Unfortunately, the cases of stuck SIM-cards in iPhones are not uncommon. This is especially true of the so-called cut and self-cut SIM-cards of the 3FF and 4FF format.

SIM-card formats 2FFm 3FF and 4FF, which are used in the operation of smartphones

In case the SIM card is jammed, you should try to put it back in the tray and then repeat the operation with the slot pulled out:

  • shake your phone: it’s possible that the SIM card will fall into place right away;
  • Try the open-close procedure for the SIM tray a couple of times;
  • Find a small piece of thick plastic wrap or very thin plastic. Using scissors, cut it to a strip slightly narrower than the SIM card slot. Try slipping this “tool” into the slot between the container and the phone to put the SIM in its place in the tray. When you feel that the card is in place, gently try to open the container again.

Bottom line and Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Apple’s key priority is the security of the device and user data. The design features described above make it difficult to access the phone’s components maliciously. This technology gives the developers hope that the SIM card installation/removal from the device will be in the owner’s hands.

This locks your SIM card so it won’t fall off your gadget and won’t get lost, even if your phone is dropped or otherwise mechanically damaged. In the case of iPhones, this arrangement of the tray was a hallmark of the company. No one had done so before.

Using a sewing machine needle

Sewing needle has a similar structure of special keys. It is a universal way to remove the SIM card tray on any mobile device. In addition, the sewing needle is present in almost every home or apartment where there is a woman!

  • Take a thin needle, insert it into the hole located in the area of the SIM card tray, and then simply push to eject the tray.

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