How to remove sound from video on iPhone

Software for high-quality video processing

Montage and editing

There are a lot of programs for editing audio recordings. If you are a beginner in video dubbing choose an easier program: the basic set of options will be enough for you.

Listen to the whole recording first. Appreciate the result: you’ve said everything you want to say? What parts you need to re-record? How good is recording quality? Work on your mistakes.

Export the final recording to an audio file. Choose WAV format for this: unlike MP3, it preserves the audio track in its true quality.

Now you can import the track into the video editor and overlay it on the video.

Choose a video clip or a range of frames in the Project Browser and then choose “Clip”. “Separate audio” from the menu. The Clip menu is located on the light gray panel along the top edge of the screen. The selected audio track will appear as a red rectangle below the video clip.

  • Launch the iMovie app and create a new project.
  • Press “Movie” and select video.
  • Click on the timeline and a yellow frame will appear. Slide the volume slider all the way to the left to remove the sound on the video, and click “Done”.
  • Save the finished movie without sound to any folder.

Open the application and click on the button to edit a video clip. Once selected, the editing panel will appear in front of you, where you should select the sound editing option. Once you have access to adjusting the audio track, click on the special mute button.

In order to remove the original sound, follow these steps:

  • Open the project
  • Go to the Edit tab
  • Click Video Volume in the left corner
  • Slide the slider all the way to the left to mute the original video.
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  • Hover the pointer over the audio track of the clip on the timeline to display the fade control knobs.
  • Drag the fade knob to the point in the clip where the fade effect should start or end.
  • Open your video with QuickTime Player.
  • Select “File” in the menu bar.
  • There, you must find the “Export As” item and select the last item “Audio Only” in the pop-up menu.

The easiest way to mute your iPhone is to use the switch located above the volume buttons on the left side of the case. Many people probably already instinctively reach for the switch when they walk into a movie theater, school, church, etc.

In the Project Browser, select the video clip or range of frames and then select the “Clip” menu item “Separate audio”. The Clip menu is located on the light gray panel along the top edge of the screen. The selected audio track will appear as a red rectangle below the video clip.

Remove audio from video on Mac using iMovie

The third way especially for Mac users. If you are a Mac user, it is very easy for you to remove audio from video with iMovie, iMovie. is a great software developed by Apple that can help you remove background noise quickly and professionally. If you are a Mac user and are looking for a way to remove audio from videos on your Mac, just follow these detailed steps.

Launch iMovie on your Mac. (Click here to get the iMovie computer for Windows.)

You can simply add the video you want to remove audio from by dragging it onto the program’s timeline. Or you can click “File” and then choose “Add Files” to load that video. Add the wrong video? Simply remove the video from iMovie.

How To Remove Background Noise In Video (Updated!)

Now click the “Settings” option on the menu bar to view the “Audio codec” option.

Then select the “Mute” option, and then click “Apply to All”. After you’ve done these things, click OK.

In addition to the audio silence feature, you can apply other effects, such as adding transition effects, adding text and captions to videos, etc. д. on iMovie.

In the latter case, you need to click on Convert to start removing audio from your MP4 video file.

After removing audio from a video, you can easily add more background music to the video.

Removing audio from video

Interesting moments can be captured in different ways. Most of the time we make a photo or video. The latter option has more advantages, because only video is able to convey the emotions and the sight, which so struck the author. There is one significant disadvantage, often extraneous noise and inappropriate Комментарии и мнения владельцев from bystanders kill the desired effect of video. In this article we will explain in detail how to remove audio from a video, and how to restore it if you suddenly need it again.

How to remove the sound from the video on your computer

Computer software is the most convenient option for working with video content, as it offers more tools than online alternatives or mobile apps.

  • Slows down and closes on weak PCs;
  • the result is larger than the original;
  • The trial version puts a watermark, saves ½ of the clip, and does not allow you to work with the audio.
  • Open the video editor and import the clip by clicking “Add files”. When the clip loads, go to the “File Library” tab, grab the video with your cursor and drag it to the timeline. Transferring a file to the timeline
  • On the toolbar look for the three horizontal sticks icon. This will open the “Clip Properties” window. Drag the Volume slider to the left to change the setting to 0%. Turning down the volume
  • Click “Save” below the preview window. Choose a format and resolution and click “Start. Saving result

VSDC is a free video editing and screen recording program for advanced users. Allows for complex editing, layering, animation, masks, and more.

  • Professional editing tools are completely free of charge;
  • screen recording module is present;
  • direct uploading files to social networks.
  • not very intuitive controls, difficult for beginners;
  • You need to configure the technical nuances that require knowledge;
  • puts a heavy load on the processor.
  • Start the editor and click “Import Content”. Load the video clip from your hard drive and click “Accept” in the project settings window. Loading the video
  • Make sure the “Properties” panel is displayed in the column on the right. If not, highlight the desired tab at the bottom of the screen. Working with Properties
  • Scroll down to the end of the Options dialog box and look for “Split Project into Audio and Video”. Splitting the video track
  • A new track will appear on the timeline above the storyboard of the clip. Select it and delete it with the Del button. Deleting audio

Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro is used for professional video manipulation and creation of projects of any complexity. The software offers advanced audio tools, including the ability to remove background sound and extraneous noise. Disable original track and more.

  • Upload your video via File items. Import. Media. Grab the added file and drag it onto the timeline.
  • Right-click on the video track and open Group items in turn. Remove from.
  • Now you can separate the audio track. Click it to open the context menu and choose Delete.

Windows Movie Studio

Windows Movie Studio. is an enhanced version of the default Windows Movie Maker, available on OS 7 and Vista. Allows you to apply effects to your video, remove camera defects, capture audio from video, or record voiceover.

  • Add your movies by clicking “Add Videos & Photos. Adding videos
  • Highlight the video track and click the yellow “Video Tools” tab at the top of the screen. Video tool
  • Click on the horn icon and in the window that appears turn down the volume to minimum.