How to Remove the Cover from a Samsung Galaxy Phone

How to Remove the Samsung Galaxy S9 Back Glass Cover

The back cover is glued to the frame of the smartphone. In order to remove it you need to heat the device with hot air using a hair dryer to soften the glue. Warm the phone case for a few minutes. The easiest way to loosen the back cover is to use a flat and flexible tool like a plectrum.

In order to be able to remove the cover, which is held on the glue, you need to adhesive properties changed for the worse when heated. You can use silicone glue or double-sided adhesive tape for this. If you choose an adhesive, my preference is B-7000 or T-7000.May 20, 2018.

  • Power off your smartphone and remove the SIM card connector using the paper clip provided with the device.
  • Turn the phone so that the back cover is on top.
  • Use a spatula to pry open the back cover at the bottom end of the case where the speakers and charger jack are located.

On its top end, to the right of the micro-USB connector, you’ll see a small notch, as if designed for the cover to be picked up. Carefully insert a fingernail into this notch and swipe it to the left, going over the part where the plastic case fits tightly to the display glass of your smartphone.

In order to be able to remove the cover, which is held on the glue, it is necessary that the adhesive properties change for the worse when heated. You can use silicone adhesive or double sided tape for this. If you choose an adhesive, here I give preference to B-7000 or T-7000.May 20, 2018.

  • Find where the speaker of the smartphone is located.
  • You will see above the speaker (on the end) a small notch (slot). Use it to remove the cover.
  • Do not lift up sharply the cover, or you can damage the back panel. You can just tweak it with your fingernail and gently pull it away from the device.

How to open the lid of the phone Samsung?

In the pursuit of new design solutions, the creators of innovative technologies, which are used by people everywhere and in everyday life, go for amazing tricks. What a great variety of gadgets have been created by mankind solely so that the average person can use new functions, paying a little more money for them.

Touch screens. a new fashion, which complements the established trend of everything miniature, compact and flat-screen. No wonder. That because of its relevance and popularity, as well as the need and importance in the daily application, the next proving ground for competition designers have become cell phones.

Every year they get thinner and thinner, and their touch screens get brighter and more sensitive. It seems a mystery, how is it possible to stuff in this compact device and a digital camera. The question, though, is “why??”is asked by very few people. And it ends up that, along with questions about the use of a navigator, there are questions like how to open the lid of the phone Samsung?

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And this question does not arise out of nothing. the design of modern phones is also constantly evolving, offering the satiated consumer-consumer more and more new frills. To the manufacturer’s credit it should be noted that in the absolute majority of cases the new design approach is successfully combined with a well-thought-out optimization of this or that mechanism.

The same back panel on a cell phone should reliably protect the battery, SIM-card and internal electronics. Sometimes. and from the owners themselves. However, you can not remove the back panel. SIM-card must be inserted into the slot anyway. How to open the phone?

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Act carefully, because the phones of this brand are quite thin, but not particularly delicate. There is a special notch on the back panel, you need to pick it up with your fingernail and gently push the cover in the right direction, pre-turning the phone screen down. And that’s all. with proper care no problems will arise.

How to disassemble the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 phone

This article is not a guide for action! All responsibility for assembly and disassembly of your device lies on you. Many manufacturers do not provide a warranty if the device has been disassembled by the user. If you do not want to void the warranty of your device, check the warranty terms in the documentation or with the manufacturer of the device.

The tools you use

First remove the back cover, take out the battery, SIM and memory card. Then unscrew the 7 screws circled in the picture below:

Now remove the battery compartment of the phone. To do this, insert a case disassembly tool (guitar pick or credit card) into the gap between the case and the battery compartment and swipe it around the perimeter of the compartment to disengage the latches that hold it in place:

Lift the battery compartment of your phone at the bottom and then lift up at the corner indicated by the arrow in the picture and remove. You need to exert some force.

The phone with the battery compartment removed should look like the picture below. Now disconnect the connector circled. This stub has a male connector. Simply pull and disconnect the flat cable. On the end faces of the phone on the left and right are the power and volume button switches. They are firmly attached to the motherboard but are attached to the ends of the phone with double sided tape. Carefully remove switches from the sides of the phone, but there is no need to detach them from the motherboard, let them hold. The microphone, which is arrowed at the bottom of the phone in the picture, is attached in exactly the same way. You need to remove it from the case as well.

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So, you have disconnected the cable, removed the power and volume buttons and the microphone. The phone should now look like this:

Bend the motherboard from right to left, and you will see that it is connected to the phone by another stub, which is indicated by the circle in the picture below. This flat cable also has a plug. Pull and disconnect the stub from the motherboard.

The motherboard should now detach as shown in the picture below. The circles show the camera and connector cables. These plugs also have a male connector. Simply pull and disconnect the cables from the motherboard.

When you remove the camera and the plug socket from the phone you should see that:

The next step is to disconnect the touchscreen/tablet loop circled in the picture:

The following picture shows a close-up of the touchscreen/tablet connector. This flat cable has a different connector from previous ones, it is called self-locking. The black part is the hinge clip. Carefully bend the catch upwards, toward the flat cable and the flat cable comes off. The following picture shows the flat cable connector in the open position. The arrow indicates the second camera and speaker module. Pick up this module where the arrow points and remove it.

The picture below shows the flat cable connector in the open position and the detached flat cable. Next to it is the second camera and speaker module that you removed.

Flip the phone over and the home button and the second camera’s gasket come off.

remove, cover, samsung, galaxy

To remove the phone’s touch screen, first heat it around the edges with a hair dryer for about 60 seconds. This will help soften the adhesive backing that holds the screen in place. Then pry open the very edge of the screen (along the black frame) with a tool or a credit card. Gently swipe the tool around the perimeter of the screen and it will come off.

The phone with the touch screen / tablet removed should look like this:

Turn the phone over and press the LCD screen from the back at the place indicated by the arrow in the picture. The display will lift up a little on the other side and you can pry it with a tool or a credit card.

To detach the LCD display, you need to pry it with the tool from the left side. Don’t press down hard and don’t raise the display too high.

samsung A10 back cover open | Pardeep Electronics

To detach LCD display you need to pry it with tool from the left side. Do not press with force and do not lift the display too high.

Disassembly completed. Reassemble in reverse order.

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Android phone manufacturers, including Samsung, say the same thing. Do not leave the phone connected to the charger for long periods of time or overnight. Your battery will automatically stop charging when it is fully charged, but in some cases when it is down to 99% it will need more power to return to 100.

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Still, the Galaxy A10 takes good pictures for a smartphone in its price range, but we recommend you look elsewhere if you are an ambitious photographer. In short, the 13 MP primary camera is best for the casual photographer.

  • Remove the card reader from the smartphone.
  • It is necessary to insert the thin part of the spatula (mediator) into the gap between the screen and the cover. At the same time there is moderate pressure, opening the latches and advancing the tool around the perimeter.
  • Once the cover is disconnected, it is placed on the table.
  • Find where the speaker of the smartphone is located.
  • You will see over the speaker (on the end), a small notch (slot). Use it to remove the cover.
  • Do not lift up sharply the cover, otherwise you may damage the back panel. Simply use your fingernail to nudge it and gently pull it away from the device.

How to close the cover

If an old cover will be used, it needs to be prepared. To do this, carefully wipe off the old glue and clean the dust. A new back cover on the smartphone also requires preliminary preparation. It is necessary to remove all protective films, as well as a good cleaning of the display frame and the place for the fingerprint sensor from the remains of the old glue.

Install the fingerprint sensor back to its original position on the back cover. To make the glue stick better, it is recommended to press the sensor a little with your finger. Use a pencil or plastic card to reach the connector.

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Before attaching the back cover in place, you should check the adhesive. It should be as evenly distributed across the back cover as possible. Remove the excess glue. The cover is put in place and slightly pressed, then you need to turn on a hair dryer and heat the body to the glue to harden. For the same purpose you can use a bag with warmed salt.

When reassembling, after heating, the cover should be pressed with your fingers for a few seconds until the adhesive cools down.

Needed tools

Before you disassemble your Samsung phone, make sure you have the right tools.

  • A pick or a regular credit card. Also good for a small store card.
  • Phillips PH screwdriver. If you only need to remove the cover. this tool may not be necessary, but to remove the chip and other modules such a screwdriver is required.

How to Remove the Samsung Galaxy S8 Back Glass Cover

Older Samsung models usually have a removable back cover, but the Galaxy line in recent years has a non-detachable case.