How to remove the delay in the Bluetooth headphones

What is aptX and why are we talking about it

The problems begin when you need the device to use this codec. It would seem: buy headphones, plug them in and enjoy the sound. After all, you’ve already been thought of. no.

Stuttering, interrupted, distorted, delayed sound in wireless Bluetooth headphones on your Android phone or iPhone

The problems with the Bluetooth wireless headphones occur not only at the stage of connection, but afterwards, when the headphones are already connected to the phone, but the sound through them plays with some distortion, crackling, or stutters, stops, etc. д. Or the sound lags behind the video, there is an unsynchronization. In this article, we will look at a few solutions to be applied if this problem occurs when using wireless headphones with Android phones, or with the iPhone. As for the headphones themselves, similar problems occur with absolutely all models and formats of Bluetooth headphones. Including TWS (when two headphones are separate). If you have a similar problem, but when you connect the headphones to your computer, then read this article: bad sound in Bluetooth headphones on your computer or laptop.

In my experience, problems with distortion or noise in sound reproduction through wireless headphones on Android are more common than on the iPhone. It all seems to work more smoothly there. So almost all solutions will be exactly for Android. The reason is a huge number of different devices (including severely outdated). in different versions of Android, in software and hardware optimization, etc. д. The fact that the sound is transmitted through the air, and there may be problems with some interference, etc. д., what causes the sound quality to drop and appear distorted or out of sync, this is understandable. And these things must be excluded too, we will talk about this later.

If we talk about the causes, they can be divided into two groups:

  • Software: bugs in the software of the headphones or smartphone, different functions and settings, problems in the operation of different programs (including music and video players). codecs, etc. д.
  • Hardware: phone performance (weak iron). Hardware failure headphones or phone (not uncommon problems with the antenna, which amplifies the signal Bluetooth, with the Bluetooth module itself). A big difference in Bluetooth versions between the phone and the headphones.

How to connect wireless headphones TWS i10

Pay attention to! The headphones support mono mode only for the main, left earphone. To accomplish this, place the right earpiece back into the case.

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How to reset and sync your wireless headphones to each other?

This article is a detailed tutorial in which I will show you how to reset your wireless headphones to factory settings and sync your headphones to each other. We will talk about wireless Bluetooth headphones format TWS (completely wireless headphones, when the right and left earphone connect to each other via Bluetooth). In addition to the pluses that TWS headphones have (usability, compactness). They have one problem. the headphones are out of sync. As the right and left earphone are connected to each other via Bluetooth, it is not uncommon that this connection is lost for some reason and only one earphone plays. For example, only the right one can play and the left one stops working. Or vice versa, the right earphone doesn’t work and doesn’t connect, but the left one does.

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This problem affects almost all TWS wireless headphones. It just occurs more often on some models and less often on others. As a rule, it depends on the manufacturer, quality, price and use of the headphones. On the same Airpods this problem is almost non-existent. And some cheap Chinese headphones have to be reset to factory settings and sync almost every day, as desynchronization happens very often.

There are many TWS wireless headphones on the market. As popular models from trusted manufacturers, as well as Chinese headphones of dubious quality for a few dollars. But the problem with de-synchronisation (when one earphone stops playing) occurs in both cases.I have encountered this problem with different models. This manual is valid for all TWS earphones. Including for Xiaomi Redmi AirDots, Xiaomi Earbuds Basic, i30, i12, i11, i10, i9s, i7s, Motorola Verve Buds, Samsung Galaxy Buds, Huawei Freebuds, Defunc True Go, Nokia Power Earbuds, Pixus Drum, OPPO, Realme, Xiaomi QCY, Xiaomi Haylou, JBL and others.

How to Sync Lagging Sound on Headphones. SOLUTION

To synchronize the sound in the Bluetooth headphones VLC program is used. It also helps to disable unnecessary features of the Bluetooth adapter in the settings.

Sound lags in Bluetooth headphones in games, videos on phone, computer.

Sound in Bluetooth headphones lags on Android

Codecs. Check the codecs your smartphone uses. The correct codecs are aptX. To find out what audio codec is used on your phone. Go to Play Store and download the “Check for A2DP” app. Launch the program and press “Check Bluetooth A2DP”. Under “Selectable codecs” look for other available codecs and, if necessary, change to the current codec.

Sound in Games. BTmono app is used to keep sound active in games. There is an official version on Play Store. Simply install the program and press On. The program dampens the sound quality, but reduces its lag.

Developer Mode. Activate Android Developer Mode. Tap Bluetooth Audio Codec. Change the codec to another codec (if this feature is available on your version of Android).

Disable calls. If the headphones have a phone call reception feature, to reduce the load, disable this feature. You can do this in your phone Settings. Under Bluetooth, select your Bluetooth headphones. Tap the settings wheel on a particular headset, and disable “Calls” on that headset (if this feature is available on your version of Android).

Audio Video Player. Download a VLC player program or other similar player that can delay audio output by the desired amount.

Bluetooth audio lag in Windows

Turn off the microphone. In order to reduce the load on the Bluetooth headphones, deactivate the Headphone mode in the computer settings. To do this, click on the speaker icon in your computer’s tray. Then open sound settings. Sound Control Panel. In the “Sound” window, in the “Playback” and “Record” tabs, turn off the “Headphone” (if it is there). To do this, click on “Headset”, click on “Disable”.

In the “Playback” tab, click on your headphone models with the PCM and select “Properties”. Click on “Services” tab and uncheck all boxes except “Audio Receiver”.

Other drivers. Download the Bluetooth Tweaker from the official site. Install the program and reboot the PC. Select your headphones in the program. Click on “Refresh codec information” and look at the codecs used by the headphones. You must have modern codecs (aptX, LDAC). If you use an old, standard one, such as SBC. Then the codec must be changed. You can do this by reinstalling the drivers for the Bluetooth receiver on your PC.

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Usually you can find new or old drivers at the manufacturer’s official site. But in some cases it helps “not native” drivers, manufacturers of other hardware. For example for Intel 8260, 7265/3165/7260/3160 Bluetooth adapters the Dell PC drivers are suitable. You can find more details about Bluetooth drivers on the Internet.

VLC media player. Use VLC for audio and video playback. In the settings of this program you can synchronize the sound of the headphones with the PC. In the media player you can set the sound delay to the required value.

How To Fix Windows 10 Bluetooth Bad Sound, Lags Or Interruptions in Audio?

How to remove?

Figuring out the causes of audio interruptions, low-quality sound of wireless headphones you can determine the measures for their elimination.

What to do with PC?

Most personal computers do not have a Bluetooth module, so when buying an adapter, it is advisable to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Bluetooth version (5.0 is more stable in operation).
  • Wi-Fi class, which determines how far you can connect (a Class 1 device in line of sight will have a good range of up to 100 meters).
  • Supported codecs are an important indicator for bluetooth headphones, as it is on them that depends:
  • audio quality (e.g. AptX HD);
  • Less delay with average sound quality (AptX);
  • The ability to sacrifice sound quality for audio transmission without desynchronization when installing the AptX LL codec.

Recommended reading: how to connect Bluetooth headphones to your computer.

In Windows 10, 8.1 и 7

To eliminate interference when pairing bluetooth headphones and a personal computer:

  • Check the Head Set of headphones by connecting them to another device;
  • make sure that the bluetooth adapter and the USB connector for its connection are in good working order;
  • install the current control software (driver) for the sound card;
  • raise the volume level as much as possible in any of the used Windows and then in the player application;
  • Disable unused ports and sockets on the sound card, as well as sound processing and software enhancements;
  • In Windows 10, turn off the power-saving mode, switch to “High Performance”;
  • connect a visible ground connection.

What to do with the smartphone?

If you experience extraneous noise and delayed sound in the Head Set connected to your smartphone, you should:

  • charge the battery of your smartphone and wireless headphones;
  • reduce the distance between devices and remove objects that interfere with radio waves;
  • Position yourself away from the Wi-Fi router;
  • Disable bluetooth devices in the vicinity;
  • Turn off electrical appliances that can create radio interference.

Why is there bad sound from your computer through wireless headphones?

The whole problem is the microphone, the “Headphone” mode in Windows and especially the Bluetooth profile. Let me explain. If you’re interested, read on. For those who don’t, you can go straight to the solutions.

Almost every Bluetooth headphone has a built-in microphone. They can be used as a headset. When connected to both the phone and laptop or desktop computer. When we connect wireless headphones to the computer, Windows sees them as headphones (Stereo) and as a headset (Headphone. Hands Free). In Windows 10, for example, “Connected voice, music” appears next to the headphones. Accordingly, “Voice” is the headset mode (Hands Free). And “Music” is the Stereo mode of the headphones (good sound quality). By the way, the same problem can occur with a Bluetooth speaker, since many models are also equipped with a microphone.

  • When the headphones are used in headset mode “Headphone” (Hands Free). the sound from the Bluetooth headphones is of poor quality. But the microphone is engaged in Windows. You can talk on Skype, other messengers, or use it for other tasks.
  • When Windows uses the headphones in “Headphone” (Stereo) mode. the sound is of excellent quality. You can listen to music, watch movies, etc. д. But the microphone does not work.
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The question arises, but why does this happen?? How in Windows 10 you can get good stereo sound and working microphone at the same time? The answer is that you can’t. This is a feature of Headset Profile (HFP). When a microphone is used, the sound is transmitted only in mono mode. Hence the poor sound quality of the most wireless headphones. And stereo sound is transmitted via A2DP profile. It does not support the microphone.

It’s simple: we either get bad sound and use a microphone or we get good sound but no microphone.

We have found out what is the reason. And here, perhaps, there is another issue associated with the fact that many people do not need this microphone at all, they do not use it, and the sound quality is still bad. We just need to change the profile in the Windows settings. Either switch to Headphone and then back to headphones. on this in the article.

Bad sound in Bluetooth headphones: it is interrupted, there is a delay, light hissing, etc.д.

Good time!

Wireless headphones significantly superseded “classics” with Jack-plugs, however, in some cases, the sound quality in them leaves much to be desired, and not even the best. #x1f44c;

And what is interesting: you can encounter this on both cheap and budget devices, as well as on the expensive (most often observed: “hissing”, micro-frills (delays), stuttering, etc.д.).

In general, with all this “goodness” is quite possible to try to cope. just change a number of parameters, which will be discussed below (in any case, except for 5 min. you do not lose anything. you may not need to buy new headphones and spend money on them. ).

#x1f449; To help!

How to properly connect wireless headphones (via Bluetooth). a guide for beginners

Why the phone stopped seeing Bluetooth headphones?

But first let’s understand the reason. The fact is that most modern wireless headphones have a single mode. Even the budget Chinese TWS i9s, i10, i11 and i12 can connect to a smartphone individually without a second module. It is convenient if you want to listen to music or talk on the phone and at the same time be aware of what is going on around you, for example, when you are driving. It is especially true for the in-canal earphones, which completely block the ear canal from outside sounds.

So, the transition to mono one at a time is done automatically if you take your headphones out of the case not simultaneously but after a short period of time. even 15-20 seconds is enough. The thing is that as soon as you take out their case, TWS headphones start searching for a Bluetooth pair. And if they don’t find one, they go into mono mode. This often happens by accident. you take out the first one, think about something, then you take out the second one. and it doesn’t work anymore. As a result, the sound only goes “in one ear”.