How to remove the flash drive from your tablet

How to correctly remove the flash drive from your tablet?

You can gently pick up the flash drive with a needle or something sharp to pull it out of the slot. That’s in case it’s too tight and you can’t get it out with your fingers. Tckb you have the memory card in the side of the phone (outside), then before you remove it, you must disable it in the system.

How to safely disconnect an external USB hard drive from your TV

  • Go to the Settings. Storage and Reset menu.
  • Select your external USB drive that you want to safely disconnect from the list
  • Choose “Eject”
  • Wait for the message “Safely ejected” and gently disconnect the drive from the USB port on your TV
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Safely remove your flash drive

First, a bit of important information. what is the danger of removing the microSD incorrectly after all:

  • Incorrectly performed manipulation does not rule out a software failure, which will inevitably lead to a firmware version replacement;
  • Loss of information stored on the sd card, and it will be impossible to recover it;
  • Failure of the storage device;
  • Damage to the SD card slot, which will require a trip to the service center and paying for the work of a specialist.

Well, now that we have figured out what we need it for, let’s look at two ways in which we will seamlessly remove the flash drive from your smartphone or tablet with the Android OS.

The first way

On the phone, we need to go to “Settings” of our device, then go to “Memory”, find the item “Eject SD-card”, and open it:

After that, the system will warn you that some applications may stop working. This is understandable, because they can be on the drive. In this case, we press “Cancel” and close the running applications. Now do the same way, press “OK” on the system warning and quietly remove the SD-card.

The manipulation on the tablet is not much different:

The second way

If your Android device does not have the item through which the flash drive is removed safely, then use this option.

In this case, just turn off the power:

Then the system will automatically close all running applications, after which the SD card will be unmounted and you can take it out safely.

Well, that’s basically it. Now you know how to safely remove the flash drive on Android. As you can see, no special effort is required, so you should not neglect the functions provided in order to avoid big trouble. And as always, I wish you all the best of luck and goodbye until the next topic with answers to your questions.

At the bottom of the screen there is a button labeled “Eject SD card” (the name may be slightly different, this does not matter). Click on it.

The card has been disconnected, so you see the message “Connect SD card”.

What if you do not have this instruction? The easiest way is to turn off the tablet and then remove the drive. Then turn the tablet back on.

  • wait for notification that the SD-card is connected to the smartphone
  • click on “Setup”;
  • select the storage type “Removable (variant: “portable”) drive”;
  • confirm your actions.

Do I need to disconnect my external hard drive?

As you can see, the logic is very simple: if there is a need to connect the external hard drive permanently, it is not worth disconnecting it, and if there is no such need. you can disconnect.If you disconnect the external hard drive at this very moment, the data recorded on it may be corrupted and not playable.

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Disconnect HDD inside Windows. To disconnect HDD, you need to run Device Manager in the running Windows. Open “Disk Devices” branch in Device Manager, right-click on the problem HDD and choose “Disconnect” item.

How to make a memory card the main memory of the phone?

Go to Settings. Storage and click on “SD card” (On some devices, the storage settings item may be under “Advanced”). In the menu (the button on the top right) select “Configure”. If there is an item “Internal Memory” in the menu, click on it immediately and skip step 3.

  • Next, find the “Memory” section.
  • At the bottom of the screen there is a button that says “Remove SD card” (the name can be slightly different, this does not matter)
  • Confirm disconnecting the SD card.
  • The card has been disconnected, so you see the message “Connect SD-card”.
  • It can now be removed from the slot.

How to proceed correctly when disconnecting an external device

The first thing to do before you disconnect the USB flash drive from your computer, laptop or tablet is to close the program with which you were working. Now you can use one of the suggested ways.

Method 1

Click on the triangle on the right side of the taskbar to show a window with hidden icons.

Click the “Safely remove devices and disks” icon. Note that you will see this icon in the menu only if you have at least one USB device connected to your computer.

Click on the line with the word “Extract”. If there are several devices in PC at the same time you should choose a device you want to remove.

The message which appears in the window informs you that your device can be safely removed.

Method 2

Find the desired device. This is usually called “Removable Disk.

Right-click on it and select “Eject” in the menu that appears.

These methods are safe to remove devices not only for the flash drive, but also for any other gadget that connects via USB to your tablet or laptop.

Of course, there are many people who will claim that they countless times, just pulled the flash drive out of the slot, and nothing bad happened. Lucky! But is it worth tempting fate, especially since there is nothing complicated about using the secure extraction feature? And keep the information storage device in good condition and undamaged information this precaution will surely help.

Now let’s find out how to safely remove the memory card (flash drive) on Android in two ways. This will extend the life of the memory card, as well as not lead to the failure of the phone and the information stored on the media.

Depending on the model of phone/tablet, the memory card can be:

  • is hidden under the battery, t.е. have to remove the back cover;
  • Be located on the side of the case and there is nothing obstructing access to it.

This article is suitable for all brands releasing phones on Android 9/8/7/6: Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Meizu, Fly, Alcatel, Xiaomi, Nokia and others. We are not responsible for your actions.

Safely remove USB flash drive

First, some important information. what is the risk of removing the microSD incorrectly after all:

  • As a consequence of an incorrectly performed manipulation, a software failure is not excluded, which will inevitably lead to a firmware version change;
  • Loss of information stored on the sd card, and it will be impossible to recover it;
  • Failure of the drive;
  • Damage to the SD slot, which will require a trip to the service center and payment to a technician.

Well, now that we understand why we need it, let’s look at two ways in which we will safely remove the flash drive from our Android smartphone or tablet.

How to safely remove USB flash drive from the phone?

Go to “Memory Settings”, scroll to the bottom and press “Unmount USB”. After a few seconds you will see a message in the notification area informing you that it is safe to eject the USB flash drive.

Before you remove the memory card from your Samsung phone, turn it off:

  • Open “Settings”
  • Select “Optimize”
  • Under “Memory,” open “Memory Settings.”
  • Select “Memory Card” press DISCONNECT

Two surefire ways to safely remove the flash drive from your tablet

There are only two basic ways to remove external drives from Android devices, both of which are considered correct. Each user of the tablet can choose his own version, which will be more convenient for him.

The first way to safely remove

This method requires the obligatory presence in the settings of the item responsible for ejecting the stick. Not all tablets have this feature, although most modern gadgets have it. So, to pull out the microSD, you need to do the following steps:

  • Find the settings icon in the menu and open it;
  • In the settings menu, find the “Memory” item;
  • Open “Memory”, you will see information about the memory on the tablet and on the microSD. Scroll to the very bottom and click on “Eject CD Card”;
  • After you click on “Eject CD”, a warning window will pop up, saying that if you remove the card from the slot, some applications may not work. There is nothing wrong with it, there are just applications and games that store their data on the flash drive, so as not to take up space in internal memory. You can safely press “OK”, thereby agreeing with the warning.
  • After a few seconds the microSD is unmounted. The operating system will disable all applications that stored their data on the flash drive. After that, a window will pop up indicating that the flash drive can be ejected;
  • Carefully remove the flash drive.

The algorithm of operations is very simple and even a child who is holding a gadget like a tablet for the first time can cope with it.

The second way to eject

On some devices, there is no item responsible for the safe removal of the external drive. For these devices, this is the way to do it. Simply disconnect your gadget by pressing the power button. When you turn off, the operating system will automatically shut down all applications and unmount the microSD, and then you can safely remove it. This method is also suitable for devices with the item responsible for extraction. For example, it often happens that after pressing “Eject CD card” unmounting takes quite a long time. Most people do not wait and take out the flash drive, but it would be better to first unplug the device and then remove the drive.