How to remove the headphone icon on your Honor phone

Icons on the screen of Huawei/Honor: VoWiFi, VoLTE, speedometer, camera, NFC, headphones and others

Icons on the Huawei screen show the process or the result of some smartphone function. They do not appear and do not disappear just like that, but notify the user of the mobile device about the current state of the phone. There are basic, available all the time, such as network availability and level, battery charge, internet connection. There are those that appear in the field above the desktop less often. NFC status, headphone operation, speedometer and others. Let’s take a look at what they look like and what they mean.

Icons on the top panel of the screen

Icons that are located in the status bar inform the user about the working functions of the phone. For example, you can see the state of charge, the mobile network, etc.д. There are many different icons on your smartphone. Let’s look at what certain icons in the status bar mean.

VoWiFi icon on Huawei

VoWiFi is a special technology that allows you to send messages and make voice calls from a mobile number, but over Wi-Fi. This way you can use the cellular network even in places where there is no network signal. When VoWiFi is turned on, a hotspot icon appears on your phone.

What is the VoLTE icon on Honor/Huawei phones

VoLTE is a technology designed for voice calls on the LTE network. This option ensures the best quality of communication during a phone call. The connection to the Internet will not be interrupted. This technology is new, which is why it is not possible to work in some regions of the country, although the operators offer a fairly extensive coverage map. It is also only built into the latest smartphones. When making a mobile call, you will notice the Calling symbol.

N (NFC) icon

N (NFC) icon. contactless payment feature. Tie your bank card to your wallet and pay in stores using your phone, just by holding it up to the payment terminal. The N symbol in the status bar notifies you that NFC is working. If you do not have this icon, the option will not work. Turn it on in the settings.

Honor 7X Headphone Symbol Problem Solved

Icon speedometer with an arrow

When you open the navigation program. Google maps or another application to track your location and view your route, you will notice a speedometer icon with an arrow. That is, the smartphone is currently using the navigation systems and notifies you of this.

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Fast charging

Quick charging or Quick Charge is a special technology created by Qualcomm. The function is able to fully charge the gadget in 30 minutes, but it is not available in all Huawei smartphones. Check its presence and activate it in the settings. To do this, go to “Battery” and find the tab “Fast charging”. Then when you connect the charger, you’ll notice a different animation and caption with the option enabled.

Double charging icon

Dual charging icon notifies you when your battery is fully charged. Take your phone off the charger.


The picture alerts you that the camera is open. You may have launched an app and minimized it, which caused the icon to appear on the top line. But, this image will also pop up when you run third-party programs to take pictures. Let’s say you opened a photo filtering software like PicBeauty, B612, etc.д.


When a headset is connected, the headphone symbol will appear at the top.

Access point

The picture of the access point depends on which connection you are using. When you are connected to Wi-Fi, you will notice the corresponding image. Note that this icon does not guarantee that the online service will work. This alert indicates a connection to the access point. If the module you are transmitting is not connected to the internet, you will not be able to use the online.

remove, headphone, icon, your, honor, phone


An hourglass indicates that a timer or stopwatch is running.

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Gallery icon

Gallery icon appears if you downloaded an image from a browser. Pulling the top curtain and tapping the alert will take you to the downloaded file.

Moon icon

The moon symbolizes an active Do Not Disturb mode. Incoming calls and messages will vibrate. That is, it is a simple mode “Without sound”. The feature is customizable by going into the options under “Sound”.

Shoe icon

The shoe signals a running pedometer. a step counter.

Labels on app icons

At times, tags appear on installed and default apps. They act as a notification. For example, if the red marker on the messenger indicates a new message, and if it appears on the settings icon, it probably a new update for Android.

Internet icons

  • E is the weakest connection, providing online access at speeds of up to 380 Kbps.
  • H. the phone is connected to the HSPA network. It is also possible to connect H. The speed of such a connection varies from 21 to 42 Mbit/s.
  • 3G. the speed is up to 2 Mbps.
  • 4G. up to 100 Mbps.

The foot on the message icon

A paw on the message icon tells you when an SMS is received. If the tag is on the messenger, it means you have been texted, check the notification.

Star in a circle in the left corner

The “star in a circle” in the left corner of the screen means. that the “Important” notification mode is on. It’s to keep you from being distracted by various notifications. And received only those. Important for you. Depending on your settings, only your favorite contacts will be able to reach you.

Headphone Symbol Not Going In Android Phone | How to Remove Headphone Icon from Notification Bar

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To remove the “star”, press the volume up or down button. A volume rocker will appear. As well as the phone mode selection buttons. Press ” All ” and it will disappear.

  • Go to the phone settings ;
  • select “Sounds & Notifications” ;
  • Next “Notification modes” ;
  • Then, adjust the mode to your liking.

If the above steps do not solve the problem. The appearance of the mysterious “Star in a Circle” is connected with the Yandex browser.

To deactivate it. follow the instructions :

Other icons

We have reviewed all the standard icons on the Honor screen. It is worth bearing in mind that different smartphone models imply different icons. It also depends on the installed programs. To familiarize yourself with all the symbols that can occur in your phone, then refer to the official website of the manufacturer.

Reasons why the icon appears

It does not matter if the contact path is socket or Bluetooth. As soon as Honor/Huawei finds an active Smart device and establishes contact with it, a message about this appears in the upper panel. But there are cases when the connection is already cancelled, but the icon is still there. This can be caused by such circumstances:

Glitches are usually associated with a lack of RAM or a trivial system error. To cope with it, you will need to restart your gadget. The presence of viral malicious components is a more serious problem. You will have to download antivirus and run a comprehensive scan. It is also recommended to clear the cache of all applications and remove unnecessary components. Not all software helps in cleaning from viruses, so give preference to offers with positive reviews and high rating. They have this effect on the system;

remove, headphone, icon, your, honor, phone
  • Comprehensive content analysis;
  • search for harmful elements;
  • removal;
  • solving the problems created by the virus;
  • support and prevention of such situations.

Causes of the appearance of the icon

If you have not connected headphones to your Huawei smartphone, and the icon is still lit on the screen, there may be several reasons. And we advise you not to delay with the solution to the problem, because it means that the device has malfunctioned. Usually, it is accompanied by instant discomfort. For example, when you make a phone call, the caller simply can not hear you because there is no sound. Or you will have to talk on speakerphone, which is also not convenient. Consider the possible sources of the appearance of the headphone icon.

  • Shock can adversely affect the functioning of the gadget (falling on a hard surface).
  • Moisture can cause failures in the system (rain, condensation due to temperature differences, fallen in the snow, etc.).).
  • Dirt in the 3.5mm jack socket causes contamination of the contacts, their further deformation, and they stop to close/open (this can happen even because of a simple dust).
  • Incorrectly pulled out the plug from the headphones, and the smartphone still thinks that the headset is connected (you have pulled the cord sharply or at an angle).
  • There was a software failure or the operating system is not working correctly.

When you are not sure if you can cope with the problem yourself, give your device to the service center. Specialists will quickly make a diagnosis and, soon, continue to enjoy your favorite music.

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How to remove headphone icon on Honor and Huawei instruction

How to remove the headphones icon on Honor and Huawei phones? The cell phone status bar displays all the icons that directly or indirectly affect the functionality of the gadget. One of them is the headphones. This picture lights up when a headset is plugged into the jack or via Bluetooth. But new users do not always know what this image means. In this article, we understand the causes of the icon, how to remove it, and what to do if it does not disappear?

remove, headphone, icon, your, honor, phone

Open the settings, then go to “All apps”; Find “Radio”, click on the name of the app; Select “Clear All” and disable the headphones. The icon should go off.

If your Android phone, smartphone or iPhone shows that headphones are connected, but they’re not there, you need to:

  • Clean the connector from the usual soiling with a thin cotton swab. Attention. do not do it with a needle, so as not to damage the contacts;
  • Clean the socket from oxidation with the same cotton swab and alcohol.

These are the basic software tricks to remove the connected headphones icon on your phone. Let’s move on to the physical causes.


What to do if the headset connection icon does not disappear. In this connection the phone begins to “glitch”. The problem can be solved as follows:

Important! If you are not confident that you can handle it yourself, it is recommended to go to the repair shop.

Modern devices are gadgets, packed on top. Gone into oblivion push-button devices, assembled and disassembled like a construction set. Practice shows that opening the case of a smartphone, performed outside the workshop, leads to the failure of the device, the appearance of irreversible mechanical damage, malfunctions.

How to Remove Headphone Mode Problem

Using a hair dryer is not safe for the device. Modern smartphones are packed with plastic parts, so there is a great chance of melting when “blowing” with a hair dryer in one direction from the top.

Any manipulations with the software are better to be performed by professionals. If the phone is based on the Android platform (it uses the principle of open-source software encryption), most users don’t know how to configure the OS for the first time.

The principle of open architecture is a convention, as the device has a large number of systems and applications, there are numerous nuances that must match each other in order to work properly.

An untrained user will not be able to cope with the settings.

What to do if the phone shows headphones

The headphone icon appears on your phone? You are not alone, people encounter this glitch quite often. This is not only an unpleasant fact that shows a temporary failure of the system, but also a very real cause of further hangs the device. That’s why mobile device users try to solve the problem faster.