How to remove the icon on your Samsung phone

VoLTE: what is this icon on the phone? How to enable/disable VoLTE?

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Today, probably, right off the bat: what is VoLTE?? ☝

VoLTE (or “Voice over LTE”) is a special. Technology for voice over LTE networks (4G calls)!). At the moment the technology is actively developing and is supported by almost all operators in our country.

It is worth noting that VoLTE has a much better quality of voice communication than 3G or even GSM (which is precisely the reason why it is so popular). Therefore, it is quite modern and promising!

In general, to find out if your smartphone has this technology enabled. it is enough to pay attention to the status bar (usually, the VoLTE icon is located next to other network icons, clocks, etc.)., see. screenshot below #x1f447;).

Tidy Up Your Samsung Phone Screen. Remove App Icon Labels

VoLTE icon on the smartphone status bar

Now let’s look at the typical questions related to VoLTE.

How to activate or deactivate the watermark on Samsung mobile devices

The watermark is a widely used resource in photography and editing, it has appeared on all cell phones and, as with other models or brands, we can also use it on Samsung Galaxy phones. In addition, we will be able to set the watermark on Samsung cell phones so that at a glance you can know that the photo is ours.

Another reason we want to find the watermark settings. is if we ever want to turn off the watermark on Samsung phones. Since there are times when they need this annoying addition that can ruin the installation. Anyway, at any time we will be able to perform the following steps to remove or install it on all Samsung smartphones with One UI in its different versions.

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The standard way through the curtain

Having a modern stuffed smartphone, you can not worry about how to turn on the flashlight on Samsung Galaxy phone, because the button responsible for launching the convenient function is in the shortcut menu:

  • Unlocking the screen.
  • Sliding our finger from the top of the screen down, extending the curtain.
  • Find the characteristic flashlight icon and click on it.

Once the gray icon changes to green, the LEDs will become active and you can light your way in the dark with the bright flashlight built into your smartphone.

This is a very relevant point, because most smartphones by default tend to constantly connect to the network. Our answer is yes, it is necessary to turn off both mobile data and Wi-Fi when you do not need the internet. This directly affects the life of your smartphone. Read about how else to save battery power here.

EDGE cannot be turned off. And the battery consumption from it is unlikely to be much higher. But it’s not true. a combination of keys # 47778665# there need to put a checkmark. that manually was something and after a while I have this icon disappeared.

How to change the icons on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy phone

Hi! Today I will show you how to change the icons on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy phone. You can change the style of icons, download new icons to the desktop and home screen of any model of Samsung Galaxy smartphone. You can choose the icons in the catalog, paid or free. It’s very quick and easy. See the instructions below and post Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have any questions. Let’s go to !)

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On the home screen, find the Settings icon and click on it.

In settings, click on the Wallpaper and Themes tab.

Next, in the directory, at the bottom right, click the Icons tab.

Home Screen Bug FIX!! (Removing Icons) | Samsung Galaxy

Find Popular Free or Paid icons here. Click on the All tab on the right.

Select the icons you like and click on their image.

Next, on the icon view page, at the bottom, click on the Download tab.

Next, click on the Apply tab at the bottom.

remove, icon, your, samsung, phone

In the window that opens, confirm the installation of new icons.

You’re done. You will now have new icons displayed on your screen.

Hide Application Icons

This method comes in handy when you just want to hide the icon display in the menu. For this task, we need a third-party launcher. I want to draw your attention to Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher. they are both very similar and are very convenient and flexible in settings.

Let’s take Apex as an example to see how to hide the app icon on Android.

  • On the home window of the Launcher, double tap on the empty space somewhere in the center of the screen.
  • Click on “Apex settings”.

If you want to revert to the screensaver that was installed on your mobile device when you purchased it, go to the main menu and find the power management section. Find options to enable and display the screensaver, set the time of its appearance in idle mode, and then apply the changes.

Samsung Galaxy How to Change and Revert Back to Original Icons, Themes and Wallpaper

How to change the desktop wallpaper in Windows

  • Right-click anywhere on the desktop to display the context menu.
  • Select the “Personalization” option.
  • In the personalization settings window, click on the “Desktop background” link at the bottom.

The first way to reduce the icons on the screen Samsung a50. built-in tools

You like to adapt the appearance of your items to your own aesthetic tastes. In the case of mobile equipment the situation is no different, as evidenced by the rich market of accessories for smartphones.

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Only this time we will talk not about accessories, but about changing the appearance of the interior of your phone Samsung Galaxy a50.

To reduce the icons anywhere on the screen, where there are no icons hold your finger for a second or two. until the parameters appear.

Then click on the right side on the gear icon (settings). it is responsible for the grid, and the grid for the size of icons.

Now see which ones you want to reduce. on the home screen or in the menu, where all. Select the item we want and change the grid.

The larger the grid, the smaller the icons will be. The smallest size is a 5×6 grid. After choosing, confirm by clicking on the “Apply” button. That’s how easy you can change them.

How to remove the eye icon and disable “Eye Comfort

The eye icon can be removed in different ways. For example, you can disable the “Eye Comfort” technology through the phone settings. To do this, open the Settings app and go to “Eye Protection”.

In the “Eye Protection” section, you can either completely disable “Eye Comfort” by moving the switch to the “Disabled” position, or you can adjust the schedule. You can also manually adjust the temperature of the screen here, making the colors more pleasing to the eyes.

You can also remove the eye icon with the top blind.

To do this, you need to swipe from the top edge of the screen and click on the “Eye Protection” or “Eye Comfort” button.